Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Advertorial - Miss Schick

If you were to ask me the blogshop link to
quality fashion pieces with reasonable price and prompt services,
I'll have to say Miss Schick!

There's collections are always sold out within a couple of days after the launch.
To not miss out the perfect deal, check them out now!

They just launched their Autumn Collection #2 at 8pm Monday (just 2 days ago)!!

My top 3 picks from Autumn Collection #2
Item 11: Balenciaga Inspired Tote Bag in Nude Camel Brown
Item Status : LAST 2 PIECES! (as of 4pm Tuesday)
 SGD 38

Top in the list got to be this muted coloured bag!
I love love love this bag! As we all know, muted colours are mega "in" now.
It is easy to match, pleasing to the eyes, and most importantly, extremely fashionable.

Item 05: F21 Inspired Khaki Brown Dress With Free Rope Belt
Item Status : LAST 2 PIECES!! 
 SGD 25

Next in line would this Khaki Brown dress. Yet another muted colour!
And to add on, this dress comes with a free rope belt, giving this outfit an autumn punch.

Item 04: F21 Inspired Pink/Blue Checked Shirt
Item Status : LAST 2 PIECES!
SGD 25

You might think checked prints are so passe, but no! It's all the more appropriate during Autumn.
Pair it with denim, and you're on to looking like those Vivi models.
Think, Lena Fuji. Oo..

Mini Announcement!
Backorders for
Item 02: Warehouse Inspired Embelished Corshet/Pearl Top
opened now! So hurry up and place your order, before they run OOS!
(Stocks will arrive in approx 1 week time)

Miss Schick believes in quality, so their clothes are chosen with that in mind.
They are one of the more established blogshops around.
So, no worries about clueless blogshop owners that can't answer your equiries!!

They are really friendly, and efficient with replying emails.
Who doesn't love prompt replies and prompt services?
So what are you waiting for?!
Get connected with Miss Schick from the links below to get first hand updates!

[Miss Schick Blogshop]
Miss Schick Facebook Page
Miss Schick Twitter

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Love - 念旧

Can somebody please tell me if I am abnormal or there's an absence of certain values in me? You see, almost all people that I know have momento boxes where they keep presents or cards from all of their previous relationships till date, etc. But I don't. Even my sister who is the most like minded person I've ever known has one of those momento boxes.

Though I have never explicitly ask her, or in fact anyone else, about the reason behind keeping those stuffs after the end of each relationship,.. I believe it's for some sort of keepsake and memory aid thing right? But.. honestly, what for? I don't particularly love recalling about my past dates, and relationships. Which explains why I don't keep any of those stuffs with me. Aren't we suppose to be always looking forward, and not live in the past? Won't it be like picking on a scab? I always believe that, if certain past emotions, or feeling is meant to be remembered, you will remember it; There's absolutely no need to be reminded. Either you remember the hurt the person caused you during the breakup, or how wrong you were to end that relationship. Or, how happy you were at that relationship compared to the current. In my opinion, there is absolutely no need to be reminded about those stuffs as you will start comparing. But, don't we all know that love should not be compared. So, bottom line. No need for momento thingie for keep sake. Put them in the trashcan. There should only be one regret max (and that is when the object hit the pit of the trashcan). And never to be reminded again. (Damn, I think I sound heartless.)

It is quite (in fact, very) uncomfortable to know that my boyfriend has stuffs from his previous relationships, and is holding onto them for keepsake. I mean, it is necessary? But then again, is it necessary for me to have him dispose them away? I don't know.

I believe there is a clash of culture and/or attitude towards life. I bet mummy doesn't keep ANY stuffs from her past relationships,.. hmm, I might be too quick to say. Ugh. But I have to say that, reminiscing about the past is fairly common. Otherwise there wouldn't be this word 念旧 alr. Right?..

Sigh, I'm just different.. I just hate to re-access my past relationships. And I just hate it that Mr Salty might be comparing, or re-living the happy moments and what-nots in his mind,.. despite his umpteen times of reassurance. 

(P.s. pardon me if there's grammer error or funny sentence structure error. Can't really read what I typed while typing on the iPhone. Screen is too small..)

Friday, September 24, 2010

My crazaye 19th birthday partaye!

I think there's some over bandwidth problems with my photobucket. Hur. :(
So I removed my birthday entry made those pictures into a slideshow! ^^

Do you all prefer the slideshow way of presentation, or the normal string of photos kind? Comment comment! ^^

Frequently asked question.


I'll have to agree that this question is at the top of my recent FAQs.
Actually there 5 reasons for my disappearance.

1. Boyfriend
I've been spending alot of quality time with Mr. Salty, making me really lazy to do anything else. But other than speading time with him, both of us kinda love to watch movies in the comfort of our bedroom. So there's no choice but to sacrifice my laptop to watch PPStream movies. 
(Because his laptop is too lousy and doesn't have the port to connect to the TV!)
2. Exams
I have four papers, but I only went for two. I.e. I'll have to take another two more papers in the coming weeks. This is seriously hindering me from fully enjoying myself.

3. Intership
Internship has started, and I am working as an intern in HSBC. There's lots of work to do, and truth be told, despite all my complains, I love this job. I self-secured my intership, and the pay is wayyy higher than most of my peers which got posted to outside companies by the school.

4. Bad internet connection
This is a huge deal! The internet connection at Mr Salty's house is superr sucky. It takes several tries to upload a batch of pictures into the net. And several refreshes to play a youtube video. Boohoo. Really erases my "feel" to update my blog/twitter/facebook.

5. Korean Drama
I am watching this Korean Drama <<个人取向>>. I think it is currently showing on TV, but I watched it through PPStream. So.... Am. Really. Hooked. Heh.


So, that about summarises my missing-in-action for the past 2-3 months.
Bad blogger! Hurhur.. T.T

And oh, I know I've missed 2 weeks of Saturday Love. 
Oops. Thanks for all your mails, showing concerns and all. Really sweet! 
Mr Salty and I, we're fine and still in love. No worries! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advertorials - CREATE2011 Finale

CREATE2011 Finale
Remember my blog entry about the launch of this event?
This entry is covering the finale! :)
Click the link if you've yet to read.

Basically, this event celebrates the rockstars of engineering.
Allow my pictures to walk you through the entire event.

Esther and I were the first to reach the venue. It was held at AMKhub.
We bloggers were treated like VIPs for the event!
And each of us was brought for an individual walk through and was given detailed explation and introduction to the event.
See the food and drinks on the table? Heh, we're at the VIP reception area.
Free refreshments!

We were given lucky draw tickets, and voting stickys for the voting session.

 Emcees on the act..

This is Mae, she's only 15! The youngest blogger among us.
See that blue circle thingie? It's the VIP sticker ok? Not the "im-not-having-a-fever" sticker.

Eh, I did not take individual shots with Tammy. :(
My camera was out of batt, bobian, left with iPhone camera. Hur

Heh. Caught in the act sweeping cookie crumbs off my hands.

We were all stuffing our faces with this goodie!
The browns taste better. See? So little brown left!!
And there was this table, with 3 lady teachers beside ours. And they like the whites!!
So were so tempted to ask for an exchange of container! lol.

As we were enjoying the VIP treatment, the presentation of the participating teams started.
There were large TVs around the area screening the close up actions of the teams.
(Which was such an awesome idea, we need not squeeze!)

Close upp!

And it's voting time!

IMO, Anglo-Chinese Junior College - The Three Musketeers's creation, FISOR was the best!
(Okay la, they ended up winning the competition.)

Create stickys!

This is the mock-up of FISOR.
It's this sensor thingie that you wear at your fingers!!
Ok, they presented about better control on surgical table, stimulation practices etc.

You can strangle zombies, slap bitches, karate chop villains as though they are real!
I was seriously excited about the coming of this device. Gaming to a whole new level.

They were the first to present, which makes other teams pale in comparison.

SEE the the blue and white uniforms? :X
Nanyang Girls' High School, as well as CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School participated in CREATE2011 too.
They really did hype up the atmosphere.

We were suppose to vote for a Senior and a Junior category.
(I did not take any pictures of the junior team that I voted. It was too crowded.)
Anyway, the team I voted was team The Ideators from Nanyang Girls' High School.
They came up with something revolving around preventing drink driving.
And guess what, they won the competiton under the Junior category too!!

I.e. I am open to the chance of lucky draw TWICE!
No I did not win!!

Overall, I was really impressed with some of the ideas that the participating teams came up with.
And I think that CREATE2011 is an event worth participating in.
I know some of you readers did join the "Thought-starter" round! Saw the emails. I'm impressed.
Last but not least,
the event was made extra special with these blogger friends! :)

Those who wish to participate, but didn't get a chance to do it this year, there will always be the next! CREATE2012

Till next year, get your brains cracking.
Visit http://www.create2011.com.sg/ to read the insights of the teams!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advertorial - MVS Closet

Be Modern, with Vogue and get Smitten.
That's how the name MVS Closet came about.

After navigating in their page, I am impressed with the little write-up they have at the "about me" segment.

This truely display the commitment that these girls put in their business.
*Two thumbs up!*

They are currently running Collection 10.
As of now, they have new updates every first wednesday of the month under the Twin Package tab!
Twin Package is a MONTHLY Choice of any 2 items with a
10% DISCOUNT off the total!
So be sure to visit them often.

Allow me to feature my top 3 picks!
Collection 10 - D62 Modern Seventies
I love to go granny-style once in a while.
Accessorize extensively with vintage necklaces and bangles.

Collection 10 - D64 Pop Colours
Long maxi that everyone loves! I simple can't get enough of this.
Hoho, I realised I've been featuring many maxi in my recent advert.
I can't stress enough my of adoration for long hemline.

Collection 8 - OV5 Roosa Tube Playsuit Beige-Gray
This playsuit is damn chic looking!
It's like a high-waist trousers! Work-friendly!


[Update] - I just got an email from MVS Closet!

Join their mailing list to get all the discounts and privileges that only a mail-listee gets.
You wouldn't want to miss this!!


These girls put in plenty of effort into this blog!
Visit MVS Closet today!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Advertorial - Running Thread

Hello my people!!
 If you are (like me), feeling..


We all need some shopping therapy.
Guys just don't understand.
It works, period.

 Visit Running Thread for all cute and quirky apparels.
I'm sure y'all will love it as much as I do!
(Anw, sidenote, don't you think the brown hair model looks really sweet?) :)

Long dress with strips like such (slightly wider) is an interesting addition to your wardrobe.
It's fancy but simple.
You can feel free to pile on your straw hats, geek specs and bow ties... 
or any other quirky accessories! 

Over-alls are common these days, 
but I particularly like their play-suit for a couple of reasons:

Tube - perfect for showing off new necklaces.
High waist - doesn't leave you looking like a balloon or tulip.
Extremely slim cut - harem pants are not particularly flattering on tiny girls, we gotta wear tower-high heels to nail the look... skinnies like this are made for us! 

"Casually SEXY", enough said. 
And this is so good for "fat days"!

The "go-well-with-everything" bag!

And there's something about bags with this kinda straps.
I'm not quite sure if its the length or the thickness...

It's the most convenient kind!
You can easily fetch stuff from your bag since its at waist length.
And it doesn't block the wind... 
(People who understands this understand, people who don't don't. So if you don't, don't try!)


Their new collection was launched just yesterday 10th of September.
omg quick before everything is sold out.
And as if the chio clothes are not reason enough,
[Quote: Honeyhoneybakedham or JocelynKau]

Click-away and start shopping!
(What else?)

And also banner will be up on my side panel!
Easy excess for y'all! Enjoy. :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Advertorial - Angelicobebe

Angelico means “Angel” and Bebe means “Baby”, in Spanish.
All pieces are self manufactured designer inspired from Gucci, Moschino, Lipsy, Bebe etc..

They sent me 3 apparels for this advert.
(I still have 1 more exam paper to go, so didn't take much pictures -.-)

 Gucci inspired Two-tone Bustier Chiffon Mini [$30]

ASOS inspired bustier chiffon frock [$30]

Bebe inspired double layer work blazer [$32]


 Visit them today!