Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sex stories.

I don't have to fake my chastity. And being honest to all of you who reads my blog is important. If some of you are really so concerned about my sex life. I am not shy, disgraced, or shameful to share. I had sex with 2 person in my entire life. First was my ex-boyfriend who lasted for close to 3years. Did I regret? To be honest, yes, I did. The very first time, it was against my will. I hated my lack of guts, and the spark of curiosity. Though we loved each other then, I always knew that the relationship was not what I wanted. I was 15 then, he was 5years older. We broke up after close to 3years, as it was obvious that we were a mismatch, and we seek different futures in life. It was so difficult to break away from a relationship. But I matured and developed a strong will power and mindset. I was so proud of myself.

Then, it's Rayner boy. =) I really love this chap, and yes, we had sex when we were dating (we dated for 2months!) , which was before we officially got together. It might portray that I am wanton, sex hunger, or a slutty. But I don't deem myself as that. It's really special with Rayner. There's this strong sense of trust and faith. And a hint of boyish playfulness. Damn, I was swoon by him. Sex to me is love making, a shared intimacy, warmth, and pleasure. It's a state of ecstasy and rapture! As Mae West puts it, "Sex is emotion in action". To add on, our relationship is a healthy, and stabilized one.

Having said that, I still want to add on that pre-marital sex is what I condone of. But why I am still doing it? Reason being that I am human after all, I do fall into temptations. =)

Anyway, the reason for me drafting up this entry, is to let others know that, everyone has a past, and should learn how to accept it. Mistakes are made all the time, facing and accepting them is the best solution. And of course, honesty is the key. If you are scared that others might see you in a different light, then, at the very least, be honest to yourself.

I know that many girls out there have close to similar, or even worst encounters. I hope that this entry will instigate the courage in these girls, to be honest about themselves, and accept the fact that it happened, and walk out of any kind of hindrance that it caused.

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