Sunday, February 28, 2010

And afterall, everything else is anti-social.

Hiphip-hiphip horray! =]
I'm so glad that I won this competition.
Yay yay, a brand new Motorola DEXT is mine to keep!

Special thanks to my sarporkers from EDMW.
I believe you guys generated alot of votes for me, judging by I don't know alot of my voters/likers.

And of course,
Many love for 285 of you people!
Really awesome to get so much votes within such a short period of time.

The runner up is Melissa Toh.
218 votes.
It was a pretty close fight, I would say.
And the funny thing about Facebook voting/liking is that, you can actually see who voted for you.
Best part is that, people you know will appear in the exposed name section of the [like].

And the 2nd runner up is Melissa Blair Tan.
45 votes. =]
I am s o j e a l o u s of her height!
Pretty person with a lovely character.
Such a pity that she has work the entire period.
That explains the reason that her votes are a bit lacking.

Anyway, from the front wall page of the ImSocial fanpage. Quite a few of Melissa Toh's friends mentioned that if it's a competiton about looks, she would have gotten first place. Well, I don't feel exactly elated reading those statements, and I definately don't understand the reasons for trashing it out with looks.

But, I don't look exactly 
h e d i o u s
d o i ?


Monday, February 22, 2010

Voting details are out!!

The competition to win the Motorola DEXT has commence!

And voting will stop on 26th Feb 11.59pm.
So I'll only have a short few days to ask for votes.

Before reading on to the nitty gritty details of the competition.
Click [ImSocial_GongXiFaCai - Jocelyn Kau], and [Like] the album.
(P.s. I think you need to join the group first!)!/imsocial

(Alternatively, you can click onto this picture to enter the album!)
Other than [Like]ing my album. 
Don't forget to kept uploading and tagging your own pictures in the ImSocial wall.
To stand a chance to win a Yatch Trip for you and 10 friends!


I shall share some of the pictures here. =)
 Haha. I think I was really cute to think of this.
It was 2 days before CNY and look, the mandarin oranges are still in their plastic bags.
(maybe I should copy paste the caption of pictures from the album here..)
-High skilled action of balancing 2 oranges and camwhore with a touchscreen phone. Give some credit yaaa..

 -Today is the first day (eve) of CNY. Going over to mummy's. Huat ah!
 [Note that everything was mobile uploads. So the captions are real time too!]

 -That's my younger sister, Angela and our outfit of the day. Thanks to my big bun, otherwise I'll be shorter. Haha.

 -That's papa and 肉 ming. We're going to grandma's for lunch.

 -Few of the cousins are afraid of dogs, so there was no choice but to make Baobei share a seat with me. He is so dark. >.< Thank god for the yellow top, otherwise he'll be lost in the picture. Lol.

 -Mummy, Daddy and Ivan.

 -Wahlao. What kind of angle is that!? I look so fat. Lol.

This is the most important picture of all! Haha!
 -Many many many money. Lol. All my winnings from my friends and boss from HSBC. Heh.
I started with $32, and it got up to $540. Sick man. Whoohooo!!

There are many many other pictures from the same album.
Read all the captions ya, and you'll follow me through my CNY. =)

To see the rest of the album, click :  

[LIKE] the album alright?
And I promise more frequent daily mobile uploads of me after I win the phone!

 Friday night would be the last night to vote!
Spread around and let your friends know about it!

And, if I really win the phone,
I'll post up my latest modelling pictures.
It's been quite awhile, I know. =)

Just a teaser for now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


You know, I am actually feeling kind of depressed, and it's about school. It's nearing the end of Semester 2, which marks the examinations and stuff. Sad to say, my grades sucks.

Well, it's not extremely lousy, but it has drawn to me the impossibility of entering into a local university. Which I think it's quite a big deal.

It is already too late to "work/study hard" at this point, judging the papers are 2 days away. But guess I'll have no choice but to do my best.

There is only half a semester left to "pull up my grades". But that alone won't be enough. Argh.

Depressed. zzZZ.. I shall see how things goes.. Back to the books now.

P.s. You guys will sponsor me if I can't get into local university right? *fake an optimistic smile =) *

Friday, February 19, 2010

Damn, it's time to return the Motorola DEXT

The period of the loan of the awesome phone is over! How sad. :( I can only own the phone full time if I were to win the competition! Let's hope I win! No no, let's hope you guys make me the winner! Haha. After using Motorola DEXT for the short 5 days, I really do fall in love with MotoBlur. It's the programme that the DEXT is running on.

Uploading pictures and status is just a touch away. It really live up to the title of being the Social Phone. Other than the ease of uploads, it syncs all messages together! Meaning Twitter replies, facebook mails, your personal emails and the SMSes are all in one ______ (I don't know what is the technical term, but it's all in a default application thingie!). Talk about the ease and efficiency of usage.

And, all of the applications are FREE. There's no need to pay nor to jailbreak! But I couldn't find the classic MJ. Hmm.. Let's hope that I really get to win the phone. I'll have millions of mobile updates!! Wahahahaas..

If you guys are interested to get your hands on this mighty social phone, go to Singtel! They are the exclusive distributor of Motorola DEXT!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Heard of ImSocial?

ImSocial is related to the CNY competition thing that I mentioned in my previous entry.

Apart from that,
there are chances for you guys to win the phone too!

There will be one lucky winner to win a Motorola DEXT per week.
(p.s. If you were to buy it, it's going to cost you more than SGD$1000)

It's really easy.

Simple join their page,
and take part in their SocialMania game.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Singtel has loaned to me the Motorola DEXT

And how do I make it my own?
It is to participate and win the competition.

So this is how it goes. 3 bloggers are selected to join this Facebook competition.
We're suppose to take pictures of our CNY visiting etc and upload them as mobile uploads.,
And whoever who got the most likes in their album will win.
Simple as that.

(P.s. This is the latest phone of Motorola. I so want to get my hands on this phone!! Support me when the competition voting details are out. Do check back in the next few days!! )

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And so I love my ears.

Listen a hundred times
Ponder a thousand times
Speak once.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need to start studying..

It is always extra hard to start studying. And sadly, I really need to do well for the upcoming major exams. I might neglect this space, but keep in mind that my Twitter and will be on a constant update. Please comment and make me feel good! =)

I truely miss blogging. =( Too many un-uploaded photo albums in my picture folder.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lets help a little..

Hi guys,               ‘
I have found this cat and she seemed to have been abused by some heartless people. 
I am appealing to anyone out there who would want to adopt her. She is still young 
and has a long life ahead of her. Kindly pass this message to your friends and hopefully 
we can find her a nice home.

Thank You.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vibe Presents : Butter Cookies!


My current favourite foot wear!!
Black chucky leather boots!
It's been quite a while since I last went to Butter Cookies, Ladies Night. Well, decided to head down that night with Winnie, Derek, Xavier and Daryl! =) Winnie was in an awesome mood that night, and gave me a treat of 2 jugs of Cranberry Vodka. 

 And she was so cute that night.
Now the whole world knows that she is "S size".
Inside joke.




Take note of the "ang mo" at the background.

Thank goodness photoshop exists.
Otherwise, a fairly nice picture would be destroyed by that retard.

The boys.

The lousy drinker.
(P.s. And that, I meant Derek, not me.)

That's all. Lots of school work to complete now that I am back in Singapore.
The rest of the pictures are here, click : 012710. Vibe Presents Butter Cookies!