Saturday, March 31, 2012

022512. Helipad

Yet another clubbing night picture entry. My life is super happening, I know I know. TYVM. :) But then again, I know it gets a little boring and repetitive as it goes. Always the same few faces and always that same few poses. I'll try switch it up in the future, meanwhile, just enjoy these!!

Dude on the extreme right with the 'peace' sign is Jude.
He is Ian's (dude standing beside me) younger brother! 

That cutie there is YuenMan. (Forgot the extreme left guy's name)
And we're all from Mayflower secondary school. o.O!

Le Girlfriend. I like how our fingers flirt. *shyface*

XinYi, le girlfriend, myself.

Come come challenge helipad's 5-10 queen!! *me*

Love this picture! Didn't know we're wearing the same colour!!

See that almost empty bottle of Sarongfly (Heli's signature cocktail)?
I finished that, and hence the gastric problem.. Nah. I was just supporting my left boob.

Yinkee! I love how she looks super korean.

I shall end this post with a ghostly candid shot of me.

Tata you peanutpuddings!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

030712. Helipad + Avatar

(p.s. This is a scheduled post, I should probably be in Bangkok by now! Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for live updates of my BKK trip!)

I have so many pictures taken from Helipad, and I am starting to be lazy to think of blog entry titles for these posts. So y'all will be seeing many entries with such titles >>(mm/dd/yy. *insert club name*

And so,
this is yet another night at Helipad, and SADLY, I was having a bad hair day. zz

That Kylin in the middle and Emily on the right,..
and their friend with a champagne glass. (I've forgotten her name, omg)

I knew Emily from way back!! 
Omg, those 16/17yo Boat Quay days before I turned legal.
My group of guy friends used to frequent a bar that she waitresses in. So it has been 4 years since I last met her!! 
It's nice to know that we remembered each others names!!

Keisha being manly again!!
She can pass off as my girlfriend in this picture. Look at me leaning towards her embrace, NATURALLY.

"OMG, your eyes are finally not PAH JIAO!!!!"

"Not really, still PAH JIAO"
LOL! This is Ian, from my secondary school. He insisted that his eyes sometimes PAH JIAO in pictures due to his previous eye infection. Righttttttt...

And last picture from Helipad was taken with Sylvia!


_*From this point on, pictures were taken in Avatar*_

So Helipad closes super early, 3am. So it's habitual that I will club hop since the night's still young.
So, I went over to Avatar that night, where my girlfriend and other friends were.

Cassandra on the left, and Yifeng (Evon) on the right.
I miss Yifeng SUPER much. We used to work together in Avalon (before the mgt screw the system up and many of us left).

I love it when she looks girly.

Ended the night with a picture with Jacey Carina! :)

That's all, stick around for my next post!!
Bump me up for gueslist entries into Helipad and/or Avatar(weds).

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

031612. Helipad

I really love how Helipad has become the hang-out spot for my new friends and I. From my previous Helipad post, it's obvious that I am in good terms with the bosses eh? Hee! Helipad's awesome hospitality is what draws the whole group of us back nightly.

For a change, I went helipad with really little makeup that night.
So, pardon me if I look a little tired. 3 - 4 nights of clubbing weekly is no joke! But no one is to blame, I love the nightlife, love the club scene! :)

This is Esther. Such a SWEET YOUNG THING! Look at that smile. Aww!

That Shiyun in the middle, and Cassandra on the right.

I LOVE this picture!!
I put my money on the table that she was cheating on 5-10!! Or was that my 'geh siao' face??

And we went on to play 3-way 5-10. Saw our faces? Laughhhhs!
TSY lost about 5 times in a row!

Ladies in black.
(Shiyun, Sabina, Esther, Cassandra)

Keisha and Canny.
It's so funny that Keisha used to stay in the exact same block as me! Neighbour!

TSY looking girly + Keisha behaving manly.

And here's a super haggard looking picture of myself, with Xinyi on the right.

Okay, and one girl-on-girl kissing shot, and we are done!!
That's all from that night!

Look me up either from Facebook or Twitter if anyone of you need guestlist for Helipad!
Have a great week ahead! TTFN!

Sun shinin' and the birds chirping.

I'm actually in the middle of re-arranging all my online social media platforms blah stuffs, and I just want to give you guys a super quick update (with special regards to the family and gay saga) before I leave the country.

I bet many of you have read the entry where I was trying to straighten myself out with all the pressure and the animosity in my household. To sum it up in a few words: All is good again. In fact, everything is even better. 

Le mother initiated to speak to me 2 days before my stipulated moving-out date. She started by sitting me down for dinner, and yep, went on from there. I don't want to go into details; too jumbled up and disorganized. Haha. But in summary, I don't have to move out anymore and she take it that I am dating a girl now. *BIG SMILE* She doesn't want to see her though. But that's alright. Baby steps.

Enough of that. I am leaving for Bangkok on Thursday, and will be back late on Monday. It's really coincidental that both my girl's (Pisces) and my horoscope (Cancer) are recommended to go on a short getaway this month. So, I've decided to bring her to Bangkok as part of her Birthday present. It was really impromptu and super spontaneous of us. I came up with the idea and booked the flight and hotel on Monday morning. And yay, we are flying of tomorrow.

So, meanwhile follow my updates on: Tumblr/ Facebook/ Twitter

Thursday, March 22, 2012


First time in town, 
DJ Alex Dreamz and JD Live from the Club Killers!

Spinning their debut in Singapore on 24th March at Helipad for their new Helipad Banging Saturday, TOUCHDOWN: LA!

Acclimated to spinning the Top 40s, House, Pop, Dance, these boys will surely bring the house down Upon TOUCHDOWN.

All Night Promotions :
- 2 Belvedere premium vodka at $400NETT
- Moet at $148NETT 
- Glenmorangie premium whiskey at $188NETT

facebook / twitter me for guestlist slots. ;)

For reservations and other enquiries, please call 6327-8118.

Monday, March 19, 2012

One night in Helipad. :)

If you haven't noticed, I've been Helipad-ing very often recently!! Heehee.

I have to admit that Helipad is really quite fun for my bunch of girls and I. The bosses and the party promotion company (Elevate) have been super generous with my guests and I. Feels like a VVVIP. Love it! :) The boss gave me 13 bottles of their signature cocktail "Sarongfly" the night when these pictures are taken!

For those who don't already know, Helipad is situated L5 at The Central @ Clarke Quay.
Which is the building directly outside CQ mrt station.

Check out this link for directions to Helipad!


I don't need to introduce any further, am I right?!
But just in case you people are still OBLIVIOUS to how loving this sexy bitch and I are.
She is my BFF, Vivian!!! Nights are always freak fun when she's around.

This is Canny.
Yes, she is a girl.
Yes, she is my girlfriend.

Sheryl (white), Kat (black).
They are Vivian's friends. :) Nice girls, but they hardly club. :/


OMG I absolutely LOVE this picture.
I know I look damn ugly, and best part, I know I often look like that. HAHAHAHA.
Best candid everrrrrr.

Jocelyn: Bend forward and let me spank your ass.
Vivian: Okay. *gigglegigglegiggle*

I look like a midget, period.
Yep, they were the topless boys I took pictures with at Avalon.
Though fully clothe, still looking cute. (But if I have to choose, I still prefer them topless :X )

BoYuan, TSY, Eileen, Tracy, Ben
(Random, BoYuan and TSY are siblings. Do they look alike?)

And that's Shanice beside me. :)

Max: That funny looking guy.




Naomi Liu.
She lost alot of weight eh?
Reason: She contracted hand foot mouth disease. LOL!! Machiam kindergarden children. Hahaha. Glad that she has recovered!

*standard TSY on dancefloor pose*

I'm at Helipad most nights (Wed, Fri & Sat).
Guestlists are always open for girls! Just mention or DM me on twitter, @hnyhnybkdham.
And I can bring guys in only if they are accompanied by girls. (2guys = 2girls, 5 guys = 5 girls,...)

And of course, all girls are welcome to join in my table!!
Don't ever be shy! I am super friendly. I don't bite, I lick.

See you in on the coming club night!!

(will be updating y'all in the upcoming promotions, so stick around and be wow'd)