Saturday, August 28, 2010

Advertorials - RejuviCare 3D Contouring Facemask

Hello people!
Today I am bring y'all this awesome facemask!

Many of us are not familiar with this brand of skincare products.
But from what I know, many beauty parlors actually uses this product.
So, initially, this product is only available through those beauty parlors, but now, it is made available online!

Kanny, Amelia, Linda, and myself are the blog ambassadors for RejuviCare.
Group picture! :)

Alright! Let's start of with the product!!
RejuviCare 3D contouring Mask

What seperates this facemask from other masks is the "3D contouring" feature.
The mask is designed in consideration of the "double chin area", and it is hooked onto the ear.
I.e. You can do your facemask while sitting upright! (Time well spent.)

Visit to purchase RejuviCare products!
Do type in JOCELYNKAU or HONEYHONEYBAKEDHAM as the promo code reference,
to enjoy the mask at a discounted price of $25.90.
They might throw in some surprise goodies for my readers!

Purchase Rejuvi products for a Good Cause - Saving Ladakh
Not forgetting to mention, the founding company, Eroma is doing their bit in saving Ladakh.
Purchase their Beauty Relief Travel Kit worth $87 at only $59 ! (inclusive of free delivery!)
Eroma donates $10 from every purchase online.
Click here to find out more.

Find out more about RejuviBeauty by joining their Facebook Page.

Saturday Love is to..

.. drag Mr. Salty the scardy cat into playing all the thrill rides in Universal Studio.
It was so much fun! :)

It wasn't until last weekend till I got to know that he's afraid of heights.
So cute!!! Hahahaa! I forced him to sit at the first row of the "Return of the Mummy" ride.
He was like, "Larling, can you hold my hand?"

It was such an awesome day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Advertorials - SalonVIM

Hey people!
SalonVIM has come up with a Fall Beauty Package.
If you are thinking of perming or straightening your hair, come down to SalonVIM!

Salon VIM| Melvin Koh
(t) 6884 7757
SalonVIM is situated at 
313@Somerset L4-07

Do mention that you are a blog reader of 
before the consultation to enjoy 10% discount off total bill!

ggE ddO

Look at this odd egg that Nana managed to cook.
Weird people make weird food.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just another day.

Hey people! :) I'm in the office working, steel.
Anyway, the downward trend of my blog hits is very dejecting!! No one but myself to be blamed. So here I am with a really quick, short, no brainer, photo entry before my weekly "Saturday Love". These pictures were taken close to one month day. Enjoy.

Above are some "toilet-photo-taking" moments.

Like the effect? It's the Miniature Mode on my camera.
FEP is just not right without eating Chipy's and drinking SweetTalk.
Agree agree?

We ended that day chilling at Neverland.

Till my next blog post.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Love - Under One Roof.

I am not talking about the long ago Channel 5 TV series drama feat. Moses Lim, Under One Roof here!
Omg, do y'all still remember the show? It was screened on our TVs during 1995! I bet those people who are younger than me don't know what I am talking about. (I'm aging. :/ )

Anyway. Today's topic is about living "under one roof" with your boy/girlfriends!
To be really honest, I have this love-hate relationship with living with my boyfriend.

I love it because..
There's someone to hug to sleep.
There's someone to eat supper with.
There's someone to complain to.
There's someone to play PS3 with.
There's TV in the bedroom...
Basically, I love all the perks of physically being with someone.

But, I hate it at the same time.. 
(You see, women are complicated creatures.)
Most of my beauty products are at home.
There's no reason to walk around the house half naked.
There's no ME-TIME.
It is not okay to leave cups around, thinking "to clear it later".
It is not okay to mess up the place.
It is not okay to cook whatever you find in the refrigerator.
It is not okay to MAKE NOISE!
And most importantly,..
It is not okay to throw worn lingerie into the laundry basket (i.e. need to hand wash)!!!

Because, at the end of the day, every family has rules, and there's no where like home.
And all of a sudden, I miss going home.
And I'll miss staying over at my boyfriend's house when I'm home.
HUR! Life's complicated.

Haha! So, how about y'all.
Do you prefer to live with or without your boy/girlfriends?
Because, at the end of the day, there's a whole lifetime for a couple to live together if they were to get married yea? Living together should something "new", that keep a relationship fresh eh?

Comment, comment! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick update + Ring-light

Hello! :) Really glad to sort out some "me-time" at 2.52am, on a weekday night. >.<
I've been really occupied with getting my love, work, and study life back on track. Really wish to incorporate more time for my blog, as well as my family. How I wish I'll never get tired. Hmm..

Anyway, Mr. Salty and I did this "little project thing" together. And it was great fun.
Really wanted to share with you guys! ^^

If you've seen this picture, which I posted on my Facebook Fanpage
you should prolly know what I am going to talk about now. Yesyes! The Ring-light! :)

It is actually a studio lighting which gives even lighting. And, it's best used in close portraiture shots. This ring light thingie has been around for quite a while now, and was recently made very popular by Xiaxue. The price quoted by this person from this stall where XX bought was super steep, so, Mr. Salty and I Youtube-searched this Ring-light thingie and we DIY-ed it. It isn't 100% done yet (I'm lacking the camera stand part), but close! ^^

Below are some shots I took the other day! 
Pardon the messy background.. I just came back from shopping. Heh.

Cool eh!? I'll take more shots after I get the camera stands up!
Alright! Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the week!

(P.s. Saturday Love will be up at 10.10am on Saturday! Do check back!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

KL Trip. [Part 4]

This is a continuation from Part 3!
Click to read if you haven't!

This was Day2 of my trip to KL!

Our day started in the afternoon. (What's new? Lol!) So we took a lil walk to this road side shack eating place near the hostel that we were staying in. I can't remember if it's tasty or not (it's been a while, you see.), but I think it was. Nana and I shared a plate, just so we have enough stomach space for the FOODIE ST later!
Anyway, look at my face. Obviously, I didn't get enough sleep. -.- So evident from the picture la! Either that, or the sun was glaring.

After the breakfast+lunch, we decided to talk a look at the supposed "tourist attractions" which were just around the corner. This is a Hindu temple (which I have no clue of the name). Not very interesting, obviously. :/ It was renovating! What luck! 
Anyway, see that green room/house thing from the picture above?
That's damn scary luh! There's like coffin or something inside. :S Guarded somemore.

After the Hindu Temple, we visited this Taoist Temple.
See the ash on my head? I was blessed lo! FOC somemore. I later got to know from this pair of German tourist that they believe that good luck will come when ash falls on your head. There's this phrase in German,.. (okay I have absolutely no clue how that phrase sounded like now).

Look at the picture on the top left! It's made up of maannnyyy tiny men on horses. Eyer. Damn scary.
And Nana and I spotted a BAO (bun) with 4D numbers on it. 9060!! 

I am never a religious person, and anything too "religious" will freak me out. :(

After the religious journey, we cabbed to this city area which reminded me very much of Orchard Rd.
We were both feeling damn heaty (by the hot weather + lack of hydration), we bought a packet of mixed fruit from a roadside cart! Tasty!

We were under the mercy of the angry sun, so we decided to chillax at A&W!
I am so jealous of "the me in the pictures". JUST LOOK AT THAT ROOTBEER FLOAT! I think we lehpak there for 2hours or so! (There was wifi! Wahahaa).
I remembered tempting everyone on facebook/twitter with my A&W pictures. Heh!

Very heaty. See my tonsils. Eww..

We entered this shopping mall, and bought 1 ring each, and tried their CUP-BON bubble tea. The sweet-talk in Singapore is much better. :S No biasness hor.

So, evening time came, and we took a slow walk toward Jalan Alor! The famous foodie street that's a MUST-GO, MUST-EAT in all the travel guides.

Please click to see the larger version.
I miss the CHAR KWAY TIAO la! T_T
Fucking spicy, tasty much! The taste of that charkwaytiao is uniquely MALAYSIAN lo!

And SO, we ended the night drinking coconut juice at this open space where it's a live-band playing English songs. They were good!

Stick around for the last part of my KL Trip!

Honestly, I need a getaway from Singapore soon.
I need a holiday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Love - "Baby, up for a make-up xxx?"

*Sensitive topic*
I just have this sudden urge of curiosity. How many of you out there actually have make-up sex?
I think that it is pretty common, no?

Make-up sex is basically, sex after a huge quarrel or after a cold war.
And honestly, I feel that the best sex is often make-up sex. =X
Because, there's this emotional punch to it! It's like, after being so angry, so deprived, so sorry, you just want to "consume" your partner. Giving them a hell of a lifetime.
You get my drift eh? (I am not turned on typing this, so stop wondering!!)
But I have to admit, this is not the best method to resolve conflicts. It only takes away the hurt temporarily.
So be sure to solve the conflict in a loving manner the morning after ya!?

Hmm, actually there's 2 outcome to make-up sex.
The bad, and the good.

  1. Good
    Both of you realise how much you actually do love each other, and am so sorry for the hurt dealt onto each other, etc. It often ends in a "I'm-so-glad-we-got-over-the-quarrel-now-let's-love-each-other-like-before", "I-want-you", "I-need-you", "I'll-just-die-without-you". And slowly falling asleep in the arms of each other

  2. Bad
    Both of you realise that it's just pure lust in the relationship (Actually, it's quite a turn on eh? But it's damn unhealthy, so stop if you are in such a relationship!). It often ends in the girl crying. Period. 

That's it.
So, what do YOU think of make-up sex?
To do, or not to do.

Leave your comments below!

(P.s You know, I did ever make a mountain out of molehill before, just to experience the thrill of make-up sex. You may try, but be careful not to go overboard. And never ever let it become a cycle in your relationship.)

(P.s.s I am not saying that sex is the only way to make things up. In fact, it should be the second last resort! The last resort is to use bribery. Omg, why am I indirectly suggesting such unhealthy stuff to my readers?)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Advertorial - Salon VIM

This is the 3rd month into SalonVIM's sponsorship with me. And I thought of doing something really spontaneous! No I did not chop of my locks. I did a perm instead! I have to say that I'm still in the midst of trying to get used to permed hair. Approximately 80% of my friends prefer me with straight hair and 20% like it permed. As for myself, I can't really decided!?! I like 'em both!

Unlike previous adverts [ 1 ] [ 2 ], which blabber more on the introduction of Salon VIM, this time, I am going to take you through the whole journey of that day when I went down to the salon.

The first segment of salon visits should be the consultation.
Y'all should probably know from my previous advert that Melvin is my stylist! :) Tadah, and that's him! (p.s. This is the ending look!)

I was looking getting really bored with my normal looking hair. I was looking for something fresh and new. Melvin recommended for me to get a perm. It's fashionable, trendy, voluminous, and gives my hair an added texture.

So the service given was, a warm texturizing perm
When hair is permed, it tends to look fuller. So, given my vast hair count, I got to thin my hair a little. (Otherwise I would have to risk looking like a poodle!)

Bye bye thick hair.

Heh. See Melvin being all attentive and macho at the same time! I like manly male hair stylists! -shy face. It's like, they look really tough, but the touch of their hands are so soft and light. Sounds a little wrong but whatever. I believe most girls will know what I'm trying to get to. 

After the haircut, Melvin and his assistant put my hair into these hot rollers. (I'll share more about the different sorts of perm in a while.) Anyway, dryness in the hair after any sort of chemical treatment is inevitable. SalonVIM being an Expert Care Salon, they provide in-between pre-treatment for my hair. I.e. hair treatments in between (for my scenario) hair perm and hair dye. It really helps to decrease the damage to the minimum.

Since we are in the topic of hair perm, I shall impart some of my hair perm knowledge to you. There are actually three different kind of hair perm, and each gives different results, which cater to different hair needs. (p.s. What I know is only the very minimal. Do discuss with Melvin before choosing the type of perm for your hair!)

1. Hot perm
It is also known as the Ceramic perm which many of you are familiar with. Ceramic perms are generally more lasting, and gives a 3D effect. However, given the high level of heat involve, it is not recommended for extremely dry hair.

2. Warm perm

This is the perm that was recommended to me. A warm perm is less drying, and also gives a 3D effect. To add on, there's very much lesser unease when getting a warm perm, as compared to the hot perm. The ceramic curlers used in the hot perm is really heavy. It'll give you sore necks! However, warm perm aren't that lasting (3-4 months).

3. Cold perm
This is the Ah-ma kindda hair perm where no heat is involve. I ever tried a cold perm long ago. (It was quite disastrous. And the styling is not in trend and fashionable at all. Please do not try this. :(

Oh, if you are wondering what is an Expert Care Salon..

So, you should feel absolutely safe for leaving your hair with SalonVIM. They are a bunch of extremely well-trained professionals, and one of the finest hair salons around.

After the perm, I dyed my hair burgundy brown
The bottom 15cm of my hair was bleached before, and the colour faded nicely into this ashy-burgundy-brown colour. (You'll see. I'll post the pictures later!)

Whist dying my hair. :)

After the hairdye, I did a Fibercutic + Density treatment (post-hair treatment).
This is a really fantastic treatment. I'll suggest everyone to take up this hair treatment if you are looking into improving the overall condition of your hair. "Fibercutic" is actually filling up the fiber in each and every one of our hair strands. It's something like botox (we are all very familiar with that, no?). "Density" is basically increasing the density of your hair. Omega 6 is included in this hair treatment, which plays up the "density" part. 

Finale! The finishing look. :)
[At SalonVIM]

[The next day!]
I love the hair colour!

This look which I newly acquire is far more feminine that what I had before.


Salon VIM| Melvin Koh
(t) 6884 7757

SalonVIM is situated at 
313@Somerset L4-07

Do mention that you are a blog reader of 
to enjoy 10% discount off total bill!

You might just see me there if you are lucky! -wink*