Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Counting down: 37 days till end of school.

A short chit-chat blog entry before I leave the office for home. :)
I was studying hard at home a couple of hours ago, and decided that I need a break. So, I went grocery shopping at NTUC, and came up to my office to print some stuffs. There's still an hour to last bus home, so I shall update this space a little.

Anyway, main agenda of this chit-chat session is to inform y'all that I will bid my school farewell 37 days from now. And I absolutely can't wait! The examination time table is out, and my last paper will be on the 3rd of March. And then, it'll be BYE BYE SCHOOL. 

Honestly, I can't wait.
I've mentioned this many times on my Fanpage, that I can't wait for school to be over, and that I can enter the working adult kinda life. Most comments I've gotten thus far are people telling me how much school is better, and work life suck. And that I'll see myself sulking about work the rest of my life.

Nahh, I know myself well enough to know that what mentioned above will never happen to me.
I'll have to admit that I am monetarily driven, well, many of us are. So, putting effort working and stuff will pay off monetarily, but studying doesn't. It's sad to admit that I have very limited thirst for knowledge, as I often think it's waste of brain space (I know its wrong to think that way, but just let me - for now.) 

Alright, 3rd of March! I can almost smell you there. :)
Haha, okay I better head home before it gets late and I can't get up for tomorrow's test in the morning.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The last LOLLIPOP of 2010.

Hello! :) I'm here with another party pictures sharing entry!
I wish y'all won't be sick of seeing these. Of course you won't! Tons of pretty girls for y'all to scrutinize, you sick people!! No, I'm just kidding about the scrutinize part (no I am not, haha)

I don't know if it applies to everyone, but I do know that there's a number of you who got tired of my clubbing picture entries and all. I understand. It's like I am not putting in any effort in the entry. Boohoo. But hey, I am super worried that I can't graduate from Poly alright? This last 5 weeks of school is like the last hurdle. Though I've never failed any of my main paper, but I am trying my best to not let it happen this time.

So, pardon me if I MIA once in a while.
I'll be back remember? Like I always do. :D So, let's get started with the party pictures!! 

Party crazy with Jocelyn Kau (Vibe Parties)
@ Zirca last Wed of 2010 ! ! !
(Click to see the details at my event page)
Vibe Presents : Lollipop Reinvented every Wed
at Zirca

G has real large boobies. O.O Not photoshopped!
Envious. D:
And did I not mention before that she's SUPER sweet?

I drank so much till my veins on my forehead pop out. Bad.
Randomly, I find guys who are able to produce forehead veins SUPER SEXY. 
Especially during erhem. (MrSalty has it. awww ^^)

I look like monkey. LOL!

heh heh. :) No la, I think I have a short body. HUR

Okay, I shall end this entry with an act sweet look like my younger sister picture of me.
Lol, teenagers nowadays love to take picture with this face.
And they all kinda look alike with one another.

That's all folks!
I am heading out now! Till next time.
More pictures [here].

Contact lens:
Hue XCM215 from TheLShop

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are just a bit of a camwhore.

I know a large percentage of you people love to see camwhore pictures.
ALRIGHT, I shall feed some to you. :D






Vivian's been coming over to my place rather often these days..
Though she came in the name of visiting my baobei (pet dog), and camwhoring with the DIY-ringlight.
But in actual fact, she came over to my house just to use the water.

Till next time! :)

Contact lens: 
Forest WT-B63 from TheLShop

Friday, January 14, 2011

Party Rock feat. LMFAO and THE LUXY GIRLS at Wavehouse

I've mentioned a little about this awesome awesome event at the bottom of my previous blog entry.
I'm going to do a full coverage of the event details here!

Party is on Saturday January 22nd, 2011, doors open 8pm and closes at 3am.

Music: Hip-Hop, Electro, Bangers
Attire: Bikinis and Boardshorts
Age Restrictions: 18+ only

Don't know who LMFAO are?

Why not listen to some of LMFAO smash hits!
(I am so going to wear poka dot bikini to the party!!)

Visit their Youtube VEVO page [here].

LMFAO’s performance kicks off at 8pm sharp, and other acts including:

The salacious and sexy hip-hop vixen of Taipei’s notorious megaclub - Luxy. This is LUXY's second trip to Singapore. For those who were there when they were here the other time, it was freaking crazyyy!! They were so hot, even I was turned on!
Check out there event page [here].

Inquisitive (Zirca), DJ Funky Monkey (Filter), Nad-Trix (Filter) & Stas (Filter)

so much about the event showcase, you guys must be wondering about the tickets!

You can purchase the tickets online at this link: 
 at a discounted early bird presale price of S$48.

Leave a comment if you have questions!
Check out the Facebook event page [here] for more details.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LOLLIPOP with Jocelyn at Zirca + LMFAO tickets.

Gosh, I am super slow in updating on my blog. The ease of Facebook is seriously ripping my attention away from the good ol' blogger. To add on, my trusty laptop is reaching it's retirement age already. :( Sorry, but you're slow. hur

Anw, if you are an avid follower of my Facebook page, you've had prolly seen these pictures already.
(p.s. If you don't have a facebook or refuse to "like" my page for whatever reasons, 
you can still read the updates I have on my page from the plugin I have on the left side panel of my blog!! Good eh?)

Okay, I just have to rant a little about Photobucket before I get started with the supposed blog entry.
Photobucket is such a pain! Their bandwidth shit thingie I don't know what is so little, and they kept making me go Pro, and all photos turned crap once the Pro thing expires. And I have to pay again. Is this a way to do business; to make people frustrated!? NO?! I am so going to boycott photobucket nao. Okay enough.

(Click to see the details at my event page)
Vibe Presents: Lollipop Reinvented every Wed
at Zirca

Giant mega hugeass belvedere. Ooo..
I had the whole bottle to myself. Awesome drinker, I know.

Sally's my all time Zirca eyecandy. :) xoxo

Awww!!! This is Wilson. DJ Funky Monkey.
He is sooooo soooo soo cute.
He's now the resident DJ at Filter.

I look so out of place in this picture.
There the two hot girls giving smoldering sexy looks, and there I was with an act cute face.
No one cued me to look sexy D: lol.

This is my good friend Hendra(right) and his good friend Beaven.
He's been coming to my parties almost every Wednesday since a year back at ButterFactory.
We only got closer in recent months, and this buddy of mine just have to leave for Auzzie.
Miss him!!!

 This is Geraldine, but we call her G.
She's the SWEETEST girl I've ever seen, words can't describe how sweet she is.
She's Beaven's girlfriend. Taken. lol!
That's all folks! More pictures here. :)

But before I go, I have a little announcement to make.

Some of you might have prolly heard about the infamous LMFAO coming to Singapore, at

Click [here] to get the tickets online 
at a discounted presale price of S$48!
I'll do a proper introduction for this event (tomorrow or the day after),
so, for those who are already interested, you can purchase the tickets first!!

(Visit the Facebook event page here: PARTY ROCK FT. LMFAO & THE LUXY GIRLS)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just to set things straight!

Hi people,
I just want to set things straight, 
and iron out some of the doubts that you people are having.

  • Fiona is my blood sister
  • We are not quarreling now
  • We are "still friends"
  • We have different surnames as our parents divorced, and we'd split custody.

  • I am no longer friends with Audrey (the girl next door)
  • This has nothing to do with Fiona
  • Neither has this got anything to do with Mr Salty
  • Audrey is not Mr Salty's ex girlfriend
    (how can you people think that?! it's so insulting to Mr Salty, his exgf and I)

  • She spins lies and tells stories
  • Her actions hurt not only me, but some of my closest friends
  • I rather stop befriending her than to deal with her
  • I can't bring myself to trust her anymore

Okay enough said.
Cut me some slacks and quit asking alright?
Thanks people.