Monday, March 2, 2009

Excuses for the lack of posts, and a picture.

I am awfully lazy to blog. I know, it's bad.
Though I have stuffs to blog about, but those were all dated 1mth back. Which, kindda lost their initial value. You know,.. it's like depreciation in accounting..

Some issues are just not worth as much as it suppose to worth when I look back now. Wahahas! Excuses, you can say.

Yeah, I never gotten the chance to blog about it. Yet.
One sad thing though, on valentine I mean, was that, I forgot my camera! Yes yes, the super good compact camera with ultra precision. So, I made do with my sister's (Angela) phone. She insisted on switching with me, for 1 week. And ended up with her for close to a month! Her phone is some walkman phone, mine, cybershot. So, the camera function kinda differ alot.

Ahh, it's okay.
The restaurant I reserved had a in-house photographer. He, representing the restaurant, sent both Rayner and I those pictures already.

One for an eye opener!

Till then!

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