Monday, March 9, 2009

Valentines 09' [Part1]

I'm finally here with my vday post!
(I thought of blogging straight after my previous entry. But, I got stuck watching ANTM (Australia) Cycle 4 2008 till now. )

Anyway, just to inform beforehand, pictures are rather crappy. They were poorly taken by my younger sister's walkman phone. Ugh.. Just got to make do!

For this year's valentine, I pretty much took things into my own hands. Well, as most of y'all know, I woo-ed this boy instead of the other way round. And also, for the fact that he is the only guy I ever celebrated Valentines with. I felt that I should do more of the planning, as guys can be rather insensitive at time. Heh!

So, I went over to Rayner's at 12+ am on 14th Feb. Managed to surprise him with a large box with just a small hand made card with 4 love vouchers inside. I was really proud of myself for actually making the card. It looked wonderful! There was this x2 popped up lips with colourful heart shapes thingies, and lots of words. But I only took picture of the envelope. Lol.

It look damn neat, I swear.

Being sweet and romantic isn't really my forte. However, I tried alright. Damn, I always feel other people (especially girls), doing some lovey dovey stuff for their partner, as very cheesy and corny. See, here I am, doing exactly like those silly girls. Blahh...

Rayner is real sweet this year.
He knows I find flowers meaningless, needless, and a waste. But giving flowers, is undeniably still a pleasant gesture. He gave me an origami rose spritz (how to do spell that word??!) with his Boss perfume, which was what I fell in love with, first. This year, he made chocolate rose! Read, he MADE the rose. Like, made the chocolate, the made it into a rose. It's gorgeous. See..

The whole rose is edible.

Get jealous babes! Speaking of from-deep-within-the-heart, and not anyohow buy some brands kindda stuff. How many guys these days actually bother to MAKE something? However, white chocolate isn't really my kindda stuff. It's too sweet for me. He bought the prep for dark chocolate too. But, he didn't make it into chocolate, as he was unsure about the proportions. -.-

Other than rose, he MADE heart shape scented wax candle. Yes, MADE again. Apparently, I saw alot of failed attempts and spoiled pots in a big red plastic bag at the corner of his room. (He didn't know that, but he'll know once he read this. lol )

Romantic candle light, coupled with whipped cream and honey. Adding onto my little french maid surprise for him.. You get what spectacular moments happened yea?.. =D
So, that was helluva night I had. I bet it's unforgettable for him too. Yes darling? ^^

Spent the afternoons lazy in bed, and he filled me with sweet talks - fully till the brim. (Blogging about the events is making me smile stupidly to myslef. Weird. And actually, I am damn sleepy right now. 7 in the morning.. Yawn.)

Then, it comes to the dinner.
(Do wait for part2 of vday. Pictures are uploaded into photobucket already. I will blog when I wake up alright!?)

Tata to all for now. Morning for most, goodnight for me~! ^^

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