Friday, March 13, 2009

Heart is warm warm *

Haha! Last night I stayed over at Rayner's alone, and I should be going home pretty soon (2hours time).

I am very touched and have this kindda fuzzy warmy feeling inside me.

Earlier in the aftersoon,
Rayner's sister asked if I wanted lunch, and made fried rice for me.

2hours after I'm done with my late lunch,
his ah ma knock on my door and ask me to have dinner. Insisting that I eat, and not feel shy about stuff cause I've been coming his place for so long already. =) She said that she's not the kind who speaks alot, etc. I couldn't really catch what she was saying, as her voice was rather soft and mellow, in hokkien. I tried to say that I had my food and stuff already. But she proceeded with adding chilli, taking a bowl and ladel for me. Damn sweet. So, I just eat lo..

Then after eating a small portion of noodle, I retreated back to the bedroom, and Rayner's mum got home, and ask me to go get food from the table. Lol!

And then, Rayner's dad came home, and ask if I am hungry or not.
I said that I'd eaten, and it was so funny..
He said, "Really not? You sure?.." (In a doubting tone).

Hahas! =)
Now I am missing my family. Going home~ *

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