Wednesday, January 30, 2008

YAY!! Happiness.

I am, finally, as free as a bird!!!!

YeeeHHAAA. (ok, i know it's a horse sound, and not a bird. but just imagine i do a bird sound instead.)

CChhiiippppiiie. ( -- )

Whatever. Lol.
Anw, I am not working anymore. Hahas!! Thanks to those people who came to visit me at Bugis watsons, and screw all those that didnt! (jokingly) But then, you people are mean la (refering to those that didnt come). Don't you dare say you didnt go Bugis in the past one month?!?! Fine fine. Lols. I shan't rant about this.

Work is finally over, and very soon, I'll get my pay so I can satisfy my redundant indulge of shopping. Wahahahahas!! I can't wait!! And after so much "ponning" from work, I wonder how MUCH my salary will be.

I realise I have quite a number of pictures in my phone. BUT, I am not going to share it with y'all today. Hahas. Tommorow? Most probably.

So, after not seeing my face in blogsphere for SOOO long. I shall present you, MY FACE! -.
This was taken quite long ago. Arnd last week?

Cool nots? Stupid but cool right? Hahas. The boxing golves was SO big.

Okay, times up. -- It's 12nn now, i got to get dressed. Lols. Shall update more later in the night. WAIT for my updates. Lols. Be patient! Hahas. I am busy catching up with the enjoyment I ought to have in my past 1 mth! --

So much of being happy, some where in my heart is sore. I'm sorry for hurting you boy.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I've made my choice!!

Hahas. Finally aye? Yeah.. After SO LONG of sitting in front of the computer, and in front of my JAE 2008 Booket, i finally sumitted my choices.

Hoohoo! Nervous lo! This is even more daunting than getting the O level results! It's like, you have to make a smart choice, otherwise, you're a goner. It's so mind racking! So, after so long flipping through the JAE booklet and some "online" research, together with weighing and pros-n-con-ing, I present you my choices....


Heh! I know Joy will be SHOCK! Lols. Yeah yeah, mass comm before accounts. But I doubt I can get in. Hopefully, but, idk!!!! AHHH! NERVOUS! Hoho. Skully I go into JC! Faints. -- Lol. Anw. Yeah.. I submit ler. ^^

Hopefully, which ever course which I manage to get in to, turn out to be great for my future and myself. =D Please, let it be good. Lols.

(please, no regrets no regrets no regrets.)

Friday, January 25, 2008


Enneagram Test Results
Type 1 Perfectionism50%
Type 2Helpfulness46%
Type 3Image Awareness80%
Type 4Sensitivity23%
Type 5Detachment53%
Type 6Anxiety53%
Type 7Adventurousness60%
Type 8Aggressiveness80%
Type 9Calmness80%
Your main type is 9
Your variant is sexual

Main type


Jung Test Results.
ESFP - "Entertainer". Radiates attractive warmth and optimism. Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with. Very generous. 8.5% of the total population.
Extroverted (E) 56.25%
Introverted (I) 43.75%
Sensing (S) 62.5%
Intuitive (N) 37.5%
Feeling (F) 51.43%
Thinking (T) 48.57%
Perceiving (P) 60%
Judging (J) 40%

Rant about work.

Do y'all know that I feel miserable working there?!?!?!

Sad right? Nod nod.

Me, almightly me, IS BULLIED AT WORK!!!!

Suck right? Ahhh.. The story goes like this, there is this Revlon cosmetic promoter (working at the same outlet as me). She is freaking in her late twenties, she stuck up to the store senior staff/manager's ass, sex him, AND BLOODLY HELL WARNED ME!

I was freaking angry lo! She's like damn childish, stupid and jealous!

Anw, she warned me about cutting her sales (i.e. snatching her potential customers). Her exact words was, "________________" (ass, i cant type chinese. will update soon). Anw, in translation, it's, "You better not cut my sales. If you let me see it, i am going to scold you on the spot."

Damn shitty right? TSK!

This is just the start. She continue her childish acts by constantly picking on me!!! There's this one time, she complained about my box covering her stocks and HER customer can't find it. wth ehs?!?!

And the stupid manager or senior staff kept complaining to my in-charge about me talking to my friends. WTH ehs?! I admit to the first, it was Kenrr. Then the second time they complained, i was damn pissed off, and they need a medium or bomoh to attend to them. Cause I was thinking that they might be seeing me mingling with ghost!

Grr.. So miserable lo!

BUTTT, the good thing is that, i will stop work on Monday!! Yay!!! Wahahahas. Last day of work. Greatness.!!

I bet many ppl will ask, why didnt I somewhat defend myself, or talk back or something. I decided not to. Cause, I've changed for the better!!! Wahahas. So great huhs. I matured a little. =D No longer the Jocelyn that's always courting for trouble. ^^

Cancer - The Beauty

MOST AMAZING KISSER. Very high appeal. A Cancer's Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet in your life. Entirely creative person, most's are artists and insane respectfully speaking. They perfected sex and do it often. Extremely random. An ultimate freak. Extremely funny and is usually the life of the party. Most cancers will take you under their wing and into their hearts where you will remain forever. Cancers make love with a passion beyond compare spontaneous. Not a fighter, but will kick your ass good if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to!


Rather lame right? Good friend Rayner sent it to me. I wonder in he edited it. Look at those bold words. ("extremely random", "ultimate freak", "kick ass" ) Horoscope thingies shouldnt have such ridicules stuff right? Dot dot.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

=) I am brave.

After such a long time, I finally let go of the past and moved on! Yay!! (clapclapclap..)

First of all, I shall say this, I am attached to Kenrrick. My siao eh. Lol.
He is a sweet and nice guy. Hopefully this relationship turns out well. I can't afford another heartbreak. Hahas. Emotional ehs?

Hmm.. It's been quite sometime since I got into a new relationship with anybody. This step I took was a brave one. =) I am serious. Although I seem like a jovial girl with nothing to be afraid of, this is one thing that frighten me - getting into a relationship.

Blame it on my past relationship. Even the first day was a mistake. However, I am not detesting or blaming anything/anyone. Nono, actually, I am. I am blaming on my foolish, naive and childish self.

However, those are all the past. For people that read my blog since the start of it should probably know my stupidity. Hah, it took me 1 long year to get rid of the mindset of being "wasted" and it took me quite sometime to believe that I am not worthless. Hahas. Sounds stupid right?

Ehh, but I'm not to blame lo! Deep down inside I am a very convention person leh! Serious. Please believe. =) Although I can "council" people about such things, and I can show a very alright steady attitude, I am extremely weak de la! Hahas.

That explains my title. I am brave. =)

In my short two and half years of relationship with that guy, I've learned alot. And bracing up for myself is one important lesson that I learned after my decisions to leave him.

The following short paragraph is dedicated to the person who I shed most of my tears for.
If you are going to use such childish acts to make me yours again. I tell you what, you are failing. Saying those threatening things to me is useless. Can't you understand I am somewhat immune to them? What a loser.

to be continued...

Air Supply - Two less lonely people

I was down my dreams were wearing thin
When you're lost where do you begin
My heart always seemed to drift from day to day
Looking for the love that never came my way

Then you smiled and I reached out to you
I could tell you were lonely too
One look then it all began for you and me
The moment that we touched I knew that there would be

(chorus) two less lonely people in the world
And its gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just cant believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now theres two less lonely people
In the world tonight

Just to think what I might have missed
Looking back how did I exist
I dreamed, still I never thought Id come this far
But miracles come true, I know cause here we are

Tonight I fell in love with you
And all the things I never knew
Seemed to come to me somehow
Baby, love is here and now theres
(repeat chorus)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My sister's impression of me...


Thanks huhs. -- NOT. BLEAHS!

2008 resolution. Part 1 of 12

I have decided!! I am not going to have NEW YEAR RESOLUTION ler. I am going to have Monthly resolution. Cute right? Then it's easier to fulfill. Then at the end of this year, I shall collate ALL of my "resolutions" and compile it up to be my so called NY resolution.

Part 1. Month of January.

1. Buy a push up bra.
2. Fall in love.
3. Make more friends.
4. Do face mask alternate days.
5. Do hair mask alternate days.
6. Scrub myself with honey & sugar everyday.
7. Put lotion all over everyday.
8. Apply sunblock lotion everyday.
9. Put toner moisturizer & teatree oil everytime I wash my face.
10. Sleep more.

Cool bah! I have to follow lo. Come to think of it, my last year's resolution was quite lame too. -- I shall get the link. Herehere.

Come to think of it, i did not even complete 50% of those resolutions lo. I gave up halfway. Hahas. Disappointing! So, I shall do monthly de, easier to achieve. ^^

Smart girl!

Best job I ever had.

I "worked" my entire yesterday lo. So hardworking ehs? Hahas. And I got the $$ right after my job. Cool ehs? $60 leh! Hahahas!

I was extremely happy lo.

Then went to watch National Treasure with my friend (who don't wish to be named).
The show was alright la. Not EXTREMELY exciting la. And, kindda predictable. Haiyers, should watch scary movies instead. I think it's more exciting. Eh, not true la, adventure shows are also quite exciting. zz. Just my preference. Random. --

Anw, after so long of not blogging words, adding on to not schooling, I can't seems to type properly. And my language sucks. Ahhh. Bad bad.

Got to add some stuff in my new year resolutions to boost my language!! EEe. Sounds geekky! Haha.

Or, I shall blog more instead of the picture picture kind. Yea.. So i shall act damn intelligent and blog some controversial topics. Idea right? Wahas! Brr. Bimbo!!

Will be getting results real soon, like, in 2 weeks time. The thought of it is rather nervous lo. Hopefully my last minute studying and despite the fact that I constantly get into trouble, can allow my to get into my desired course.

Hopefully, hopefully hopefully.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Visit me bahh! I beg you!

Hahas. Ehh, everyone of u very no heart (bo xim) de lo. =( I've been working for 4 days!! And not a single soul come and visit huhs?! zzzz

Anw. Just to further tell y'll about my job thingie,

I am working from THURS to SUNDAY 12pm to 8pm.
In the month of January.

Hahas. Come visit me lo. I am damn bored during working hours leh. And damn bored during break time too.

Break time alright la,
Day1- I ate with all Hoyu friends.
Day2- Alone =(
Day3- I ate with a new guy friend who got my no. when I was in a hurry.
Day4- Watsons person.

Hahas. Quite alright lo. BUT, still feel weird weird de mah! Can some friends come find me??

Lunch break is from 4pm to 5pm.

I made some great friends from Hoyu lo. Hahas. That Rayner guy is one of them.

Thanks for that free Fasio lip gloss. Hahahas! ^^

(Actually this part is just for thanking him. Lols.)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I am hired!! By Hoyu Singapore Pte Ltd.

Yay!! After so long of slacking, I am finally going to work. Thanks to a couple of newly made friends, which are all promoters, I got to work at Watsons inside Paroc Bugis. Cool ehs? I shall help Hoyu to do some adverts here. So y'all will buy from me lo. Wahaha!

Anyway, I went to Hoyu company today for the 2.5hrs of training, follow by dying my hair at their studio later on. Made some great friends. ^^ At least I did not spend my time not talking and sit their as though a stone yea?

The one thing that I must say and "I cannot take it" is that a guy actually recognize me from FACEBOOK! Kua.. kua.. It was damn, ______ lo. I cannot find a suitable word to describe how I feel. Hahas. Being kindda "expose" online made the world a smaller place for me. Hoho.

It was damn shocking at first. He was asking me if I know "blahblah". Then I said no. After sometime then I remembered that "blahblah" was my facebook human pets "master". zzz. And that guy that went for the training was his friend that commented on me in facebook. Wahahas!

Another coincident was that Bjorn is also hired as a Hoyu promoter. Hoho! So at least I know somemore more than all the new faces. Cool lo.

So, I will be working tomorrow,

@ Parco Bugis's Watsons
Every thur - sunday 12pm - 8pm in Jan.

Do come over to buy Hoyu Hair products from me. ^^ Anw, Hoyu is having promotions and stuff. REAL good de lo. I shall blog about it in my next entry. Do check back tmr.

The colour didn't come out this striking la.
It because of the flash light that made it look like this.
In case you are wondering,
my hair colour is...
from the Beauteen series.
If I am not wrong, it cost about $8++ and it comes with a free admission into KBOX.

Eh, $8++ to go Kbox leh, normally u need to spend arnd $15+ right?
Buy from me and I'll give u the free admission card.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello 2008!!

Happy New Year everyone! I shall not blog much about my reflections and NY resolutions in this blog entry. Shall leave it for the next alright? =) Cause I am damn tired now. Gotta go for work training tomorrow and here I am rushing this blog entry for Joy. Lols!

Anyway, yesterday was New Year's eve. Fun fun night! =) My sister, together with an EXTREMELY BIG group of friend, friend's friend, friend's friend's friends, and I went to Esplanade to catch the fire work show! So, i guessed it was about 20 over people?? It was damn squeezy and damn irritating.

Irritating cause, some stupid people was spraying the China kindda "foam" spray which sprayed out white perfumed spots instead of the foam b'cus of the low quality. And it was all over my face, my eyelash and my hair. My sis got those white dots all over her black tee lo! Irritating!

We watched outside Marina Square, somewhere near the Mac. Thanks to all those tall and big sized friends, so that I didnt manage to get lost. Hoho!

I took lots of photos. So, enjoy~

Before meeting the rest of em.
Check out the difference in the size of the eyes.
I was having fakeeyelash on.
This fakeeye lash so weird de lo,
made my eyelash seems countable.

I think my tounge look dead in this pic.
Anw, look at the shadow cast on my lower lids.
Cool ehs? llooonnggg~

This is eugene. His real name is Edwin.
But both my sister and I think the name "Eugene" suits him more".
Cute guy ehs? He is only P5.
We were sitting down at outside MSq waiting for the coutdown and firework.
Look at how I am sitting.
Extremely squeezy lo!!

Me with a very idotic sister at the back ground.

This is my new friend,
However, I rmb him as AhYong.

Sebast and Kenrrick

Lol. Guys trying to master the cute-stick-out-tongue look.

Nana and Haikal.
Someone flew a helium filled baloon up, and Haikal was looking.
When my sister saw this pic, she asked why was Haikal looking up,
and I explained.
But she didnt realise about people cheering the balloon up.
-- this conclude her retardness.

That's half of Andy. --

She said that my eyes was too big.
So I squint lo.
Looks nice right?
Wahaa! I shall start taking pictures with squint eyes.


Outside some pub.

We went to a pub at Boat Quay after the firework show. We walked there lo. And something rrreeeaaalll cute happened. As we were walking, and about to cross someroad, a taxi drove past us, and a cute caucasion wind down the backseat window, and shouted to me. "Sexy girl, you(pointing to me)!" Wah! Flattered lo! Wahahahs! Sweet la. I was wearing a white tee and a pair of shorts. And that's SEXY leh! Muahaha! Woo~

Kawaii 五连排 with Sebastian





Cute bah?

Inside the pub.
Erm, i think it's called, "Slide", or was it "Side"?
I drank a bit only lo.
There's a sister acting like a mother role with me,
must restrict.
And if papa knows that I took liqour,
I doubt he'll be happy lo.

We were NOT kissing alright?!
He was slightly behind me.
Anw, DO NOT MISTAKE him as my boyfriend hor.