Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Men’s Dressing Styles I - Casual Wear

With the inaugural Men’s Fashion Week underway, I’d thought I would devote a couple of entries to the topic of men’s fashion. My first impulse was to present some of the best picks from the leading labels but most men neither buy the latest trends nor change clothes every 6 months unless necessary.

Hence, it is wiser to inform my male readers (which is a good 40% of my total blog readers) on the classic styles available and how they can work around in to add their own personal touch. In this post, I will be sharing my thoughts on casual wear for everyday activities and stuff that you can wear as you suave your way through the clubs.

Casual Wear

Being stylish does not need to be tagged with a heavy price. In fact, I’d admire men with great fashion sense that can look great with mid-range fashion to those from leading fashion houses. The trick is really to stick to the basics. Rather than describing it to you just take a look at the following picture.

[Banana Republic]

For tops, you should wear something that is comfortable (and it does not mean a singlet!) and appropriate for the event or the activity that you are going to take part in. Hence, it can range from an interesting printed t-shirt to polo t-shirts or even short sleeve shirts.

Place to get them: - anywhere from Bugis Street to Bossini to Topman.

[Uniqlo Chinos/ Cargo campaign]

For bottoms, you certainly cannot go wrong with chinos, cargo pants and jeans. Having its roots in the military, chinos and cargo pants not only makes one look presentable but it also oozes a strong sense of masculinity when worn properly (Point to note*: chinos are to be ironed). Jeans have a similar effect since it was initially intended to be what labourers would wear. The added advantage is that it now comes with a plethora of cuts, patterns and colours to express who you are.

Place to get them: - Uniqlo
Price range: - $50-$70.


As for the hotter days, one can choose tailored shorts or bemudas. Again, as with various clothing, Bermudas do come in all sorts of patterns. However, it must be said that Bermudas should not be worn to theatres or hotels and similar kinds of places!!

Place to get them: - leading departmental stores such as BHG or Metro
Price range: - $23 - $40.


The modern man has a range of footwear to choose from.
A popular option with guys is the loafers, boat shoes and sneakers (note that slippers or flip-flops are not included major fashion faux pas!!). Again, this is really up to your tastes. However it must be noted that generally lighter brown colours [do not match] black bottoms!!!

Place to get them: - Beetlebug, Aldo and Timberland
Price range: - $70 - $100+++ 


I wish this entry is helpful.
You girls can get some inspirations and gift ideas for your father / brother / male friends! 
(Do away with car accesories, and PS3 games! *guilty*)

And hopefully, you guys (older men esp) will stop being shy and wear something nice!

Next entry gna be about clubbing wear.
Do check back!

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My favourite bands - Ft. Paramore, Boyce Avenue and The Hush Sound

If you have been following my recent posts, you will realise that I have been revealing a little more of my personal likes to you guys. Well, if you did notice that then kudos to you as that is what I’m trying to do. So the next thing on the menu is.. my favourite bands!

And they are (in no particular order): Paramore, Boyce Avenue and The Hush Sound!
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Paramore (www.paramore.net)

Formed in 2004, this band has certainly gone from strength to strength in a short span of a few years! Songs such as Only Exception, Emergency, Hallelujah, Misery Business and Playing God have won legions of fans all over, including yours truly! Its popularity is certainly hard to ignore as Glee made a cover of Only Exception in one of the episodes. In fact, it has recently been awarded “Favourite Rock Band” at the People’s Choice Award.

It is hard to classify the genre of music that this band plays. But the best that I can come up with would be indie/ alternative rock. Such difficulty in classifying them is because they defy branding by putting out songs that are varied which testifies to their versatility. What I love about them is their honesty and how true to life their songs are. Great stuff!

Boyce Avenue (www.boyceavenue.com)

This Puerto Rican-American band formed by the three Manzano brothers (Daniel, Alejandro and Fabian) in 2004 is an absolute treat! Their YouTube channel is a much needed retreat whenever I want something quieter and contemplative to listen to. What makes them special is that they let their music do the talking. No wild costumes and crazy behaviour needed to get attention. Rather, their simple and clean image makes them attractive which goes to show that less is really much more.

They do make fantastic acoustic covers of popular songs to boot (from what I know, they kinda "started" from Youtube) which is why I am so glad that Daniel didn’t become a lawyer (yes, he’s a Harvard Law School graduate! Hotness TTM!!) and chose to form a band with his brothers! What is Boyce Avenue short of one of the Manzano brothers?

The Hush Sound (www.thehushsound.com)

2004 should certainly be named the year of good music as this favourite band of mine is also formed in the later part of that year! The band, which was founded by Greta Salpeter (trained in classical piano) and Bob Morris (rock is preferred musical genre), is one of my favourites due to their distinct sounds. It is interesting to note how their songs are either light and catchy or quiet and reflective.

 For those songs that are light and catchy such as “Honey” and “Medicine Man”, I love how the band does not take itself too seriously and deliver songs that really brighten up my day with its quirkiness. As for the quiet and reflective songs such as “Lighthouse”, I love the ethereal quality to Salpeter’s voice as it compels us to think about the message of the song and throw us into a rather surreal atmosphere.

Who knew that a collaboration between a classically trained pianist and a rock trained guitarist could be a such a great mix? If you are looking for new stuff produced by the band, unfortunately all you will hear is a hush sound (pun and lame joke intended) as they are taking a hiatus to pursue individual musical interests. In the meantime, check out the discography that is out!

So what are some of your favourite english bands?
Leave a comment and share 'em with me!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

x2 rainbow for all my blog readers ♥

How pretty!
(p.s. Pardon my shrieking voice at the background. I was clearly very excited.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Advertorial - HeyAdonia

HeyAdonia.com is an upcoming fashion online store that brings you affordably trendy apparels that keep you ahead of style! Ranging from staple collection to runway pieces, HeyAdonia has gone all ways to source out the best items just for you. Stay tuned to their bi-weekly launch and you will defintely be spoilt for choice!

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Check out their latest collection that's launched just yesterday.

One thing that I really love about HeyAdonia.com
is the vibrant artwork that they come up with for every single collection.

This has got to be my favourite from Collection 6.
Spring out playful romper - Black

To celebrate HeyAdonia.com debut launch in Dec 2010,
they have lined up the following rewarding activities just for you!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

2 interesting websites that you should know about!

As we are all technological savvy people (you have to be since you are able to read this blog), I’ve decided to share with you two interesting websites that I have come across recently. While the most common picks for interesting websites are about popular topics about technology or fashion or even popular blogs, I’ve decided to do something different and introduce websites that may not have the best design or whatever.. but they sure can be useful in one way or another.

1. Musicovery 
This is a great website that I often turn to when I’m in need of some music to accompany me while doing some work. It is an internet radio that helps you discover music. Sometimes, while we have our favourite choice of music, we may prefer a mix of different genres just to keep things interesting.

The nice thing about this internet radio is that you choose the kind of mood you want your music to have and they will generate a playlist that is of different genres that share the same kind of mood. This does help in allowing you to discover new music (that’s why it’s called musicovery – music discovery)

I think whoever created this website must have come across the situation in which he/she wants to listen to a kind of music but really can’t be put into words.. Hence, the scale of energetic to calm and dark to positive. They also have an iPhone app for it to boot! The bad thing about this website is that it does not play on forever but once the list of songs is done. You have to click on another mood to make it play again. And just to warn you, it takes a while to load if you haven't been to the site before.


2. Things Other People Accomplished 
When They Were Your Age 
As you know that I am a very ambitious person and often pitch Mr. Salty as my first benchmark, I feel that this website is a great motivation as it will inform you of the many things others have accomplished (which is rather obvious from the title of the site).

Knowing the various great things that were done, I often push myself in the knowledge that I am way behind these people that are mentioned. However, the two major bad points about this website is its lack of an attractive design as well as some rubbish entries are included like “Laura started showering regularly”. (lol)

I would say that this is that kind of website you visit one time in your life, it is interesting to read, and that's it. BUT, do navigate around the main site if you are an artsy person (or trying to be one). Lots of stuff to be inspired about!

So what are your favourite/ new websites that you find interesting? 
Share them with everyone in the comments and I will check it out and perhaps give my opinions!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lousy quality camwhore pictures + who the hell is Fiona Liew?

Bascially, this is just a camwhore blog entry. Wahahas. ;]
These pictures were taken during Vv's 21st Birthday party, but that will be for another blog entry.
Pardon me for the lousy quality, as these were taken using the front camera of the iPhone.


That's VV (left) with her hair all glam-ed up.
And, the other girl on the right is my REAL sister.
Here's her blog: www.phiyornah.tumblr.com

Mega cleavage FTW!! (lol)
Anyway, we wore the same eye makeup - neutral eyes with whispy eyelash. I did it for her, chio-er than her usual eye makeup.

Ohyah, many question if we are real sister. Howmanytimesdoihavetorepeatthis, yes we are. Our parents divorced when we were really young. The custody was split, with me belonging to my mother, and her my dad. Hence, the change of my surname. Getit getit? So stop asking in Formspring, it's kinda boring to keep repeating my answers.

Okay, back to poor quality pictures. :)

Alright! That's all folks. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

011410. StJames Powerhouse.

Finally, party pictures from a non Vibe Parties event. Haha.
Like what the title suggests, I went to StJames that night.
So, what follows are just some brainless party pictures that help remind us of that frivolous night.

Huge ass picture of my sexy friend, VV. 

Alright, that's all for now folks!!
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My top 3 favourite reality shows!

What do these three shows above have in common? They are a total distraction for me during exams!!! So if my grades do not turn out well, you know who to blame! Laughs :D

It’s interesting how people like watching reality shows. The main thing about them is that it is supposed to show the personal lives of celebrities or contestants which is often unlike the reality of our lives.. so what makes them so special?

For me, I watch them for a couple of reasons. The first reason I watch these shows is that it entertains me.. While I’m not silly to think that whatever is on tv is totally natural and unplanned, I still love the craziness of the Kardashians (and did I mention how sexy Kim Kardashian is?!!), the overly-drama Kimora and the lovey-dovey squabbles of Giuliana & Bill (I’ll just call them G & B.) Watching them takes my mind off the stresses of life. Now that my exams are over, it helps me to really relax and enjoy my freedom!

The second reason and I guess the more important reason for me, is that I just love the "human-ess" (is there a better word than this??) of it all. While these celebrities’ lives may seem totally glamorous and exciting, at the end of the day, they are really like us and do face the same ups and downs like what normal heartlanders do.

Watching these moments on tv, such as G & B’s struggle to have a baby, the family love between the Kardashians and the humorous moments Kimora has when she tries to deal with her children, allows me to share the common "human experiences" with them..

Sidetrack a little. My gfs and I are super animated people. And we often joke about how our lives should be film into a reality show. Honestly, we are a bunch of super funny people. Corny / bitchy / overthetop / crazy / awwww / bimbotic / etc stuffs are sure to happen at least once every hour when we are together. Haha!! And I really like it that none of us are shy to LAUGH OUT LOUD. You girls know who you are. LOVE!

So there you have it, my top three favourite reality shows! Just in case you are wondering, I watch them on the Entertainment Channel. Channel 441 on cable TV. Damn, to think of it, I haven't got the chance to spend quality time with my TV set since the start of work. :(

What are your favourite reality shows? 
Why do you watch them? 
Drop me a line in the comments section! 
Would love to hear from you!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's all take a moment to pray for the grieved in Japan.

God please have mercy on them.

If you are looking into giving donations to help provide relief to the people in Japan,
click [here].