Monday, March 31, 2008

Photographer - EugeneKan.

Heyhey people! I did a photoshoot with lottsaa photographer yesterday, at Esplanade. It turned out great!! Although it's my first paid shoot, received quite a couple of compliments! Thanks loads!

I have not receive the photos from all of the photographers yet. At the mean time, I have the pix from Eugene!

The pictures are great! Thanks!! But I forgot which is Eugene. Hmm.. I am bad at names!! Roar~ Paisehs.

People I am new, so, DO NOT throw me too harsh comments alright?!?! But do comment nicely, I need to improve! hoho! --

Enjoy Eugene's photography..

That's all peeps! =)) Do comment me! ^^ I should be receiving the other photographer's works later. Do check back often!
I am so loving thisss!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping day!! ^^

I went shopping at Marina Sq with Rayner and Nana yesterday.
And I bought a "dress" from MANGO for my photoshoot.
I am going out for heels shopping, so, I shall let pictures do the talking~

I bought this top!
Nice ba?
It's a top, but I took the L size,
and wear it as a DRESS.

This is a top from ZARA.
Quite nice ba?
No, I didnt get it.

This expression means,
Happy in the upper half of the face.
Sad at the lower half of the face.

My HIPPY boyfriend!

Check out my eyes!
Sparkling not?
Cos i put double eyelid sticker!!



Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The other time, a friend of mine was asking me this question through msn.

Q: If given the chance, and you can only have one choice. Would you rather grow taller, or have bigger boobs??

My answer: Grow taller!!

Hahas, my reason was, even if you are wearing heels, if you're short, your body and legs still look short. However, after wearing pushup bra (I hav yet to buy 'em) you will look busty. Furthermore, many chio models have small boobies! Wahhas!

Soso, what do you think I should choose if I was given a choice.?


After not blogging of SUUCHH a long time, because of not having Photoshop to resize/edit my pictures, I have acumulate a sum of pictures to be blog!! Ahas!!

Anw, I remember mentioning about my nails right?

Nice bah? I drew 'em on yea!?
My right hand's "art" is abit cui already.

Next it's some random picture from Rayner's phone. --

My tongue looks scary!
Anw, I look like some TALL CHIO BU yea?
That have boobies!

And, random Angela. Lol!

Btw, for those of you who do not know,
Angela is my younger sister.
It's hard to see her face appearing here,
cos she is "camera shy".
Let's see what a cam-whore she will be 2 yrs dwn e road.

The followings were taken at a get together after Rayner's friend's proposal party. (I will blog more about it someother time)

Looks like lil red riding hood that wolf, no?
We were inside one room of the Fragrance Hotel.
Lots of people, one tiny room.
At the end of the "day",
everyone(almost) was choking from the smoke.

I wasn't drunk!
Although I turned into a lobster for a while.
That's John's cap.

Joshua at the back.
Rayner at the front.
We were playing, "lim jiu la".
Nice game.

And then, and then..
Pictures from yesterday..

Yupyup, that beetle is TEEHEE!
It got stuck onto Rayner's thigh on the way back from the busstop.
I heard from AhMa when I was young that,
if you spot a "golden beetle",
Apparently, I spot TEEHEE first,
SO, good luck is on my side.

AhMa also mentioned that you got to set it free.

Byebye TEEHEE,
may you bless me with good luck.

Some pictures taken by my new "modelling" friends. ^^

Queeny and I.
I look freaking SMALL!
She's 168cm lo!

This is Baobao aka Yan and I.
Fun and sweet people!

That's all for now people!! I will blog more later. Hopefully with pictures. Know why? Cause I will be meeting NANAJieJIE! --

Monday, March 24, 2008

Free Rice.

For every you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice through the UN World Food Programme to help end hunger

This is so interesting, no? You people should click and check that out. I "played" the word game just now, and they have to donate 500grains of rice! ^^

The best thing is that, while you upgrade your vocabulary, you are actually feeding someone.!

This is not an advertorial. Just me sharing something with you. Anyway, I saw it from Advertlets.

Click here to stop poverty, feed hungry people and make yourself smarter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

DangDangDangDang!!!! My model wanna-be photos!!

[Update: I showed these pictures to my mum a while ago. Guess what she said??
不像 lor, 真的不像 lor.
What?! Even my mum says so. Lol? Many people msn me and not believe that it's me. Lols. I displayed the 3rd pic, and quite a number of them says I look like Japanese. ^^ ]

Hahas.. Just these few. Cause I ripped it off from a webby!

Lots of thanks to Yan aka Baobao & her friend for telling me that I was posted up there. ^^And, thanks the lovely photographer, Esther.

Tell me my hair looks sexy!
Apparently, this is my favourite photos out of the three.
Anw, expecting to receive more pictures soon.

I dont like this.
Cannot see my face.
And my mouth looks weird!
But my dress looks sweet yea!!

Ok ok.. I know.
My nail poslish is totally unmatching.
I find my eyes pretty here.
Dont ask why is it not upright.
I don't know,
and i dont have photoshop to edit.

[Update: This side it's nicer than the right side up. Lol. ^^ So shall leave it. =) ]

That's all peeps! Comment me alright!!