Friday, March 20, 2009

Suntec Convention Hall - Bodyshop Sale!

[12th Mar]

When everyone is rushing to grab the best deal in the IT show, well, Nana and I went to level 3 Bodyshop sale instead!

I sent Rayner to Tekong from his place before meeting my sis.
That explain my dressing, cause I don't have stuff to wear at his place.
(p.s. I love my sexy collar bone! Heh! lalala )

Yep, it's self-timer!!
Can you imagine? I left my camera on the ledge, and let it "self-time".
People were watching, and thank god no one walked infront of us!

Funny yes?!!!
(Pardon my disgusting bird leg. Shrugs)
Guess what happened?!
I accidentally switched it to multiple shots! -.-
I've made it into an animation. Watch below!

Kinda cool right?
Not us, but the people behind!!
I didn't know it was so cool till I made it into an animation! Lol!!

Last close up!

See the mascara she's holding? That's a freebie!
The plastic bag? That's to prevent stealing.

Btw, I bought their eyebrow powder, creme eyeshadow, blush, and eyeshadow brush. My MUA for a photoshoot told me that it's her favourite eyeshadow brush o.O! I spent close to $50.
Whereas Nana spent about $70 (she bought alot (10) of small bottles of shampoo, lotion, toner, bath soap,.. which wasn't really good. lol! )

Micro shot of the plastic bag by ME!
Isn't the camera amazing? ^^

Anyway, Nana went off to meet her boy, and I met up with James the Joker (alliteration siol!), Rayner childhood friend, and some other camp friend to watch the movie Coming Soon - Do you really want to see me die?! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE ME DIE??!!!?!

He took a picture of my without me knowing..

And he is obviously irritated by me cause I was using the multiple shots on him.
Lol! But it wasn't funny enough, so I didn't make it into an animation.

So, that's all for that day~!!
(p.s. I really love the animation sial!! Lol! )

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