Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A shout out to Alicia!


I miss you too!

heh heh

How about this coming saturday?

(See. You never install tagboard or comment place, and you're not online. Bobian, can only talk to you using entries! =) Sweet girl, we meet up soon ^^ )

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photography - Demonick angel [3]

My favourite too~!!
Damn, I am so tempted to use this as my side avatar picture.

Photography - Demonick angel [2]

Photography - Demonick angel [1]

My favourite of the lot!
I like the colour of it, the lighting, the expression, the everything!
=) Thanks Nick.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Darling boy...

He is returning tomorrow! Aww! I miss him! =)
Alright swimming time. =D

Sebastian Hair Show - Dreaded wig

Lol! That's my wig for the hairshow!
It's rather funny I would say!

And some babes say that they cannot take me seriously with that wig on.

Photography - Raymond Lau

Pictures from last weekend's shoot are out! =)
So stay tune these few days for my updates!

The colours are so rich!! Love it! =)

I do have "behind the scene" pictures that I promised to post up in the previous entry yea? But, time and laziness forbid! Laughs! Next next entry alright? Heh!

Meanwhile, just enjoy this 2 picture of me.

(p.s. Rayner is booking out tomorrow. Like, finally he is out! Weeh! )

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productive day.

Damn, I did alot of stuff today, and I am going to sleep in 30mins time. Just a short update (so that it's easier for Rayner to catch up with my life when he books out 2days later!!). Anyway, I slept really early last night, and woke up at 8am this morning. Ate breakfast and stuff, then made my way down to One Fullerton for the interview casting thingie, and I got the job! Lucky lucky me. And this time, a photographer who went for my previous shoot wished me luck before my casting. I was so proud that I made my way from Raffles MRT to OneFullerton without getting lost! I suck at directions.

After which, I took a train to Braddel MRT to send my lappy for fixing. I drew a cute map from the station to the exact location lo! Heh! I got there safety, and used my charm to urge them to change as many parts of my laptop as possible - quickly. But got to wait at least 2 weeks still.

Then, I walked all the way from Toa Payoh North to Bishan J8. Bought a nude coloured bra for tomorrow's hair show, and finally bus-ed home. Reached home at 2+pm. And tried all means to stay awake till now. (Got to wake up at 4.30am+ tomorrow, to reach the venue at 6am). The saddest issue is that, I got to wait 60days before the pay will reach me. =$

Oh yah, I thought mummy the final step of blogging. Which is transfering pictures from her phone to friendster and/or her blog. Which is quite productive. She damn funny just now. Just as I was about to teach her, she wore her glasses. Then I asked her to log into her blogger account. And she said, "Woah, since when did the font increase in size?!" And before I could reply, she said,"Oh, I'm wearing my specs! Hahha." -.-! Anw, I would say that it's rather productive.

By the way, she wished to receive comments regarding her blog post. It'll be great if it's in chinese. This is her blog address, http://mummyloveskids.blogspot.com
(please do not spam her, regardless of how much you dislike me, she's still an elder who anyone of us should respect)

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Arena

(Going to sleep after this entry! )

Nana and I went to The Arena instead of Powerhouse on Friday (20th Mar). We didn't take alot of high quality pictures, as Mummy locked my camera in her room, to prevent the "selling psp" case happening again. But, she was out with daddy since morning,.. So resorted to using my camera.

As mentioned on earlier post, I went over to Nana's.

Tube top, cargo pants, and sneakers.

Outside The Arena

1 for 1 entry before 12am.
We were just in time. =)

This is candid lo!
(And quit staring at my tummy, belly button, and that mosquito bite!!)

Lmao, Nana got the "standard modeling pose".
(p.s. look carefully, can see her "steven lim yellow panties"!)
Sorry that I didn't edit. I am tooo tired, and using my destop instead of my lappy.

We went toilet.

That's all!
Pardon for the bad quality, and not engaging blog entry. =(
Just enjoy the pictures alright? I am really really sleepy. (10pm)

(P.s. Oh, just in case Tan ah siao wants to compare skinny-ness or petite-ness using this batch of pictures. I shall say this first. "Damn, I can't believe it, I am SOOOO FAT and BIG size." )

Next entry will be behind the scene pictures from the hotel shoot. ^^

Hair hair hair!!!~ [Updated!]

(I planned to blog this last night, but, I was too sleepy that I went to bed at 11+)

So..! I got through the first round of elimination for the hair show!! Since I wasn't home the past days, it was yesterday that I finally checked my mails. It said that I am selected, and got to make my way down to ParkMall lsome hairstudio, at 2pm+ for them to see if my hair is suitable for their styles in mind. The show will be on Thursday if I get in!

In the email, it mentioned, "trimming and styling" if necessary. Let's hope they don't trim alot (that is if I get in), because, my hair finally passed my belly button! Thank god Rayner got his phone charged, and I manage to tell him before he returns on Friday (EXCITED!).

I thought the whole hairshow stuff is alright, as, unlike the previous hairshows, this show didn't mention anything about dying, or chemically treating the hair. But, when Rayner mentioned that they can BANG my hair, and mummy mentioned that they can trim till shoulder length.. I somewhat of got scared. =$

But it pays damn well, and hair cut from a reputable studio.. why not yea?
(Damn, I am still on the fence.. Argh, 2 more hours for me to contemplate before any decisions.. )

[Update: ]
I got the job~!! =) And, they are not going to do anything to my hair! Yayyy! Waha! There were 70++ people at the casting, and only 7 were chosen. The other 6 of them are going to get their hair CUT. 1 of them is a guy, and the rest are girls. 1 of the girls is going to cut a long hair style, while the rest of the 4, VERY SHORT hairstyle.

Myself? I get to wear a wig!! It will be damn cool I suppose. I overheard their conversation, and stuff, the wig should be something like dreadlocks? One of the stylist mentioned that I have a great face and a great forhead, in front of everyone. Yea, I blushed. -.-!! He also said that, though my long hair is nice, I suit their shorter style too! Hoho~ Flattered. I think it's my face shape. Thanks mummy. Woahahah!

I feel that it's very tough to get selected. There were so many tall and slim girls there. Most with stunning face. Ooo, lucky me. The job is on Wednesday, and I got to reach the studio at 6am. No choice but hail a cabbie.

Anyway, borrowed 2 books from the library, on the way home. =) Since I will be travelling around alot this week, a book will be a great companion. I have an interview from an event company tomorrow morning, at One Fullerton. Wish me luck. ^^

(I cabbed to ParkMall just now, and the cab uncle wished me luck when I was alighting. Lucky lucky. ^^ )

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Heyya! I just woke up after 6hours of sleep replenishing! Actually, I am rather sleepy and lethargic still. Brief notes about my past few "not blogging", "none online" time.

I met up with a friend/fan ^^ which I got to know from my "Fan-site". Remember me saying and I wanted a thick VS curler during Christmas? Yep!? On the courtesy of him, I received one new curler! Woahaha. It (I mean the situation, not the curler) feels really nice for somebody that I don't really know, and not even really close in the cyber world to give me a gift. For a moment, it's like Xiaxue, and other famous blogging receiving pressies from others! (Though I know there's still a long long way to go)

Then, I went over to Nana's to sit around and somewhat prepare to go club for the night. Which left us in a state of dilemma of where to go, when there was a change of plans with the guy. After much discussion and saga, we ended up at The Arena. (I prefer Power House to Arena. =/ ) Pa sent us home at 2am, when all the better musics kicked in. zzZ. But when I reached home, it was like, 4am++ . Supper - sinful.

[21Mar ]
Photoshoot in a hotel! =) (Attire : Man shirt)
It was fun, something new and different from all the other previous location that I'd ever done. There were several sessions, and thanks to Nick who booked one entire session just to shoot me. Honoured ^^.

I had a great time talking to the photogs. Since the room was empty for the night, and I have another shoot the next morning, I got to stay over ^^!!

So, Nana came over to accompany me for the night, and acted as an Art Director for the morning shoot. Lol! Had fun, had fun! Woo, hope to see the pictures soon! =) Those photogs who came for the shoot were really nice, they asked for my contacts, and were willing to share the shots with me. Heehee!

Anw, left the hotel at 12nn, sharp. Went home straight after having some lunch. So yea,.. slept from 2-8pm! Yawnnnn.. Thanks NANA. =D

Friday, March 20, 2009

Suntec Convention Hall - Bodyshop Sale!

[12th Mar]

When everyone is rushing to grab the best deal in the IT show, well, Nana and I went to level 3 Bodyshop sale instead!

I sent Rayner to Tekong from his place before meeting my sis.
That explain my dressing, cause I don't have stuff to wear at his place.
(p.s. I love my sexy collar bone! Heh! lalala )

Yep, it's self-timer!!
Can you imagine? I left my camera on the ledge, and let it "self-time".
People were watching, and thank god no one walked infront of us!

Funny yes?!!!
(Pardon my disgusting bird leg. Shrugs)
Guess what happened?!
I accidentally switched it to multiple shots! -.-
I've made it into an animation. Watch below!

Kinda cool right?
Not us, but the people behind!!
I didn't know it was so cool till I made it into an animation! Lol!!

Last close up!

See the mascara she's holding? That's a freebie!
The plastic bag? That's to prevent stealing.

Btw, I bought their eyebrow powder, creme eyeshadow, blush, and eyeshadow brush. My MUA for a photoshoot told me that it's her favourite eyeshadow brush o.O! I spent close to $50.
Whereas Nana spent about $70 (she bought alot (10) of small bottles of shampoo, lotion, toner, bath soap,.. which wasn't really good. lol! )

Micro shot of the plastic bag by ME!
Isn't the camera amazing? ^^

Anyway, Nana went off to meet her boy, and I met up with James the Joker (alliteration siol!), Rayner childhood friend, and some other camp friend to watch the movie Coming Soon - Do you really want to see me die?! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE ME DIE??!!!?!

He took a picture of my without me knowing..

And he is obviously irritated by me cause I was using the multiple shots on him.
Lol! But it wasn't funny enough, so I didn't make it into an animation.

So, that's all for that day~!!
(p.s. I really love the animation sial!! Lol! )

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dark look for the night, and some useful tricks.

Hey!! I am so enjoying the process of applying makeup on my facechart! Heh!

It's like the PCgame I played when I was in kindergarten! Barbie Make Over or something along the line. It's like, you can choose your barbie. Blond, brunette or redhead, apply makeup, choose their hairdo, mix and match their clothes, and choose their surrounding, then take a picture. (Which was screenshots, but I didn't know. I just like the idea of "holding" the virtual cam and ka-chik, ka-chik. ) Good old days!

YAHH! I can blog about all my childhood PC game! Idea!!..

Okay, back to topic, I did another look that I do when I go out at night..

This is the final look.
And it's easy to do!

Refer to the animation below!

  1. Start with a clean canvas, n foundation.
  2. Apply eye primer all over the ball of the eyelid
  3. Use crayon black eyeliner and create a sultry shape that will elongate the eyes (sexier)
    [This is the trick! Use crayon eyeliner, instead of the others. The slight stickiness of the crayon liner will make the eyeshadows adhere to the lids throughout the night!
    Note: Best not to use liquid liner as it is not matte, and will not be visually appealing when the eyeshadow is packed onto it. ]
  4. Apply black eyeshadow (I use glittery stuff at night), leaving the middle of the eyelid bare
  5. Accentuates the crease and outter corner of eyelid with more black
  6. Apply deep purple glitter eyeshadow on the outter corner of the lid, and the middle bare area
  7. Draw thick eyeliner and apply mascara
  8. Line the water line with black liner
  9. Use the deep purple shadow to line the outter lash line
  10. Use a silvery white shadow to line the inner lash line, to the tear ducts
  11. Apply a deeper shade of blush
  12. Apply highlights above the cheeks, browbone, and nose bridge
  13. Fill in the brows with darker browns
  14. Line the lips, and apply a sheer layer of berry coloured gloss

    You are done!
    Hope you enjoy this~

Sex stories.

I don't have to fake my chastity. And being honest to all of you who reads my blog is important. If some of you are really so concerned about my sex life. I am not shy, disgraced, or shameful to share. I had sex with 2 person in my entire life. First was my ex-boyfriend who lasted for close to 3years. Did I regret? To be honest, yes, I did. The very first time, it was against my will. I hated my lack of guts, and the spark of curiosity. Though we loved each other then, I always knew that the relationship was not what I wanted. I was 15 then, he was 5years older. We broke up after close to 3years, as it was obvious that we were a mismatch, and we seek different futures in life. It was so difficult to break away from a relationship. But I matured and developed a strong will power and mindset. I was so proud of myself.

Then, it's Rayner boy. =) I really love this chap, and yes, we had sex when we were dating (we dated for 2months!) , which was before we officially got together. It might portray that I am wanton, sex hunger, or a slutty. But I don't deem myself as that. It's really special with Rayner. There's this strong sense of trust and faith. And a hint of boyish playfulness. Damn, I was swoon by him. Sex to me is love making, a shared intimacy, warmth, and pleasure. It's a state of ecstasy and rapture! As Mae West puts it, "Sex is emotion in action". To add on, our relationship is a healthy, and stabilized one.

Having said that, I still want to add on that pre-marital sex is what I condone of. But why I am still doing it? Reason being that I am human after all, I do fall into temptations. =)

Anyway, the reason for me drafting up this entry, is to let others know that, everyone has a past, and should learn how to accept it. Mistakes are made all the time, facing and accepting them is the best solution. And of course, honesty is the key. If you are scared that others might see you in a different light, then, at the very least, be honest to yourself.

I know that many girls out there have close to similar, or even worst encounters. I hope that this entry will instigate the courage in these girls, to be honest about themselves, and accept the fact that it happened, and walk out of any kind of hindrance that it caused.

To whom it may concern.

Whoever out there who are spreading rumors about me having mass orgy or gang bang by a group of guys on some outdoor places, you better watch your tongue. This is way overboard, and childish. If this continues, my parents are going to seek the aid of authorities.

Basic simple makeup, [face charts].

I thought of sharing with y'all my easy-to-do basic makeup look, using face charts!

For those who read about beauty would probably know the MacFacecharts yea? I loaded it from the net, and altered the chart to look more like my features.

This is the original face chat that Mac has.
You can get the actual size and stuff from here, MacFaceChart.

And given the eyes, lips, structures and stuff,
I can't even apply to myself yea?
So, I used Adobe Photoshop to edit it, to look-like-me-as-much-as-possible.

Which ends up looking a little bit like Mummy.
Eh, the blank chart, not so. But the one I will be showing you at the end yes.
I somewhat saw a hint of her? Lol?

Anw, don't steal my facechart alright?!
It's hard to make!!
Well, unless you ask me politely.. ^^!
But do note that not everyone has the same kind of eyes,..
so, best is to customise the charts into your own facial features.

My Basic Makeup Look

I'm pro at this already lo,..
it's really easy and I'll just put this on if I am gg shopping or something..
(especially when I am late)

It's not easy using photoshop to do this alright?!
But, it's SOOOOO fun! =D

The erase tool is like the blending brush.
And the paint tool at different hardness and opacity acts as different brushes!
Damn fun! I enjoyed doing it so much!!

Here is the animated version, (See? I am so nice to even bother show y'all my steps).

  1. Clean face with all the prep work done
  2. Foundation and concealer
  3. Light cream shade of eyeshadow base over the entire ball of the eyelid
  4. Brown eyeshadow over the crease of the eye
  5. Dark brown eyeshadow to further accentuate the eye
  6. Eyeliner and mascara
  7. Dark brown eyeshadow at the outter lash line
  8. White eyeliner at the inner lash line and water line, and out to the tear ducts
  9. Fill in the eyebrows
  10. Blush on apples of the cheeks, and lightly dust is over forehead and chin
  11. Highlights on the cheek bone, brow bone, nose bridge
  12. Sheer lip gloss

And you're done! =)

Hope y'all enjoy this entry! ^^
This's my first time doing this, so, give me some comments/tags and feedback alright?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Packed my makeup section! =) [updated]

[Update : I forgot to post the face bag pictures. lol!]

The other day,
somebody tagged and asked about my skincare and makeup stuff.

So, a while ago, I finally packed the uber messy drawer for my makeup. And I find so many stuffs missing!! It's most probably with Mummy, at Nana's place, at Rayner's place, inside one of my bags, or I lost it. =$

Ah wells,
cleaned and threw away all those unwanted stuff that will give me rashes, and after hours (I was multitasking with youtube. oops), I was finally done.

Really glad that I manage to clean everything. Come to think of it, it's been eons since I last clean my brushes! (I roughly clean it every use, but this time it's thorough!)

(p.s. Don't expect to see exquiste stuffs cause I don't spend my $$ on makeup. =) )

Heh! It's obvious I love putting eyeshadows right?!! And now I recall, there's still 2 other pallette that I'd missed out. I don't know why, but I feel happy just looking at my eyeshadows.

This hearty bag(X'mas present from Angela) holds my eyelashes and adhesives.
I wanted to take a picture of those lashes I have, but I forgot.
Anw, nana, I had a set of eyelashes, do you remember where I left them? Lol!
(It's not easy when you have three houses to run, you know? ^^)

This silver small zipper bag actually holds travel brushes from Precious Moments.
But I am using this for my grooming stuff!
Tweezers, shavers, cutters, scissors.

This baggie came with ZA foundation refills.
And it's now holding all my liner, lash and brows stuff.
(While I was cleaning just now, I spoiled my crayon eyeliner! Threw it away already.. Sigh!
Omg, which means I need to get it replace by Friday for Sat and Sun's shoots! Damn)

Heh heh! All my brushes.
It's like, alot.
Anw, this is a really good bag to hold all your brushes.
(But of course not the Kabuki brushes)
You can get them at any Sasa outlets.

Pink! You can get it at bigger Watsons outlets.
It's rather small, so can't really put much.
I put my lip stuff inside.
Though I have the liner and lipstick, I rarely use them.
Mostly the glosses.
(I lost my dark purple crayon lippie! I thought it was inside the mess, but...)

Face stuff from the mesh bag!

Ah-ma looking square purse.
Think mummy asked me if I wanted it long ago, and.. Lol! So now, it's holding my sharpeners!
Don't laugh at the light pink cartoonish sharpener alright?!
It's damn sharp and good!
The black one is for fatter tip, crayon stuff.
(Nana, any idea where's the pink heart shape sharpener from Sasa?)

So, that's all that I have at my mum's place! =)
Hope you enjoy looking through my first drawer~