Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sorry to neglect!

Hohoho! Sorry peeps! I've been neglecting my blog for decades!!
But that's because, I've been doing so much these few days, till I can't find time to blog. *in the matter of fact tone*

OOkay, let me recollect before the memories dissipate itself.

So, since the start of holidays.. (1week)
I've been staying over at Rayner's. Practically slacked around and watched rented DVD. Watched, Felon, The Curse of the Golden Flower, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Constantine. These are some good movies that I've missed. Ooo, finally got to watch them - though I find The Curse of the Golden Flower's ending kindda, ERM. (You get what I'm trying to say yea?)

Other than rented DVD, we baked cookies! Pictures yes.. In another entry yea?

And we played board games. Risk and Scrabble.
I don't think I ever blog about Rayner and his brother's smartness in board games! I need like, 200% of concentration to win them for just 1 time. And it's not that I have a square brain or I'm slow. I would say I'm rather fast at stuff, but yea.. They are smarter.. >.<! Oh, I have pictures too. Heh, all in another entry..

Oh, and I played a lot of L4D and DOTA with him. =D Don't judge me, I'm a pro alrights?! Ya man!

And! I played table tennis! My skills improved since the last time I played. Heh!

Also, time was spent peeling his sun burnt dead skin. And note that he was majorly burnt! Eww. He's like a molting snake! Imagine all the molts all over the floor. !!?!!

And and!! Rayner finally shaves his head.! Wahhaas! Not "finally" like I earnestly want him bald. But, yea.. I kindda think it's hot. But Rayner is not THAT hot – yet. About 1 shade tanner with toner muscles will do the trick! =)

So, now you all know what I'm and can do at Rayner's place. It really puzzles me how some people or rather, some person, thinks that mentioning about staying over at Rayner's means that I'm showing off about myself having a sex life. O.o? (I don't even know what's there to show off, so don't question me..) And that, it's a slutty attention getter. Lol. Indeed knocking my socks off my feet!

Other than life under Rayner's roof,
I went out with the guys from my class to eat, play L4D, and drink at Mark's place. I have pictures too! =)

Then, just yesterday,
I went down to West Coast Plaza to support Linda babe for Hey Gorgeous. Though she didn't attain the overall title of the school belle, nevertheless she's still the school belle of NYP!

Then, at yesterday night + early this morning,
Alicia invited me to club with her. Thanks babe! MUACKS. I had a great time. =)

So these are the blog-able events in the first 1 week of my holiday. Picture and details will be up soon. (Hopefully today.. )

So, you guys, stay tuned alright?? ^^

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