Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The brown and the green eyed.
In school with Angela 妹妹.
What a darling girl.

She came all the way from AngMoKio to meet me in TP. Alright, she is currenly trying hard to complete her Mathematics holiday assignment (Which is due next week), with the aid of the almighty-me! Waha.

Alright, I shall get back to my Law Project. =) Will blog again soon! ^^
Lol. Some people, build their happiness on somebody else's misery.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sneak preview of the Samsung Jet Roadshow.


I think this picture is so sweet, it deserves to have an entry all by itself.

Photo credits to Ouyang

(p.s. Wah! Picture is huge!! I will resize when I get home. Going to prepare for casting.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sneak preview of the Mascot Parade.

I was the Demon race from Immortals online.
Lucky me won the Babestar BoothBabe Contest!

Photo credits to John Chua

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shine Youth Mascot Parade

Hey all!
I will be working for SHINE Youth Mascot Parade on 27th Jun 09, (this coming Saturday) 3.30pm.
[I know it's obvious from my cropped banner from the official site.]

Anyway, I will be wearing outfits from IMMORTALS ONLINE for the Mascot Parade. So, I will be representing one of the 4 races. Diety, Dragon, Demon, Human. I think it'll be so dumb to dress up as human =X. Unless it's some hot human, otherwise, it'll just be - me, like myself as a human being, human. Blah.

It will be the largest public showcase of Movies/ Games/ Anime/ Cultural mascots. They are trying to break Singapore Book of Records with the largest turnout of dresses characters in a single location. I saw the plan for the show already, there will be Kurobara Lolita GL fashion parade, and Kurobara Dollfie showcase!!

Lastly, it the CRUCIAL and MOST IMPORTANT part for YOU to be present at this event. It's the BABESTAR Boothbabe Contest. (Okay, I know, it sounds so rtard. But that's how they like to call it. ) There will be 6 contestants, and I am 1 of them! So, do bring all your friends down to vote for me!!
[P.s. Ultra in need of cash, so just let me win alright? Lol! The winner gets a cash prize! Goodie!]

So, photographers, you are in for a good shoot!
If you are interested to shoot for the event, you will need a Media Pass. I will be able to get it ready for you provided that you,
  1. Let me know your confirmed attendence by Friday afternoon.
  2. Full name, contact number and email address.
  3. Allow the pictures to be used in a 100page magazine featuring this event (you will be credited).
  4. Vote for me*.
[You wouldn't have to queue up for the passes then. As, it's limited, and it will be a pity if you can't enter the "Passes-only-area". ]

Sweet and simple. =)

Family and Friends!
Please bring your family and friends down to this event to vote for me in the BoothBabe competition! The competition will start after the parade. So, stick around alright? =)

I need your support! Furthermore, you can take pictures with all the other mascots!! (1000+ if I'm not mistaken. Crazy I know. Big event!! ) You will definitely have fun. So, don't skip this!

Keep your Saturday free!
Mascot parade starts at 3.30pm! Don't miss it! =)
[Remember to charge your cameras!]

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pontank-ed Tues and Wed's lectures. =/

I have a very good excuse.
I was playing with my webcam. Heh. =D

Click for a larger image.

[Tuesday morning : 3am]
Played w da' blacks.

[Tuesday night: 11+ am]
Too much youtube hair tutorials.

[Wednesday morning (Just) : 9.30am]
A little cam-whoring won't kill.

Har har har! Highlight somemore! Lol! =B

Going to go for a Games event (Mascot parade thingie) straight after school!
Real excited about the job (coming Saturday). Will tell y'all more of the details tmr.

Shit, late for tutorial! Bye!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fuck, really miss gg home...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Balloons =)

Working. Samsung event. Helium balloons please. Outside Takashimaya. Dreading the heat. Hopeful for rain. Lazy to get up. Alicia, Cheryl and schoolmates. 11am - 8pm. Come say Hi!


Give 'em some attention please!

I have 2 cute guy friends participating in 2 different competitions. Well, one is on a bigger scale, while the other it's a small scale competition. Nevertheless, give them your support! (Be it you think that they are hot/cute/charming/talented etc, just cast them your vote alright?)

Cute guy 1: Kenneth Gilberto [Blog]

Bet most of you know 超级星光大道 from Channel56 yea? Apparently, my friend here have the chance to compete with them (Season 5)!! Amazing isn't it?! Anyway, it's down to 20 finalist, and I'm not too sure how many will get the chance to fly over to Taiwan, that's why we got to vote! =)

Vote for No. 4 - Kenneth Lim Pei Rong
Like, one million time a day? Thanks huh!!

Cute guy 2: James Aw Yong

He is running for the Watsons Friendly Face Award! Please cast him your vote! (Just help even though you might not think that he look friendly alright? But, no doubt, he is charming yea?)

Watsons You Awards - Vote
Watsons You Awards - Vote
Watsons You Awards - Vote
Vote for F1
As many times as you can yea? (Don't know the limit)


(P.s. Just realise James's picture is really huge! Too lazy to edit! zz!)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project calls!

10am. Later. CAS project. Library. Matrix card. Not to be late. Try. =)
Laugh it off.. I'm just like a jester.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just leave me alone. =(

I am totally kidding alright? Laughs!
What am I feeling? Confusion I would say. Or plain denial?
Give my poor soul a break, I was simply searching an outlet for comfort's sake.
Goodness, if only one person were to be given a chance to rest, it would be me. Freaking self-centered, yes. But hey! I'm so tired! Mentally and physically. Groans. So much of wanting to rest well for the whole of yesterday, work and society didn''t permit!
But please leave me some grace.
Though we kept moving at a different pace.
Got to drag my tired ass out of my house to a crash course for wine tasting. The thought of it still makes me wanna puke. Yikes! Too much of anything is never good. Tried hard to stay compose all the way till I got home. Then, kionk, as I dropped dead on bed for 1hour. Then the stupid headache kicked in, leaving me awake till now. (12am till 8.33am)
Was it absence that I'm feeling?
Or it's just the emptiness that'll never fill?
It's weird how my body reacts to alcohol. I'll have the strong urge to sleep (for a while), and wide awake after waking up. Ehh, hello body, wrong time, get back to sleep!! I wish. Pimples are freaking appearing due to lack of sleep! Remember that I didn't sleep 2nights ago too? Urgh.
Just once and for all.
Can't sleep now either. Sulks.
Leave this incorrigible soul to sleep.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real steal!

Iluma (new shopping place at Bugis), $35.90. 1 piece per design. Dope! =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Early day.

Didn't sleep last night. Duh. It's 11am, and I was done with my previous entry at 7+am ?
It's been quite some time since I am up at this hour,.. all relax and cool. =)

Swept the wardrobe room, killed a cockroach, washed and dried my laundry. ^^ Damn productive morning.

Going out now!
It's week 2 of holidays!
The only regrets are the pain I indirectly inflicted on her..
Girl, I'm so sorry...

(Happy BD to Gabriel from Xbar! ^^)

St.James Powerhouse


Note the time.It's the earliest time I ever prepare to the club. -.-
And yep, wearing fishnets and black boots that night!
At first I was very conscious about looking like a prostitude.
Apparently, I felt alright when I reach the clubbing scene. Laughs.

Darling Alicia!
Judging from the picture,
it's like the bad girl vs. an angel.
EEee,.. why white when both Cheryl and I wore black? lol.

Bubbly Cheryl in bubble shorts.
(Wah, think I'm damn lame! 7.13am. No wonder.)

The 3 babes!

Bboy Leo-J and I.

BBoy RB and I.

Damn honoured to take picture with the 2 Bboys sial.
CHEY, they are my friends luh. -.-
Virgin Powerhouse clubber.

My accounting STUDENT. =b

The girls on the podium...


The boys at our feet. =b
Joel, Timothy, RongBin

And then, silly Alicia insisted for us to go to Dragonfly.
So, I got to pangseh Joel and the guys to accompany her there.
But it wasn't so bad as Joel's exgf was there to accompany them. =) Didn't manage to take a picture with her. =/

[At dragonfly]

Eh! TKD, you look damn gay here.
Serious. -.-

Photographer Edmund Tan!
He shot me during last years GCA. o.O

YuanDa (Edmund's friend)

Look at my waist.
Cheryl's hand's position made my wasit look ultra small!

And, that's JiaHui on the far left.
Alicia's friend.

My favourite picture!
2 chicks kissing me! XD

Cheryl's damn sexy lacy bra!

My eyes look HUGH here.
Makeup does wonders. =)

My lips like sugar..

YuYang and I.
Anw, I wanted to crop the picture, but decide to leave the timestamp intact.
So, I cropped and cut-n-pasted the timestamp (w/o rezising it).
Now it looks weird.
(P.s. Michelle! See? Second time clubbing w YuYang already! Heh heh!
When do you want to join us?! )

4.46am, in the cab.
On the way to Joel's to ton.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Battle Of The Year 09'

[23rd May]
When it all started.. =)
Thanks to the invitation from Joel, I got to witness BOTY 09.
Btw, that's Hong10 from Korea (above). Apparently, it's a VERY BIG THING to be able to stand beside him alright? Though I don't know who the hell, or how dope (lol) he was at that point. I decided that it was no harm snapping a shot yea? And when I searched him in youtube, he is dope shit!! (lolll!! ) Aiya, main point, he is like a star in the BBoy world. =)

Anw, though the crew that I am supporting wasn't the winner, they were the runner up. But I thought they were awesome. Ah wells, =) . It was a great experience for me. Totally looking forward to next year's BOTY. ^^

Floor Technique Crew

(P.s. Joel, look, you are closer to Hong10 then you really were. My editing. Heh! )

Marina Barrage

[6 Jun]请不要轻易放下我小小的手掌
First time there. =)
Windy, dark, glistering stars.

(And, lots of construction cranes. =/ )

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gee! Exams are finally over. =)
And hello holidays!

Sad news to all, my laptop is not back yet. Yea, so much of the cheap thrill of happiness 2 weeks back yea? The latest update about the retrieval of my sad laptop will be on the coming Friday. I am totally not going to make a big whoo-haa about it. Who knows it might be 1mth later till I really see it again? Sad laptop. Sigh.
Don't fret, just feel.
Aren't I close enough boy??
Alright. You've guessed it, I am going to yak about my how sad my life is without my laptop. Lol! It's been 3mths since I disconnected from the internet world, and sadly, here, the net, is where I get my $$ from. So, 3 mths, and I only about 5 jobs? Of course I am tight on cash. Sulk.

Ehh, this is like an irritatingly SAD entry.
Lost the urge to blog. Gahhh..

(p.s. So much of being poor, I got myself a pair of silver heels from Charles and Keith, for being such a studious girl the past week! =) )