Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bimbo me.

I am so angry with......
a MOSQUITO living in Rayner's room!!

Yesterday night while I was snuggling tight with my boy in his room, this idoitic mosquito bite my...


Irritating lo! Although I am at home and stuff, it's still not nice to SCRATCH MY ARMPIT YEA?
R O A R.
And if NANAjiejie or some closer friends were to ask if my KNEE itches. The answer is NO. -- The knee and armpit connection theory only happens when you pluck the pits and not when mosquitoes bite.

I am so irritated by that bite la! Then I have to make frequent visits to my bedroom and apply tea tree oil!

I hate mosquitoes more than roaches!

((When you notice that I am mass blogging. It only points down to one thing. I am studying hard. Or.. trying hard to study. =) ))

I am * I N S P I R E D * .

Noticed that I'd updated my links? (Scroll and you will see)

Lately, through the influence of modeling, and photography. I did some portfolios hopping and I came across many many portfolio that disturbs me. In a good way. The images that this photographer, who I will be introducing to y'all, soon, produces are stuck inside my mind!

I don't really know how to say it. But, just view the pictures inside. Look at ALL of them. If you are someone into modeling/photograher/digitalarts, this is totally worth your time. Enjoy.

I want to be a photographer, and a model at the same time. Interesting yea? Often, I have thoughts and insights about the pictures/end results I want to see. And often, it can't be achieve. Be it communication problem, or trying not to sound demanding since I am paid, it's like so hard to acheive. At least in this photog community where most people just love clear clean smiley shoots which are very cliche. It's close to impossible.
And of course, the production cost, and the effort. Understandable.
But after seeing LaraJade's self portraits, being the photographer and the model at the same time is kind of possible yea? She's my inspiration.

Weekend rants.

R O A R .

I am currently at Mummy's house using my old computer to blog. Reason being, I forgot to bring home my LAPTOP CHARGER!


Cause I feel like editing my pictures to share with y'all yea? Nevermind. I shall make do with blogging words. Hahas!

Anw, this entry with me totally random, with me jumping from topic to topic. So bear with me alright?

Firstly. I am so angry and pissed of with a photographer 2 days ago. He postponed my Sunday shoot! And sadly, I am close to broke now. After my shopping spree yesterday, with Rayner at Pearl centre, I am left with $4 to spend every school day for the next week. And $4 is inclusive of transport! Poor me. I can't wait for next weekend to come, cause I am packed with 2 photoshoots. Wahhas! Then, my wallet money "mass" will be back on track! *Smiles*

Oh yah, I forgot to mention something extremely suay which happened to me, yesterday. I bought an extremely cheap dress, and I assume that both Rayner and I forgot to take after paying for it. How stupid yea? *Bang head*. Maybe he thought that I took the dress, and I thought that he took it. Which ever way, it's so dumb. Anw, I called back to the place and asked for it. Despite me forgetting the dress, I actually remembered to take it's contact card. Biangs. I was so sad until I remembered that I can earn back some $$ next weekend. Wahas!

If there's any photographers reading this, and wanting to shoot some pretty meimei, including me, do check out the thread, and join in the shoot!

&&&&, something caught my eye yesterday at Pearl Centre that I want to buy! It's very expensive but ssssoooo lovely! At the basement of PC, there's this shop selling REAL LEATHER at a cheap price lo! Cheap for it's materal, expensive for my wallet. Hmm, the bag saw was around $80++. Since the shop will be open everyday. I shall think about it more. In fact, I like the entire shelf from that section! And the texture is real goood! Haish, I hate to eye pretty stuffs when I am broke. And when I am loaded with cash, I spent them extremely fast on TAXIS! Aaarrgghhh.

Darling girl, no more TAXI for you. >.<

Ehh, did I mention about my faulty laptop webcam? I doubt so yea? YAH LO, my laptop's webcam is spoilt! Thanks to me contantly fliping the stupid cover to connect it! Huurrhurr.. Got to bring it to the Dell place (which I don't know where is it), and fix it. Sadness. No more webcam activities with Rayner *winks*. LOL!

Anyway, I stop wearing my stocking/leggings to school le! Cause my mosquito bites are close to turning back to my skin colour pretty soon. Not as gross anymore! Cheer! =)

Ohyah, let me talk about CCA now. ^^ I signed up for Visual (something), eh, it's about photography, hiphop dance, and cheerleading! Apparentaly, Rayner disallow me to join cheerleading in a way. Hahas! He don't want guys to be HOLDING MY ASS. Lol. Alright. And I am too chicken to go for hiphop orientation, at the same time, fear of time consuming commitments, I guess I'll just try Visual something bah! =)

Speaking about photography, I decided not to put on braces again. Hahas? I kept changing my mind! Lol. Cos, my darling will not be able to kiss me properly with braces. == Lame. Of course not. It's because, I still want to continue earning money from this modeling thingie. Youth is my asset. (nian2 ching1 jiu4 shi4 ben3 qian2)

Anyway, pardon me for my spelling errors. You know, I suck at it. --

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My official first day of school!

Today's my first day of school, since I don't have to attend school on Mondays. Hmm, lessons pretty sucks since I haven't really get my body into study mode. Hah! My first and only lesson of the day is Communication skills. Thank god the teacher isn't those strict and love teaching kind, so she released us 30mins earlier then expected.

(I appeared online just now, and it's 1hr later now. I lost my track of mind. zzz )

zzz. i shall continue tmr. hoho

Erm, it's like few days later when i decided to continue this entry. Life's been busy for me alright?! Anw, this entry will be about the first WEEK of my school, instead of the DAY. Hahs!

New friends are all good and cool. Lots of socializing done in the past days. Intresting. Guess I am no longer autistic! Yay-ness. Lecture is darn B O R I N G!! I cannot take it! And one shitty thing happened to me yesterday. I fell sick! Sian 0.5! I was sneezing and sniffing my entire day, which means sneezing and sniffing throughout all lectures and the orientation! =(

I think I "consumed" too much of Rayner's germy saliva. Ekk

I've took some pictures of my classmates!
Will post them up tmr? Or later of the week! SOOOO, stay tuned.
Gotta go wash of my mask, and meet RAYNER!!! Wahahs.

Going to school is like real time consuming, not in a bad way.. but.. It deprives me of my time with my sweet lover boy. How nice if he is by my side to school everyday?! Haishyers.

I feel like ending my entry here. HAHHAS. Tata~

One picture to share..

And if my blogreaders increases to 200, i will post more pictures from the same shoot! ^^


Awww, so touching..

20th of April is the 2 monthsary of Rayner and I. And I forgot about it. =S Because he said only to celebrate anniversary mah! Nevertheless I gave him something in return. ^^ So, sharing it here. =)

His "gift" was a poem in an email written by him :

To my dearest girl
On that fateful day
Two paths crossed
With the same destination
They walk hand-in-hand
Across the bumpy road which lies ahead
Not knowing when it'll end
Rain or shine he'll stay with her
For her smile is all he seeks
And to stay together til the end
Is a promise he won't mend

Happy 2nd month anniversary

From your sweetheart,
Rayner <3

Not bad yea? And he sent it when he was going to sleep, without telling me in msn. So when I received it, i frantic, lol! Because I couldn't come up with a poem fast enough. Anyway, I made it and wrote something equally nice. ^^

To my dearest boy
A sincere poem is all it takes
To sweep my feet away;
My tiny hand is yours to take
Hold it tight and never forsake;
My passionate heart is yours to keep
Treasure it and never let it weep;
Loving you sets my heart at glee
I want you for eternity. =)

Thanks Darling.
Happy 2 monthsary. ^^

From your sweetheart,

I wrote it here cause I'm afraid that I accidentally delete that email. --

Monday, April 21, 2008


Anyone of you wants to see hot pictures of me??
*yes**yes**yes* !!

Lol. Eh, let me try and use this to my advantage. If my viewers shoot up to 200 at any one of the next few days, I shall post my pictures here.
Anw, it's me in kinky outfits.
School girl..
French maid..


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Heyhey!! Most of you must be wondering how's school yea? So far so good! =) I don't really have much to say, since I had only been through 2 school oreintation days.

Anw, I made really great friends. ^^ And hopefully, more to come.
I have been deciding on my CCA. How does HipHop dance, and Cheer leading sounds?

Lol, I received my timetable le, and guess what?!
MONDAY is a free day for me!!
For the entire of Sem1.
Lucky bah!?

Now, I am dreading to see my Sem2 timetable. Hahas!

Meantime, I shall enjoy my very long weekends, and work hard to be in top 10%. ^^
Sidetrack a bit, see this --->> =B
Look like me bah? Hahas!!

=B ^^

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phiyornah's "photography", Jocelyn's editing. =b

Photographer: Phiyornah
Camera : Sony Erricson K660i
Model : Jocelyn
Model : Rayner
Location : Haji Lane
Photo Processor : Jocelyn

Lol, not bad for a handphone picture huhs?
I did the croping, but don't know if it's good.
I shall hunt for a thread in CS to post and let ppl C&C.

SO, if there's any photohgrapher here,
do C & C!!


Some older pictures to share..

Taken by Kensuke.

Not a very very nice picture,
but I post it up b'cus of the HAIR!

Gothic Loli, by DennisC

Which is nicer?? #1, 2 or 3 ?? Comment!
By the way, I was lying on a CROSS (grave) in the picture. Hohoho!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


R r r o O O o A a a R R r R r R R R

I went to cut and straighten my permed hair.

Hurrhurr.. hurrhurrr.... =....(

And I look like one AH LIAN!



Please do not,
my hair
in this coming one year!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

22.7 inches.

Wahahas, after posting the previous entry, I went to bathe yea.. AND, I measured my waist size. It was...


I find it damn small lo!! Hohoho! I am so happy. =X
Damn, I am getting obsess with my measurements!!

No la! I am not that boliao to kept measuring my waist (occasionally, i am. ). It's because, just now when I stood up from sitting, my knees were like jelly. Cause I ate too little(maybe). So eating little suppose to make you thin yea? Then I must be damn thin for my knees to feel jelly-y. Then I went to measure lo. Haa!

22.7inches.. Please never never increase! =b

Cam-whore, Gothic Lolita.

So much of "renting", I actually BOUGHT one set myself! LOL. $208 including the "Lolita Platforms".

If there's any photographer who wants to shoot me in this outfit, pm/comment me, and I will tell you my rates. =)

For now, enjoy my camwhore pictures.

=D I am going to a cemetry for a photoshoot tmr! Excited! =)
Mummy says to bring my amulat there. And ask "them" to excuse me before the shoot. ^^
Hopefully the pictures are full of impact! woo~

Anyone of you models who want to rent this from me, you can pm/comment me too! =)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hello!! ^^ WARM WELCOME =)))

(When you notice that I seems exceptionally host-ful/ly/?? , I means I am going to ask for help.)

Wahaha! --

Just a simple simple favour from you people!
IF, you happen to know any COSTUME RENTAL SHOP in Singapore. Leave me a COMMENT or MSN me, to tell me about the LOCATION and the renting FEES.

Please people! You got to help me, then you'll see much more interesting pictures leh!! SO, please, ask around and stuff. *hopeful eyes*

When I say costumes, it can range from Jap kimono, to Cosplay, to Barbie, no Biker. Yeahh.. Got the idea yea??

SO, if you want to see more, call this number.... SAHH LAR!! lol, suddenly thought of the "green matching pipes". Anyway, if you want to see more interesting pictures, comment me alrights.

(For mfss people reading this, u know many seniors rented traditional outfits for the racial harmony or something yea? They should know, do help me ask arnd alright, my social circle is pathetically small. ^^)

OH, and for any of you people reading this, and you own Cosplay or interesting outfits, and are willing to lend me, do comment/msn/call me alright! ^^

I will love you alot! =)

6th Apr shoot. Photos credited to Desmond =)

Comment bah. =))
Anw, I think the "hood" means the camera lens hood.
So, interesting yea?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Luna534 =)

Credits to Luna534.
great work at removing my brastrap. =D

Sunday, April 6, 2008


I am extremely sleepy now, but I shall update a little and rant a little before sleeping. LOL!

I went to a photoshoot with a nice guy, Roger, yesterday. And we went to the old selatar camp place, the streets hve cute names, like, Old Birdcage Walk & Hamstead Gardens. LOL. That place was damn ULU and infested with FAT MOSQUITOES!! Faints~ I got like 20 bites altogether la!! And mostly on my legs. If my photog got bitten too, then it wont be so bad, the thing is that, MOSQUITOES HATE HIM. == So he got like, zer0 bites.


Will be going for another photoshoot at 8.45am later. In office wear! Wahhahhas! Hopefully the pictures will turn out FIERCE! Woowooh.

(Rayner lost his phone. Kelian the boyfriend.)

NANAJIEJIE, lets go shopping!! Hehee!!
And, if u really manage to be a photographer, I will be your first work!! ^^

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A day out.. with the ogre.

Heyhey! This entry is delayed for a week ler! I should post the pictures up before they are "wasted" in my picture folder. --

Anw, can't really remember any comments that I have about that day, so let's allow the pictures to do the talking! Enjoy!

This is the "Ogre"!
ChengTng!! =b

Erm, you're right..
That's my boyfriend in the kiddy car.
You know, that kind of "dong" 40cents kind.

Mug shot!
That's me with my BMI height n weight thingie.
I am suppose to be 2 cm taller lo!
My med report was 155cm!!!

Her mug shot like miss the point eh?
Look normal.


We were saying that I look damn short beside her.
So, this picture is to act as if I am taller!

Rayner: I look like idiot.
Rayner: (adds on) In all the pictures, not just one.
Jocelyn: I know.

(Click for larger version)
A flattened lizard!!
With intestines squishing out.

(Spot Rayner with a funny face behind)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photographer - Simon (catseyefotos.com)

Heyhey! The following photos will be from Simon.
Don't complain that there's too much of my face hor!!! =)


=) That's all! More coming up! Stay tuned~ (ok lame.)
I mean, just check back once in a while. ^^