Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hi my fellow blog readers, that is if there are any left. I have to admit that I am super irresponsible towards my blog the whole of this year. Perhaps priorities have changed, and I've passed the phase of blogging. But I sure do remember the years where blogging was so much fun for me.

I've been so held up with my new relationship and also my new career, especially in the last quarter of this year, I hardly have time for a breather, let alone finding time for my blog. However, once in a while, my thoughts does drift to the days where life was so much less hectic; where my only worry was that if I have an extra pair of fancy coloured contact lens in my cabinet; or if I should buy that similar pair of black heels; or if I should put on eyelash extensions.

My brain then was at a constant idle. To be honest, the only times where I need those extra brain cells was twice a year - during the dreadful examination period. Other than that, it was blah. So, I was super free, patient and all to blog, take pictures, photoshop etc. God, I miss photoshopping pictures!! Haha.

But times have changed, and I decided that it's time to switch my attention and career path into the Finance business. Which was what I wanted all along. Now that I've started at Prudential, working and learning actively for the past 3 - 4 months. I have to say that I love my job! :)

It's not so much about the money I make, and the number of cases I close. It is more of the positive energy that I can leech on from my colleagues, the challenges, the mini competitions, and the vast amount of knowledge that I can acquire. And oddly, I find it so fulfilling to share my knowledge with others.

Anyway, work aside, I also wish that my blog wouldn't die down. Lol?
Guess I shall work on my time management skills (I quite suck at it), and hopefully I can bring this blog with me through 2013.

Last but not least, I want to thank my girlfriend, Canny, for making 2012 such a blissful and memorable year for me.

Have a great weekend, and a very blessed new year!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Date night

A blog post to show appreciation to you, for staying by my side and creating all of the special moments with me. Everything changes as the time goes by, including the love that I had for you. I love you, I love you more, and I love you more and more.

I'm not different, I'm just like any of them out there. But you, made me special. You gave me the something that they don't have; Your love.

Thank you, you'd never fail to make me look forward to "Tomorrow". 
Thank you, for all the xoxo every morning, every night, every day.
Thank you, for letting me in to your heart and gave me a place to stay.

And I hope you enjoyed yourself last night as much as I do! Something that I haven't tell you, You look so beautiful in this dress and that smile on your face.

First day of December, hoping for the best for your production this month! Love love :)


And THANK YOU, for hogging the bed alll the time. !@$^&*^%$@!*&%#

Monday, November 5, 2012


Good evening dear readers! As promise, a post on Halloween. Oh! Just checking if you guys still remember her Halloween on 2010..

HAHAHA! That's her older sister, Fiona on the left. Omg it's so crazy, so fun!!! I've never look forward to Halloween, never once dress up to celebrate this special occasion. But it's different this year! I've Jocelyn to do my make up, and we went to Clarke Quay; Helipad, Zirca, Rebel, PlayHouse to celebrate this year's Halloween. 

For those who never follow Jocelyn on Instagram or Twitter, or for those who followed but not quite sure 'bout are we dressing up like;

Lady Gaga and Rick Genest.

 Instagram pictures;

She's really good in doing make ups, STUDY THE DETAILS ON HER FACE AND NECK! 

Hahahahaha. Sorry about the bad quality of pictures, she didn't bring her camera out that night. And so! this is our Halloween, how was yours?  :)


JUST TO IN CASE, if you guys forget how Jocelyn look after viewing so many of her skull pictures. Hahaha.

Ps: Anyway, hi workaholic baby! Just a reminder, I'm busy thinking about you while you're busy working! Can't wait to see you at night. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

My 9-days in Taiwan with her!

Hi guys, this is Canny! I'm finally here to update on our trip to Taiwannn. It was a WONDERFUL trip for the both of us. Super exciting and ultra memorable experience! We visited most of the "must go places" and ate all of the "must eat food". We actually backpacked our way through Taiwan! 

TaiChung to Nantou to TaiPei
Hotels to Motels
Trains to Buses
Streets to Alley

What are you thinking?! I gained 6kg! (Not exaggerating). 
You can imagine how "their food is from the size of my tummy.

Enough of words! Here's a video I've put together from this trip. Thumbs up and like this video if
you like how epic Jocelyn's face were in the last part of the clip.


 I really enjoy travelling and experiencing all these exciting stuffs with her! 
She's the best travelling mate. She makes me look forward to every trip after.

And oh! Stick around for the next post on Halloween! I'll be updating her blog. 
Have a pleasant Weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Say hi to this working adult here :)

Heyyyyy~ Above are some pictures taken which are "work-related". In case you are wondering, I am a Financial Consultant with Prudential now. *clap*clap*clap* :) Totally loving my job, though I've only gotten my Prudential code for less than a week. Super thankful to all my friends!! They didn't brush me off like how I thought that would. <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

Friday, August 31, 2012

The Social Film - The Beauty Inside

Hello loves, I'm here with another entry by Toshiba! Bet many of you have already watched the trailer of The Beauty inside by now! But for the benefit for those who haven't (you should probably like me on Facebook), here's a quick summary of it.

The Beauty Inside is an interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. It's Hollywood's first social film that lets everyone in the audience play the lead role. So basically, it's a story about this same guy who wakes up looking like someone else everyday. Can you imagine that?!

Young and handsome yesterday, a sexy blonde girl today, and an old man the next. 



Anyway, anybody wonder what Alex's parents went through when he was little? Was he borned a baby and have his sex, hair, eyes and skin colour change everyday? OMG, I cannot imagine being his parents. Does his condition change him into a baby, since the first episode tells that he can turn old?


I can't wait for the subsequent episodes to roll out!
This is toooooo interesting beyond words! I hope the coming episodes can surprise me and, hopefully answer the qns I have!

To check out the trailer, click 
the first episode and 

For more information on how star in the film, visit 

This post is brought to you by Toshiba & Intel. 
 To learn more about the Toshiba Satellite M840, join the conversation 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meme it like you Mean it!!

Hello hello :) Here's another post sponsored by Toshiba and Intel! This is my FAVOURITE part of their campaign. Great thanks to 9gag and the influx of creative young netizens, our lives are closely knitted with this crazy online phenomenon - Memes!

If you happen to NOT KNOW WHAT IS MEME (you must be kidding me), walk through the MEME factory and museum to familiar yourself with what memes are all about:

*If you are pronouncing "Meme" as "Me-Me", you are doing it all wrong!!*
(It should be pronounced as "meem")

Toshiba has released a series of 12 memes, on their Facebook page. Here are top 5 of my favourite picks! :)

Remember the #SatelliteStar entry that I'd posted?
This is like the movie poster for that! Share your story!

I always have this problem with choosing the colour of merchandise that I like best, cos they are all so pretty. Lol. I sometimes wish that certain colours are sold out, so it's slightly easier to make a choice.

Waiting is overrated!
Satellite M840-1019G (Intel Core i5-3210M processor) - S$1,199
Satellite M840-1000XG (Intel Core i7-3612QM processor) - S$1,399
(p.s. If you do the math, for a marginal difference of S$200, you can enjoy an i7 processor)

So what are you waiting for?!


Sticker lady!!

Have I set you thinking on which of the three fun colours 
has the best reflection of you?


More funny Memes at this album: Meme It Like You Mean It
Twitter tag: #SatelliteMeme
Facebook Page: Toshiba Notebook PC


This post is brought to you by Toshiba & Intel. 
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be a satellite star!

Hello! Hello! I'm actually sitting outside at the CoffeeBean outside Sentosa Beach Station, blogging using my SatelliteM840! Didn't I share about the metallic mirror finish in my previous post (click here if you haven't read)? It's so funny. A couple of beach-goers are starring over at my direction just as I type this. ARE THEY LOOKING AT ME OR THEIR REFLECTION?! Trololol.

Anyway, what better than to start your day being inspired!? I've been talking so much about #SatelliteStar on Twitter lately.

But, what is a Satellite Star, 
and who are the Satellite Stars? 

Well, Toshiba has specially featured 3 Satellite Stars from 3 different countries. And be awed, as they bring you through a journey of hopes and dreams! Trust me, you will never feel the same after watching the coming videos that I gna share with you.


Finding My Own Voice - Tay Kexin (Singapore)

Kexin quitted her corporate job as a brand executive at a local firm to take up singing as a career. Thousand claps for her! She first discovered her passion for singing after joining the NUS Jazz Band. Catch her performing at popular nightspots like, Switch by Timbre (every Thur) and Quarubar (every Fri)!

Show It To the World - Adina (Indonesia)

Inspired by her great grandfather's photos of a traditional Sudanese dance, Adina decided to learn it herself. After mastering it, she went to different studios with a proposal and, after several rejections, began performing on the streets. Adina now tutors young children and anyone interested in learning this long forgotten art.

Art Of Giving - Nattaphon Ong (Thailand)

Ong is an artist. Like what many of us dream for, he get to do what he loves for a living.  He likes drawing about the lives of common people and gifts the drawings back to them. His favourite subjects are people who do the jobs that few others want to do. This is his way of giving, and appreciating these people. To remind them that they are not forsaken.

(Check out Toshiba's Youtube Channel for more videos!)


My favourite has got to be Nattaphon Ong's story. To be able to make your passion your career, and in turn touch others with it. Yes his efforts are little, but isn't the ocean made of many tiny droplets put together? :)

What's my story?
I wish I have a story, that is as inspiring as the featured SatelliteStars, but I don't. But if you'd like to know, here's my story..

So, secondary school was a living nightmare for me. I was public enemy number 1. I started my secondary school life as a shy and quiet kid, who abided by the rules, and spoke a little. Thanks to my gift of good okay looks, I was targeted by school/class bullies. I was pushed over one too many times, cried about school one too many times. But moving forward, I learned to fend for myself, and have a voice of my own. Though there were bumps along the way, I managed to emerge as an alright (I'm just being modest here) young adult! 

Now that I am no longer being bullied, I make sure I don't bully others as well. :) I speak for the weak, give good advices, and never turn a deaf ear when anybody needs my help. I try to inspire, esp to those younger peers with my story - of how I become a butterfly, from that squirmy lil caterpillar. 


Share your story with Toshiba
and stand a chance to have your story filmed!

This post is brought to you by Toshiba & Intel.
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Have a great week!

Did I just waste 11 seconds of your life?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

She's not crazy, she's just a lil in love.

Hello! It's Canny here, borrowing Jocelyn's space once again! Haha. But it's different this time round, she don't know anything about this post. 

So... I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves watching the videos that she've uploaded in the previous blogposts. Basically I'm here to upload another video of us! As I said.. Jocelyn knows nothing about this post, sooOooooooOOoooo..


"My love for you is beyond the surface. This bud of love is planted strong, in a magical garden - deep in my heart." - Jocelyn

Friday, August 10, 2012

Omg, is that a star? Nono, it's Satellite M840!!!!

OOH-LAH! I'm back with a blog post for you! ^__^ Did y'all enjoy my very enticing Instagram uploads? (Shoot yourself if you are not following me on Instagram; @hnyhnybkdham !!!)

Anywayyys, the good folk over at Toshiba sent this sexy gadget over for me to try out - *dang dang dang* the Toshiba Satellite M840! Check this out:


My favourite part is their Campaign tagline: A Reflection Of You.

Apart from circling around being a #SatelliteStar, inspire, be inspired and all.. You can literally see the Reflection of You. SatelliteM840 is targeted at the young at heart, and


The unique metallic finishing on the notebook's surface acts like a mirror! (Being vain and all stalk-ish has never come so handy before! #ifyouknowwhatimean) Imagine spotting your eye-candy from your notebook reflection even before he reaches you.. that extra 30 seconds to brace yourself for the sexiest smile and killer eyes.. And behold the 2 seconds where he/she walks pass. *THAT-CRITICAL-MOMENT* (Let's not deny, we all need that bonus extra time.)


4 more reasons to make you fall in love with SatelliteM840:-

Sleek Profile: It's the perfect companion on the road with its slim chassis and weighs less than 2kg!! Who loves to carry a heavy computer around? No body!!
Eco Utility: It l
owers power consumption and prolongs battery life. Long hours sitting at Starbucks is love!
HDMI port: I cannot stand laptops/notebooks with no HDMI port! Funshion on my big-screen TV, here I come :)
Intel® CoreTM i7 processor: FULL PROCESSING POWER shuttttuppppp! I need to elaborate no more.

Okay, I gna go play around with it a bit more!! Don't be jelly people. Update y'all with more pictures soon!! Teehee. Meanwhile, click on these these twitter tags:

This post is brought to you by Toshiba & Intel.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Vacation in Bangkok! [Part1]

[Post upadated w Instagram pictures]

Hello loves, I really should be studying/ resting/ hugging my girlfriend now. But I skived off, so that I can churn out this blog entry for YOU! Though it might be short, but I swear this is entertaining.

So Canny and I (coincidentally together with many different groups of friends) went on a 8 (+1) days summer vacation to Bangkok! Here's a video we put together! Thumbs up and hit the like button!! :)

Okay, a little disclaimer:
I behave in a odd way purely for entertainment purposes just to make my girlfriend laugh. I don't behave like that usually. I promise. Don't judge me. I am a very normal person.


(Follow me on Instagram; @hnyhnybkdham)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little surprise for y'all!

Hi all, sorry for the hiatus. I've been aching to blog (truth)! Was suppose to complete my M5 paper last Friday, but due to the carelessness of my manager's secretary, she didn't booked the slot for me (long stupid story yadah yadah). So I finally got to take the paper earlier on. Yay-ness! I've passed! :) 

So, enough about exams, I have a little surprise to show y'all! 
I wanted to wait till my birthday before showing you guys, but OMG I CANT WAIT! 

So, here it is! Click on the video :)


(and save me from the lecture ^^ )

Ya ya! I got a matching tattoo with my girlfriend! :)

I guess this will fuel comments from people saying that it's dumb/ silly/ rash/ irrational/ etc. Ah well. Honestly, I've thought the same about other couple's matching tattoo as well. Regret; always the first word when associated with matching-couple-tattoos. 

Truth be told, I highly doubt that I will ever regret this. For your info, it is my first tattoo! Significant much yes?! Though I hardly express my feelings for my girlfriend, Canny, on the net (except for those love you, miss you, trendy lovey dovey stuffs), what I really want to say is: - 

It is really awesome that our paths crossed. Gazzilion people on this planet, and we met. She doesn't have the qualities that I would like my partner to have, but yet I love her. She is flawed, yet she made me do stuff that I would never imagine myself doing for anybody. She doesn't give me the sense of security, the worry-free life, the safety net, that I thought it was important. But instead, I want to be the one who make her feel safe when she's scared, pull her when she needs help, and give her all that I can offer. 

Isn't this feeling amazing? 
Well, maybe y'all feel like that everyday, but nope, not for me. It's my first.

This isn't a spontaneous splurge of emotion that I have, that's making me type those words. It have been six months since we're together, and those feelings never changed; even if they did, they only grew stronger. I'm often shy with my emotions, as it portray a sense of weakness, and it feels as though I'm naked. But now no. When it comes to her, I'm not shy to say - that I love her. :) 

I don't know if this relationship is build to last or this love will be forever. 
And that is why I thought of having a matching tattoo, as a pact, to remember those beautiful emotions that we shared. Tattoos are meant for a lifetime, isn't it? Though they might change in colour or even change in shape, but fundamentally, it will always be there. Some memories are created for the moment and soon forgotten. But some are meant to be kept forever. I might not be able to have her forever, or I might not want to have her forever. But for all these amazing memories and emotions she gave to me, I want never to forget them, ever. 

(p.s. Guess you will be seeing quite a lot of videos here.)
(p.s.s. Canny's really good with editing videos from the iPhone. Check back often!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jocelyn 最近比较忙!

Hi all! This is Canny, again! I'm back on Honeyhoneybakedham.blogspot. I guess the title should have already given you an idea of what this entry is about!

So.. Basically Jocelyn has completed her General Insurance papers, and she's taking her next paper on the next Friday, for M5 - Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services.
 Wish her luck on Twitter!!

*Refer back to her previous post on 18th June* 

She finally found a suitable + nice place for her 21st birthday party!! It will be at Copthorne King's Hotel's Executive suite on 7th July (a week before her actual birthday which falls on the 13th July.) And honestly, I sometimes feel that I'm more excited about the birthday, more than the birthday girl herself -.- . Maybe it's because this will be the first birthday that I'm gonna celebrate with her? I just want this to be memorable and fun for her. ^^

Things to do from late June to early July:
  1. Jocelyn will be studying for her papers.
  2. We will brain storming for her birthday theme.
  3. Shop for her birthday decos.
  4. B I R T H D A Y P A R T Y !
  5. Bring her to BKK on her actual birthday.
  6. She'll be really busy with her work and stuffs.

By the way, I'm really sorry to allow this to happen.. I will end this post. Here. Abruptly.
Hahaha, have a good day everyone! :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Love of my life

On the 8th of December 2011, I found you. Jocelyn Kau.

Although we've only been together for a short while, but in this short period of time you made me realized how beautiful love can be. "True love had never once come easy", they say. I couldn't agree more, our first problem; Family. And.. I'm really glad that things turned out way better than what we had expected, it's all solved now!

So.. now. I'm gonna tell the entire world, on your blog, how much, I really love you.

Let's bring it back to the start.

Club Play.

I remember every single detail of you. Your eyes, your smile, your outfit, your scent. I know it's a ridiculous place for us to meet, but yeah, I'm glad that I gotta see you there that night.


:) I remember how I blushed and asked for a hug from you. This is the 3rd time we met each other.. And we went to Zirca, Avalon, Attica on the subsequent weeks. Wouldn't deny how fast my heart beat for you. I always needed alcohol to calm myself down, whenever I see you. (You're sexy and we know it ;) )

13 Jan,

Burlesque, a theme party at Avalon. And it's a day to remember, because I finally made you mine!

Some random pictures of us in this past 5 months ++ :)

We went Genting!

Our March, in glance :)

BKK! (With a very fail portrait of us. Lol!)

She might look light and skinny, but trust me, she weighs MUCH more than how she appears to be; in my heart. ^^

A very bad quality Instagram picture of us..

And ta dah! The most recent us. :)

We are 5 going 6 months old, I know it's still early for us to talk about the future..

I don't know about 'forever', but seeing your smile and hearing laughter is all i'll ever need. I just want to be the girl who makes your bad days better. The girl that makes you say, 'My life has changed since I met her.' 

Happiness? Is all that I feel, whenever I'm with you. Thank you for loving me. :)


BY THE WAY!! Dear readers, I'm sorry if all of these are too cheesy for you.. Bear with me! Last picture last picture!

Dear honey sweet pea Jocelyn, I believe you'll be reading this post with me around. So...

It will only take you approximately less than 10 seconds to reach me. Hurry! I'm waiting for your kiss!! ♥