Thursday, March 19, 2009

Basic simple makeup, [face charts].

I thought of sharing with y'all my easy-to-do basic makeup look, using face charts!

For those who read about beauty would probably know the MacFacecharts yea? I loaded it from the net, and altered the chart to look more like my features.

This is the original face chat that Mac has.
You can get the actual size and stuff from here, MacFaceChart.

And given the eyes, lips, structures and stuff,
I can't even apply to myself yea?
So, I used Adobe Photoshop to edit it, to look-like-me-as-much-as-possible.

Which ends up looking a little bit like Mummy.
Eh, the blank chart, not so. But the one I will be showing you at the end yes.
I somewhat saw a hint of her? Lol?

Anw, don't steal my facechart alright?!
It's hard to make!!
Well, unless you ask me politely.. ^^!
But do note that not everyone has the same kind of eyes,..
so, best is to customise the charts into your own facial features.

My Basic Makeup Look

I'm pro at this already lo,..
it's really easy and I'll just put this on if I am gg shopping or something..
(especially when I am late)

It's not easy using photoshop to do this alright?!
But, it's SOOOOO fun! =D

The erase tool is like the blending brush.
And the paint tool at different hardness and opacity acts as different brushes!
Damn fun! I enjoyed doing it so much!!

Here is the animated version, (See? I am so nice to even bother show y'all my steps).

  1. Clean face with all the prep work done
  2. Foundation and concealer
  3. Light cream shade of eyeshadow base over the entire ball of the eyelid
  4. Brown eyeshadow over the crease of the eye
  5. Dark brown eyeshadow to further accentuate the eye
  6. Eyeliner and mascara
  7. Dark brown eyeshadow at the outter lash line
  8. White eyeliner at the inner lash line and water line, and out to the tear ducts
  9. Fill in the eyebrows
  10. Blush on apples of the cheeks, and lightly dust is over forehead and chin
  11. Highlights on the cheek bone, brow bone, nose bridge
  12. Sheer lip gloss

And you're done! =)

Hope y'all enjoy this entry! ^^
This's my first time doing this, so, give me some comments/tags and feedback alright?!

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