Monday, March 23, 2009

Hair hair hair!!!~ [Updated!]

(I planned to blog this last night, but, I was too sleepy that I went to bed at 11+)

So..! I got through the first round of elimination for the hair show!! Since I wasn't home the past days, it was yesterday that I finally checked my mails. It said that I am selected, and got to make my way down to ParkMall lsome hairstudio, at 2pm+ for them to see if my hair is suitable for their styles in mind. The show will be on Thursday if I get in!

In the email, it mentioned, "trimming and styling" if necessary. Let's hope they don't trim alot (that is if I get in), because, my hair finally passed my belly button! Thank god Rayner got his phone charged, and I manage to tell him before he returns on Friday (EXCITED!).

I thought the whole hairshow stuff is alright, as, unlike the previous hairshows, this show didn't mention anything about dying, or chemically treating the hair. But, when Rayner mentioned that they can BANG my hair, and mummy mentioned that they can trim till shoulder length.. I somewhat of got scared. =$

But it pays damn well, and hair cut from a reputable studio.. why not yea?
(Damn, I am still on the fence.. Argh, 2 more hours for me to contemplate before any decisions.. )

[Update: ]
I got the job~!! =) And, they are not going to do anything to my hair! Yayyy! Waha! There were 70++ people at the casting, and only 7 were chosen. The other 6 of them are going to get their hair CUT. 1 of them is a guy, and the rest are girls. 1 of the girls is going to cut a long hair style, while the rest of the 4, VERY SHORT hairstyle.

Myself? I get to wear a wig!! It will be damn cool I suppose. I overheard their conversation, and stuff, the wig should be something like dreadlocks? One of the stylist mentioned that I have a great face and a great forhead, in front of everyone. Yea, I blushed. -.-!! He also said that, though my long hair is nice, I suit their shorter style too! Hoho~ Flattered. I think it's my face shape. Thanks mummy. Woahahah!

I feel that it's very tough to get selected. There were so many tall and slim girls there. Most with stunning face. Ooo, lucky me. The job is on Wednesday, and I got to reach the studio at 6am. No choice but hail a cabbie.

Anyway, borrowed 2 books from the library, on the way home. =) Since I will be travelling around alot this week, a book will be a great companion. I have an interview from an event company tomorrow morning, at One Fullerton. Wish me luck. ^^

(I cabbed to ParkMall just now, and the cab uncle wished me luck when I was alighting. Lucky lucky. ^^ )

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