Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome to the 二舅 birthday part-ae~* [pt 1]

Apparently, I have close to 1 thousand photos yet to be deleted, edited and chosen to be uploaded into photobucket and my blog. >.< However, I've sorted them out into folders.

I.e. I will be blogging photos almost everyday! So do check back yea?!

Anyway, pictures were taken on Saturday night(26th Jul) , Sunday morning(27th Jul).
The party was held at Dargonfly. =D
Yeayea? How can a 17 year old girl enter yea? Why nots?! Hahas!
I think 二舅 is a VIP or member of some sort? o.O??

Btw, it was my second time to Dragonfly. The first was exactly one weekend ago from his birthday. And yea, photos are still stored safetly in my computer. Hah!

First up, just sharing some cam-whore pictures of Nana and I! Will post rest of the party scene tomorrow! ^^

My eye makeup for that night.
Note my lash! Chio yea? Natural de norh!

Note her RETRO HAIR! LOls

Erm, and then she got bored and started playing w her
^quoted from nana^

This is much better.
But note her dead eyes.
I think she saw too much of 它壁 dead fish eyes photos
till she got it herself.

*cough* above picture is dedicated to *cough**cough*..
Yea man.

Till my next entry
Updated : Did y'all notice that I changed my eyebrows? =D
I did it all by myself. ^^

Saturday, July 26, 2008


You got to give up something for another. =/
Hate it.
Can't get best out of two worlds yea?

Actually, it is nothing emotional. It's just some work related stuff. I am giving up working in the World Cyber Game event just to go try out for another round of casting of another advert. And if I am not shortlisted in this round, I will lose both the opportunity.

If you consider the smart, logical and mathematical thinking, I should just continue with WCG yea? But, I am more interested in the advert shooting, furthermore, it pays better. =D

Ahh, I've made my choice and sent out the emails. Casting's on Monday. Hope everything will turn out the way I wanted it!

May Luck be with me! =))

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Credits to TaG =D

This was a long ago shoot and yea..
Been on my destop for quite sometime already.
(p/s there's more )



Credits to Sonic. =D

Went for a photoshoot few days back. And here are some of the pictures.
Im at Chijmes. As usual. Hahas!
Come to think of it. I've been shooting at this place alot recently.

(actually I have nothing to say & rushing to end this)
(cause I have the sudden urge to poopoo)

That's all folks!
Hope y'all enjoy. =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Video blog and replies to comments.

Video blogging.

Replies to comments.

  • To Someone` Hahas! Yeaps, I agree that her English is sucky. And yeaps, me too thinks that she is a lil bit illiterate. Cause, she can't really think of more words to say than, LOL and Hahas. But, she really wants to mock at me. So, kindda boliao for her. She has nothing to use but those two common words, oh so frequently.
  • To Joy` Muahahas! YEahhhh! I mentioned you in my video! Hahas! See? You are always in my mind. Aren't you super touched?! =D
  • To Phiyornah` Eh, I seriously hate haloscan for not allow me to reply comment there. I need to spell out your name and everytime, I will spell it wrongly at the first type. -- Anw, hahas! My blog manager. Anw, the purpose of your current comment is mainly for others and not me, so I shouldn't have much stuff to reply you. But look! I typed so many random stuff till it looks like a long reply. kuakua...
  • To Lj-ier` Hahas! Thanks my MIA reader! Disturbing? Hahhas! Actually that was a super boliao video lo. And I prefer typing. Contridicting I know, cause today's entry is yet another.. video!
  • To Kai png` Ahahas! Sherk! Anw, thanks thanks. And yeaps, I said happy bd to you ler lo! ^^
  • To F` No she doesn't.
  • To Huyi` Thanks! Hahas! How you know is my birthday man? Didn't know you read my blog! Loll!!
  • To Franky` Thank you! And yea, I doubt we know each other in real life yea? Anw, super nice of you to comment! =)
  • To Veene` Erm, I feel super disgusted by your way of typing. Disgusting leh. Seriously, I don't really like twits. Pardon me for being truthful. And I can't really comprehen what you are trying to see. Hopefully you can recomment with proper english or some kind soul would like to do it for me. By the way, what does me being a hypocrite got to do with Tabi flaming me and vice versa? Are you trying to use a negative word on me, but don't understand the meaning? Frankly speaking, I am a hypocrite. I can't help it. =D
  • To unknown` Hahas! Thank you thank you.
  • To unknown` Eh, how come you sent twice. And now I became plain hot, rather than hot. Hahas!.

That's all the comments I have so far. Keep em' coming. ^^

First day of 17.. I wanna...

Thank all those who wish me a happy birthday. =)

Rayner, Joy, Fiona, Papa, Mummy, Daddy, Nai nai, Er Jiu, Angela, Rinda, Vivien, Cynthia, Ivan, Eric, Veronica, Jia Ming, Chong Hao, Hu Yi, KenLim, KenSu, Andri, HuiLing, Nicolette, ZhiHui, JiaHan, Michelle, JieHao, Vee, Sebas, Lj-ier, Kai Png, Sparky, Manfred, NZ, Alan Tan, ChongYewPhun, John Scott, Melvin and a whole bunch of unknown numbers, thanks to SY...

Hahas! Seems as though I have lots of friends wishing me happy birthday eh? Actually, half of them are family member, another 1/3 is unknown people from online (facebook, friendster), and left with a tiny fraction from actual people. Hahas!

No matter what, love you all. Muacks.

Anw, most people are asking how Rayner celebrate my birthday for me ehs?
Muahahas! It's nothing vvvv surprising, but, still special in his own way~
Lalalal~ Shall keep you all in suspense.
Pictures... Later of the week alright? I've got a Financial Accounting test tomorrow. And As usual, last minute revision again..

Coffe Bean here I come. =D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Video blog. Bimbo me.

This is seriously too bimbo. And I doubt many of you can comprehen. Hah! Anw, just a note. You people don't have to say that I am tak-glam k? Cause, trust me, you wont laugh/be entertained as much if I was glamarous. Hahas! Listen to what we say carefully to be fully entertained.

Anw, vlogging was my sister's idea. Muahas! But I blogged it up first. I win. =D

Lame. Comment and tell me if you people want more of such bimbo/lame stuff in my blog yea? You peeps better say yes. Hahs! Oh yah, using the camera Rayner gave me to video this. Pardon all our blemishes and flaws (and my sister's exposed bra.)

Replies to comments.

Yeah. Haloscan is still faulty.. Maybe it's not faulty, and is that they change the way their comment box work. Which is sucky.

Replies replies. =)

To Shuen` Nope. She doesn't have a blog. Or maybe she has one, just that I dont know of it. But, yeah, highly doubt so.

To F` Thanks for your supportive comments. It's gladly appreciated. But, meimei, mind some words yea ^^, don't wish to cause unnecessary troubles to someone I don't know. Anw, kindda happy that you read my blog when we have no connections at all. ^^

To random ppl` Hey. Thanks for your comments yea? I not pretty in the first look mehhhh?! No la, I am just kidding. =D Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, yeaps, I never ever use the word "ugly" on her. And bitchy I know. Haha! That's e main characteristic of me. ^^

To deceased` Eheheh! I know who you are lo! Hahas! Cannot write your real name meh? Need to use this. Hahas! Anw. Thanks for your concern yea? ^^ And yeaps.. "DAIJI". LOL!!!!

To F` Hahas! It's alright. Not kaypo. Just worried about your supposedly safety, reputation etc. Thanks girl!

To Veene` Hah! Oh my god. Are you BLIND? You called commenting on her chin CRUEL? When she commented on me fucking arnd, my parents fucking arnd, what my bf get is shit cos he is shit?! That's cruel? What are you thinking man?!! Can't you read what she commented to me and her emails to me. You should seriously understand the situation before commenting. She say nothing to me?! Wth?! She started saying things to me. If not why should I be that BOLIAO to provoke her. Compare and contrast dude. You are not getting your facts right.

To Rayner` Darling, heck her yea? Cool down. Super happy that you bother to comment! Hahas! Unlike someone's bf who has no time. Oops

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry for the long wait.

(that is if anyone of you is waiting..)

Hahas! I finally found time to upload Eugene's OCH pictures into my photobucket. =)
And it's loading into my photo bar now. I am dreading that the size is too big. =S
If it is, I'll just post a small pic, so you can click to properly see my expression. ^^
It's something very different from what I usually shoot. And of course, all pictures are credits to him. SMILES!

Indeed, it's very big.
Click to see the original version.

I find this kindda cool.
Love my profile look. (i.e. side view)

Yeaps. That's about all that I'm posting.
Do, click on my portfolio link to see more.

(Come to think of it. It's been quite some time since I update it!
Ahh! Soon soon. )

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Replies to comments.

Haloscan is obviously sucking big time. -pouts!

It cannot accept my replies there. So, no choice. From now on, I will reply my comments in my entry. Which is damn leh chey. zZ!

But it's alright! It's communication skills lesson now. Hah! I have some time and attention to spare here!

To Rayner` Hahas! Darling. Thanks again. I love the camera as much as you. Oops. Anw, hahas! Yeaps. Those people who finds trouble with me ought to do some constructive stuff like masturbating or something. (yikes) Hahas! Boyboy, you shouldn't say such things. It's so crude and shallow. Oh well, it's only those words that she can understand.

To Min` Hmm, she's 18 and has just completed her O's this year. I bet this statement is enough to tell you what category of girls she's in yea? And yeaps, she has nothing better to do cause her boyfriend is constantly working to support his own education till he has no time for her girlfriend. Of course, allowing her have all the time in her world to comment me,.. create email account for me,.. browsing through my entire blog and my previous blog just to extract the supposed ugliest photos of me. =)

To Joy` Hahs! How to donate? Let me help you with this. You should watch less PPStream and you will have more time to comment me! Wahahas! Kidding.. Exams over yea? Now it's my turn. Sian. Yupyup, birthday coming... STRESS YOUUUU!

To Phiyornah` Wahhas! Your comment is as long as a petition can!. I got to like refer for a few times to reply you here. Anw, she obviously shows that she is oblivious to the happenings around her and trying so hard to live in her eluded world.- and yeah, to the extent whereby she's psychotic! Well, soon i guess. Lucky for her, she don't understand our/my puns and poniards. Otherwise, she might just commit suicide. Hah! There are signs of her degrading sanity (I bet she don't understand this line too.). Example, she calling herself tiny wifey (when she is obviously many size ++++ me ), and changing her boyfriend's friendster shoutout. Let's say this together. TURNOFFS. =DD And you've got a point.. She knows the word narcissistic! Like isn't the word that you used kinda recent? Hmm.. no originality again. By the way, she's stupid to gloat over those apologise. Hah! I live by this line, "my sorries are free. " Haha!!

To Tabi` Welcome. And you mean you have uglier photos? Nope, I never find your pictures. I am not like you. Scout my entire blog and my past blog to get the ugiest picture of me and post it in the spoof friendster account. Hah! You are exposed to near thousands of my pictures and those are the worst? While I am only exposed to say, 7 of yours? Hah! And a bad dressing, bad hair, broad face can be detected.

To Tabi` Cool! You want me to take a normal picture with your ugly one and rate together? I am totally cool about it! Shall make it into a video yea? And please, do not commit suicide if the results are pro me. I don't want to be held accountable for your death! Lol!

To Tabi` My boyfriend is 19. Nope, he don't have to study. And he's earning like 3k per month? (oops. ) And yours? Selling mattress. I doubt he earns more than me! hahahhas! How loserish is that? Plus, I do not depend on my boyfriend, although he kept showering me with ample time, attentions and gift^^. And girl arh girl, depending on your parents when you are 18++ is nothing to be proud of! You will be called a laughing stock without a backbone. Not a princess. It just points down to how incapable you are in the society.

To Tabi` What?! You called that meet up a TAIJI!? For god's sake, I never regard it as a taiji. And obviously I am of different kinda girl like you. My boyfriend hates such confrontation stuff, he is a peace lover. Why should I portray a bitchy side of myself to him? And of course, I am not like you. I do not build my self worth on my boyfriend. Anyway, using "the ground open up" is a bit too alien-ish till I almost can't grasp your point. Can you use comparisons of some standards? And "tasteless"? What the..! How can you associate preferences and people using, tasty and tasteless? Wierd! Settle for shit? If you are referring to me as shit? I means that you are worst than shit. Know why? Cause you sent your picture for the modeling thing and you did not get in, whereas your boyfriend did! How do I know? Hahas! Because, your trustworthy boyfriend happened to spill the beannnnnss~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updates updates!

Hello everyone! Sorry about those bitchy updates. =)

Now, got to update you all about some stuffs which are of a significance.

1.) As y'all know, Rayner bought me a birthday present. I think I mentioned it in my past entry. I am going to delete that entry cause it's kindda out of no where, and not properly placed in my blog. So here's another entry for it. =)

Firstly, I want to thank Rayner boy for buying such an expensive birthday present for me.
Thanks darling. =)

In case you people are wondering,.. this is the model of the camera.
Finally took picture of the camera.

Tell me you are jealous!
Nah, I am just kidding.
I'm too fortunate, feeling like Rayner's pampered princess.

2.) I got my Islander card! =)
And I've showed it to almost all of my friends in school! Hahas!
Hey, although it's not a very expensive card but, I think kindda zai leh! Cause the card is really nice. And Rayner paid for it. Wahahhahas! =DDD

Wanna take a look??

See see see, my birthday is coming! =)
Anw, when I was at the place waiting for my card to be created,
we got to snap a picture using their webcam look alike thingie..
and I took 2 shots.
One, a funny face, one a chio face.
Haha! After contemplating for quite some time..
I went on with the chio one.

3.) Someone whom I do not know personally paid for my membership in Facebook Humanpets. And I heard real cash is needed to get that membership. =) Hahas! Although I've thanked him many times in Facebook humanpet pages. I decided that it's only appropriate to thank him here. Hah!

(at the same time, getting u peeps jealous! I am totally joking! Trust me ^^)

Thanks Ryan Max.
I shall consider this as a Birthday present from you to me.
Thanks thanks!

Hahas! Pretty girls just get such privileges!

(p.s. I bet you peeps find my boastful yea?
cause secretly, somebody might just get jealous
of course, you people ought to be!)

Wahahas! Happy. Laughing heads over heels.
Anw, will be posting up last Saturday Sentosa day on my blog soon.
Check back! =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Relax Charis/Tabi/Lol

Your comments are noted.

Here, a piece of advice for you.

Cool down, and drink some herbal tea, you are obviously too pissed of with me to even comment on me. Weird sentence structure, all-over-the-place statements, and multiple comments of the same kinds using that few similar words all over the place. You do not have to comment in my Haloscan and email me everywhere for me to see your words. Just to be frank, it shows that you are extremely desperate to threaten me. Now, let me tell you something that will benefit you loads.

Your sinister words are too mediocre and shallow to even strike a wee bit of fear in me. If you are showing me that you are a rowdy uneducated hooligan, who's at the background, striving hard to be seen and heard,.. Yay, congrats to you. You've succeeded. If you are not, I honestly don't know what you are, and you've been, up to.

Anw, I've got sick of you. Laughing at your broad and spacious face only took away few days of my attention. Now, you are no longer someone who I feel want to have your looks compared to mine. Now, you are nothing but a horribly ugly flabby looking girl which constantly want to fight me so that you can scar my pretty face, which you are utterly jealous of.

Laughs. You are someone full of self confidence, and I am in no mood to bring it down. Cause, it will do me no good, in fact, it'll cast an accidental fame on you. But, seriously, you ain't no pretty thing. Try this, squint your face, frown, open your mouth wider and say the word "wei" (drag). See that two strokes of depression at the midst of your cheek? That was what I was staring half of the time I saw you the other day. The other half was sparingly spread with looking at your, bad rebonded dry and coarse hair, flabby arms with stretch marks near your armpits, tiny puffy eyes with the bad pearl purple makeup. How you disgust me with your blouse. I wore that 2 days before that meetup. And, you should seriously stop saying that I am stumpy. Call me a mosquito instead, stumpy is a wrong word to use. My thigh is freaking thin and close to parallel! Whatever, this shall be the last time I bring fame to you through my lil-famous-blog.

Ugly girls with bad ethics shouldn't get this much attention.
This is a privilege that I even bother to critic you from head to toe. Thank me, I know I am good.

By the way, from your email, you said that you've given me a present. Erm, where is it? I am dying to receive them. =)

Kennz PhotoWorks.

=D This was taken last Sunday at a group shoot.
Once again, I would like to thank all photographers and most importantly, Stevie for the success of the shoot.

I am kindda tired and sleepy already.
And I will be getting my contact lenses from Korea tomorrow.
Super happy.
Going to use my super chio camera and cam-whore after I wear them yea??
Back to Kennz's picture.

I'll just post 1. And when you see this entry with a [updated] at the title,
I meant that I added more picture.
Meanwhile, enjoy this 1 picture.

Please don't ask me the concept behind this shoot.
Seriously speaking, I am a lil blur,
and was taking directions from them.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


you make me fall in love with you again and again..
and yet again. =)

Hah! Guess what you people? Rayner bought me a camera.
And.. Yes, it's the camera I wanted and blogged about it some time back!

Apparently, I can't find the entry. I think it's in my old blog. Haha!
And, I think Joy is the only one who can remember that I even blogged that,.. of even not.

Anyway, the model is,


And yeap, it's RED. Just like the one I my past entry.
Oh, I forgot to mention. The camera is suppose to be my birthday present. =)

Love him to the max. ^^

Macbook craze pt 2

The other day, I updated 5 pictures taken w Nic's mac book yea?
Now, here's the rest.

Sorry babes if you are cropped off.
The editing thing is like tt de loo... =(


A mass of photos.

Heyhey! I am home this weekends. Which means, I have more spare time for my blog!
Now, I've collated all my past pictures, and select a few to be posted here.
Some are dated from months and months ago.
So, pardon me. I post them up so that I can delete those folders from my computer without any regrets. Hahas!

Anw, just to inform all of you, these pictures are not doctored. I am too lazy, and there are just too many pictures for me to edit. So, I downloaded a photo collage thingie, and yea, it put my selected pictures into a collage. ^^

This is the most recent.
(last saturday)
I went Sentosa w Rayner!

Remember the video where Rayner ate up my name.
It's the same day.

Same day.
And check out the heart-shape cloud thing.
Very lovely yea?
I did not enhance it using photoshop,.. etc.
Just my lil-kindda-faulty-camera-phone.
Romantic situation always happen when Rayner is around.
Thinking back when we weren't together, and the rainbow appeared......

Ball python.
We went over to Ed's place after Sentosa.
These are what he got from Thailand.
Cool yea?
But papa say that you can just catch it off the streets of sgp.

Went Sentosa again. ^^
This time with Rayner and friends.
Fun loving people. =)
I was with makeup cause I reached there after my jap student shoot.

Anw, that guy squatting there's Wilson.
And Volleyball explains Rayner's weird position.

Erm, the below are past pictures..
I'll post them from the latest, to the oldest yea?
I am too lazy to check the date! Hahas!

HAha! That's all people! =D
I am gg to start on my next entry!
Meantime, enjoyy. =D

Palangsi photography

Last Saturday, I went to Sentosa w Rayner.
And a photographer spotted us.
So, we did a impromptu shoot w him.

The bad eye bag is noted. =)

Lol, my hair looks a lil weird yea?
The wind was blowing to e right ma! Haha!

Haloscan is down..

So I decided to type out my reply to you here.

Firstly, Tabi, why are you using the name CHARIS and LOL to comment on our blogs (my sister and I)? It is kinda disturbing. Be yourself! Why? You are afraid that people google your Tabi name and all sorts of junk comes spilling out?! OH, or you have a smelly name till you need to change in from time to time?


I am going to reply to your comment, line to line.

Quote, "wat we agreed on was to stop saying anything abt each other. n u said u will delete all my stuff frm ur blog. u din keep to ur part of the bargain so y shud i keep to mine?"

I offered to take away entry related/involing Tabi (assuming Charis and Tabi is the same person and you are here because I blogged about Tabi). BUT you declined - asking for a "paiseh" instead. Didn't you get what you wanted?
Sidetracking, have you been trying to comment my blog everyday? I'm so sorry that you've been wasting your time here. Cause you've been banned all along, until few days back. I got the impression that you've been trying every single day, cause the moment I lifted the ban, you comment came through. I.e. I did not receive your past comments, despite you trying so hard to get to me.

To readers excluding Charis,
I don't know if it's a problem with me, or what. Her use of the word "bargain" is just damn wrong, yea? Isn't it suppose for selling stuff/prices/trade.. etc? She made it sound like I am selling her my smelly socks. Hah!

Quote, "u wanna tk legal actions i'll join u.cos rmb.. my name, photo etc are all in ur blog? So u wanna try me?"

Remember, remember what?! Your name is CHARIS. I don't remember blogging anything about Charis is my page. Legal actions? Hmm, you try me then. SEARCH for your pictures then. Charis is faceless anyway.

Quote, "i promise u i will do wat i say haha", "n u knw i ALWAYS keep to my words hahaha".

Oh my god. I need to laugh even louder than you but my entry spaces are limited. (I doubt you get my scarsm). And, no I don't know that you keep your words, cause you don't. You were such a pussy when you speak on the phone. And when your "da jie" was there, what was your tone of voice? Dot. What's so glamorous to "peng wei" ? and say that you are smart to "peng wei". Eh? It's not that we are gulible, it's that we thought that "ah lians" of standards won't do it. Apparently, you are nothing but a little fly. You are lucky that you did not tell us the name of your "shirt", otherwise, you are going to bring the name down for at least a hundred years. All I know is that it's a loserish thing to do in the "ah-lian-community". So, I am not even a tad scared by your threatenings cause, you NEVER keep your words.

Quote, "watch us ruin ur life step by step. fighting is stupid. we shall do it the smart way. haha. a person like u will lose EVERYTHING u have one day. sit back and ENJOY as ur romance, career, reputation & life comes crumbling down".

HAHA! See? You are not a stand-alone. You need backups, you need your friends and sisters. Note the word, "we". What a loser are you. At your age, you are still a "ginna". Let me think about my time in that "community", hah! I was so much younger yet my "rank" is so much higher. Loser is the only word I can use to describe you. Smart way?! Cool. I am anticipating your show. =) Romance, career, reputation and life? Com'on, try. I would be more than glad to see how you are going to play God. Wonder how you and your prophets are going to change my life.