Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Packed my makeup section! =) [updated]

[Update : I forgot to post the face bag pictures. lol!]

The other day,
somebody tagged and asked about my skincare and makeup stuff.

So, a while ago, I finally packed the uber messy drawer for my makeup. And I find so many stuffs missing!! It's most probably with Mummy, at Nana's place, at Rayner's place, inside one of my bags, or I lost it. =$

Ah wells,
cleaned and threw away all those unwanted stuff that will give me rashes, and after hours (I was multitasking with youtube. oops), I was finally done.

Really glad that I manage to clean everything. Come to think of it, it's been eons since I last clean my brushes! (I roughly clean it every use, but this time it's thorough!)

(p.s. Don't expect to see exquiste stuffs cause I don't spend my $$ on makeup. =) )

Heh! It's obvious I love putting eyeshadows right?!! And now I recall, there's still 2 other pallette that I'd missed out. I don't know why, but I feel happy just looking at my eyeshadows.

This hearty bag(X'mas present from Angela) holds my eyelashes and adhesives.
I wanted to take a picture of those lashes I have, but I forgot.
Anw, nana, I had a set of eyelashes, do you remember where I left them? Lol!
(It's not easy when you have three houses to run, you know? ^^)

This silver small zipper bag actually holds travel brushes from Precious Moments.
But I am using this for my grooming stuff!
Tweezers, shavers, cutters, scissors.

This baggie came with ZA foundation refills.
And it's now holding all my liner, lash and brows stuff.
(While I was cleaning just now, I spoiled my crayon eyeliner! Threw it away already.. Sigh!
Omg, which means I need to get it replace by Friday for Sat and Sun's shoots! Damn)

Heh heh! All my brushes.
It's like, alot.
Anw, this is a really good bag to hold all your brushes.
(But of course not the Kabuki brushes)
You can get them at any Sasa outlets.

Pink! You can get it at bigger Watsons outlets.
It's rather small, so can't really put much.
I put my lip stuff inside.
Though I have the liner and lipstick, I rarely use them.
Mostly the glosses.
(I lost my dark purple crayon lippie! I thought it was inside the mess, but...)

Face stuff from the mesh bag!

Ah-ma looking square purse.
Think mummy asked me if I wanted it long ago, and.. Lol! So now, it's holding my sharpeners!
Don't laugh at the light pink cartoonish sharpener alright?!
It's damn sharp and good!
The black one is for fatter tip, crayon stuff.
(Nana, any idea where's the pink heart shape sharpener from Sasa?)

So, that's all that I have at my mum's place! =)
Hope you enjoy looking through my first drawer~

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