Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Productive day.

Damn, I did alot of stuff today, and I am going to sleep in 30mins time. Just a short update (so that it's easier for Rayner to catch up with my life when he books out 2days later!!). Anyway, I slept really early last night, and woke up at 8am this morning. Ate breakfast and stuff, then made my way down to One Fullerton for the interview casting thingie, and I got the job! Lucky lucky me. And this time, a photographer who went for my previous shoot wished me luck before my casting. I was so proud that I made my way from Raffles MRT to OneFullerton without getting lost! I suck at directions.

After which, I took a train to Braddel MRT to send my lappy for fixing. I drew a cute map from the station to the exact location lo! Heh! I got there safety, and used my charm to urge them to change as many parts of my laptop as possible - quickly. But got to wait at least 2 weeks still.

Then, I walked all the way from Toa Payoh North to Bishan J8. Bought a nude coloured bra for tomorrow's hair show, and finally bus-ed home. Reached home at 2+pm. And tried all means to stay awake till now. (Got to wake up at 4.30am+ tomorrow, to reach the venue at 6am). The saddest issue is that, I got to wait 60days before the pay will reach me. =$

Oh yah, I thought mummy the final step of blogging. Which is transfering pictures from her phone to friendster and/or her blog. Which is quite productive. She damn funny just now. Just as I was about to teach her, she wore her glasses. Then I asked her to log into her blogger account. And she said, "Woah, since when did the font increase in size?!" And before I could reply, she said,"Oh, I'm wearing my specs! Hahha." -.-! Anw, I would say that it's rather productive.

By the way, she wished to receive comments regarding her blog post. It'll be great if it's in chinese. This is her blog address, http://mummyloveskids.blogspot.com
(please do not spam her, regardless of how much you dislike me, she's still an elder who anyone of us should respect)

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