Friday, June 6, 2014

Sell me this Pen!

A Day with The Wolf of Wall Street Seminar: Jordan Belfort

Most of us got to know about Jordon Belfort thanks to the sensational movie, Wolf of Wall Street. Snippets of this movie is one of my 'go-to motivation boost" before I start my Monday-phone-hammering-session at my office.

Jordan Belfort will be sharing:
  • His personal failures and successes in life, and 
  • Elements to business success: 
    1. The Art of Straight Line Persuasion 
    2. The 4 Elements of the Inner Game 
    3. Using the 5 Elements of the Straight Line 
    4. Straight Line Marketing 
    5. Secrets for Raising Capital in Any Economy 
  • Specific strategies to build, manage and grow organisation

Event Details:
Date: 8 June 2014, Sunday 
Time: 2 PM - 6 PM 
Venue: Garnet Room, Max Atria @ Singapore Expo

Language: English 
Ticket Sales start: 21 May 2014 
(Total number of seats: 50)

Ticket Prices (excludes booking fee):
• VIP*: $388 • Business: $268 • Economy: $188

* VIP attendees will be invited to a cocktail session with Jordan Belfort himself after the seminar. 


Special Promo Code on SISTIC: 
GC20” : 20% discount for events tickets 


There's plenty to learn from this great man. His optimism and the spirit of opportunism (less the whole boose and drugs drama) is remarkable. With courtesy from Gushcloud, I am super honoured be able to Have a Day with Jordon Belfort!!! 

Can't wait for Sunday, get ready your note pads and I'll see y'all there!