Saturday, February 28, 2009

Guess what?! Exams over!

Byebye Geek, hello Jocelyn!

Yays! Holidays finally here! Goodness, one year flew passed real quickly!

Think about it, yesterday was Mas Selamat's one year anniversary of his escapade! Hahas! It felt like it happened just months ago!

Anw, a little review about my papers. Ah wells, they went O-Kay. Doubt I would be failing any papers, but I'll never know, until they send my results to me, through the sms system. Oh yah, and I am totally clueless about school reopening. Well, friends of mine, do remind me yea? MUST*

School and papers aside. And putting Rayner into the picture..
This darling boy of mine will be enlisting into army real soon (Less than 2 weeks time). Awww... Damn, would I be deprived? Haha! I was totally joking alright? I had already planned to use the Rayner-away time wisely. Most probably signing up some dance course, and freaking excercise for god's sake.

Exam is really taxing to my body. And I need to eat alot alot alot to really get through it. Though I usually eat alot alot alot, but that's with excercising. High metabolism rate doesn't mean that I have zero fat content. Sulk. Plus, I am really not TOO skinny lo! Plus x2, I don't have bird legs. Plus x3, I don't look like a flamingo! Lol!

Why am I talking about exams again? Madness.
Anw, got to tone up man. How can I not look fit and stuff when Rayner boy is going to be real fit from those torturous physical training that he is gonna receive?! But I pity him not. He seems to be positive about army and trainings.. Eww, I don't. I simple like their uniform, and that's about all that I like about army. -.-

Don't really know how things will turn out when he is away.. But, I guess I am rather tame to do anything otherwise. Heh!

You all must be thinking,.. "No matter what, I still have my sissy with me..". Yeeaaaahhhh right.
I do not. Awwwww. Sad yea? =/ She will be going to China for 3 weeks after Rayner enlist into army. Dots.

It's okay, I still have Joy, my poly friends, and photoshoots to accompany me through my hols.

Eh Joy, we should really meet up. I AM STARTING TO MISS YOU BADLY.

(P.s. Rayner is so going to be jealous when he sees this. ^^)

Alrighhhtts, ending here.
Gonna continue my romance novel. Heh heh hehh!
You peep better not think that it's anything dirty, girly, or "gee-li" (in hokkien) alright?! Statistics shown that majority of girls who read, reads ROMANCE novel lo.


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