Monday, March 9, 2009

Last day of exams, with the guys.

[27th Feb]

After the gruesome period of study and exam week, we finally got to relax!
Right after our last paper on last, last thurday, together with the bunch of guys, we went to Parkway Parade to have dinner. Fish and Co.

Pity that the babes did not join us.
Actually, I thought of not going with them, but, I simply cannot resist the combination of Fish and Co. and Left4Dead. =S

That's the whole bunch of us!

From left down.
ChunJie, Eugene, Desmond, Mark

From right down.
YaoYong, Sebastian, Tkd, BaoTan, Curly, myself

Note, look at Desmond's expression. Lol!
Damn funny.
Can't see? It's alright.
I cropped it out for y'all! ROFL!

Ok la ok la, Dessie don't angry ho! =)

Rayboy was there too!

After food, we went to a lan shop with huge desktop monitor to play Left4Dead.
Damn, I love love love the game. =D

Mark and I

After 2hours of L4D, we decide to eat some supper before heading over to Mark's.
Unfortunately, we were somewhat forced to enter this china restaurant, that serves speechless, and cheap food.

BaoTan and Eugene ordered Samba Spinach.
See, it looks like that.
... Speechless

Tkd's fried rice.

Very not appetizing.


and his Wanton Mee.

Rayner's Chicken Rice.

Desmond took this U-Tiao.
Look quite tasty yea?

After the bad food, we (Mark, Desmond, Eugene, BaoTan, Rayner and I) went over to Mark's.
Watched some DVD, drank Coconut flavoured Malibu. And as usual, turned into Lobster first, cause I kept kena forfeited!

You see, we were playing this game called China Man. (That was my first time playing it, and I don't see how the rules link to its name. -.- ) And, Mark set a rule, to forfeit laughing. I don't know why, but little little stuffs seems so funny to me. So, I kept forgetting the rule, and laughed multiple times. Laughter spreads yea? So Mark drank quite a bit for laughing too! Lol!

The King of not laughing was BaoTan. He just won't laugh. Lol!
(Suddenly recall the first day of school. He was sitting beside me like a block. I felt so uncomfortable. When the host said something funny, and I need to laugh. He simply gave a straight face. Laughs! )

Due to my petite body and lack of drinking experience. I was the first one who retreat to sleeping on the sofa. Followed by BaoTan. (Both of us were the smallest size among them) I slept till the afternoon!

So, this was what happened when I woke up.

BaoTan with his multiple blankets and pillows.

Eugene on the tiny chair. Lol!

Apparently, there were early risers.

Desmond reading the papers.

And Mark playing L4D. -.-!

Lastly, a skinny myself from the reflection~ =)

So, this was the first day of holidays!

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