Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Financial Accounting 2, Business Statistics and Organisational behaviour results.

Mid semester 2's results for these 3 subjects are out!!!

Financial Accounting 2
I scored 36/50. Which is 72%, a B grade! =)

I am very glad with this result!
Though it's not an A. But given that I failed my mid sem 1, and got a D+ for end sem1. I should be praying and thanking god by now. ^^ Nahh, my cab fares paid off! Wooh!

Business Statistics
I scored full marks! 50/50. 100%, a Z grade!

Goodness gracious! When was the last time I score full marks for important papers? Secondary 1?! Laughs!! Seb (my classmate) scored full marks too! In another words, I am as smart as him! Yay!! Well well, I know I know.. More than 50% of my result was pure luck! Aiyer..

Organisational Behaviour
I scored 18/30. 60%, a C grade.

=/ I am lousy at this! Lol! I simply can't do memorising work! Urghh. Damn, I should really start being a little more attentive during this lesson! -Sulk. The worst part is that, majority did well for this subject! Damn, I am "memorisingly-challenged". -.-

I deserve chocolates, icecreams, and a pat on my head ^^!

Monday, December 29, 2008

First day of the new semester!


Hope everyone out there has recuperated, enjoyed, slacked, and rot enough to start with this new term! And to those peeps studying in the secondary and JCs, play hard for the last 3 days of holidays!

It's the start of the year (well, almost) and of course, everyone will have their New Year resolution listed down. Likewise, I thought about it during my bus ride home, from school.

Well, 09 will be a tough year! We ought to brace ourselves and prepare for those challenges ahead. Come to think of it, I will be rather on my own in this coming year. =/ Boy will be booking into army in 3 months time. Guess I need to start getting use to photo shoots without bodyguard, nor bag carrier.. =/

Adding on to the financial crisis, the ever increasing price level, and unemployment rate, are signs telling us to be thrifty and competent for money earning opportunities. Though we can't really feel the after effects of the crisis just yet, just do the necessary "precautions" before it really hits us.

So, a huge part of my resolution points down to, saving money.
Follow by, taking good care of the stuffs I buy.

Hmm, it's time to sleep now, so I guess I will pause here. =D
Resolutions will be up on New Year, or the day after.. and my X'mas Eve pictures will be up tomorrow. ^^

Hope to see more response on my dying comment board. (P.s I will reply to comments tmr!)

Nights! Have a good year ahead!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry X'mas!

Merry Merry X'Mas!

How did y'all party on Christmas's Eve?
Hope all of y'all had fun!

I certainly had alot of fun.
Will update more sometime soon!

For the time being,
1 picture.
(I ripped it from somebody's facebook. heh!)

Ray and I on the same frequency.
Both gave that squished up mouth. Lol!
(P.s. not drunk nor too much blusher, just red from the alcohol)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A night out, to watch the lights.

Picture entry! =)
I can't recall and am too tired to recall the exact date in which the pictures were taken.
If I am not mistaken, it should be on the 20th Dec.

Asked Rayner out to accompany me to Chanel, to enquire about some stuff. (I realise there's alot of "to(s)" in my sentence.) Also, check out this year's decoration at the same time. Frankly, it's SOO DISAPPOINTING! All those who even bothered to admire Singapore's Christmas deco yearly should notice. The government, or rather, those major buildings, are putting less and less effort in decorating the streets.

Maybe it's because of the financial crisis and recession problem. Sigh.
Not only the streets, my home Christmas deco looks less festive than last years. But Mummy had a lousier reason - lazy to remove the deco after Christmas. Bad enough..

I was sitting on the side of Ngee Ann City. Y'all know the high marble lookalike platform thing? Rayner carried me up there. =D View wasn't that great. Looks like last years deco, plus more candy sticks hanging from the trees. Yikes.

Rayner got me those motorbike 1 dollar icecream while we enjoy the privacy of sitting on such high grounds. People watching ^^

and we decided to camwhore abit. =B

Check out Rayner's mouth! Gross! By the way, it's ice cream in his mouth. It looked like tissue paper from the camera's screen.

It's a all-hair-up day(night)! I think I look rather good with all my hair up. I am so not going to cut my fringe from now on. So that I can tie em all up. Heh!

See that bunch of retards? They freaking walked to us, and sang some Christmas song, which don't sound like those regular Christmas carol we usually hear. And they insisted that we donate any amount for their country's (The Philippines) charity.

Well, I certainly have something to say about this.
They didn't seem to me like a charity organisation, asking politely for donations. Rather, they seemed like terrorist! Rayner and I was on taller grounds, so they were directly underneath us, and continuously repeatedly sing their short homemade Christmas song, in a semi circle formation. !!!!!!!

Rayner gave them all his coins, and they moved on to the next best target. (That poor man in the above picture.)

First try.

Bad. Only my lips were captured in the picture.

Second try.

Better, but still bad. I look like a fish! Where's my hair?!!

Third try.

Better now. But my hair isn't in the frame.
Guess it's been a too long gap between the last time I camwhored. I lost the power of placing the phone at the right spot - to properly capture both of us.

Now with flash.
I think the picture looks better with flash.

How 'bouts a high angle shot??

Anw, I was wearing this pair of killer heels which I bought from Charles and Keith few months ago. Thinking that it's bad for keeping it in the shoe box for an extended period of time, I decided to wear it again. In the hope of somewhat trying to "season" the shoe.

But, it was as painful as all the previous times I wore that pair of heels. =(

So, bobian. Rayner got to jump down, and put plaster on my feet. Heh! Did y'all remember that I love being held at my feet? =))

After that, we had a long walk from Ngee Ann City to some lan shop which I kept frequent-ing nowadays. I totally did not suggest to play lan alright? Ray's friends where they lanning, as asked us to join them in the game of Left4Dead. Hoho!

On the way there,.. we passed by those stretch of shops.
I was telling Rayner about the Santa hats, and he jumped down the higher pavement to the shop and get me one. Hee!

Lovely ba?

In the lan shop...

Oops, Ray's having bad hair.

Sorry for over lightening the picture!
It was really dark initially.. no choice.

I'm your Santarina!
Yeps, in your dreams. =)

Hope that all of you enjoyed your holidays! =)
Merry X'mas!

One last picture before we go..



School holiday updates =)

Heez! Heyya! =)

I know I know! It's been a LONG time since my previous entry, and what's with the long wait during a supposedly carefree, laid back, nothing better to do, holiday period. Yeps?

But hey! I've been REALLY really busy. Of course, other than some necessary stuffs, like work, family and friends.. I did a hellavua unnecessary stuffs. Heheheh! >.<

Well, life's a bliss after getting back with Rayner. ^^
Maybe I should update a little regarding this. Hmm, how should I put it? Apparently, lots of thinking and talking to people had been done during the period when we weren't together. I had a totally new mindset and thinking towards this relationship. And that is, to keep everything to it's simplest.

It's very hard to put it into words, but what strike me the most, and made me agreed into "patching" back with him was a mere feeling of, happiness.

Needless to say, his tender loving care, amiable and fun loving personality (plus his endless expensive gifts), and of course, his faithfulness, were important factors which made me went back to him. Heh!

Alright! Now that I'm out of my initial emotional turmoil. Let's set it aside, and move on to other issues.

Work related issue.
Darn, I am freaking poor! I know, it's rather sad to be in this no-money streak on such a wonderful occasion - X'mas. (Nana! You better return the money you owe me!! ARHHH!)

Anw, I got quite a couple of jobs coming up, starting from the last weekend of December till January. In another words, money is rolling in pretty soon. However, sad to say, I forsake a huge contract because of some LAME and moral reasons. Aww. (Actually, it's the middleman damn cheebye) Pardon me for my misconduct, but this shit happened 2minutes ago.

Whatever. Frankly speaking, I really had the intuition or rather, the sixth sense that he's conning or in another words, making great use of other girls. However, that's just my feeling about it. No concrete proves, what so ever. Though I can explain how did my mind derive at the con part, but, nahhh, not very nice to explain it here. Also, it only involves those model babes who are involve.

Hah! So, if you think that you tio con by certain contract, fret not, add me in msn, and we shall see if it's the same one as mine. =) Bastards that try to take advantage of pretty babes should die and be condemn.

Anw, apart from socializing with organisers and photographers online, I spent majority of my free time, watching Taiwanese drama, and GAMING. (I can almost hear Nana screaming when I touch on this Game word)

This, or rather, that, was the first time I ever want to go to a LAN SHOP and spend money to play in a LAN SHOP. Goodness me! What happened to me?! Despite from not behaving like regular girls, ehhhh, the game, damn fun sial!

I have been playing a game called Left4Dead, with fellow gaming friends. Incredibly fun and engaging. Better than sex! (Don't listen to my bullshit) If I am not mistaken, you can download this game into your PC.

It's somewhat like counterstrike cum house of the dead.
Yea yea yea? Get my drift? Hehe! If there's any guys (girls also) out there who are willing to treat me to this lan game, do ask me out yeps? I mean, out to play this game. Hoho!

Don't condemn me for being cheapo alright? For somebody who is surviving on his/her reserves, you got to take pity on them. Come, which kind soul is willing to give me some X'mas donations. Heh!

Alright enough of games.
Come to think of it, I really NEED to exercise for my coming Sunday photo shoot. Exams and holidays are really doing a good job in, KEEPING ME OUT OF SHAPE. =/

Alright, 26th - 27th. Intensive exercising! =/! Hurrhurr.. Gymming with Rayner. =S

Erm, I suddenly lost my frame of thoughts. Ending here!

Merry Christmas! =)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

F E A R . H I M ! ! ! Rayner the Mummy Ninja!!!

Dated long long ago.
Somewhere around the end of September 08.

Starring: Rayner
Location: Esplanade

Actually, he kindda look like terrorist, no?
Look at the bottom picture, second from the right. Yeps, that with the police man.
I remembered Charlotte, Ryan and I was hand signaling the police guy, saying Rayner was senile, so ignore him or something along the line.

There was this other funny part, where he walked past this Singh (Did I spell it correctly? Y'all know, the religion whereby guys need to wear turban.) man. And he was frowning at Rayner. Cause it was in a way insulting.

So Rayner waved to him.. Cause he couldn't really see clearly through my scarf.

Funny entertaining moment sial!!

Ahh, come to think of it. Kindda miss going out with Charlotte and Ryan.
Pity that the dude got to serve army.

Some day in school..

These shots were taken and sent to me by Nicolette, long long (and I mean friggin long) time ago. Er, it was for some project thingie??.. (Wah, i.e. pictures were from Semester1. -.-)
So she brought the DSLR to school. Hoho!!

Deleting it's a waste yea? So, I did some editing.. Hehe..

There's alot of shot with JiaHan. =))
(Bottom, second from the right, that's Jessica, my course mate!) ^^

Cuteness yea?

Im not gg to tell y'all where to download this stuff..
Hehe! Happy searching. Bleahs~ ^^

Outdated pictures..

So what? They still rekindle lovely memories.. =)
Aawww, sentimental values. ^^

These were taken few minutes before the day of my birthday, and on my birthday. ^^

Rayner got us both a bucket of some brand of beer.
We got tipsy while enjoying
Jazz by the beach.


to his birthday. =)
8th August.

Anw, that milk picture has nothing to do with his birthday.
Lol.. But, if you notice, there's a fly at the letter "s" of the "cakes".
Okok, totally random.

Fashion shoot. =)

This shoot was taken after school! Classmates, y'all remember the day I forgot to bring my lashies? He bought me this. Looks fabulous right?! Hah! Thanks bunny.

Anw, noticed that I have got arm muscles! I think it's nice! Wahaha! =)

P.s. Friends, in case y'all wondering about Rayner and I. We are more or less back to normal! Hah! Of course, he got to compensate! =) ^^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Awww, pitiful little pitty potty..

One subject strike off the list, and I have 4 more to go!
But pitiful me is in an emotional turmoil~


Thanks to all who listened. Thanks to all who care!

Give me till Friday.
On Friday, I will soar like an eagle.

No more tears.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


life just needs an alternative sort of motivation. =)

Huff & Puff. Screams & Cries!

I hate hate hate hate x 79348437259203 graxdrizillizons Managing Business Systems, in short MBS.

I don't freaking understand why this subject is even CREATED rather than I don't know why I am learning it.

And, even if there is a real purpose and helpfulness in learning MBS. I do not see why, I, as an Accounting and Finance student need to learn this freaking subject. Not as though we are business IT student or anything related to computing, or IT studies. Frowns!

Thinking that is useless isn't the greatest barrier I am facing now.
If the subject is lousy, dry and useless. The slides and notes just ought to be great or otherwise, alright, for us students to understand yea? The worst part is that, it isn't even COMPREHENSIVE.

Setting my slight autism of, not being able to read four boxes horizontally, and getting agitated with DIFFERENT FONT/ WORD FORMATS harping on the same topic, aside. The notes are craps.

the LEARNING OBJECTIVES can never be found inside the freaking pages. And if you happen to find them, it's in a different order as the objectives.
Why have the objective slides when it's not related to the other slides?!

the slides content jumps from here to there with irrelevant fig1.1343289 and diagrams in between.

the examples they give.. they don't even label it under which ever example of any relevant topics that we are suppose to know.

the content of the slides are stupid.
Example: How will information system affect business career?

Notes: Finance industry: - the relationship between finance and info system is so strong that many advise finance majors to co-major in info system.

Marketing industry: - no field has undergone more technology-driven change in the past five years than marketing and advertising.

Management industry: -the job of management has been transformed by information system.

Eh, what the hell. Also not answering the freaking objectives question! ARGH! Stupid, no?

How can students study with CRAPS?


Though I am a messy person.
I simply have my set of weirdness which is the exact opposite of what I should have.

I need order.
I need stuff to be standardise.
I need the same font size for the same kind of category.

On the contrary,
my study table can be messy till there is only space for my laptop.
The rest of the table? Fully filled with miscellaneous stuff.

Autism runs in the family.
Papa and mummy bore autistic kids. =/

Argh, I am freaking moaning and dying.
It's like playing the decoding colour/number game. Like you have to decode the complicating stuff to know the 4combinations thingie.. I am like doing it minutes ago. And I have to continue the painful process soon.

Arghhhhh! Why can't the school give us clean and proper notes?
Or better still, just remove this useless subject!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Study only lor..


Exams will be in full swing starting next Tuesday.. and all the way to Friday.
Which explains my lack of presence in blogsphere, and anywhere else in the net.
Though I am going to go mug in minutes time, what's more to share with you guys in this study period than...

Pictures of my studying self?! =D

Different days.
Both in the school library.

Till then!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ughh, sick.

Is my body really that weak or am I just in the state of denial to start studying..?

Guess the latter sounds more like it. >.<

I've been feeling sick, headache, congested in the head area, sore at e throat, and aches all over my body,.. since last Friday. Though I did not visit any doctor, I should have had recovered days ago! Goodness, those pains come and go. For a while I am good, the next I feel like I need to pop in another panadol, or two.

This sucks.

I might be lacking in Vitamin C, but to be frank, I guess it's the arrival of mid-semester test. Sulk. My body's malfunction is totally refraining myself from studying! Bullshit! I know. That's why I say, state of denial.

Whoever that's up there, please bless me with the passion to learn and mug like how you gave me my passion for lust. God, I need Rayner.

To de-stress.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went toilet and see, this was what I saw when I returned.

Since she insisted for me to blog it out..

here it is!! ^^

Very lame yea?
Ahwells, she's just turned 6 years old this year.
Bobian. =)

Monday, November 24, 2008

MBS- Achieving Competitive Advantage with Information System

(Tutorial 5 -worksheet)

They are not able to meet the customer's requirements. It is geared towards maximizing capacity of the company, and not the customer's requirements. However, they do not bother about retaining their customers as they don't have any threats of new entrants, not other close substitutes.
This is an impact on businesses performance of AutoNation and of auto manufacturers, due to the foreign new entrants, customers now have a wider range of choices compared to before. Therefore, company have to divert their focus from maximizing the profit to costomer's requirement.

The family size, budget, income level, age, occupation, recreational interest.
The above datas are retreivable from external datas like surveys, or internal datas like sales record.

Using data mining to obtain information from their sales record. As the same time, sharing data from the manufacturer, to aid in demand forcasting, supply planning and product design. In return, integrate the customers data together with the manufacting processes, thus improving customers' relationship.
Obstacles like the lack of forsight and good culture in the employees must be overcome by AutoNation. It will be effective to a small extent. As culture ought to be in within the company to guarantee a benefit.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autumn snow.

(Click for a larger view)

Credits to..
Photographer : Benny
Makeup artist : Judith
Model : Jocelyn
Post processing : Jocelyn

By the way, this is a animation gif file, so, look at the picture and it will change per 2seconds. Can y'all comment and tell me which eye colour is better? I will use that in my portfolio. =)

Apparently, the colours are, Black, Dark hazel brown, Grey, Honey brown, Blue.
All of them looks fine to me, but I am not exactly the best person to judge. So, what do y'all think??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wooh! It's a record!

22.5 inches.
I'm so happy, I'm so glad!

What's with the 22.5 inches and all yea? It's my waist stats!! Slim I would say. =) My previous slimmest record was 22.6inches. And I remembered being high over the moon. Cause, I am suppose to be 23inches. Lol!

All thanks to strawberries, and a little motivation from hateful critics!


I am totally nuts with my measuring tape.
Mummy thinks that I am crazy.


Embrace my current favourite : Strawberries.

It helps to detoxify your body!
And you will appear less bloated. Trust me! It works! =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

WHAT the in the.. [updated]


What the hell did I do this time?! My blog revert back to default AGAIN!
Second time this year. And I didn't realise till now. And it's most probably gone since morning. Goshh, pissing me off! RARRRR~!!!!

Now I have to re-do what ever I did on my side panel. GREAT.

Thank goodness.
It auto saved my previous template. One click and back on track. Hehhh.. =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So excitedddddd.

I did a photoshoot with Antony also known as deadpoet earlier this morning.

It was so exciting! Antony is really experienced, and he really knows his stuff. It's like, alright, arms here, toes down, drop the other arm, shoulders square, snap snap snap.. We're done with this pose.


Coolness. That shoot was like a breeze.

Before the shoot, I was rather anxious and nervous. Cause, giving his experinces, I was so afraid that I wasn't up to those professional standards. But seems like I did well, with a couple of constructive positive remarks and stuff. =)

That really boost my confidence,
and I am so excited to do my next photoshoot with him.

Best part is that I attained more tips and know-how in modeling.
I always love shoots that give me more outcomes than a beautiful picture.

Now, we shall wait for those pictures. ^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Games Convention Asia, 2008

The video hosted by my cute Bryan from CLEO bachelor and Wan er's not so cute but still alright cute Daryl is out!!

Thanks to the courtesy of Wan er for telling me! =D

Now, here's the link,

Click click, and you can see my awkward moment somewhere at the front few minutes. And then, you can just click to the midst part to watch the booth babe competition. And not to deny, I am fat. Fatter than those babes! They are freaking stick thin! Roar!

(Screenshot off the video)

Don't care! Hah!
Anw, I devised a running route around pap's place from the street-directory map. Yay!

I still remember the conversation Rayner had with Bryan.

Bryan : Do you have a boyfriend?
Me : Yeps, there. (points to Rayner)
Bryan : You her boyfriend?
Rayner : Yes. (arms folded)
Bryan : Can I carry her and take a picture?
Rayner : No. (firm with a no-joke face)
Bryan : Okay, then, can I take a picture with her?
Rayner : This, can.
Me : Erm, hahhaaa.

I am so gonna attain a kick-ass figure, just like somebody's* wishlist.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Current mood : Annoyed. - [the follow-up]

Received his mail just minutes ago..

It's so weird to see people who are screwed up somewhere in the brains still existing nowadays. >.<

Gosh, I am too late for school!! Cya~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Managing Business System: Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3 -worksheet

Q1 (benefits)
To prove the innocences and guilt of suspected criminals.
Allows the user to share the available data, and this help to save time(to do the testings) and money(lab).

Q2 (problems)
Privacy risk to the innocents. (for example your traces were left at the crime scence,..)

Q3 (national DNA database)
Shld just be limited to criminals - > (then, moral issues can be questionable. e.g. the purpose of yellow ribbon)
-no right or wrong answer.

Q4 (who needs to access the database)
Policemen. It's part of their jobs to solve crimes.
Doctors. Use it to identify unidentified deceased. <(this is in my own words.)

Current mood : Annoyed.

Reason? Read on..

I bet many feel that I am super mean to not remove the photographer's name in the above screen shot. Well, I did remove it at first. But, come to think of it. If he did not show me any basic respect, why should I?

Anw. Just to narrate how this email thingie came across..
After looking at my pictures from Multiply, this photographer emailed me through Multiply, asking if I do TFCD or paid shoots yea?

And we continued to negotiate and stuff. Then, I rejected his TFCD offer after seeing the 2 portfolio links he showed me. I replied politely, saying that his style is different from mine, and it's not what I am looking for.

Guess he was unhappy and replied in such a fucked up cocky manner.

Goodness gracious.
Actual reason of rejecting his TFCD offer? His pictures are all not up to standard. Post processing is bad, cropping is bad. Harlo?! I wouldn't mind I am paid. I wouldn't even care about the outcome of the picture. If photographer's standard is not up to MY standard, then so sorry. Pay or try again next time. *pouts*

NOT be yaya, cocky, and disrespectful towards me!

Come to think of it. If the photographer is damn good and stuff, he shouldn't be worried about getting models. So why harp on such a small fry like me!?

What a no-brainer!

And, I don't care if the photographer reads this, or photographers shun me what so ever.
Cause, I CANNOT stand being disrespected.

Where's the professionalism!?

But mind all of you. If you show me the necessary respect, you will be treated with even more respect from me. =)

Alright, enough of this annoying shit. Nights to all!
And it's yet another school week. =S

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Anw, I have changed my playlist. =) Go listen to them. But just to inform.. I am not heartbroken, neither am I emo. It's just songs. =D

Din Tai Fung.

Yesterday, was the first Friday of the month.
Which also spells, family dinner! =)

Obvious from my title, we went Din Tai Fung @ Bishan Junction 8.

I kindda realised that I hardly blog much of my family stuff here yea? And also, I am damn slow in uploading pictures from my phone/camera into my computer. Laughs! Cause, it never strike me that I should upload them here, only until the memory space is full. Sooo, the problem is, I have very big memory space for my gadgets. Which explains the long-long-upload-all-at-one-shot-and-since-it-was-dated-too-long-its-value-dropped-syndrome.

Orhkay orhkay.
Don't think y'all are interesting in my explanation at all yea?! Fine. Pictures then!!

Acting shy Ivan,
look as though gentle but damn fierce Mummy.

No nonsense Daddy,
with Nana's fatty arm + pinky finger.

And the ever so beautiful us. =)

We ordered...

Pork ribs were tasty!
And almost all table around us ordered this dish.

I really really digg this vege thingie lo!
(Although I wish it was juicier)

And coincidentally, I was thinking about eating vege pao during class before the gathering,
due to the 美食大三通 show I watched in the morning.



Mummy had all the vege paos
strategically placed together with he prawn siew mai for my capture.


This is absolutely tasty.
A simple eggy friend rice. Yumm.
Gosh, I am getting hungry just typing this!


This is not bad,
not spectacular though.

Biangs, can you see the !?
Yumm yummm.

The lady said that, now, is the best season to eat Hairy Crabs.
Cause the is voluptuous and full under that shell!

(Side track: Ever wonder why Hairy Crab is named as 大闸蟹, instead of 大毛蟹? Since it's hairy? Worth a thought yea..)

I think I am a pro-crab eater!
Look at the above.
Nice and clean.

(Unlike Nana and Daddy's. All 碎碎 de.)

and lastly,
how can we not have a

Pity I forgot to take a picture of that!

Lastly, guess what this is. =)

So now, I shall end this entry off with some self shots,..

together with Din Tai Fung's name card. ^^

Till next time!
Muacks to all.

(P.s. I have removed all entries related to that filth. And I can feel the immense pleasure of good karma entering my life. =) )