Friday, March 13, 2009

Healthy facts.

I am a avid reader of internet health, and skincare column,
and decided to start sharing one or two "health-ful" tips when I come across them.

I read a topic on fats.

3. Stress makes you fat. It also triggers the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. When stress becomes unrelenting, the omentum attempts to control cortisol flow by sucking it out of the bloodstream. But cortisol fights back once it’s in the omentum and turbo charges fat there. That sets off other chemical reactions that leave you feeling hungry.

Above it's just an extract of one of many pointers regarding this topic.
You can read the rest from if you are interested. =)

Okay, so now I know.
The reason why someone's (you all know who yea) face seems rounder and rounder each time she posts a new photo entry. Be careful, you are losing your jawline (Quote from Phiyornah).

Goodness, I hope to apologize to the stress I caused you,
but, I can't help it cause subconsciously, you are the only person giving stress to yourself (and not knowing it).

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