Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A thought.

Just a while ago, I read something off the net, and I felt that a famous quote by Albert Einstein can be perfectly fitted into the situation.

"Everybody is a genius.
But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid."

This quote by Einstein is always at the back of my head. Especially in these years of growing up, this started to drive into me even more.To put it in simple terms, you can never judge something, or someone that has nothing to do with your main factor which makes your judgment.

For example, it will be so ignorant and stupid of myself, if I were to say that Agyness Deyn has fat legs, judging by this picture.

How is that even possible when you can't even see her legs? Yes?
It's like the quote (well, somewhat). Like, you judge her legs and thighs when you can't even see it. It's worst still, if I force all my readers to believe that she's fat yea?

Of course that is ridicules! Look!

Check her out! That's slim and sexy!

And it's the exact same person, which was judged as fat from the above picture - where you can't really see anything. Hah!

So you get my point? But it's wwaaaayyyyyyyyyyy overboard if I were to compare her first picture with a picture of myself exposing the full of my legs yea?

Yes yes yes. I thought so too.

Just in case some of you think that such ludicrous people don't even exist,
and me blogging about this is just for the sake of simply blogging cause I have nothing else to blog about.

No, it's not the case. =)
Such dumb, inane, stolid and brainless people DO EXIST. Well, given current education, especially the present generation, should develop high and witty analytical skills.
Apparently not. But it's alright. Society will outcast those in years to come.

And now, we should thank god that it's just a pathetic few that are like that. ^^

*(p.s. I am not comparing myself with Agyness. How can I even got the cheek to compare? Lol. She is way above my league! International super model that graze all magazines cover. This entry is an analogy for somebody. )

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