Sunday, March 22, 2009


Heyya! I just woke up after 6hours of sleep replenishing! Actually, I am rather sleepy and lethargic still. Brief notes about my past few "not blogging", "none online" time.

I met up with a friend/fan ^^ which I got to know from my "Fan-site". Remember me saying and I wanted a thick VS curler during Christmas? Yep!? On the courtesy of him, I received one new curler! Woahaha. It (I mean the situation, not the curler) feels really nice for somebody that I don't really know, and not even really close in the cyber world to give me a gift. For a moment, it's like Xiaxue, and other famous blogging receiving pressies from others! (Though I know there's still a long long way to go)

Then, I went over to Nana's to sit around and somewhat prepare to go club for the night. Which left us in a state of dilemma of where to go, when there was a change of plans with the guy. After much discussion and saga, we ended up at The Arena. (I prefer Power House to Arena. =/ ) Pa sent us home at 2am, when all the better musics kicked in. zzZ. But when I reached home, it was like, 4am++ . Supper - sinful.

[21Mar ]
Photoshoot in a hotel! =) (Attire : Man shirt)
It was fun, something new and different from all the other previous location that I'd ever done. There were several sessions, and thanks to Nick who booked one entire session just to shoot me. Honoured ^^.

I had a great time talking to the photogs. Since the room was empty for the night, and I have another shoot the next morning, I got to stay over ^^!!

So, Nana came over to accompany me for the night, and acted as an Art Director for the morning shoot. Lol! Had fun, had fun! Woo, hope to see the pictures soon! =) Those photogs who came for the shoot were really nice, they asked for my contacts, and were willing to share the shots with me. Heehee!

Anw, left the hotel at 12nn, sharp. Went home straight after having some lunch. So yea,.. slept from 2-8pm! Yawnnnn.. Thanks NANA. =D

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