Monday, June 28, 2010

Advertorial - DirtyBling

Hi all!
Are you blogshopoholics yearning for even more blogshops?
I am introducing DirtyBling to you today!!

[Click to enter site]

Their new collection,
Collection #17 was launched yesterday.
Do visit their site before the items go out-of-stocks!

[Click to enter Collection #17]

Below are 2 of my favourite picks from this collection.
SGD 27

This jumpsuit is contemporary and elegant.
It doesn't matter if you have gain a few inches on your waist or thighs.
The flow of this light material will give you a sexy silhouette!

Second on the list of my favourites has to be this dress.
SGD 27.50

I think I am currently in love with pants and dresses with hems at the ankles.
It really helps hide flaws, and give an additional edge into ones character.
And naturally, there will be a ++ in confidence!

Ohyah, you don't have to worry about quality.
They'd sent me some apparels from their blogshop,
and their apparels are of best quality.

I went Zouk last Friday wearing a sheer pink top from them!

So what are you waiting for?
Join their mailing list,
as well as their Facebook page today!

DirtyBling Collection #17.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Party nights.

I'd decided not to post many entry-fulls of party pictures.
Think it kinda gets mundane and monotonous after a while ya?
It's just pictures, pictures, and blah pictures.
There's really nothing much I can comment and share about..
So, I am going to combine all of those party pictures that I've yet to post into a single entry!

Many pictures from ButterFactory ahead!*

[051210. Ladies night @ Butter Factory]
Click the link to see the rest of the pictures from the same night!

[060410. Hennesy Artistry Party @ St. James Powerhouse]

That was a crazy night!
Anyway, see that monkey!?
The Vibe Party Animal.
Click him and add him into your Facebook!

[061610. Ladies Night @ Butter Factory]
No, that Yoshii wasn't the Party Animal of that night.
It was a catch by Derek.
Damn cute and cuddly!

[062510. Zouk]

So that is it!
5 nights of partying in the last 1 month.
And, I am so glad that I have friends who make partying damn fun for me.
Aww. xoxo.


Oh yah, 
I have VIP list open for all ladies on all Wednesdays, ButterFactory.
Simply queue at the VIP line, and drop my name.
You'll get through, no worries!
(Don't forget your IC.)
Let me know if you are coming,
so we can snap some pictures tgt!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Have a great weekend! ♥

Mega huge eyes yea?
I will be doing a step-by-step tutorial on acheiving this look!
Stick around ya!

Meanwhile, have a great weekend!

Happy Belated BD to "my only friend".

I met up with Joy 3 days back to celebrate meetup for her birthday.
Her birthday falls on 2 Feb, and it's 22 June when we finally get to meet up.
It's rather saddening that the current lifestyle that we both lead are busy beyond believe!
She's free when I am not.
And I am free when she's not.

For those of you readers who stick around long enough,
you should probably know that I love to say that I have only 1 close friend in Seconday school.
Tadahh! This is her!
The one who's with me throughout the thick and thin of my #$F!uc&k^e%dup$# sec life.
 Hugs and kisses for her. xoxo.

Anyway, we met up in CityHall, and had dinner in Kenny Rogers (was it?).
And we sat around, taking Polaroids, and sharing about all those stuff that we missed!
Aww! So much to talk about. Lol!

Once again, Happy Belated Birthday Joy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Power Over Cervical Cancer.

Most of you Nuffnangers should probably have seen this(below) banner already.
So here I am blogging about POCC.

If you guys have been following my blog, 
you should know that I don't really participate in such contests.
But I sincerly feel that Power Over Cervical Cancer (POCC) is such a good cause,
I ought to spread the word.

Though I wasn't selected to be a POCC Ambassador,
I gna urge you guys to pledge your support for this good cause by clicking,

Not because of that iPad, but because I truly believe in preventing Cervical Cancer.
I've always been urging my gfs to go get that vaccine,
even before I saw this POCC campaign through Nuffnang, 
Why risk when you can prevent?

I am not going to tell you guys how scary Cervical Cancer is.
You can see read more about it here.
Well actually, I am going to scare y'all!
1 women die from Cervical Cancer every 2 minutes.
Fucking scary please.


Coincidentally, I've an appointment for a Pap Smear test this coming Saturday.
It's just $15 from polyclinics!

To add on, I went for an AIDS/HIV test on Monday.
$60 from private clinics.
(Results: -ve)
The doctor was so cute,
he shaked my hand and said congratulation when telling me the results.

I am thinking of getting the HPV Vaccine.
But I've yet to ask about the price.


Taking such vaccine and tests are nothing to be embarassed and paiseh about.
And it doesn't conclude that you are "easy", because Cervical Cancer can happen to anyone.
It is being responsible for your lives, as well as the lives of your spouse.

Just in case you are wondering why I went for the test.
Reason being,
 and I just want to make sure that both of us are safe.
I will talk more about us in my upcoming entries.

To sign off,

Power Over Cervical Cancer
is a campaign that aims to make Singapore the country with the lowest incidence of Cervical Cancer
and they need your help to spread the word.
Pledge your support for this cause
and protect those you care about by telling them about Cervical Cancer.
Together, we have POWER Over Cervical Cancer.
Click the button below to begin!

Find out more about Cervical Cancer here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This poor student needs some help.

I'm in a Facebook competition!!
The competition ends on the 30th June 10 (next wed).
And the winner with the most votes get SGD$300 cash prize!

This $300 will do me good.
So, do follow the pointers STEP-BY-STEP!

  1. [LIKE] Scholl Singapore's page -
  2. Next, go on by [LIKE]ing my picture -
  3. Then, share it with all your friends!

 Lastly, put your cheek to the screen for me to kiss you thankyou!
Haha, did my picture scare y'all?

Monday, June 21, 2010

What's your Facebook name?

I'm Freddy Fuckyouinsideout Lim.
I'm Cristine Canihugyou Tay.
I'm Sammy Soyouthinkyoucandance Lee.
 I'm Annie Areyousleeping Tan.

Truth be told, that isn't my Facebook name. BOOHOO! But honestly, I've been seeing an increasing trend of fanciful Facebook names. Which (I must admit) are so much so much cooler/creative/funny/interesting than that of Friendster's "trendy" names 3 years back.

I'm XiiaoConfuse.
I'm BabyPainn.
I'm AhhBoii.
I'm XiaoGerlx.
I'm AhGiirl.

You got to admit that those Friendster names are SO LAME right? I mean, I think I have at least 10 Ahboys (in various spellings) and 20 Ahgirls (in various spellings) in my Friendster account. Anyway, you can call me boring. I am called Jocelyn Kau in both accounts.

So what's the best (fanciful) Facebook name you ever come across?

Mine got to be,
Micheal* Must Lose Weight.

Damn innovative right?!
Really, kudos to this person man!
It's the most ku-so and I would say, EFFECTIVE name ever.
(p.s. Actually, this entry is just to credit "Micheal* Must Lose Weight" for coming up with this name)

*Names are changed to protect the identity of the actual person.

Advertorial - Salon VIM

Just 2 weeks ago, I visited SalonVIM for yet another hair transformation. =)
This time I added really subtle highlights to my hair!

See that guy wearing a checkered jacket?
That's my new stylist - Melvin.
He's really gentle and professional in his work.
And that's his assistant at the left.

Given that my hair's been through many chemical treatments,
Melvin gave my hair ends extra attention by applying pre-treatment.

See the zig-zag lines in the graphic on the right?
This is called the Mountain Road Technique.
Unlike the conventional techniques,
mountain road technique allows the hair to achieve subtle highlights,
that can be seen in whichever hairstyles that you wear.

Be sure to tell the stylist you want to use this technique for your highlighting!

Melvin recommended to fuse the Signature Repair treatment into the usual Signature Colour.
Which was such a brilliant idea. 
You guys should be quite familiar with the Signature Colour treatment,
which I mentioned in my previous advertorial for VIM.

This time, I shall introduce Signature Repair for damaged hair to you!

My hair follicles were rather weak from excessive chemical exposure, and styling.
(Especially when hairstylist back comb my hair during photoshoots assignments. =/ )
 If y'all can see the small section of the above picture on the bottom left,
this treatment actually helps rebuild hair!

My hair looks so glossy after the treatment!
Anw, I did a temporary perm to further accentuate the colours.
I am thinking of perming my hair in the next session I have with SalonVIM!
What do you think?

Oh yah, some of my readers have been asking me about the perm.
Well, you can go to SalonVIM, and look for Melvin, and ask for a Korean perm!
(Or, you can save my picture and show it to him!)

Oh yah!
GSS promotion has been extended!

Salon VIM| Melvin Koh
(t) 6884 7757

SalonVIM is situated at 
313@Somerset L4-07

Just remember to quote my name 
before the consultation!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What is your favourite quote?

There is no elevator to success.
You have to take the stairs.
- Unknown author

I came across this quote on a HSBC poster outside AMK mrt station about a month back.
I kept thinking about how true this is, and never quite get it.

But lately, I've been having some discussions about certain stuffs about my life with people.
And it really drawn to me that, indeed, there are no shortcuts to real successes.

So, this is my current favourite quote.

So what's yours?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

♥ mei mei

This is my younger sister, Angela Kau.
Just the other day, we met up at FEP for shopping.
So much about wanting to help her shop for better clothings,
I spent $200 before she bought anything.

To see the rest of the pictures from this day, click:
060410. FEP with Angela

Monday, June 14, 2010

KL Trip. [Part3]

So this is a continuation from Part 2!
Part 2 ended with an afternoon nap.
So here's AFTER the nap.

So, when we got out of our hostel after the nap,
this is the first picture we took!
 Nana says that the guy in the phonebooth matches me.

And there's this HUGE stair at the corridor outside our hostel.
Damn lol right!?

Anyway, it was dinner time when we got out.
And we decided to try this awesome awesome Bak Kut Teh!
 Though it's been quite a while,..
but I never fail to forget that the weather was fantastical that evening!

I'm hungry LOOKING at these pictures!
It was cheap and mad tasty!!

Very empty bowls.

After having that awesome meal,
we tasked ourselves into hiking our way to the train station,
and to this place where we can buy our coach tickets back to S'pore.
We concluded that it's cheaper to buy it in M'sia as compared to buying it in S'pore.

It took us quite a long walk to finally see Hotal Puduraya!
The station is suppose to be AT there.
How odd.

Ooh, see that blue container thingie?
It's a atas looking stand-alone toilet.
And I remember being shouted at for photographing that toilet.

Sooo, when we finally got to the bus place..
We got to know that it's beside this University or something?
So we gave our tired feet a rest and took some pictures!

I don't really love using such effect-y stuffs.
But ahwells.

Let's all scream,
The peanut + chili sauce concoction was DAMN nice.
It's 1RM per stick!
The cockle stick was my favourite!

Why don't we see this kind of lok-lok stalls outside our train stations?

guess where we went after we settle our coach tickets issue?

How random ya?!
Petaling Street was too warm and full of fake goods..
So, we went to play STACKO at a nearby Starbucks instead.

After our playtime at Starbucks.
We got hungry, again.

So we ended that night with,
Ramly's Burger!
There's this burger stand on our way back to the hostel from the street.

That's all for Day1.
Stick around for the other days!
Till next time!