Saturday, December 29, 2007

撞鬼 at Aloha Loyang~

Freaky ehs?! This is real lo. Please do not rent Aloha Loyang Garden Terrace I chalet. You might hear a lady hum some old song. I shall NARRATE the entire incident.

It all started when I was bathing in the chalet bathroom at about 4plus am, right after my sister exit from the bathroom. In another words, I bathed after her. While I was bathing, after I undress and with the shower on, I heard someone humming a song that I never heard before. Eh, I wasn't scared lo. Cause I thought it was Nana mah! However, the humming stopped when I stop the shower. Come to think of it, freaky ehs?

After I'd done bathing, I came outta that toilet and asked Nana, "What was the song that u sang?" And then, her face changed and she said she thought it was I the one who was humming. Wth right? Goosebumps grew all over me la!

Together with us were Hakim, Haikal and Kenrrick. Hakim and Haikal are very "yin" people in general. And they confirmed about the supernatural thingie. Scary lo.

Five of us got so freaked out that we curled together at the side of the living rm of the chalet. And waited for daybreak. While waiting, we tried to talk and stuff, but I heard the humming 2 more times. Once was soft, and the other was louder. All thanks to psychic Hakim. -- After him holding me tightly, the hum became EXTREMELY LOUD. Like for about 3 seconds or so. Loud lo! And only through my right ear. And can you believe it? My ear was resting right on top of Kenrrick's shoulder, but I can still hear the hum. Freaky la!!

I guessed it's only Hakim, Haikal, Nana and I who heard the hummings. Kennrick was too blessed to hear anything. However, ironically, Kenrrick heard his name being called. FREAKY EHS?! Brrr. Scare the hell outta me. Hakim and Haikal heard them for a long long time, like continuously lo. While Nana heard it only once while I was bathing. And I heard it thrice.

Hmm.. Scary lo. Just sharing this exp with y'all. So, try not to book that chalet lo. Once again, it's Aloha Loyang, Garden Terrace I. Anw, it's "i" not "1". Try to avoid it lo. =S

However, no harm going there to try your luck. =)

You can choose to believe this or not. I am merely narrating what happened that day.

I hate my student councillor tee!

Hey people. Remember the shirt that my school's student council gave to us? And the slogan was, Fair, Firm and Friendly, with a big yellow Palm mark? I hate that shirt lo. =(

Know why? Cause my sister and her friends was saying that it looks like prostitute slogan. Which is TRUE lo. Grrr. Why would the school even come up with this slogan?!?!


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!! ^^ (click picture for a larger view)

Hey everyone! It's the season to be jolly. lalalalala-lala-la-la~

It's Christmas. Hahahaha! Great ehs? Anw, I went to Orchard yesterday night, to countdown for today! Lots of people, lots of foam and lots of BANGALAH! Half of the time i was worrying any "blackies" will touch me lo. Wahaha! Thank god I got a big group of guys surrounding me. Weet~ ^^

Personally, I enjoy the whole thing. Lots of festive atmosphere down at Orchard. The crowd, the random "aahhhhs", "wooohs", "whheettts", the foam spray, free hugs! Woah! The place is full of Christmas spirit lo!

And the best thing is that, there isn't any fights! Haha! I've heard enough of fights happening at counting down places. Miraculously, there isn't any fights at Orchard! ^^ Or at least, I did not witness any of them.

I heard that there was a stand-by fight at Bugis.. with the Malays. Erm. Sounds ridicules lo. But thank god, nothing serious happened.

When there are crowds, misunderstandings are bound to occur. Furthermore, everyone has their own tolerance level. So, got to be aware whist having fun. My group of friends are those playful kind. And I was hoping for no fights to happen. Lol. Everytime they played a prank, a simple "Merry Christmas" will ease the tension. Great huhs.

Although I enjoyed it, I know, my sister wasn't very glad with the entire thing. =( Bad lo. She isn't that kind of party person. Hahs. And she hates the crowd, the noise, and the foam. EEhhh, nana, got to be more "on" mahh! Very 少兴 de leh.

Haha! Enough of talks, enjoy the pictures.

Outside Istana.
I feel that this is the best deco all around in Orchard.
Mr President damn good lo,
can have his gate deco in such a nice way.

I know I look extremely short.
Till nana have to twist her ankle. --;

Cute yea?
Everyone look quite tall here ehs?
Cos, everyone is actually short in real life.

There were 10 of us altogether.
Only 7 of us with Santa hats.
Cos, it's outta stock!
(Pardon HouLeong's closed eyes. I think he felt a bit dreamy.)

I look super sweet in this picture bah.
When I first saw this picture from the comp,
I was telling my sister that it's blur.
Everywhere, but my face.
And I reasoned that when my sister's hand shook while capturing the pic,
I shook my head.

This is the cutest hat ever!!
Stupid de Andy spoil my pic.!


Haikal(TTHHC) and BenWong

Please do not comment that my hair looks funny,
i just took out my hat mah.
I look very fair hor?
Greatness! ^^

The houseflies.
BenW & Kenrrick

Santa's slave.
Haikal & Hakim

Check out Kenrrick's very sexual face.

A very awkward last picture.
This was taken at the end of the countdown thingie.
Tired and worn off.
Our concealer kena smudged/wiped off by those foamy "snow" le lo.

Merry X'mas

Joy's summary of my life.

.joyy says:
go out, eat, play, eat, watch tv, edit pic, chat, baobei, sleep

.joyy says:
routine something like that bah

.joyy says:
lol. kae lar. still more interesting than mine

jocelyn says:
wht's yours

.joyy says:
wake up, watch tv. people ask me go out then i go out, come back, watch tv, eat, watch tv, sleep

.joyy says:
something like that lor

.joyy says:

.joyy says:
u do more things than me

.joyy says:

jocelyn says:

Friday, December 21, 2007

More pictures from 18 Dec.

These are somemore pictures taken from the same day. For people like "Andy" you can go to my sister's page and "retrive" more pictures for your blog. Lol. ^^


Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am going over to Hoyu Company tomorrow for an job interview. I am going to be their promoter for their hair dye products. Taking up the job is not worrying for me. It's just that, the thought of dyeing my hair did.

In order to better sell the hairdye, i got to dye my hair using their hair dye. And having such long hair and dyeing it isn't alright. What if my hair became ultra damaged after the dye? I can't possibly chomp them off ehs? Tsktsk, it better be good.

However, they say that treatment will be given and the dyeing is done professionally, together with after dye hair care products. All free of charge. Sounds promising aye, but it might not be good.

Aiyah, it isn't necessary that i'll be working. I got to pass the interview first. Shall see how things go.

Comment me to suggest my hair colour! I might be dyeing my hair tmr!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A new hair and new friends.

I went for a hair cut ytd at Chapter2. My stylist was Fion. Hmm, not bad la, but can't really judge yet, cos i haven wash my hair yet. Lol. Anw, I tried their moisturising treatment. Not much diff leh. What a waste of money!! I just that short 1 hr, i spent $160++ lo! Cos, i bought their hair mask too. Hahas! $59!!!

Met with a bunch of friends, mostly new ones. Hahas! Check out those pictures we took.

This is their "FIGHTER" picture.
See, I am inside lo!
Jocelyn fighter leh!!

3 of us got our haircut at Chapt2.

Kenrricks thigh in motion.
Super thin.
You shld eat more lo!

Kawaii guys 五连拍

Kenrrick look so pretty.
Khein look so twitt!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sexaye curls.

I was thinking about curling my hair soon, and was worrying that it'll not suit me. So, my sister had fun curling my hair. So, check out me with curly hair~

Heh, not bad ehs?
All done using straightening irons.
So sweet so sweet!

Sweet ayes?
I did not dye my hair,
it is brown in nature.


My sister kept claiming that I look like
Eh, no lo!!
Judge by the above pic, no right?

From the side.
(Pls don't ask me about the TV, i seriously don't know.)

Lastly, an EMO looking picture.
Not bad ayes?
But, i don't know why that hand sign, lol.