Sunday, September 28, 2008

Me : Mummy, Daddy 回来了,我们一起去做manicure.
Mummy : 哇,你要请我啊?
Angela : 每次都...
Me : 哈那!
Angela : 那样也好.
Mummy : 为什么这样讲leh?
Angela : 你就不会在家里唠叨. (lol!!!!!)

(p.s. Angela is my younger sis)

Friday, September 26, 2008

OOps. >.< [updated]

Hey Joy!
How did you manage to pop into my blog?!
-*act blur*-

Yesterday, I was at Rayboy's place, video conferencing Joy, during her breaktime from her study.
And, what's the fun in video conferencing when you don't take screen shots?!

Sharing all of them with y'all.
(p.s. I am still too lazy to blog my GCA pictures up! Tmr, I promise. -crossing fingers*)

Red back grounds are the ones snapped by Joy.
And white, mine. =)

And the last one!


*ahhhhhhh! Running away from Joy's butcher knife*



Joy saw this.. and her rxn?

joyy says (8:38 PM):

Jocelyn says (8:39 PM):

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello hello.

Rushing out for lunch,
but since some forum people want to see this in my blog,.. alrights.

I'll fill y'all in, in maybe the next/next next entry? =)

I am a Gamer!!

Alrights. I am going to share my latest gaming craze with y'all!

Wahahas. From my previous entries,.. it's kindda evident that I am playing a game named, SPORE™, yeah?

So this entry it's kind of like a, review?
I inspire to be a game guru~ Nahhhh!!! Hahas.

Rayner bought this game from the Game Convention Asia event which I worked for.
He was like, so excited, and enthusiastic about this game. But frankly, it don't sound THAT interesting when he explained the game to me.

And, since he couldn't stop talking about the game,.. he bought it at day2 of the convention. Lol. To be truthful, the graphics of the game play can be very interesting and, captivating to create. Wahahs.

You start off in the game as a CELL, in a tide pool,.. grow and modify as you eat. Add parts to make your cell all the more powerful/sweet/cute/fearsome..etc.
Then, comes the CREATURE stage, on land. Add legs, add horns... etc.
Then to the TRIBE stage, CIVILISATION stage, then to the GALAXY! Wahas! ==

The fun part is that,
it just takes a tad bit of creativity to be unique.
Be it your monster/creature's appearance, your vehicles, your buildings.. Lol.

Let me share some of my creations w y'all.
(Suddenly, I have a strong urge to eat stingray. How random.)

Introducing Nubra.
My first creature, in the Tribal stage.
Fearsome yes?

And this is MAAmeemoo..
In it's Tribal Stage.

Rayner created a super funny/cute creature..
But, idk why but the database is too big till I cannot find him in "SPOREPEDIA".
Lol! It's a place where you can supposedly find everyone's creations.

Now to my buildings.
At Civilisation Stage, you got to build houses, entertainment, and factories, to earn revenue, and gain citizen's happiness and stuff yea..

This is my City Hall.

So, this is my entertainment. =)
Jocelyn's entertainment.

And my military land vehicle.

Military Air.
Neverland. =)
Reminds you of Peterpan?

Military Sea.

China Sumo!
My spacecraft!
Very swee~ yea?

Hehehe! Actually, I have many more to share.
But, it's kindda tedious to go into the game,.. screenshot,.. out,.. photoshop,.. save,.. upload,.. etc.

SO, that's it yea?

Anw, game is fun, especially in the first few stages.
But, the galaxy part is kinda,.. hmm, complicated? And, too-many-stuff-going-on.. So yeaps. I am gg to continue my game play now!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey people!
I'd just woke up from my afternoon-mare. Hahs.
Alrights, it's a supposed nightmare, and since I dreamt it in the afternoon (due to my reverse sleeping hours), I called it afternoon-mare.

Anw. Freaking scary till I ought to share!

It went like this...
It's a bright school day afternoon, and I was supposedly walking home/to school, around YCK area, i.e. near my primary school. And then, I walked under this void deck, and on to this shelter thingie..

THEN, a man, in his late forties, wearing pink checkered long sleeve shirt, with grey trousers, walked towards me, from the back. It's kindda weird cause, the "me" in the dream couldn't see him, whereas, myself, as the "cameraman" could.

The thing is that,..! He started violating me! So, I was screaming and struggling frantically in the dream. And then, I saw those booth babes friends. They were somewhere at the void deck, and they were held back by another man. == So they couldn't help me. (They vanished after that scene)

And so, I was still screaming and.. (you won't believe this), Ridzwan appeared! (p.s. By then, I was striped naked, with gashes all around my back - "cameraman" is at e back)

When he appeared, he came with a broom. I could almost hear the grand entrance of horns playing when he appeared. (????!?!?!) Anw, he managed to get that fucker off me.. While he pinned him down, after giving him several punches, guess what..?

I took the straps of cloth on the floor, initially from my clothing, and strangled that man.

And he died.

Right in front of my eyes. (I magically became the first person)

With his eyes wide open..

his face red and bloated.

Typing it out still gives me shudders. -brrr.

Anw, I told mummy about it moments ago.
Funny that she asked, "有没有血?"
I don't know where she got that theory from,
but she said, "有血就好咯.."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have, finally, cleared my comment board.
I.e. accepting and replying to most of them. =)

Photographers who went for Game Convention Asia 2008

Send me the pictures you'd taken alright? ^^
I got to add em into my portfolio.



Welcome home Jocelyn!!!!
(ahhhhh.. I can almost hear y'all scream..)

Alrights. Y'all missed me, don't you?!
I know, I know.. It's been 6 days since I last logged onto my computer! =D

6 wonderful, fruitful days.
Nevertheless, I miss those hours where I can hog on to my laptop.
Game, blog, pictures, forums.. Wahahas. (p.s. I've been playing computer games.)

Of course,
I will be filling y'all up with my wonderful "vacation" away from the cyber world. Now that I am back, I need some time to sort out truck loads of my online stuff. As y'all know, I worked for the GCA event as a booth babe. =) It's my very first big event, and I have lots of stuff to share. Bad news is that, I did not take much pictures with my personal devices. SOO, I am hoping to receive them pretty soon.. - from my photographer friends, and the babes i/c.

Guess it will take time for me to actually blog that event up here, due to the overwhelming moments and happenings at the event. Also, I heard that there will be a post-gca blogging competition. Real cool. The babes-incharge has yet to brief be about. Real excited!

I would say,
real great experience, and explosure for me!
I should be home these 2 days, so, you peep should pray hard that I blog more than I game. =D

Anyway, just to share with those who are interested..
I am playing the game, SPORE™.

Really cool, and interesting. It's like, many games put together, and my creative mind made my creatures look.. erm, abit,.. wild, or should I say R(A).?? Lol! And and, I heard from Rayner, who heard from the guy at the GCA event,.. they took 7 years to actually, create and launch this game. Like wow! 7 years?! If it's for me, I think I will "modify" my vision and create something else that's not that years consuming! Lol!

Great effort on their part. You people should google it, and buy the game to try it out?

guess I will end my entry here, and play SPORE™.
Wahahhas! Cyyya.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BFF. =)

Respond alright!?
JOY cannot apply hor!
cause u are already my BFF. =D

Same goes to those who I know as a person.
Y'all are not eligible. ^^

(To apply.. Comment me with your email ad/blog ad and a shortwrite up about urself)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun fun fun!

Darling boy is one sweetie! =)

He bought me beginners roller blades, together with a set of guards!
Cost a whooping $190+

Thanks hun!

And, he bought himself a Xlider!

Expensive like hell yea? Hahas! But the sport instinct of him wouldn't miss the chance to learn this thingie that's out in Singapore's market for mere 2mths!

So, as I was learning to blade and him to Xlide. I somewhat of excercised! =D
(p.s. We blade and Xlide for 5hrs!! )

And, I learnt a bit of Xliding too! I manage to Xlide in CIRCLES, and very occasionally straight. Lols!!

Enough of him, now it's all about me!

I bought Adidas White w Gold Sneakers for e event!! $85.00!
But I highly doubt I will wear it often. Lols!

Unless I feel like Xliding. = =

I really liked the Converse high cut sneakers but the smallest size available is like, 6.5!??!
And I am like a freaking size 4.

Plusplusplus, I really like VANZ poser shoes. And all the shops in Queensway Shopping centre have no size 4!! AHHH~

Although I really love love love my tiny feet. And I believe Rayner love them too (He had to say that to stop my whining). Kinnda hard for me to get shoes yea. =(

Hate it when guys got all the nice shoes and jeans. -pouts.

OOKk. I know this entry is like, all over the place, but bear with me yea? I am rushing off to Xlide~ HAhas. Anw, I've been really healthy yea? I just ran 2km on the threadmill before typing this entry. Woot~!

Mummy's place is like a place to get full holiday recreation activity and a kick ass figure*!
NN, come over bah! I will force you to excercise and we will both attain a kick ass figure*! =)

AAlllrights, tata~


Monday, September 15, 2008

Cries! I am SO busy!

AHHH! I am so freaking busy till
I can cry for you!
Time time time!
I need time for myself.
anw, I got into the gaming events coming soon.
Everyone, support yea! =)
Got to go now.
Need pure white sneakers for event. --
And need to exercise to get some kickass figure. =)
Hahas. I am too fat for events! >.<
40kg. =(
Need to lose 2 kg!!!! In 4days!!!! >.<

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bitchy affairs. (load video before reading)

Since Nana left me home alone for a fruit.
I am bored beyond words till I feel like I am obligated to at the very least, give a respond to Tabi's latest comment. Haha! Didn't y'all see the joke she made? (Alrights. I bet most of y'all did not.)
So, for the benefit of all my readers. I made a video - starring myself, as Tabi.

Just be patient and wait for it to load alrights.
Typing words are so much easier than the process of uploading, and loading a video. Youtube is seriously getting super laggy.

my makeup for the video is inspired by..


Anw, back to topic. Which is to reply to her humourous comment.
You guys don't need me to highlight her great english, which she self-proclaimed that it's damn zai, and can win me anytime, and that it's the same writing style as that well written essay long comment (which everyone believes that, she got her friend, to write it for her). [my sentence is a bit long]

Oh well, maybe y'all need. >.<
  • "So jocelyn you already have a lawsuit going on?"
  • "Just very stretched judging by how pulled your forehead looks."
  • "i think your fashion sense sucks cock!"
  • "So ya. To each their own."
  • "Why the hell..... like yours."
  • "straight eyebrows is an in thing"
  • "U look like you came.."
  • "They all have 2 thick lines.." (它们全部都有。。。 )
  • "In fact from certain angles u look greenish." (况且,你从莫些角度看起来有点青。)
  • "Be it looks, life ect.."

Alrights, above are just some phrases that seriously don't make sense, or obviously errored. So now we know.. The international school of hers, do not teach students proper English. No wonder Tabi's sentence structure, grammer, punctuation marks, sucks cock! (haha)
(p/s. I thought you came from an english speaking family? Hah! Your english is a direct translation from chinese! )

So now, I am going to reply!!! =) Yay! --

Quote," Just very stretched judging by how pulled your forehead looks."
My reply. Uhhuh. So you are thinking that my forehead looks stretched? Hmm, I think you are trying to say, "how high my eyebrows are raised", instead. If so. I don't really raise my eyebrows much for a normal shot. If you are going on to question my raised brows. Answer to that, is, I trimmed and drew it that way. - -


Quote, "Thick lips are sexy. u are just jealous cos u are close to lipless." Quote, "Striaght eyebrows is an in thing."
My reply. Why not look at these pictures for some insights? Haha!

Lin ZhiLing
Thin lips?
She's world's supermodel.

This is Janice Man.
Thin lips, straight brows.

This is AngelaBaby.
See her straight brows and thin lips?

Though I think that my current brows looks more like thin and straight, rather than striaght and thick. But, even then, it's in the trend too.

Someone more familiar?
Landy WenLan.
Straight and thick.
After seeing the above pictures, do you really think that I want to be like you? Arc brows with thick lips? Your lips don't line nicely without makeup. Your's are not those shapely thick lips like Angelina Jolie. So, jealous? Haha!!


Quote," And I wonder which fashion magazine ever said straight brows in an in thing."
My reply. Hmm, guess you are really really out-dated!!!

What a fashion outdater!


Quote, " You talk abt my arms when you have such stumpy man arms, flat chest, broad shoulders, stunted body, chunky legs?"
My reply. Hmm.. I don't think my arms can be considered as stumpy man arms, my chest isn't really that flat, and my legs aren't chunky.

Credits to Gestron.
Look at my legs!
Chunky? LOL!

Credits to Gestron.
And, you said that I have got stumpy man arms?!


And, damn. I don't have my cleavage photos. Too showy, I feel. >.< >
Anyway, I don't see how I am stumpy/chunky to you.
But, to me, you, seriously look chunky. =)

Thanks to Ms. "galisme88" for the above picture.
(Tabi, seems like people around you arent treating you as nice as you claim ba?)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008





Main ingredient:-

Steamboat left overs!

I am in iWEEKLY.!!

Thanks to the courteously of Lene.
I got to know that, I had got the last page of the current iWEEKLY issue all to myself! =))

Anw, no photographer mentioned to me about using my picture for e magazine. And so, it appeared without my knowledge. >.< Although that isn't the best picture of me, but thank god I still looked presentable. Hahas.

Anw, my picture's used in a funny advertisment.
You k-po people go grab one iWEEKLY and see for yourself ba!
I spent a whole 30mins laughing at myself ==...

However, it is better than some " T " person..
Who got rejected to even become a small-time model - like me. ^^

Monday, September 8, 2008

Bits of here and there with Rayner.


I bought this for Rayner's birthday.
And his birthday was 8Aug - almost 1 mth back.
i.e. I am super late in blogging.

Curry Flavours.
It's a Japanese curry restaurant.
It's not bad. =D

More of myself - w bangs.

Note before pictures:-

Iiie dunnchh karriiex if iie look liikkex iie'm actx twittx, actx cuutes, xiiao lianns wannabex face. Iiie thinkks pwetties ccan lerx muahhs! =X

Ahhaha! Whatever yea? Get my point ba? Hahas!
Pictures were taken right after I cut my fringe. So, was in the camwhore mode, and the only expressions I could come up with, at that moment, were all those lower sec girls would do.

Sooo, those who miss my lower sec face.
Do enjoy.

you people may go on and puke at my act-cuteness!
(just keep it to yourself.)

A normal looking last picture.

(Oh yah, pardon me for those pixelated pictures alright. It's from my phone, and I simply increase the brightness from the phone that time.. Cos it's kindda dark. == )

SoyJoy Mascot!!

Featuring, Fiona, Rayner, a little JieWei and lastly, myself!!!

Day 1,
before we start.

I was trying to keep my fringe up. And my new cut fringe is short. Too short to be clipped up. Sooo, the centre of my fringe was like the people in 豆腐街. You know.. The old old chinese period drama, dated about 7 or 8 years back. Hahas.


Rayner and I.

Fiona, Jocelyn, Rayner.

Fiona, Rayner.

Fiona, Rayner.



I was attempting to kiss Rayner.

And this is us!~


The following pictures are lifted from
Phiyornah's blog!
(Featuring me and Rayner,
but mostly me)

My 五莲拍!

That's all.

I want to brag abit. Wahhahas! -.- Skip if you don't want to see.

Anw!! Hahas. 2 man (on different days), complimented on me..! Saying that I've got sexy/nice legs! And, both times, I was with the head on! Woooh~
How can sexy legs be stumpy yea? NNaaaahahahhahaahah!