Friday, November 28, 2008

Ughh, sick.

Is my body really that weak or am I just in the state of denial to start studying..?

Guess the latter sounds more like it. >.<

I've been feeling sick, headache, congested in the head area, sore at e throat, and aches all over my body,.. since last Friday. Though I did not visit any doctor, I should have had recovered days ago! Goodness, those pains come and go. For a while I am good, the next I feel like I need to pop in another panadol, or two.

This sucks.

I might be lacking in Vitamin C, but to be frank, I guess it's the arrival of mid-semester test. Sulk. My body's malfunction is totally refraining myself from studying! Bullshit! I know. That's why I say, state of denial.

Whoever that's up there, please bless me with the passion to learn and mug like how you gave me my passion for lust. God, I need Rayner.

To de-stress.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went toilet and see, this was what I saw when I returned.

Since she insisted for me to blog it out..

here it is!! ^^

Very lame yea?
Ahwells, she's just turned 6 years old this year.
Bobian. =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

MBS- Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information System

(Tutorial 5 -worksheet)

They are not able to meet the customer's requirements. It is geared towards maximizing capacity of the company, and not the customer's requirements. However, they do not bother about retaining their customers as they don't have any threats of new entrants, not other close substitutes.
This is an impact on businesses performance of AutoNation and of auto manufacturers, due to the foreign new entrants, customers now have a wider range of choices compared to before. Therefore, company have to divert their focus from maximizing the profit to costomer's requirement.

The family size, budget, income level, age, occupation, recreational interest.
The above datas are retreivable from external datas like surveys, or internal datas like sales record.

Using data mining to obtain information from their sales record. As the same time, sharing data from the manufacturer, to aid in demand forcasting, supply planning and product design. In return, integrate the customers data together with the manufacting processes, thus improving customers' relationship.
Obstacles like the lack of forsight and good culture in the employees must be overcome by AutoNation. It will be effective to a small extent. As culture ought to be in within the company to guarantee a benefit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn snow.

(Click for a larger view)

Credits to..
Photographer : Benny
Makeup artist : Judith
Model : Jocelyn
Post processing : Jocelyn

By the way, this is a animation gif file, so, look at the picture and it will change per 2seconds. Can y'all comment and tell me which eye colour is better? I will use that in my portfolio. =)

Apparently, the colours are, Black, Dark hazel brown, Grey, Honey brown, Blue.
All of them looks fine to me, but I am not exactly the best person to judge. So, what do y'all think??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wooh! It's a record!

22.5 inches.
I'm so happy, I'm so glad!

What's with the 22.5 inches and all yea? It's my waist stats!! Slim I would say. =) My previous slimmest record was 22.6inches. And I remembered being high over the moon. Cause, I am suppose to be 23inches. Lol!

All thanks to strawberries, and a little motivation from hateful critics!


I am totally nuts with my measuring tape.
Mummy thinks that I am crazy.


Embrace my current favourite : Strawberries.

It helps to detoxify your body!
And you will appear less bloated. Trust me! It works! =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

WHAT the in the.. [updated]


What the hell did I do this time?! My blog revert back to default AGAIN!
Second time this year. And I didn't realise till now. And it's most probably gone since morning. Goshh, pissing me off! RARRRR~!!!!

Now I have to re-do what ever I did on my side panel. GREAT.

Thank goodness.
It auto saved my previous template. One click and back on track. Hehhh.. =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So excitedddddd.

I did a photoshoot with Antony also known as deadpoet earlier this morning.

It was so exciting! Antony is really experienced, and he really knows his stuff. It's like, alright, arms here, toes down, drop the other arm, shoulders square, snap snap snap.. We're done with this pose.


Coolness. That shoot was like a breeze.

Before the shoot, I was rather anxious and nervous. Cause, giving his experinces, I was so afraid that I wasn't up to those professional standards. But seems like I did well, with a couple of constructive positive remarks and stuff. =)

That really boost my confidence,
and I am so excited to do my next photoshoot with him.

Best part is that I attained more tips and know-how in modeling.
I always love shoots that give me more outcomes than a beautiful picture.

Now, we shall wait for those pictures. ^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Games Convention Asia, 2008

The video hosted by my cute Bryan from CLEO bachelor and Wan er's not so cute but still alright cute Daryl is out!!

Thanks to the courtesy of Wan er for telling me! =D

Now, here's the link,

Click click, and you can see my awkward moment somewhere at the front few minutes. And then, you can just click to the midst part to watch the booth babe competition. And not to deny, I am fat. Fatter than those babes! They are freaking stick thin! Roar!

(Screenshot off the video)

Don't care! Hah!
Anw, I devised a running route around pap's place from the street-directory map. Yay!

I still remember the conversation Rayner had with Bryan.

Bryan : Do you have a boyfriend?
Me : Yeps, there. (points to Rayner)
Bryan : You her boyfriend?
Rayner : Yes. (arms folded)
Bryan : Can I carry her and take a picture?
Rayner : No. (firm with a no-joke face)
Bryan : Okay, then, can I take a picture with her?
Rayner : This, can.
Me : Erm, hahhaaa.

I am so gonna attain a kick-ass figure, just like somebody's* wishlist.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Current mood : Annoyed. - [the follow-up]

Received his mail just minutes ago..

It's so weird to see people who are screwed up somewhere in the brains still existing nowadays. >.<

Gosh, I am too late for school!! Cya~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Managing Business System: Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 -worksheet

Q1 (benefits)
To prove the innocences and guilt of suspected criminals.
Allows the user to share the available data, and this help to save time(to do the testings) and money(lab).

Q2 (problems)
Privacy risk to the innocents. (for example your traces were left at the crime scence,..)

Q3 (national DNA database)
Shld just be limited to criminals - > (then, moral issues can be questionable. e.g. the purpose of yellow ribbon)
-no right or wrong answer.

Q4 (who needs to access the database)
Policemen. It's part of their jobs to solve crimes.
Doctors. Use it to identify unidentified deceased. <(this is in my own words.)

Current mood : Annoyed.

Reason? Read on..

I bet many feel that I am super mean to not remove the photographer's name in the above screen shot. Well, I did remove it at first. But, come to think of it. If he did not show me any basic respect, why should I?

Anw. Just to narrate how this email thingie came across..
After looking at my pictures from Multiply, this photographer emailed me through Multiply, asking if I do TFCD or paid shoots yea?

And we continued to negotiate and stuff. Then, I rejected his TFCD offer after seeing the 2 portfolio links he showed me. I replied politely, saying that his style is different from mine, and it's not what I am looking for.

Guess he was unhappy and replied in such a fucked up cocky manner.

Goodness gracious.
Actual reason of rejecting his TFCD offer? His pictures are all not up to standard. Post processing is bad, cropping is bad. Harlo?! I wouldn't mind I am paid. I wouldn't even care about the outcome of the picture. If photographer's standard is not up to MY standard, then so sorry. Pay or try again next time. *pouts*

NOT be yaya, cocky, and disrespectful towards me!

Come to think of it. If the photographer is damn good and stuff, he shouldn't be worried about getting models. So why harp on such a small fry like me!?

What a no-brainer!

And, I don't care if the photographer reads this, or photographers shun me what so ever.
Cause, I CANNOT stand being disrespected.

Where's the professionalism!?

But mind all of you. If you show me the necessary respect, you will be treated with even more respect from me. =)

Alright, enough of this annoying shit. Nights to all!
And it's yet another school week. =S

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Anw, I have changed my playlist. =) Go listen to them. But just to inform.. I am not heartbroken, neither am I emo. It's just songs. =D

Din Tai Fung.

Yesterday, was the first Friday of the month.
Which also spells, family dinner! =)

Obvious from my title, we went Din Tai Fung @ Bishan Junction 8.

I kindda realised that I hardly blog much of my family stuff here yea? And also, I am damn slow in uploading pictures from my phone/camera into my computer. Laughs! Cause, it never strike me that I should upload them here, only until the memory space is full. Sooo, the problem is, I have very big memory space for my gadgets. Which explains the long-long-upload-all-at-one-shot-and-since-it-was-dated-too-long-its-value-dropped-syndrome.

Orhkay orhkay.
Don't think y'all are interesting in my explanation at all yea?! Fine. Pictures then!!

Acting shy Ivan,
look as though gentle but damn fierce Mummy.

No nonsense Daddy,
with Nana's fatty arm + pinky finger.

And the ever so beautiful us. =)

We ordered...

Pork ribs were tasty!
And almost all table around us ordered this dish.

I really really digg this vege thingie lo!
(Although I wish it was juicier)

And coincidentally, I was thinking about eating vege pao during class before the gathering,
due to the 美食大三通 show I watched in the morning.



Mummy had all the vege paos
strategically placed together with he prawn siew mai for my capture.


This is absolutely tasty.
A simple eggy friend rice. Yumm.
Gosh, I am getting hungry just typing this!


This is not bad,
not spectacular though.

Biangs, can you see the !?
Yumm yummm.

The lady said that, now, is the best season to eat Hairy Crabs.
Cause the is voluptuous and full under that shell!

(Side track: Ever wonder why Hairy Crab is named as 大闸蟹, instead of 大毛蟹? Since it's hairy? Worth a thought yea..)

I think I am a pro-crab eater!
Look at the above.
Nice and clean.

(Unlike Nana and Daddy's. All 碎碎 de.)

and lastly,
how can we not have a

Pity I forgot to take a picture of that!

Lastly, guess what this is. =)

So now, I shall end this entry off with some self shots,..

together with Din Tai Fung's name card. ^^

Till next time!
Muacks to all.

(P.s. I have removed all entries related to that filth. And I can feel the immense pleasure of good karma entering my life. =) )

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Which explains why some people think that I am drop dead gorgeous.
While others, (which is damn few), think that I look as though I got ran over by a truck.

It suddenly struck me..
Why should I bother with un-witty, and non-constructive criticisms?

I should channel those bad, into a way of changing myself.
To be way ahead, to be several notches better.

And most importantly,
I shouldn't criticize those who really need critics.
Because, only then, they will and can see their flaws,
thus, changing for the better.

If you dislike somebody,
logically, you wouldn't want to give them advices.
Same goes to me.

I removed my latest entry about that fugly person.

And I will pray and hope that she stays as deluded as she has always been.


Kena stereotyped.

Have you, ever being stereotyped, just because you belong to a certain class of people? Well, you might have, or you might have not. I, certainly had been stereotyped before, and not just once or twice, but several times.

Stereotypes. They are generalizations, or assumptions, that people make about the characteristics of all members of a group, based on an image (often wrong) about what people in that group are like.

Some of the most common stereotypes examples are, Asians are shrewd and reserved, while Americans arrogant and materialistic. Or maybe something closer to us. For example, Malays are the ones committing crimes. Jailbirds are nothing but a disgrace to society. Or, gangsters are good for nothing losers, coming from screwed up family background. Or, non-virgin girls are slutty and easy.

Note. Above are just examples and illustrations. Mind you, I do not mean any of them.

And most of the time, those stereotypical remarks are not true.
Why not we take some of those examples I'd listed above to discuss.

They are usually stereotyped into being irresponsible, uncaring, and might even back stab others. Now, lets be mature adults and think about it. How true is that statement? Weren't we taught that mistakes can be amended? People can repent, and turn over a new leaf? Then why stereotype them?

Children from complicated family background.
They are usually stereotyped into two extremes. Either they are emotionally weak, emotional, and sad all the time, cause they are deprive of proper love as others view it. Or they are rebellious, headstrong, with stinking attitude, and maybe warp in the mind, cause they are left to fend from themselves since young. Gosh hey! That is absolutely not right. Complicated or divorced family kids are well loved by they parents and/or step parents. They grow up with proper guidance just like any other family.

They are usually stereotyped into girls who are easy, slutty, with millions of sex partners. But, why so? The situation might not be what that's stereotyped. They could be forced, drugged, and did it out of love in a mature mindset -and got cheated.

But sadly, people still do, stereotype others.
I, simply cannot stand it. I feel, anyone and everyone, regardless of their ethic groups, social classes, family backgrounds, genders, what so ever, should always be viewed as an individual. No one should already be set with a "default" based on which ever kind of stereotypes there might be. Especially those negative ones! It's definitely unfair. Everyone should be given chances. Chances to prove themself; Chances to show who they really are; Chances to flaunt their personality and character.

Just days ago.
I witnessed a clear portray of stereotyping, but a fellow forumer in msn. Gosh. It sucks to be witnessing it, especially when you a strong believer of a anti-stereotype!

However, to be frank, I wouldn't say myself as though I am a saint, and I do not stereotype. I do. Impressions will be build up in my mind, of people from the same groupings, or classification, (e.g. Fat, skinny, social status..etc). I do not deny. But, I don't show, and I will never let my stereotypes affect my judgment of the certain person.

I am not preaching here. But I sincerely hope people will just stop stereotyping others. Instead, give everyone chances, to prove themselves.

Lastly, I have one Wiki link to share, about the different stereotypes out there. It's quite intresting, y'all can read it out of leisure.

Enjoy your weekend.!
Sweet peace!

(p.s I even changed my msn nick into, Jocelyn hates people who stereotype. )

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jocelyn's photography..

Hehe! I took those pictures, so, can I be considered as a photographer too?..
Smiles smiles!~

Thanks to my good compact camera given to me by darling rayboy,
I got these shots!! ^^

But I would say,
I don't know the camera well enough to really get the best of can be. So, pardon me for my lack of quality time spent with my cam.

You can click all pictures for a larger clearer view.
Caution : It might cause major disturbance to some.

This is a slug.
To be honest, that was the first time I ever see a slug.

See the size of that, when compared to my finger?!!

Very gross, yes.
The worst part was that, it came out from a full of uncooked satay Otah plastic bag! [Rayner insists tt it was an Otah bag]
Story was, I had a BBQ gathering thingie at Ray's previous condo with his friends, and all were packing up and Derek (his friend) saw this!

What the hell yea?
Who knows if that thingie crawled in or out!!?!

See the chameleon?

But my bad, it's until when I opened this picture in my computer, then I noticed!
My focus was on the plant, and not the chameleon. But hey! I was under the freaking hot sun and my screen was too dark for me to see mahhhh!! =)

Cricket or grasshopper.
I don't know.

And again, I kept focusing on the grill and the grass at the back, and vice versa. So hard to focus on it!! In the end, I just make do with this.. (Though it's still focused on the grill)

So, cool yea?
I always have my handy dandy camera with me =) Cos you will never know what you might see on lunch breaks and on your way home.
Thanks darl!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rochester Park Dinner

(This entry will be at the top for quite sometime. Do scroll down to view my updates! TY )

I am so sorry babes!

Though I confirmed with you most of those who got in the working date already,
but the stupid company wants to push the date even later till December.

Damn, this is very tideous for me, an it's the second time they change the date!!

All your losses are my regrets.
I am so sorry.!!

Check out my blog for future updates..
So sorry! And thanks for all effort of sending in your profiles!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Behind the scenes..

of the coffee label promono shoot I did in the holidays..

(Note: I will be blogging pictures these days, cos I just transferred tons of pictures from my camera, into the comp. So, look out!! =) )

Lol! That funny looking man standing there's the photographer.
He was testing the lighting and stuff..

Rather messy/congested studio I would say.
And coincidentally, this studio is just 2 level above Vee's.

Rayboy's with me.
Like as usual...

Candid, and it was focused behind.

Now to a proper picture...

Anw, I wore Mummy's long dress for this shoot.
Mummy got it custom made, so it fits me well. =)

Huge ass! >.<

Anw, the makeup artist did my hair and makeup.
And I was so not looking right in it!

Then I realised,
it was because, she did not line the top of my eyelids!

The hair was nice though, mohawk lookalike.
Pity I do not have any proper picture of it.

By the way, I have yet to receive the professional shots for this thingie.

Hock a.k.a Oliver!
Are those pictures processed??!



Obviously, I bought something!! =)

Remember my "Must buys!" entry?

See no. 4 ? The black boots? Hehehe!!
Obviously, I bought a pair of black boots today! =)

Y'all must be screaming for pictures yea?? I know.. I'd already asked nana to help snap a shot!
See see,...

Of course this is nothing compared to the SGD$200+ boots from Bebe.
But, this will do.

Looking back, my budget was SGD$60.
But quality and aesthetics will always take e toll over me.

Yep, you've guessed it right!
Price exceeds budget.

This darling costs SGD$79.90

MBS (Managing Business System), Tutorial 2

Databases and Information Management

(tutorial2 worksheet)

Entity integrity – each table has a primary key which is unique and does not contain null value.

Referential integrity - the foreign key can be null but if there is a value, the value must match the value of the primary key in the related table.

Course code|[SK] Course name|[SK] Course manager|Course manager’s phone|
[FK] Course code|Student ID|[SK]Student name|[SK]Student address|Student phone|

*underlined = primary key
[FK] = foreign key
[SK] = secondary key