Wednesday, April 25, 2012

IT Show 2012

And it was super sweet that she came to pick me off work every single day of the IT show.

Monday, April 16, 2012

030112. Genting trip!

Went to Genting with my girlfriend and co. earlier March. Here are the pictures!!

We were freaking exhausted from the event at Helipad night before, and we had only 2hrs of sleep before we head out to Golden Mile. But damn excited as well, as it was the first time that we went overseas together. :)

Finally get to try the 'famous char kuay teow' at Genting bus terminal.
So much about the rave, it taste so-so only lor. I prefer mega spicy + oily + with eggs kind of char kuay teow better!

This was in the morning of Day2. Canny was trying out the 'Dong1 Ji4 Lian4 Ge1' (winter sonata) look by wearing my jacket. lol!

That's the bunch of us, together with my very luscious full head of hair, thankyouverymuch.

LOL! I remember this scene. Damn hilarious.
Felicia (right) was helping Serina (lady w shades) to capture a candid picture of herself drinking water, so she can Instagram it. And FYI, Serina almost bottled half the bottle of water cos the angle wasn't right in the first few shots!

*love this shot!*
Though it is a negative demonstration (smoking bad for health and all), it's quite artsy right?
Don't smoke people. It's no good.

How on earth did I manage to look so old in the previous black and white shot, and look like a kid here. Amazing.

*FA* *MI* *RE* *DO*

There was a black out at the fast food restaurant. Damn lame.

Canny's nose machiam plastic. Wtf so high? -.-

Canny has the skills to take natural + nice looking candid shots of me lor.

Group shot.
TSY came with us as well, but she was sleeping. -.- And we all suggested that we need to photoshop her in. lol.

Anyway, Canny fell sick midway, so we didn't meet up with the rest. Boohoo.

But it was really nice for both of us to hangout, HTHT, parktalk. Sweet. :) Though we just came back from Bangkok two weeks back, I think we need a short getaway again. Totally pampered! Heh. I think I am going to make it a point to go overseas once a month. Live life to the fullest!!

That's all from Genting!
Stick around for my next posts. :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Omg, where's the girlfriend?!

Hi people. How's Monday treating you? Wonderful weather now, and the rain has just stopped. It's 3.20pm in the afternoon and I have nothing much to do. :/ Oh shit, I'm starting to lead a mundane life. No way!!

You see, my girlfriend just took up a job. So, this is the first time where she is 'not availale' for me. Since the start, we'll either be physically together, or we'll be chatting on the phone until I have something important to do. Now that she has something to do (work) at majority of our awake hours, I need to start getting used to diverting my attention to things that I've put on hold for the longest time.

Things to do:

  1. Get my IC done
  2. Dye my hair. (I'm still thinking about the colour :/ )
  3. Take up a driving license 
  4. Take M5, M9, HI certificates
  5. Collect my Diploma certificate from TP
  6. Buy a queen size bed
  7. Blogging more frequently  
  8. Meet up with my friends 

That should be all. Gna to meet my best guy friend Derek for movie in a while. Though I miss my girlfriend already (it's insane as I just met her last night, but we're only together for 3 months, it's called the honeymoon period), it feels really good that I can once again start on with my life which I put on halt for dating, love and all those silly things. :) 

Alrighty, I got to get going! Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yes! She's finally legal.

Yay yay yay! Though a little back dated, but I am duper happy that she's legal. Like finally. :) Not casting away the fact that I'm indeed a little older than her, but her being underage really highlight the differences. So, after painstakingly waiting for 3 months. VIOLA!! Calls for a huge celebration!

You guys confirm guessing what gifts I got her yes? Nothing special. I am not a very creative person when it comes to gifts. I booked a room with an awesome room for a 1N stay at MBS to count down to her 18th birthday with her :) And, brought her to Bangkok for a 5D4N holiday!

So, pictures pictures!

This is the upgraded room! Super spacious compared to the regular rooms.

Bought 3 tiny ATAS looking cupcakes from High Society for her.
Thirty over bucks for these tiny pastries. Overpriced yes. But the strawberry shortcake was such a treat to my taste buds. WORTH IT! The other two was just meh.

So apart from celebrating her 18th birthday with me. She had a 'come-make-me-drunk' kind of birthday celebration with her friends at Club Shake.

Entree photo: Us drinking a Flaming Lamborghini.
I think she had 5million of that flaming junk that night. There was some really sick promotion, so both Flaming and Graveyard was only selling at $15!