Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hurr hurr...

Damn, I am such a baby..

Rayner finally got enlisted into the army.
I shan't act tough and say that I didn't shed a tear. Fine, I did. -BOOOO!

It's not till when I step into his bedroom once again,..
this time with just me alone that made me tear like a waterfall.

But seriously speaking,
I can't pin point the exact thing which ignite the sadness in me. What is it that made me cry? Frankly, I don't really know. Not as though he is dead, or leaving me forever.. It's just a mere two weeks!

Yea.. 2 weeks.
15 days.
360 hours.
21600 minutes.
1296000 seconds.

The number is huge alright?! Rahhh!

Maybe it's my fear of lonesome,
or high dependency on him,
or fear of his safety,
or fear of my safety,
or fear of uncertainty...
or the sudden emptiness..?

Ughhh, you know what?
I think it's LOVE.

Sounds totally unlike me, and damn corny and kuku right?
Whatever! I miss him. =)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

How true. ^^
It's just 14 more nights!! =D (Damn, I wished I am that optimistic. Lol!)

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