Monday, March 23, 2009

The Arena

(Going to sleep after this entry! )

Nana and I went to The Arena instead of Powerhouse on Friday (20th Mar). We didn't take alot of high quality pictures, as Mummy locked my camera in her room, to prevent the "selling psp" case happening again. But, she was out with daddy since morning,.. So resorted to using my camera.

As mentioned on earlier post, I went over to Nana's.

Tube top, cargo pants, and sneakers.

Outside The Arena

1 for 1 entry before 12am.
We were just in time. =)

This is candid lo!
(And quit staring at my tummy, belly button, and that mosquito bite!!)

Lmao, Nana got the "standard modeling pose".
(p.s. look carefully, can see her "steven lim yellow panties"!)
Sorry that I didn't edit. I am tooo tired, and using my destop instead of my lappy.

We went toilet.

That's all!
Pardon for the bad quality, and not engaging blog entry. =(
Just enjoy the pictures alright? I am really really sleepy. (10pm)

(P.s. Oh, just in case Tan ah siao wants to compare skinny-ness or petite-ness using this batch of pictures. I shall say this first. "Damn, I can't believe it, I am SOOOO FAT and BIG size." )

Next entry will be behind the scene pictures from the hotel shoot. ^^

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