Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jocelyn 最近比较忙!

Hi all! This is Canny, again! I'm back on Honeyhoneybakedham.blogspot. I guess the title should have already given you an idea of what this entry is about!

So.. Basically Jocelyn has completed her General Insurance papers, and she's taking her next paper on the next Friday, for M5 - Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services.
 Wish her luck on Twitter!!

*Refer back to her previous post on 18th June* 

She finally found a suitable + nice place for her 21st birthday party!! It will be at Copthorne King's Hotel's Executive suite on 7th July (a week before her actual birthday which falls on the 13th July.) And honestly, I sometimes feel that I'm more excited about the birthday, more than the birthday girl herself -.- . Maybe it's because this will be the first birthday that I'm gonna celebrate with her? I just want this to be memorable and fun for her. ^^

Things to do from late June to early July:
  1. Jocelyn will be studying for her papers.
  2. We will brain storming for her birthday theme.
  3. Shop for her birthday decos.
  4. B I R T H D A Y P A R T Y !
  5. Bring her to BKK on her actual birthday.
  6. She'll be really busy with her work and stuffs.

By the way, I'm really sorry to allow this to happen.. I will end this post. Here. Abruptly.
Hahaha, have a good day everyone! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Love of my life

On the 8th of December 2011, I found you. Jocelyn Kau.

Although we've only been together for a short while, but in this short period of time you made me realized how beautiful love can be. "True love had never once come easy", they say. I couldn't agree more, our first problem; Family. And.. I'm really glad that things turned out way better than what we had expected, it's all solved now!

So.. now. I'm gonna tell the entire world, on your blog, how much, I really love you.

Let's bring it back to the start.

Club Play.

I remember every single detail of you. Your eyes, your smile, your outfit, your scent. I know it's a ridiculous place for us to meet, but yeah, I'm glad that I gotta see you there that night.


:) I remember how I blushed and asked for a hug from you. This is the 3rd time we met each other.. And we went to Zirca, Avalon, Attica on the subsequent weeks. Wouldn't deny how fast my heart beat for you. I always needed alcohol to calm myself down, whenever I see you. (You're sexy and we know it ;) )

13 Jan,

Burlesque, a theme party at Avalon. And it's a day to remember, because I finally made you mine!

Some random pictures of us in this past 5 months ++ :)

We went Genting!

Our March, in glance :)

BKK! (With a very fail portrait of us. Lol!)

She might look light and skinny, but trust me, she weighs MUCH more than how she appears to be; in my heart. ^^

A very bad quality Instagram picture of us..

And ta dah! The most recent us. :)

We are 5 going 6 months old, I know it's still early for us to talk about the future..

I don't know about 'forever', but seeing your smile and hearing laughter is all i'll ever need. I just want to be the girl who makes your bad days better. The girl that makes you say, 'My life has changed since I met her.' 

Happiness? Is all that I feel, whenever I'm with you. Thank you for loving me. :)


BY THE WAY!! Dear readers, I'm sorry if all of these are too cheesy for you.. Bear with me! Last picture last picture!

Dear honey sweet pea Jocelyn, I believe you'll be reading this post with me around. So...

It will only take you approximately less than 10 seconds to reach me. Hurry! I'm waiting for your kiss!! ♥

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pre-21st-birthday Stress

Am I bring silly or what? But I have to be honest, I am so freaking stress about the arrival of my 21st Birthday (by the way, my birthday falls on the 13th of July). 

I've never really celebrated my birthday like for real with birthday song and cake kinda thing (the last time I had a cake, I was primary 3). It has always been a simple dinner with my girlfriends follow by rounds and rounds of drinks sponsored by the very lovely club which I was representing at that time, Butter Factory, Zirca, etc. 

But since it's my 21st, I thought it will be nice to celebrate this significate year before work etc kicks in. However, I have so much concerns and there too much planning to do and blah this and that, it's really stressing me out. :( 

I've been procrastinating for the longest time ever. I'll just brush is aside whenever my girlfriend asks anything about my birthday. And worst thing, she has been asking about it for the past 1 month! What I want as a gift, where do I want to celebrate, who am I inviting. Blah. Yes. Even thinking about what presents I want was stressful. 

I mentioned about not celebrating my birthday 29million times and everyone thought that I was insane. My biggest concern is actually the location and if the guests will turn up or not. Awesome locations are expensive and if many people cannot make it then it'll be such a waste yes? And other concerns like if I should hold my party on Friday or Saturday, what themed party should I have, what food and drinks should I prepare, if guests going to feel awkward, what if it isn't fun. :/ Ohmygod, stressful much. 

Okay. I shall think tomorrow. 
Overload for now. 


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Have y'all notice the buzz about Modmarket all over Facebook?
So apparently, they are seen to be the upcoming hottest flea organiser! So be sure to never miss this!

14th and 21st july 2012, from 2-8pm
(click on their event page to read more about what they gna bring to the table!)
[p.s. I gna have a booth on the 21st July! So be sure to come!]
$50 dollars/booth for 1 day 
$96 dollars/booth for 2 days 
Send in your information to sean@pasarmarket.sg 
*Provided with 1 cube or 1 round table with 2 chairs
4 feet x 4 feet of space

Friday, June 8, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Free Sticker Lady! #skl0

Oh gosh, I just got to know the news about that Sticker Lady being apprehended, with a 3 years jail-term! If you guys are clueless about what I'm talking about: read this article from Channelnewsasia. So, several websites have already covered this story so I'm not going to go blabbering about it.

Just that, in the name of 
humour and 
that "sticker lady" being the first stranger that I ever walked up to (ifyouknowwhatimean+shyface.jpg),

 please sign the petition to 'free' her. 

Here are some links related to the Sticker Lady:

(p.s. Ya I know her personally.)
(p.s.s. She is really cute, and a lesbian)
(p.s.s.s. My girlfriend is way cuter than her though ^_^ )

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Too gay?

It's 3rd of June, so basically Jocelyn and I have been together for 4 months + 3 days + few hours and a couple of minutes. We've been spending our time together for almost everyday. Honey moon period? Too sticky? Is it normal? Haha whatever it is, 4 months is a short period of time, but it's more than enough time for me to fall deeply in love with her. She's very lovable :)

All of you must be thinking why did Jocelyn make the sudden switch from boyfriends to girlfriend. Honestly, she's pan-sexual all along. Bet many of you didn't know! Many of her readers and friends commented that it's a waste for her to be gay. I understand and saw where you guys are coming from - such a perfect young lady like her can easily find a perfect guy to be with, why be with a girl? I can't deny that I'm the luckiest girl on earth - when she agreed to be my girlfriend.

HOWEVER, it's just wrong when people start to judge and say being in a gay relationship is 'abnormal'. Why is it abnormal?! I took this from Singapore Law Pertaining To Gays.

"It is not illegal to be homosexual. The government uses administrative measures to impede discussion of homosexuality and the formation of societies connected with homosexuality. Through the frequent use of such administrative measures, and the use of the sodomy law against homosexual acts, the government creates a climate of fear which misleads people to think it would be a crime to be homosexual in orientation and to hide that aspect of themselves. Anybody can proclaim loudly on TV, radio, or on City Hall steps that he/she is homosexual. And I do not believe there is any law that says we can't discuss it. "

The happiest moment in life is when you finally found someone you truly love. Being together with someone you love, IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! 


Dear homophobes, I'm not asking for your approval. 
But I'm just trying to deliver the message: Gays are not people who are possessed by demons
Don't judge them; us. It's ok if you don't understand, but stop judging and criticising lesbians on her Formspring/anywhere else!!! #NO8! 

I don't know how far Jocelyn and I can go, but I would love to spend my remaining time with her. Love to have your blessings! ^^


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just some kawaii iPhone pictures!

Since my girlfriend has been so helpful with reviving my blog, I must as well put in a lil effort too. Heh. So lately, I've been super into pimping my iPhone pictures and I'll post them into Instagram, so you guys should have probably seen it if you're on my Instagram (@hnyhnybkdham).

Follow me if you haven't!!

Anyway, to show-off a little. Yesterday was the first time I baked something on my own!! :) See the last picture? That's my Banana Chocolate Cupcake w Nutella  (icing)! 

I made everything from scratch (other than nutella duh). It's my first attempt (I made enough batter for 2 cupcakes only, and I shared the other cupcake w my family members all), and it tastes fannnttaasstticc!! Gna make more now. ^_^ 

Okay, that's all for now! Check back for more updates!