Thursday, February 28, 2008

So sad so sad!

Anw, sorry for to blogging for so long. Kindda busy and of course, there's reasons to my lag of postings. I'll fill y'all up tonmorrow with multiple posts alright?

Anw, feeling kindda down right now. So, guess what I'm doing?? LOL

The "classic" way.

Yes yes yes, i am drowning myself in icecream! Woohoo! And you know what? I am gg to finish it!!!!! Yeaps!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memorable day.

Right rayner?? ^^

I am morphing into a snake!

Damn suay now!
I am like a snake.

Peeling it's okay, the thing is that I am have a MAJOR PIMPLE that stretch my pore till this big. O(as big as the 'O') That cause blemish that's 4 times of that 'O' size. AND, somewhere under that pimple, my skin is burnt from putting too much tee-tree oil.

SO!!!!!! It's like a mess at my left beside-the-nose-under-the-eye place.!!


Gonna stay at home and get well!

I earned $30 today! =)

Working as the surveyor again.
This time round, at China town!

While surveying people, I feel kindda sad for the place lo! It's like, not much people even care to appreciate the architecture and the heritage thingie there lo! Tsktsk. Can't blame them, cause neither did I took much notice. Shopping was at the top of my "to-do list", and earning money was at theirs.

The feeling was funny. I was thinking, people spent so much pains to go overseas, and to tour the place, to learn their history and stuff. But what about their own country? Hmm. --

For students, bo bian, die die we'll have to learn about it. Come to think of it, I doubt my mother felt a thing for china town lo. zzZ

Singaporeans nowadays. Tsktsk.

Anw, Rayner got me the glistering band (Nana, the one that you wanted). And a ring. Lol! Cute.
And I bought heels. 2.5 inches only. Very short. But, it's just $15. Lol!! Oh yah, and I bought a "chopstick" for my hair. =D

OMG, I suddenly thought of something I need to complain about. Next entry~

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shop shop with Mummy.

Went shopping with Mummy today. Whoowhoo~
We didn't take any pictures when we were out. So. --""

Anyway, spending quality time with her feels so great! =))) Especially when she has 5 child. Snatching her and smuggling her out was never easy. Hahas. Although the time spent was that mere 5 hours. But 5 hours of heart to heart talk sure feels good.

Come to think of it, moving out to pa's place the other time wasn't such a bad idea. Hahs! If given the choice, I will still do it. Not that I wanna make mummy hurt and angry again, but it's because after moving back, we became closer. ^^

Anyway, back to shopping. Lol! I bought 2 tee, 2 flimsy kindda top (to be shared with mummy), 2 new future short shorts, 1 MGL short shorts, 2 anklets (so mummy and I will be wearing the same) ^^

OHH, did I forgot to mention. Daddy gave me $50. Just for shopping with Mummy. Total coolness. So, I ended up spending not much that day.

We were suppose to do manipedicure. But due to time constrain (to pick up didi from school), we keep it for the next day out. My treat. ^^

Now it's like, mummy - my next best friend.

Now, pictures pictures!!

Black monkey tee.
Blue newfuture shorts.

Black sour tee.

Flimsy top.

Newfuture shorts.

MGL shorts.


I bought this for Rayner.
Sweet ehs?

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got my posting ler!!


you are posted to TEMASEK POLY,
under 2008 JAE.
Erm?? OKAY? I know it's a good course and people are dying to enter! BUTTTTTTTTT!!!
I so don't wish to say this, so don't wish to say this, so don't wish to say this......
I want to earn big money and work in an office so I can wear pretty office wear and put llooottttssaaaaaa makeup!!!
SO, I appealed to ACCOUNTING TP!!
Please let me in, please let me in, please let me in!!! I wont change my mind ever againnnn~

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My valentine.

This year's valentine is GREAT! Hahas.! Thanks Rayner. ^^

It feels rather weird though. Can you imagine? That day was the very first Valentine's Day that I celebrated in 17 years of my life. Haishhs, my ex boyfriend was such a loser.

Lol. Come to think of it, I did not celebrate valentine during my sec 1 & 2 years. Apart from receive loottssa flowers and apart from receive funny gifts from random people, nope, no celebrations.

Usually, those peeps with no valentine will go out in a group with friends and stuff. But, I am such a loner! Hahas! Hmmm, can't really remember which friend(s) I was close with that time. Sec 2 year, I celebrated it with Joy. Yeahh, think so. We went to eat or something. Can't really rmb too. Hmm. My brains are failing. I need GINKGO BILOBA! ( ginkgo biloba, ginkgo biloba, ginkgo biloba)

I had a boyfriend during my sec 3 and 4 years. Same guy lo. But nothing special. Haish! No nice dinner, no sweet gifts, no park talks.


I shall slowly narrate what I did with cute Rayner that day. (And yah, I asked him to be my valentine. So, I took the guys role. Lols.!)
In short, it's like..
-Lunch at Fish&Co AngMoKio.
-Jumper at CathayHub.
-Dinner at Bliss Cafe.
-Hell of a night~ ^^

Not only he's a damn sweet guy, considerate, protective, blah blah..
Did I mention to y'all that he is damn hot on bed?
Rare good catch. He can go on for hours.~.*.^.+.~.*.^.~

I shall end here.
Com'on envy me! Lol!!

SEE?? It's like homework again!!

Hahahas!! Too many photos!! ARghhh!!!! I am a busy lady yea..

Hmm.. don t feel like blogging words cause my finger tips are hurting.. x(
Yeah!! Guessed it right! I am fiddling with my guitar again! Wahahaas! And I realized something, I forgot everything that I remembered last time. (Joy is so going to kill me!) lols.

Anw, I want to learn Qing Tian. Wahhahas! --

Oh yah, back to the subject. So, this entry is about clearing all those pictures. Hahas.! Enjoy pictures before I go on babbling about how great my Valentine Day was. Heh!!

But the thing is that, I didn't take much picture on Valentine. Cause all my attention was on him mah.. Right. So, ENJOY.

Taken on one day before CNY.
My side view looks really curvy.

Sweet makeup bahh?

The next day at Papa's.
Oh yah, did I mention that I only bought 1 NY clothe?
So, out of the "nothing" I wore "something".
That looked quite neat!

Not bad ehs?
And, I swear I look taller in pictures!
No one will think that I am faking if I say that I am 166cm right?

That's Jiaming didi at the very right.
I think everyone in our family "show teeth" when we take pictures.

So so so "dao1" right?
Then I was telling him,
"can you give a smile???"

Laugh out loud.
Anw, he is Fabian.
My cousin from my papa side.

This is Fraezer.
(Nana, please, need some help in spelling his name)
He was so cute!
He was telling me he wanna take picture with me.
So I said ok, took out the phone and stuff..
THEN, he gave this angry look.
And giggled cutely.

Went over to Rayner's place the next day.
AND I realize I will forget to cam-whore with him arnd.
SO, no pictures!
I was wearing something really nice, with boots some more.

Delicious huhs??
Rayner's bro treated us NYNY.
And the reason to take this picture is that,
Like, so 贴心 yea?
This buffalo wing taste extremely sweet.

Next day was him at my place.
Erm, playing "eagle n chicks" with those kids.
Funny like hell!

And i took a very very cute shot of Eric!


End of CNY pictures.
The followings were taken from
MANGO's birthday.

In the mess, I manage to snap a shot of her..
of her mouth.
Kindda wasted if I don t keep this picture.
Pretty girls rarely look like that.
accident yea.

Rayner was damn "high" that night lo!!!

Oh, before I continue with the pictures of us,
I present you this..
(eh, I am like very proud of it lo!
I did it on my own!)

3 coasters at the bottom, 2 at the top.

(How do you spell it huh?)


Look at my arm.
Look like sadako!

My hair looks like extensions.

Hmm.. Edison's hand. --

I think my hair looks DAMN nice here.
yea yea??
Lovey Dovey.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Heyhey everyone. THANKS for viewing my blog everyday despite me not updating. Hoho. I am going to blog today and tomorrow to let y'all catch up with my life! YAY!

And, for those who are close to me will know. I always blog quite a couple of entries in one shot. Hahs.!!

Not going to say much in this entry. Cause, today's a busy day. Hoho!! Cause, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Wheee~

And the important thing is that, I ASKED A GUY TO BE MY VALENTINE!!

Hohoho!! Acheivement lehh! Thank god I got no rejections. Anw, now I am so "gan jiong". Zzzz..
Come to think of it, I haven had good valentine day since, since I was born! Wth yea? Hmm, so, hopefully, this year's Vday will be GREAT! ^^

BBBUUUUTTT, what's bothering me now it that, I DONT KNOW WHAT GIFT TO GIVE. zzzz. Cause this is kindda very last minute. And I just woke up, with my facemask n nightie on... And it's already 3.18pm now. HOW?

I am not a romantic person, and I dont know how to make anything romantic. AND WORST STILL, he don't eat chocolate!!!! FAINTS. -- Haiyers. Challenge ler lah. =..( Die.

Don't care! I shall think of something later. Yahyah, LATER~~ Lols!!

Anw, anxious to know who is it bahh??? ^^
I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU LEHH!! Wahahahahas! Lame --

But it's kindda obvious. Cause, I've got some pictures to share in my next entry!!

Lily Allen -smile

I understand it's an old song. But nice yea? Lols. Anw, this is dedicated to SSY. ^^

When you first left me,I was wanting more,
But you were f***king that girl next door,
What did you do that for? (do that for)
When you first left me,I didn't know what to say,
I'd never been on my own that way
Just sat by myself all day
BRIDGE: I was so lost back then,
But with a little, help from my friends
I found the light in the tunnel, at the end
Now your calling me up on the phone
So you can have a little whine and a moan
And its only because your feeling alone
CHORUS:At first, when I see you cry
Yeah, it makes me smile
Yeah, it makes me smile
At worst, I feel bad for a while
But then I just smileI go ahead and smile
Whenever you see, you say that you want me back
And I tell you it don't mean jack,
No it don't mean jack
I couldn't stop laughing,
No, I just couldn't help myself
See ya messed up my mental health
I was quite unwell

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

To Mr Seah Seng Yong.

Please don't be that desperate alright? If you think that destroying me infront of my friends is going to make me mad so that I'll have connections to you, and so that you can destroy me further. You are so wrong. Don't be such a loser. If you are going to do such things and think about destroying me everyday, you are going to waste your pathetic life that has been wasted since.. god knows. So, grow up alright. I dont feel like destroying you right here in my blog. And you know I am capable of doing such things. Be wise and stop it before your exsistence is getting into my nerves.

If I am going to hear one more stuff about you tarnishing my name. You are going to get it from me. =)

I need peace, and you are the only thing disrupting it.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover

You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you!
Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter.
You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you.

You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable
Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life
By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover.

Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives.
Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours.
No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover.

You Are Very Sexy

Damn! You are one hot number. You have a lot of sex appeal.
You know you're sexy, and you're not afraid to put it all out there.

And while you're very appealing, you're careful not to be trashy or over the top.
Sexy is all about attitude. And you totally have the attitude that people love.

How You Are Sexy

You are open to all sorts of experiences, and you have a taste for the exotic. Your adventurous spirit is very sexy.

Your modern look is sexy. You don't give people too much of the same old thing. You like to change it up.

You accept your body as it is, and that's sexy. If you feel attractive, you are more attractive - no matter what your shape is.

You are flirtatious and fun with most people. You know how to keep things light, friendly, and sexy.

Last night at Papa's place.

Lols. Pardon me using this picture as my intro pic. Kindda ekks. Hahas. Jocelyn isn't all about perfection and beauty. She's about FUN! -- Lame la.

Anw, this entry is about me moving back to mummy's place. In another words, leaving Papa.

Actually, it is kindda sad for Papa lo. It's like, after so so many years, I can finally some what of "come back" to him. And now I am leaving. And the thing is that, I'm not even sure if I am coming back to stay.

To be exact, I moved here 2 weeks after Os. Which means I stayed here for like, 3months? Hmm, got feel got feel. I'll definitely miss the quietness, laid back, relax, tidbits-full life here. And of course, I'll miss the accompaniment of Papa, Nana & my Keai de Baobei!!

But, I am also looking forward to going back home lo. I miss my air-conditioned room (p.s. mental note to buy steamer for my room), my toilet, my cubicle, my computer, my bed, my karaoke room, my massage chair, my mummy & Ang Mo Kio!! zzz. A bit lo soh right? -- AHH, and I forgot to add, MY CUPBOARD!

Lols, my sister will understand why.. HOR?!

I have decided to soak at home for a week or so to get use to it. I remembered the first three weeks I moved to papa's place. I stayed at home and watch SCV whole day. Hahas.

Come to think of it, I am quite a homely person. =) Love the outdoors and the nightlifes, but I rather have all my friends soak with me- at home.

Hahas. If anyone of you wanna sing karaoke with me, DO TELL ME! My house welcomes anyone here to sing! (p.s. I have the kbox kindda karaoke set at home) Ehhh, not everyone la. I don't feel like inviting sengyong. Wahhahahahas! EVIL! Hopefully he isn't that lame to read my messy and not very meaningful entry.

I am going to end this here. And then...
Shit. Bathe. Play gunbound. Hack Kenrr's account. Sleep. Wake up. Pack all my stuff neatly. Go home.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

2008 resolution. Part 2 of 12

HAIYAS!!! I failed my January resolution! zZZ!

I shall copy paste my Jan resolutions here.
1. Buy a push up bra.
2. Fall in love.
3. Make more friends.
4. Do face mask alternate days.
5. Do hair mask alternate days.
6. Scrub myself with honey & sugar everyday.
7. Put lotion all over everyday.
8. Apply sunblock lotion everyday.
9. Put toner moisturizer & teatree oil everytime I wash my face.
10. Sleep more.

Lol, I manage to complete no. 2, 3, 8, 9, 10.

I.e. I HAVEN BUY PUSH UP BRA!!! Wth?!?!?! Hahass
It's like so expensive and so paiseh lo! Like, going to buy with my usual friends it's so funny. Nana-mon, I CHOOSE YOU!

Haiyer, you are like some busy woman. No time for me. Sadness. And one more sad thing, I haven done my new year shopping! Ahhhh! Jialat. I am going to wear my nightie for NY. hurr hurr..

And my good friend Rayner is injured. =( No shopping khaki.

Part 2. Month of February.

1. Make my two sides of friends, "friend" each other.
2.Buy a push up bra.
3. Buy swim wear.
4. Do some form of sports at least once a week.
5. Blog more.
6. Continue my beauty routine.
7. Drink more milk & water.
8. Start looking for another job for March.
9. Hope ice angel will get me some paid photo shoots.
10. Re-design my room.

Hopefully, this time, more than 80% of my resolutions can be completed. Wahahas! The 20% that is not completed will, hopefully, be 7 & 8. The rest HAVE TO BE DONE!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to JOY!

Happy Birthday to JOY
Happy Birthday to JOY
Happy Birthday to JOYJOY
Happy Birthday to JOY

Heyhey! I am blogging this one day later, but yea, I changed the date. Hoho.

So, today, it's Joy's birthday. Went to her place to somewhat celebrate her birthday for her. Hoho. Some of her new friends were there too. And, in short, it's a fun, rainy and big cake day!!!

Hahas. I took some pictures with my hp camera. So, I shall post these few up before she sends me the rest of em.

Me with Ken's cap.

At Joy's place.

Cute yea?
Guess what's that on my head??

See his feet?
Anw, I swept it clean before putting on my head alrights.

Xiao Li-er.

Happy birthday BABY joy.
She is six yesterday.
Gratz Joy, your mind grow up ler!!
Fve last yr, and six this year.

Cut cake!

This is MY cake.
BIG BIG piece lo!
Mine is like 3 times of the usual size thay the others took.

I love WHIP CREAM too!!
I bet Joy loves em as much as I do.

Sooo funnyyy.
She wanted to play 5-10-15.
Who knows she'll lose right?
And I wasn't that bad to "dii siao" her till she disiao-ed me lo!!!


Bk's penguin is kindda very cute.
Sorry I somewhat killed it. --

That's all the picture I have. Do check back for more pictures!! =D
Happy happy Birthday Joy.
Do fully utilise the pressie I gave you hor!