Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Saturday at Social House!

1 or 8 Faction invades FRESH @ SocialHouse.
Brought to you by Vibe Parties, Singapore #1 Party Promotion Label.

You guys must be thinking, what is 1 or 8 Faction right?
For those of you who don't know,
1 or 8 Faction – is an independent record label that has been revolutionizing the landscape of hip-hop and Asian music’s global stock, starting with Singapore. Its Japanese translation “all or nothing” concisely states what 1 or 8 embodies in mission and spirit.

Check out some of their links!

Honestly, awesomee music!
As most of y'all know. I am more of a Jazz, Pop-rock, Ol' school kinda person. And totally detest raps. But geez, this is good. Lol! I'm getting influenced!! Lol! I bet most of you already know him from one of my previous entry. But I am still going to introduce him again. =)

MC Yama aka Monkey King
He is the guy featured in the above links of 1 or 8 Faction.

Hails from the UK & Japan where his records have sold for years nationwide and has rocked the mic at Tokyo underground hip-hop meccas Vuenos (Shibuya), Loose & Hoop (Shinjuku). He’s won countless rap battles and was recently showcased on MTV Asia at Thailand’s inaugural Asian Hip-Hop Festival where he emerged rap battle champion. His thorough domination of the Asian battle circuit and paralyzing ability to spit lyrics warrant him a true legend in the making.
(Click on the links to listen to his works.)

DJ Zushan
is a veteran Singapore DJ who has enjoyed a generous share of radio airplay, Zushan’s acclaim can probably be attributed to his face-melting scratching skills and impeccable ability to find his comfort zone in a myriad of genres. Zushan is also recurring icon in a host of venues around the region, including Shanghai, Penang, Sydney and Vietnam.
And as usual, I have unlimited guestlist for Ladies, and your guy friends! =) So babes, please let me know if you are bringing cute boys over to SocialHouse. Remember, no short shorts for guys, and please, bring your IDs!

Other information:
  • Freeflow drinks for ladies from 11pm - 2am
  • Guys cover charge
    Presale: SGD$28 with 2 drinks**
    Door: SGD$28 with 1 drink
  • Email: for /table reservations/pre-sale tickets/vip/special requests


A little doodling here and there.
Maybe you can finally see my flair.

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CardWhere Boogie Down Butter Soft Launch

Bascially, it's another Thursday night at ButterFactory.
But this time, there's a launch of

So, prepare to see some influential people at this party.
Both guys and girls, I urge you all to bring your namecards, and dress smartly. Social skills eh? First impression counts yea? There will be about 100+ bankers that will definitely be there. Hoho! I'm excited not because I am a gold digger, but hey, it's in my supposedly field of study alright. =)

Play your cards right. Hmm.., is the first-ever search engine dedicated to credit card deals and information being easily made available to its users. Currently with a database of thousands of individual credit card deals (and growing everyday!), processes and evaluates each deal to give you an objective rating based on the Cardwhere algorithm to help you make your dining, shopping, or even travel decisions easier.

Anyway, party is from 9pm to 2am.
Drinks at 1 for 1 all night! =)

I have unlimited guestlist for GUYS and GIRLS.
So, dress nicely, queue and quote my name, Jocelyn Kau, at the VIP QUEUE. Oh yah, bring your camera please! =) I'm like, lazy. LOL!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lily's and Club Sabai.

[28 Aug]

Hoho. Dated long ago again. =)
Anyway, that was the first time I went Sabai. Pretty awesome. It was the second Thai club I've been to. The first was at the above the Macdonald's at East Coast Park. Though Sabai is good, I kinda like the latter more.

Nicholas, Xubin, Sebas, KengYang and friends were very nice. Called me up, and asked me to come along. Though I was totally not prepared for night out (I was visiting my mother's place), but they managed to tempt me to go along. Haha!

Alright. Pictures pictures.

Since these pictures were taken from so long ago. I'll not have every single picture up here. Like the previous entries. Pictures are in my Facebook.

Anyway,.. Nicholas was so high that night. Note his cutesy pose in one of the above pictures. Hoho. I doubt he was conscious about his pose. Sweet. And he was talking so much, definitely behaving different from what he is when he is sober. But really really cute.

By the way. For those new friends I made after I left my sucky secondary school, a quick little introduction for you. Nicholas was from my secondary school. =) But we kinda spoke to each other only last year? Laughs. My reputation must be too rotten then, no wonder he didn't speak to me. Guahhs.

More pictures from the same night at my Facebook album : 280809. Night out with the boys.


I am contemplating if I should do the 2 entries that Nuffnang have for me, so I can go for the blog awards thingie. Argh. Who else is going, and not getting any prizes? If there's no one I know, I'll prolly not blog those stuff, and not attend the award ceremony.

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Pictures from 2 ButterFactory parties.

I decided to clear my picture folders in an organised manner before anything. Er, anything meaning, blogging about slightly more intellectual stuffs. As you can see. Uploading pictures, is a no brainer thing. Haha!

[09 Sept]

Alright. First up. Pictures from one of the Butter Cookies at Butter Factory. I know I know. It's extremely outdated. But, nevermind yea?
I was wearing flats and MJ jacket that I bought from Peggy's store. Was a pretty slack party I would say. Didn't intend to party hard core. So, don't really have much pictures.

The rest of the pictures are at my facebook album : 090909. Butter cookies.

[10 Sept]
Next up. It's like the next night straight. Boogie Down Butter (BDB). Crazy eh? Partying so much. =) Hmm, I would say BDB is for crowd of a slightly more mature age group. Which is awesome. I hate young boys. The way the act, and merry make is so,.. not man!

It was good that night. Derek and all came down to support me. ^^

Damn, caught complaining. Lol!

Queen of 5-10!!!

View the rest of the photos at my Facebook album: 100909. Boogie Down Butter.


Yeap. That's all for tonight. I am really sleepy! Haha! =) Goodnight all.
I should have some goodies for y'all this Thursday. I'll fill y'all in soon. Meanwhile, click on my Nuffnang advert at the bottom of the first entry.

And oh, please, do not neglect my twitter. Given such a funny character like mine, I have quite a fair bit of funny stuffs posted there. It's not important enough to blog about those twitter-able stuff, but yet shareable. Getit? Nvm, I'm just trying to say that it's worth a read.

Okay. Dream fairy.
I want sweet dreams. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

FRESH @ Social House this Saturday. ^^

Feat. All Star and Brothers@Work (F1 edition)

This week, SocialHouse is bringing 6 of the hottest and man-eating female DJs to play at the party. And it's not just looks and sex appeal. The All Star is going to get every sexy thing shaking and grinding all night long!

DJ Anastasia
DJ Delizious Devina
DJ Alice Sofie
DJ Tiara Eve
DJ Shindy Moss
DJ Kai Spacey
Brothers@Work Performance
(R&B, Hip-Hop)

What's awesome this week, is the MADNESS PROMO!
8pm-10pm only!
1 For 3 House Pours
1 For 1 Bottles

Free Flow of house pours for Ladies. 11pm-2am.

And, as usual, there will be Body Shots, and Beer Bong Races!
Check out the albums! It's updated! Haha. Many many familiar faces.
Click click to spot them. =)
  1. Body Shots
  2. Beer Bongs
  3. Best of Fresh
  4. Fresh @ SocialHouse 19 Sept.

So join us this Saturday at SocialHouse! I have unlimited guestlist for LADIES! GUYS, if you want guestlist, please let me know! (Only limited slots!) Queue at the VIP and say my name, Jocelyn Kau to enter! ^^ Tell your friends!

Other infomation:
  • GUYS cover charge:
    Pre-Sale: SDG$28 with 2 drinks**
    Door: 1 drink only
  • Bottle Promo Prices:
    Johnny Walker BLACK $178
    Macallen $208
    Martell $228
    Belvedere $208
  • Email: /Table reservations/Pre-sale enquiries/VIP enquires/Special Requests

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Samsung Jet Roadshow.

[19 June]

This is crazily long ago! 3 months back! Laughs! It's been sitting patiently in my picture folder, waiting to be blogged. =)

Anw, I got Alicia, Cheryl and 2 other classmates to work together for this job. Really easy job. Stand around, and give out balloons. It's just a few days job, and I met quite a number of really nice people! ^^ Awesome.

And oh! Dharni was performing at the show!
He was so awesome, and most girls went gaga over him!

That's all! It's been a long time since I last worked with these 2 babes!
Nice people to work with! =)

More pictures at my Facebook album : 190609. Samsung Jet

Another day out with Nana.

[06 Aug]

Haha! Look at the date these pictures were taken! Ridiculously long ago! And honestly, I do have even ancient blog-able pictures yet to be blogged! Crazy eh?! Though I don't update my blog and Facebook at DA' TIME. I do have a habit of keeping them into folders with the correct dates written as the folder names. So, heh! Lots of pictures entries coming up.

Anw, I was talking to a friend in msn awhile ago.
He was saying that my blog is so uninteresting. It's either I don't blog, or I just have some random pictures. >.< Fine. Though I don't look the part, but eh, I do have intellectual thoughts running through my brains alright?!

Oh?! Did I not mention.. He complimented, saying that I he likes my sweetness. Which is a HUGE issue for me. I used to love fishing for compliments from Rayner. And never once he mentioned that I was sweet. Sulk.

Enough said,..
Pictures. =)

Took those pictures after I had my sponsored waxing at Pink Parlor. =)
So, it was a darn long time ago. ^^ Laughs.

(p.s. Sorry for the italic sidetrack portion of this entry. Lol! )

Monday, September 21, 2009

A day out with Nana.

[28 Aug]

Oops. These pictures were taken close to 1mth ago.
But as said, better late then never! =)

Click on picture for a larger view.
Anyway. That was one day after the start of my holidays. Friday I suppose?
Both of us were so cheap-skate (is this how you spell it?). We specially planned to wake up at an early hour just so we can get the student haircut price at Super Cut @ Cineleisure.

So, after signing some contract for the Tangs event at Tangs Orchard. I ended up wondering into MAC, and bought a lipstick. Diva (name of the lipstick). It's a deep deep red.

By the way,..
I prefer my hair before the haircut. But it's good that those dead split ends are gone. =)

Ahhh! Freaking out!

Haha! I am totally FREAKING OUT!

Totally not because of my deteriorating skin.
Totally not because my room is in a mess.
Totally not because I want to shop but hate to leave home.
And totally not because I have the least votes in the panasonic challenge. (More about it later)

It is, BECAUSE, everyone has updates in their blog, but myself!!
Hey, don't judge me being NO LIFE alright? It's.. it's.. just that I have too much life, and I have NO TIME! Haha. But goodness, even those full-time school interns have time to blog (Like my sister and Alicia). And even my "only friend in sec school", who is taking her Alevel soon has updates all over the place.

I am losing out! BOOOOOO!

Nevermind, I am going to sit on the study table.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A tiny shout-out to all my darlings out there! =)


Hey all! I bet most of you are kinda annoyed about my uninteresting blog posts right? Club events, club events, and more club events!

Honestly, me too. -annoyed!
But the problem is, I have soooo much work to do, and I am going crazy. Haha! I became such a workaholic! Goodness! Partying, events, castings! And with all the competitions out there.. Sulk. And I grew 2 huge ass pimples! Way stress than school works. And, the worst part is that, I don't know what to wear! Laughs.

There's so much things I want to share, but, it's kinda trivial to be blogged about, so yea. -.-
Keep a really close watch on my Twitter. As usual, been twitting alot! And, keep a close watch on my Facebook! It's way more updated than my sad blog!

Alright. I am going to fuss about what to wear tomorrow.
I've got to be at Bishan Junction 8 at 11am for the F1 Toyota Panasonic Show. Work's ending 8ish, and gna attend a Limo party (quite cool), till 10ish, then SocialHouse. Arghhh!

Love y'all. Nights, hugs!
Support my events yea? I am starting to die out! Laughs.


Was msn-ing Joy awhile ago. Telling her about my events and stuffs..
And, she drew this!!...

Awww... Too sweet to not be blogged about. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FRESH @ Social House this Saturday!

[Unlimited guestlist for all ladies, and guys who bring girls!!]

As you all can see from my blog/facebook.
Saturdays are always a BLAST at SocialHouse.

To those people who did not turn up last Saturday, you missed seeing Audrey and I doing Body Shots! Aww, sad! So, come down this week to catch all the fun you'd missed! Other than the Body Shots and Beer Bongs, awesome people are appearing this week!

Liquid Lifestyle Entertainment will be flying down to sunny Singapore to partner up with FRESH (sg) to bring you the year's most talked about party to SocialHouse this Saturday! Heard of the Luxy, and Primo in Taipei? Well, these guys put those clubs and the Taipei party scene on the international map!

Check out the videos!

Fresh at SOHO 1st Aug 09

Some other videos feat. Liquid Lifestyle,
Liquid Lifestyle 2003-2004
Liquid Lifestyle FRESH at Luxy 2005

DJ DoubleD
Resident DJ at CLUB PRIMO (Taipei)
[R&B and House]

And lastly, there will be Body Shots and Beer Bong happening!!
Here are some pictures from all the FRESH @ Soho, CLICK!

Other infomation:
  • Freeflow for ladies from 11pm - 2am

  • Guys cover charge
    Pre-sale: SGD 28, with 2 tall drinks**
    Door: SGD 28, with 1 drink

  • Email for table reservations

  • Contact Hayden @ 98446661 for pre-sale ticket**

As usual, I have UNLIMITED guestlist for all ladies, and their guyfriends! Queue at the VIP line, and say Jocelyn Kau! That night it'll be a good night~ That night it'll be a good good night~!!

Boogie Down Butter on Thursday!

Last week's Boogie Down Butter was fun!!

The whole group of us girls were on the tiny round stage in front of the DJ dancing!! And, at that point of time, the dancefloor was rather bare! Audrey was saying, they should actually hire us as dancers!

Anw, lazy me have yet to upload my Boogie Down Butter's pictures. Laughs, I will get it uploaded, and put a link under this entry when it's done yea?

Alrighty, this week's Boogie Down Butter is pretty much similar to last week's. (CLICK CLICK)

As usual,

I have unlimited guestlist for BOTH guys + girls. And, it's open to ANYONE. Including people that I don't know. So, pass this message around!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We excuse our sloth,
under the pretext of difficulty.

Friday, September 11, 2009

FRESH at SocialHouse this Saturday!!

Heyhey! So, it's going to be Saturday again! ^^
Where else should you people be other than SocialHouse?! As usual, Ladies Night is happening there! And cooler stuff is happening this week!
(Freeflow for ladies from 10pm to 2am)

Danny Lattouf aka DL
RnB artist from Australia will be performing!
DL is a RnB/Soul singer and song writer, creating a real blend between old and new school tunes. A fusion between Urban, Soul and Pop music.

Other than that, extremely crazy stuffs are happening!!
  1. Body Shots for selected Ladies!
    If you don't know what are Body Shots, click here.
    Cool huh? It is going to be an eye opener for both guys and girls!
    (If 50 girls come in through my guestlist, I'll do it! Muahhas! =D )

  2. Crazy Beer Bong Races
    Think you can drink fast? Prove it, and win more free booze!

Check out their facebook page too!

I have unlimited guestlist, so..
Do queue up at the VIP line, and say my name JOCELYN KAU to enter! =)
Tell your friends about this and come party with my girls and I! ^^