Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ahh.. Please don't scream at me for the lack of updates. My laptop is on a sick leave,.. that's why.. Anw, short update. School has started for 1 week,.. And the next week, it'll be full swing,.. with all the lectures and tutorials classes. This semsester is rather important I heard. Hopefully, I don't need to struggle through. Lmao.

I hate to blog using anything other than my own laptop.
So, pardon me alright?

Oh, by the way, Nana and I decided to change our study room into a Pretty Room. Like a walk-in wardrobe kindda stuff? With all our clothes, shoes (okay, my shoes), bags, makeup, etc in there. I wanted it to be pink and furry like Xiaxue's Princess Room, but Nana refused.!

Hopefully we can get it done in a months time. And we can show you. =D

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Short update..

Omg, I can't believe it! I've been SOO lazy about going online,.. To update, to look through my new pictures, to blog.. Though using the laptop is about the same, but I just miss my laptop. Aww.. I should be receiving it by the end of this week, but apparently not. Sulk.

Anw, holiday is going to be over in few days' time. Argh.. School school school.. We got to know our classes last night.. Thank god I am in the same as Jiahan. =D At least the very least, somebody in my clique is still in the same class as me.

Will be going to school from mummy's on Monday, and then back to Papa's. Come to think of it, everyone must have missed me so much from my 1.5mths of abscence. =/

Can't believe it, I am still so sleepy after a 1hr nap. Yawn.
I'll blog more when my lap top is well again. I prefer those flat keyboard more than the 3D destop ones.

Ah, my shoulders are so tired. Bye!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do not press play if you will gag seeing a tortise's dick..

Turn your speakers on!

My youngest brother's first composition.

Ah, don't think you can see it. Remember, everyone uses pencils when they are primary 1.
It's okay, I typed it out.

Ivan Kau
Tuesday, 7th April 2009

Writing 1

My Pet

I adopted a hamster as my pet. Its name is Lele. It is one years old and it is a male.

Lele likes to sleep, play, read and write. It likes to drink milk. It likes to eat seed and berry.

I need to bath Lele and cut its nails. When it is sick, we will bring it to the vet.

I will bring Lele to the park. We will play and exercise together. I love Lele very much.

(Click for a larger view)
And his illustration that came with the writing.
The hamster lives in a kennel!!

Laughs!! It's so funny when little children made mistakes for the first time. It's like they are so young, and simple.. haha, I was giggling so much when I first read it!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Book Review - Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen

I should be sleeping now, (it's 3hours past bedtime), but since I am having this imbalance in me since I finished reading this book in the early afternoon of yesterday,.. I must as well blog about it now. =)

As the title suggests, it's betrayal.
Something that can happen so easily, and yet so destructive.

I don't like the idea of this book. =(
The story made me feel so uneasy, so uncomfortable, and there's a imbalance within me that made me frown whenever I have minutes left vacant. Which means, the author is good. She is successful with her story tellings.

Upon finish reading the book, the happenings at the ending gave me goose pimples, and left me with distaste. It made me want to scream the FACTS to the people involve. It's the sense of helplessness all of a sudden on my part. It's like, watching everything happen right in front of my naked eyes, but I couldn't do anything, as I was sealed in a transparent sound proof container.

Maybe my imaginations were so vivid and uninterrupted, giving me such a vast reaction.

Betrayal is something so wicked, and attractive.. Urgh..
I can't even explain this smashed up thoughts and feelings within me! Stupid book. I certainly don't want anything of that sort to happen in my life. (Don't be alarm, there's nothing to do with Rayner, and our relationship. It's too much ample time to digest the book causing this swirl..~ )

So, why am I blogging about things that I can't really convey?
Cause I am trying to iron things out, but it's not working!

Damn, I should stick to novels that end the convention way. (Well, maybe not, but not THIS TRAGIC). Argh, I think I am a soft person at heart.. Either that, or the author is great. First time in my life, I get such a drastic reaction to a book. Gahhh...!

Once again, it's Betrayal by Karin Alvtegen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Behind the scenes - by Phiyornah

If you see me holding the camera, it's of course by me laa..
The rest were all taken by Nana.

Goodness, I look broken here..

My favourite 1

My favourite 2

All right, and the bottom pictures are all jumbled up. =)
Enjoy baaa..

I look like I'm 170cm here right?!
Like SO TALL and BIG!

Getting ready for the morning shoot.

End of the candids!

The end.

Honeyhoneybakedham photography - presenting Umeko

Heh heh! My photography! =)

I went for a photoshoot yesterday, and during the breaks, I played with Umeko! She's my meimei ^^. Anyway, I am no pro photographer, and this is solely for leisure (I am using phone camera lo!). So, if anyone wants to give bad critic, please don't be so harsh - shy face* Don't hurt my feelings horrr.

At the cafe ^^

Cam-whore de Umeko!!

And last 2 pictures with flash =)

Damn, I am starting to love dolls ALOT. Which is not really a good idea when dolfies are so expensive! Umeko was really nice to me, and she allowed me to pose her so well!

Shooting and styling dolls are so fun! They are like,.. perfection (well, almost.. since they are not alive).
So, it all boils down to the photographer's creativity, and visions to make them come alive. Wahh, loving it! ^^

Lastly, I got to really thank Nick for allowing me shoot Umeko! =)