Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess what?! Exams over!

Byebye Geek, hello Jocelyn!

Yays! Holidays finally here! Goodness, one year flew passed real quickly!

Think about it, yesterday was Mas Selamat's one year anniversary of his escapade! Hahas! It felt like it happened just months ago!

Anw, a little review about my papers. Ah wells, they went O-Kay. Doubt I would be failing any papers, but I'll never know, until they send my results to me, through the sms system. Oh yah, and I am totally clueless about school reopening. Well, friends of mine, do remind me yea? MUST*

School and papers aside. And putting Rayner into the picture..
This darling boy of mine will be enlisting into army real soon (Less than 2 weeks time). Awww... Damn, would I be deprived? Haha! I was totally joking alright? I had already planned to use the Rayner-away time wisely. Most probably signing up some dance course, and freaking excercise for god's sake.

Exam is really taxing to my body. And I need to eat alot alot alot to really get through it. Though I usually eat alot alot alot, but that's with excercising. High metabolism rate doesn't mean that I have zero fat content. Sulk. Plus, I am really not TOO skinny lo! Plus x2, I don't have bird legs. Plus x3, I don't look like a flamingo! Lol!

Why am I talking about exams again? Madness.
Anw, got to tone up man. How can I not look fit and stuff when Rayner boy is going to be real fit from those torturous physical training that he is gonna receive?! But I pity him not. He seems to be positive about army and trainings.. Eww, I don't. I simple like their uniform, and that's about all that I like about army. -.-

Don't really know how things will turn out when he is away.. But, I guess I am rather tame to do anything otherwise. Heh!

You all must be thinking,.. "No matter what, I still have my sissy with me..". Yeeaaaahhhh right.
I do not. Awwwww. Sad yea? =/ She will be going to China for 3 weeks after Rayner enlist into army. Dots.

It's okay, I still have Joy, my poly friends, and photoshoots to accompany me through my hols.

Eh Joy, we should really meet up. I AM STARTING TO MISS YOU BADLY.

(P.s. Rayner is so going to be jealous when he sees this. ^^)

Alrighhhtts, ending here.
Gonna continue my romance novel. Heh heh hehh!
You peep better not think that it's anything dirty, girly, or "gee-li" (in hokkien) alright?! Statistics shown that majority of girls who read, reads ROMANCE novel lo.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh nos!! I am not on form!

Orkay, this is bads bads!
I forsake 2 days of my mugging schedule for darling boy and my 1yr anniversary, and when now that I'm home for nearly 4hours already, I still can't get my eyes off the comp screen!

Where did my initial determination to study hard go?! Come back please!
This is real bad. And, nana's not home to motivate me. What to doooo....

I'll post 2 study pictures up, and then, drag my sorry ass into the study room. Awww..

Heh! Don't play play, I am a tutorial teacher lo! Heh!
Damn, the teacher's table was so huge compared to me!
Picture was taken on one of the days of the study week.
One of nana's lecturer opened up a class room just for the 2 of us.
How nice!

Look at her expression!
Know why? The coffee she's holding was scorching hot!

Alrights, I shall end here.
And damn, I feel like sleeping already! zzz!

Com'on girl, don't stop never give up, la la la and reach the top!

(p.s. Pardon bad skin, dark eye rings, and big eye bags. It's the exam period yo! )

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Books, notes, papers, practices, answers and more notes…!

Arghhh! When is this going to end?!

I am practically turning into a full time nerdy studious geek, what's missing now is a pair of thick-framed, black rimmed glasses!



My schedule starting on Monday was to study in school - every single day, till the end of exams, from the day till the night. How gross did that sound? Very, I know. It's just 2 days into my study week and I am complaining already. How am I to survive till next Thursday?! It's okay, I know I can bypass all hurdles, and get a decent grade for GPA.. yadah yadah.. Sob. I MUST SURVIVE through this!


I'm a survivor,
I'm not gonna give up
I'm not gonna stop
I'm gonna work harder
I'm a survivor,
I'm gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on surviving – Destiny Childs


Alright, this is mad.
By the way, it's 1.27am currently, and I am going to get some beauty/brain resting sleep. Given that I a photoshoot lined right at the weekend of my last paper. Zzz. Beauty regime should not be forsaken!


Oh! Before I go, I feel oblige to f-ing curse and swear at this f-ing fat malay female pork who suppose to teach us this no brain-er subject – Managing Business System.
I freaking scored a C for my 60% weightage coursework! Wtf?!


Allow me to make this clear. Scoring a C for this no-brainer subject is alright.
But given that I scored a B+ for mid semester, C+ for online test, B for project… Frankly, I am unhappy about it lo.
Half of my group members scored B+ for project, and me scoring a B is bad enough. Given that I did quite a fair bit of the project, and presented it as clearly as I could… That fat pork said that the marks differ because of group evaluation and presentation. Arghh… Confirm + Chop. This fat pork lard has a problem with me. Maybe because I am chicken thin and have bird legs!


And by using the Principle of Prudence of the Financial Accounting Principle, I did a calculation of my highest possible participation marks she gave me. Guess what? It was a freaking 2.6 marks! 2.6 out of 10! Bet this pulled down my coursework grade hell lot! Like duh? It's 2 grades down! AHHH! Her reason was, lectures are important, and without attending lectures, it's very hard for students to understand the subject and score. Damn fucked up! What was that freaking B+ ?! All thanks to Zhihui's guidance. NOT the pork lo!


From my POV, we can't score because of low participation marks, and not because of failing to learn in lectures! ZZ!


Alright, setting this Fatty pork lard aside, I really want to thank my Organisational Behaviour tutorial teacher. =)


I scored a low C for my mid semester on this subject, and I still managed to get a moderate B+ for my 50% coursework. Thinking of this makes me smile. I must have scored in the individual project presentation, and the class participation component to achieve this lo! Heh!


When she flashed the results, I was damn shocked! Though the rest of my clique scored A, they were the top 3 of mid sem alright!? Wahaha! I love teachers who see student's effort in learning, and to help them in as many ways possible to achieve good grades. =D


Coursework grades

  • Financial Accounting 2 – B+
  • Macroeconomics – B+
  • Organisational Behaviour – B+
  • Business statistics – A
  • MBS – C


Yepps, that is it.

Love all those who check back despite me not blogging! Tataas!
Enjoy life while I mug my way to end of all papers~ Goodnights!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's in advance! =)

Hi all! It's Valentine's tomorrow. Aren't we all excited? Heh! ^^

I am especially excited for the arrival of tomorrow, cause I did the reservation for the dinner. And I will get to open my tablet necklace, with a note written by Rayner last Valentine's.

Wahaha! Sexiting!

I bought a basic elegant black dress for tomorrow.
Thanks JiaHan for accompanying me~!

For all singles out there, fret not,
I bet there will be many parties for singles, going on tomorrow! So, get out and enjoy yourself before mugging for exams! ^^

Tata~!! Love Love!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kahh-chik! Jocelyn's Photography

Heh! Don't pray pray arh, my photography neh!!

Lol. Went over the Chijmes at CityHall to snap some shots of textures, patterns, and colours of architectures and patterns for my CDS. Though I need 9 different shots, I shot alot of pictures. Did the filtering, and post processing.. Now, here's my work. =)

I wouldn't say it's darn creative or uniquely-in-my-perspective kindda thing, but just sharing my school work alright?

But sad thing, shooting still lifes are really not my kindda thing. Scenery yes, but, archetetures, and objects? Don't really seems to appeaciate as much leh.

Oh! Or did I chose a bad location to shoot? Lol! Which ever way, I am glad that I'm done with it. =) Got to get it print in Xorex tomorrow!

[Click for larger view]
Goodnights all!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mango mango's BD

[Saturday night, Sunday morning]

Rayner and I went to Grapevine, cafe bar & restaurant, to meet up with the rest of his friends from WLNY, to celebrate Mango's birthday.

Though she's 26, she don't look her age. Which is good when hitting the thirties.

Anyway, Grapevine is a really cool place.
It's some sort of open air, which means not air-conditioned. The best part is that, it's not crowded with rowdy people and noisy music.

Food served there is average, and the menu include those normal western food, like cabonara, finger food, ribeye steak, dory fish fillet... They serve wine, beer and liquor.

Only downside was that, I thought the deco could be more consistent? The seats out side, inside, and at the sides, are of difference theme.. Hmm.. Maybe they expand the place and couldn't get the same furniture? Lol!

The whole bunch of us headed down to Hotel 81. 16 people to be exact.
Though we sneaked in in pairs, the managment didn't spared us.
Hah! But, we got round with stuff, and all of us managed to stay in the room..

Played drinking games, and the number guessing game.

Got really lobster red after that!!

The red already subsided in this picture.
Look at the blurred Rayner.

(p.s. Note that I wrote alot about grapevine yea? It wasn't intended. I just wanted to fill this entry with more words so the top picture will be surrounded by words. So yeaaa.. Now I am hungry, I want nuggets!)
(p.s.s Do not laugh and point out my eyebrow! I know alright?! I mis-trimmed it!! and I wasn't even wearing an ounce of makeup. I feel super insecure when my eyebrows are not in place. zzZ)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sneezing Baby Panda

Rayner showed me this youtube clip 2 days ago.
And I find it absolutely cute and hilarious!
(I replayed it several times to see the reaction of the Big Panda)

Though I reckon that some, or in fact most of you have seen it before,..
but to those who haven't,


I feel so perv! I kept replaying the video and laughing silently! LOL!!! Damn funny laaa~!!

Braids on NY..

Picture taken : 1 Jan 2009
Event : New Year Celebration @ St. James Powerhouse

Paparazzi kindda shot taken by Gem. I find it so natural! It's like there's this natural aura of chio-ness surrounding me. I might not be uber pretty, but the poise and the smile thing going on..

Simple love it!

It's easy to create this hair braid thing..
Simple take a section of hair, near the temper, but more to the back. Make sure you leave ample hair before the section, and on top of the section, to cover up the start of the braid..

Hairspray, wax, gel the braid in place, and simply put it across your forehead. Secure with bobby pins~

Viola, you will get this look! =)

Phiyornah's photography.

Heh! Bet most of you remember seeing this scandalous picture yea? Like duh, it's right at the top of my left panel. Anw, my sister has been constantly urging me do a little write up about this picture,.. since I want to use it as my blog display picture. Well, sort of.. -.- (She wants to take credit! Cause, she came out with the entire idea. Laughs!)

Photographer : Phiyornah
Location : Sentosa
Models : Jocelyn, Rayner
Theme : Passion
Art director : Phiyornah
Rationale : Though both models were clad with beach wear, the strategic posing and framework made it seems that both models were naked. The energy of the arms around each other and the passionate kiss shows the energy, and adrenaline rush of lovers. <3

Friday, February 6, 2009

Romance is in the hair~

Picture taken : 17 Jan 2009

Romantic curls.

I curled my hair myself the day before, to school. The guys were saying that I look darn old with a young face. -.-

Ahwells, this is the second day curls. I find it nicer, as it's softer and looser than day one.

By the way, I used the hair straightener(1inch), with tons of hair spray to secure the curls. Apparently, it lasted till Sunday, which was day 3. Might even last longer, but got to wash it off first thing in the morning. And damn, I was reluctant! Haha!

I used the looped around the straightener and slowly dragging down technique. First time doing it, think it's a success! =D

Pardon my smeared mascara, and unconcealed eye rings,.. I stayed over at Rayner's the night before. ^^

While walking BB, I saw this little friend...


Hey little froggie,
are you lonesome tonight?

p.s. Is it a frog or a toad..?

Same pants?!!

[Pictures were taken last Friday]

Last Friday was such a coincidence!
The four of us were wearing the same pants!! Look at the pictures.

Nancy, Mich, Myself, JiaHan

Yes, I do note the colour difference.
But I have an explanaion alright?..
From left to right..
The sequence shows the amount of washes the pants been through.
Left is after zero wash. And the pants will fade all the way to the right..


With Eugene behind us.

[Click for larger image]
Ending off with a uber tak-glam picture of us..
Thanks to the lousy cameraman, Dessie.

Totally not related..
You know what? I can't tag on my own blog. How sad. -.-!
So much for strengthening the ban.. ZZ!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

9th day of Chinese New Year.

Despite me disliking the, supposedly festive, joyous, and get-together occasion, there is this day of the Chinese New Year that I love.

Which is the 9th day of the Chinese New Year.
This is the day for the Chinese to offer prayers and pay their respect to the Jade Emperor of heaven, otherwise known as, "玉皇上帝" or "天公".

This year, just like the past, mum and dad will set up this paper-alter-castle-lookalike thing, together with sugar canes and the yellow lantern lookalike paper beside it. With tables loaded with the traditionally sumptuous dishes, meats, fruits, and pastries. And most importantly, 5 cups of XO wine, and tiny paper beings with our names on it. =))

This year's joss sticks were the prettiest I'd ever used.
Gold, thick and glittery~

Mum and dad.

After saying our prayers and giving respect to the Jade Emperor at home, we bought those burn-able stuffs down to the pavement directly facing our corridor to burn those offerings. =)

The sugarcanes,
protected the Chinese from a certain extermination generations ago.
That's why it's an essential on this occasion.

That's me on the left, and nana on the right.
Though she didn't manage to turn up for the ritual,
we didn't forget her lo!
So thoughtful of Mummy. ^^

After setting up, and offering the XO.
Mum and dad burnt those offerings..
and as usual, second uncle cheered, "Huat arhh!"

When the flames reached the sugar canes,
the moisture and sugar content in it, caused the popping sounds.

Like fire crackers.
But a softer clearer sounding version.
Just to my liking. =)

This event is by far, my favourite in the Chinese New Year.
Though I am never a religious person, I enjoy every part of this ceremony of praying to the Jade Emperor.

When I was young, lights out was always 9.30pm. So, my mother will always wake me up near 12am, so I can pray to the Jade Emperor. I remember those long sleeved PJs that I wore. Ahh, how cute a scene. =) Hehe!


Bet many wondered why I dislike Chinese New Year. Well, to be more exact, I dislike the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Where there are people and noises everywhere.

For my case, my family is huge! Given that of my family background, imagine how much visitings I ought to make! For my horoscope - cancer, I am always said to be a family oriented person, home loving and stuff... But for me, this only extend to my household.

To be honest, I dreaded visiting pap's house. Too much relatives and I couldn't remember their status! The worst part was that, they made it seems so important,.. and me forgetting's a grave mistake, a misconduct.


I am glad that visitings are over. =)
And I am looking forward to the last day of Chinese New Year!

I love glutinous rice balls!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wanna apologize to many out there.

It's my misfortune that you got ban, despite not spamming, or having any misconduct on my tagboard. Those haters out there are really getting on my nerves (well, not so to the extent whereby I take measurable actions, but y'all get it yea?). Plus, no advertising here alright, unless permission granted.

Anyway, I just strengthened all my bans. From what I heard from my online friends, they said that computers in Singapore will have the IP changed rather often. Therefore, I strengthened the bans, just to ensure.

So sorry if you can't tag.
Simply email me at, if you have important matters.

Thankss! And enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lubb moii dear friend Joy Joy dip dip dippest~!!

Happy Birthday Darling Girl~ =)

Love'ya lots lots!

Wish that you pick up S$100,000,000 from the floor everyday~!!

Group of friends~

Closer friends (classmates) outing!
Picture was taken on the 23rd.

Which was last last Friday,
the day which we were suppose to wear formal for some presentation.

Not the entire class was there, just the closer bunch of us. =)
We caught Love Matters at TM. ^^

Looking forward to the next gathering/outing!!
Ahwells, it will most probably be after our main exams.

P.S, I tagged everyone of you in this photo, on Facebook. Heh heh!
[click picture for a bigger view]

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hey to all. I know, it's been ages since my last entry.
No? Well, at least it feels like it. =/ Since I did not bring my trusted lappy over to my mum's, I am not going to have picture entries.

Ah well.
I am feeling great now. As, not just one, but several hefty loads were lifted off my shoulders. =)

  1. The festive Chinese New Year season is finally over. Well, it's not exactly over, since CNY should be the full 15days. But at least, the seeing of relatives and CNY noise and music had come to a cease.
  2. The whole process of the Valentine's reservation, timings, menu, seats, payments, and stuffs are at long last finalized. I'd been thinking, pondering, and worrying about it since mid January!
  3. Got Joy a NewUrbanMale bag, supposedly the latest design for her birthday. Well, Rayner chipped in too. So, it's a joint present! Gave it to her yesterday while I went over to her's to pay respect to her mum for CNY. Choosing a present for somebody you genuinely call friend is damn stressful alright? Especially to someone so unique like Joy. Right Joy?? Lol. Oh yahh, I don't have the picture of the bag, I only took the picture of the bag that held the actual bag. Snap a shot and send it to me! =) And next year, I will be getting you a bikini! Hahaha!
  4. Went for some womanly checkup at the KK's. Thank goodness nothing's really wrong with me. Getting the results was reliving! Heh heh. I think all babes out there should go for checkups especially when one has an active sex life. Shouldn't be deter with the high consultation and testing fees. Furthermore, shouldn't be deter by being shy! =)

Alright. Above were the 4 stuffs that were bothering me, and lastly, they were all settled! Weeh! So now, it's time to draft out a study plan and stick to it. =) Gotta work real hard, especially for this year. Cause, it's said that this year of Ox is not really in the favour for all the mehh mehhs out there. SOOO, all the more I ought to work hard. Arboh confirm cannot make it der.

The below are just random stuff. Don't have to read 'em.

Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore. Don't turn into a cab-whore.

Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying. Not be complacent, be humble and start studying.

Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce. Quit fooling around, time is scarce.

Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker! Apply sunblock everyday, you are getting darker!