Thursday, August 28, 2008

OMGGGoooosh! (updated)

Damn! Idk what I did, and then, my entire HTML became the default!
But, FRET NOT, I am fixing it now!

ahhhh, i cannot find good skins to use. So I need time to make everything back t norm. Super sian. Anw, I am going out to a movie date. So, I'll fix everything tmr? Hahas. Love you guys. BB~

Alrights. It's like about the same as previously yea? Wahahas. Okok, so damn tired now. Yawns. Oh yah, I saw 2 comments from unnamed people again. I am really really happy to see em. =)) Thanks readers. You are sooo lovely. =D

Ohyah, I've added new stuff. Hahas. Now you can comment me directly from the entry.. I think it's faster and less laggy lo. But it will still appear at the overall comment board. Hope y'all get what I am trying to say yea?

Nightnights. (morning)

Merry merry holidays~

Hail to the arrival of holidays!


I am totally ecstatic about holidays!

It's like, I've waited almost the whole of my life - just for the coming of this day...

Nahh, not so emotional!
I am obviously exaggerating!

But putting it candidly, I simply simply miss holidays alright. Like who don't yea? Holiday is like a period of time where one can finally feel immense joy in their life! (Apart from striking lottery, and I don't mean that I feel Joy as in my friend Joy, but Joy as in happiness Joy. >.<)
So.... I am so going to spend my holiday wisely.

Totally self-pampering entries will be seen at this space this holiday.
Together with learning lots of new stuff. Going new places. Meeting new people. Earning truck loads of money. Shopping. Pictures. Videos.

Ahhhh! Listing just 2% of what I've been wanting to do, is getting me ohh-so-excited! Wwwooooh~!!!

Check back yea?

For the time being, I shall catch up with my beauty sleep.
(In other to catch up, I think I'll have to sleep a full 78hours on shot!)
And, then, start off the first day of my holiday with exercising to sexiness. =B

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhh~ [updated]

Just 1 more day
1 more day
Jocelyn is a freeman

Damn, just one more day to ultimate freedom. Well not exactly, but yea.. At least I can have all the time in my 2mths to do all that I've been wanting in the past 1mth!! Woah! Just the thought of it is making me super super excited. Till I cannot even start studying for tomorrow's paper. Damn. Ahh!

Just a little something to share,.. [updated]

before I start my day.

Chinese Eye Test

If you cannot decifer anything,
try pulling the corner of your eyes (like a chinese).

It works!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Animorphs.. is coming into reality!

actually, it's been in this world since forever.

Why a sudden mention of Animorphs?
(By the way, Animorphs is a sci-fi series of teen books that's well read all over the world. Remember human morphing into animals during the war battle?) - damn, I was quite a sci-fi geek then.

Motive being to effectively bring across the vile increase of animal(s) in my life. And when I say animals, I am not referring to baobei/keai/gerbils/birdies at home. I am, in fact, referring to people. Yes, people morphed into animals! Beast. RARRR. --

Heard of.. "Copycats", "Monkey-see-monkey-do", "Being an ape"?

Bet all of you do! (Otherwise, you need to go back elementary school!)

Obviously, I am referring to cases whereby people are being such a copy! They are becoming cats, monkeys and apes. And it's really a pain in the neck! -pouts

Alrights.. Enough about the Animorphs and animal story.
Back to e main point, and it's about me, and what I hate.

There is nothing I hate more than detecting signs of imitation on other people, on me. Like, why in this world do you have to be me?

And, I am referring to styles, ideas, way of writing, usage of words, blogging topic..
Like, why? Why should you copy, why should you mimic things people do? Where's your originality? Where's your character? Don't you have a mind of your own?!!

"Imitation is the best flattery."

I do understand the above statement.
And I totally agree with it.
However, whenever I see others copying me,
be it accidentally, or purposely, I cannot stand. I simply can't.

Maybe it's because...
At such a tender age and everyone, or maybe just myself only, is trying hard to find the uniqueness in oneself. Trying hard to make a statement that's strongly yours opinionated. Trying hard to leave an impression that's solely yours. Being copied it's like a sense of betrayal (maybe this word is too strong of a word to be used). Uhhh, I know..!! It's like stolen identity, and a stolen character.

Argh, whatever it is. Simply hate the fact that people need to copy. Whip up something sweet and unique! Otherwise, just be yourself!! Even if it's plain ol' Jane. Be it.

So much of rantings.. =/

But sometimes, just sometimes... everything might just be a coincidence.
and somewhere, someone... might think that I am being their duplicate.

Oh well, as Rayner said, this is life. Shouldn't always have negative thoughts about other.
Bahhh, I am a mean ol' pig that hate cats, and monkeys!

But, actually, I do not hate those much. I just hate it when they can blatantly act as though it's their own idea. Hate those that make other's sense of identity like their own.

If you admit it, I am totally fine with it.
(At the very least, I try to.)

In case you are wondering..
I've been wanting to blog about this for quite sometime.
However, I did it only today,
as I see people wanting to be au naturel, after I turn au naturel in my entry.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Too much studying makes Jocelyn a dull babe. XD

Lol! I was joking yea?.. Although I do see myself as a babe. Oh well.. Whatever it is.. I am really really enough about school work. Now that's it. Fail then shall let me be bah.. NOT.

Ahhhaha! Books/ lecture notes indeed bore me out of my wits. Now, I am dumb. Too dumb to comprehend any additional information. So, got to take my mind of my notes, and tomorrow's Econs test for a while.

12 hrs to paper.

How I wish it's over already. I really hate to study.

Come to think of it. This is the first time in my life that I am actually studying. Vast achievement I can say. I shall show my notes to mummy as a prove of being a nice daughter is not wasting her school fees money. Haha! And she ought to buy me a present! Yay!

But, I think she will say, "It's your duty to study. Why is there a need of presents..! Oh, so you have been wasting school fees all these while larh?!!?!"

Brrr. Not a good idea. zz. I shall make Rayner buy me a (another) present then. Hehe!

Yahh! Speaking about money. Hehehe! Been receiving lots of job lobangs ler. I am elated. Fancy a person like me (can't socialize), having people offering jobs to/for me. It's totally great man. 4 days after my exams and I get approx $1ooo. Love it.

Time to plan my shopping list...

2 more bikinis
2 more bags
2 more shades
2 more hats
7401840138051 more dresses

Kua... over budget. =S

OoOOook, shall stop now.
I'll drink a bowl of cambell corny chicken soup before continuing my yet-to-be-done econs. Sob.

Photographers/organizers reading this,
pm me if you want to a photog shoot yea? =D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Airport at 12mn

Heyheyy! I am at the airport =D
And using Macdonald's computer to blog...

Anw, been walking around the airport (T3/2) for quite some time now.
And yes, resulting in the large surplus of undone microeconomics to catch up. Damn

Note the word, "surplus". Econs yea?

I think I blog with the words that frequently appear in my life at the current moment yea? Remember the CSA stuff? Lol. And now "surplus". Godz.

Come to think of it, this entry is quite aimless. I just want to blog something cause my sister blogged minutes ago.. (5mins to be exact)

In case you peeps didn't know.. The Mac's computer has a 10mins limit to each user. And the uncle using the next comp is been there since forever.. Bet he search and search and researched his stuff, over and over again yea? LOL.

Anw, 6mins up already. Oh well, got to get back to my perfect competition.. Yeah, perfect competition, not about the market structure, but about me competing with myself to study.. Argh..

Think I need a glucose boost of ice cream. =DD


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vit E-400

I bought Vitamin E-400 from Nature's Farm yesterday.! =))

Ever heard about the rumors about vitaE giving better skin, lightening scars...etc?
Bet you do! Now, I am going to try it. Hahas. I will remember to share the results w y'all exactly 1 mth later.

Anyway, I bought the smaller bottle (30softgels), and since the dosage is 1softgel a day. It should be exactly 1mth later when I am done w that.. Sooo, shall see shall see. If it's good yea, I will continue it for the rest of my life ^^.

Some vitamin E article.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Something sick to share.. before bed time.

Earlier yesterday (note it's after 12mn), Rayner sent me a link saying that hes got something sick to share with me.. And, noting that it's a porn link from experiences, I didn't click on it cause pp was arnd. LOL!

Ohwell, I just viewed it.. Anddddd, sick wouldn't be the right word to describe that video.
Personally, I find it funny, and entertaining.. while nana finds it silly. LOL

Eh.. ehh.. ehhh, interested yea??

I shall narrate out the scene and not put the link here..
Hmm, if you are really interested.. You can ask me through msn or email. =D

Apparently, the title is, girl swallows cum and 4 goldfishes.
YEah, you are not reading em wrongly, GOLDFISH.
As in real life fishes, gold in colour, swimming in a tank, kept as pet kindda gold fish.

AND, she really really did swallow it..
Alright, kinda very sick yea?
The interesting/entertaining/funny/silly part is that...

She proceeds with force vomiting out those lil fishies back into the tank.

kuakua... lols.

Not-very-sunny yellow, banana day~

10th Aug.

Went Sentosa with Rayner, and I was hoping to get a tan.
But, thanks to rain-ner, we got caught in a RAIN.

Oh well.. The sun did come out..
Yea.. After we washed up and about to leave.
So, I am still fair as can be~

So, we sat by the beach and build sand castles and sex symbols.. hmm..

Alright. Here are some pictures to share...

And, if you think that I am "cui" (cause I was without makeup),
you're wrong! Think again, it's called au naturel..~


Didn't I mention that he is back with me as a girlfriend????

Just sometimes.....
Some angels....
are just too sometimes.....


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Funny conversation to share. ^^

*Anyway, this is lifted from PHIYORNAH's blog.

Me - refers to phiyornah also known as Fiona also known as my sister (no matter how much she denies)

Joi: I'm going to drink A LOT of glucose before i start studying lo!
Me: Why!?
Joi: To prevent fatigue (fattygyou) lo! - *its the glucose advertising slogan* *gives a lame face*
Me: You really think will help with fatigue meh, idiot! *gives a lamer face, cos "fattygyou" isn't really that funny*

-after many hours, while studying-

Joi: I have a confession to make...
Me: Huh?!
Joi: *chuckles*
Me: Wtf?!
Joi: I really thought fatigue is pronounce as FATTY-GYOU-E...
*Just like how she thought flamingos can't fly and chickens can't have sex*

Hahas. Eh, I am super nice to even confess yea?
Cause it was like, 1am already..
And she was damn tired and yawning.
So I felt that I need to wake her up or some sort.

SO, I confessed lo.
Indeed, she became more awake.
Like, extremely awake..
TOO awake.

Bits of here and there. by Kongo.

These are the rest of the pictures.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Woah woah woah..

You peeps huh.. I am so disappointed!
Why bombard me with so much questions? And I mean here and in msn.

Didn't I mentioned in my video about me and Rayner being alright? Hor! This shows that y'all never view my video till the end! Hurmp! Next time don't post ler.!!

(hint hint* - I am wearing a goggles on my forehead in the next video. O-O ) lol!

But I am seriously lacking of time. Told y'all about my stupid comuputer subject yea? Exam is tomorrow morning. =/

Oh yah, bak to topic. Rayner and I was back like say, 2 days after the incident? Wahahas! Fast yea?

He can't live without me.
And super not productive in work.
I.e. I am an essential. ^^

Okay, and about the more indepth details.
Actually, I am not obligated to tell y'all but, I don't mind sharing! Hhahasa.

Alrights. We comprimised! And the end result was, he is not to care about the content in my blog. And the only comments that he can give are those that are good. The rest, he shall tell his sister. Hahhaas.

And of course, I have to give up something in exchange. Heard about oppotunity cost in microecons? (school work is really hunting me >.< ) Yeaps. I gave up the ability to bitch, to him. Like, I can't say who ever who ever has got extensions, and it's ugly! Her hair colour doesn't match the skin tone. Someone got fucked by the whoever, and it's her 43rd partner!!! Yeah, nothing of that sort to him. Which is fine. Cause, there's always a bitching sister at home. And he hardly bitch with me, just laugh occasionally... So, I don't lose out too much.

Other than this, obviously, he is a freaking good boyfriend (girlfriend in disguise), who gives me immense pleasure, and has a part time job of being a passionate sex toy.
Why give it away? XD

Although up till today, I still cannot understand the way he acted the other time.
LOL! I don't wish for that kindda protection. So, he can pass of as MY GIRLFRIEND.
(I am so going to dress hin up in girly stuff, apply makeup on him, and make him shop with me.. yeahhhh.. whahas. He agreed to it lo! But but, every fun stuff after exams. =) )

Hmm, and of course, there are those heart to heart talks, dinners, walks, birthdays..

OMG! I realise I forgot to show y'all what I bought him for birthday!! And I got it in video.. Which I have yet to post it online...... seriously lazy.

Ok, his birthday is on 8 Aug, and I bought him, Braun Buffel wallet. =))))

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creative Zen X-Fi


Splendid thanks to Rayner for buying this for me! =D
I am really super happy. Thanks thanks thanks. Hahhahahas!

Com'on, tell me everyone. Aren't you peeps jealous??! It's the X-Fi leh!!
Bet you've heard about the X-Fi technology ba? Hahas! Expands the music lost through conversions and increase the depth of the music. Furthermore, the crystal X-Fi thingie really makes listening a pleasure!

And I don't need to yadah about the WiFi, speakers, organisers, alarm,.....etc bah?! =))

After the expensive camera now this, teeheee~
Too pampered.

Tell me that you are jealous!!
Tell me tell me! =D

Wahahaa! Thanks Rayner. XOXO


Monday, August 11, 2008

R.e.f.l.e.c.t.i.o.n by Kongo.

Few more pictures before I..
retake my misplaced MC, go tp to submit, go mfss for my testi....

Busy day man..

The stairway & I. =D Credits to Kongo! ^^

Very very nice pictures. =D
Recent taken in Chijmes.
I will post e rest tmr. Tired~ zzZ

Love the above picture!
V nice composition! XD

Saturday, August 9, 2008

AHHH! sobs

I recorded a video yesterday, BUT, the microphone wasn't activated. DAMN!
I was dressed up and everything lo! Sadness. Ahh, whateverr!!

Nevermind. Anw, sorry for not blogging these days. And I seriously have lots and lots of things to blog. But, mother earth is spinning too fast! 24 hours a day I so not enough. -pouts

I even got the screenshots ready lo! Just that I have not enough time. I really got to start studying lo. I am like one of the last to start among my clique looo! Hah!

So, it'll be video blogs for recent days still my papers are over k? (sulking to my muted video -- )
Meanwhile, it will be pages and pages of CSA for me.

Frankly, I don't understand what does accountings got to do with computer system application lo! Waste of time. I really don't care if my pc is using LCD or CRT monitor! OH yah, I have got the results for my CSA course work.

Excel online test - A
Individual excel project - A
Group webpage project - B

So, the teacher said that if I can at least a high B, I might get distinction. I doubt it's possible lo. I am hopeless in theories. Hahas! (Flashing back to my social studies and geog pper in sec school) Brr.. Hahahhas!

Ahh, this is getting draggy. Shall stop here, and start refreshing myself for books!


one picture for y'all!

One of my Sentosa Days.
Tan yea?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Credits to Leonidas Edwin =)

My fourth photoshoot.
Hahhas. It was long long ago.
I love my fair skin.
Gettin tanner alr.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My webcam is fixed! Yayyyyyy!

[[I forgot to post this entry. Dated 7/29/08, 1.37am]]
[[Erm, there's a prob w the video, voice and act are not in sync]]

Remember Dawn's funny short video when she said, "I'm going to Sydney, Yay (weird way)!" ?
Apparently, I did the same. And it was so damn hard!

Gna show you.

I think this is the closest to hers. However, my words are,

"My webcam is fixed! Yay (her weird way)!"

Apparently, there are like 20 over NGs la! Super funny, but loading them up will be too long. So, not gna share w y'all. Anw, note that it is not the real me! I am immitating DawnYang. Hahas!

Makeup 101 - how to uglify yourself.

(Bits and pieces of this entry is lifted from phiyornah's blog entry. Click here for the real version)

(note: if the end results happen to look like anyone, we sincerely apologise. There is totally no intentions to hurt/inflict pain/bring down/mock at anyone. Really. Do pardon me. I am sincere and genuiene.)

Load the video, and continue reading on! Save some time!!

As said, make up does wonders.
My sister and I decided to testify the extent of trueful-ness of this sentence.

Well-known fact, pretty girls always get beo-ed by variations of guys.
Ranging from lil didi, to geeks, to handsome hunks, to other's boyfriends, old pekpek,..etc

Freaking irritating yea? I remembered I was kindda glad that my looks were appriciated intensively when I was in Sec1. However, grew to feel sick about the unnecessary attention that I always get as I grow up and mature.

This time, gna show you a great way to turn those heads OFF you, instead of to you.
Makeup 101 - uglifying yourself.

*lifted from phiyornah*
1) Use A LOT of concealer around your eyes. Especially at the "tail" area. This is to make your eyes look small and puffy.

2) Use RED lipstick all over and AROUND your lips. The golden rule is to OVER DO it!

See us in tiny eyes n my fat lips!!

If you have no idea how to OVER DO your lips, follow:
Note, even when you "mmm" theres "lips outside your lips" <- if you even get what that means.

Now a lot uglier... Both small eyes both fat lips.

Don't stop there, there's MORE to be done!

3) Use PASTEL eye shadow. I think light blue is very ugly, and thus very good in this sense. You can use yellow, pink, purple. (You can use luminating powder too!)

4) Long huge face are very ugly too. Achieve it by using lotsa concealer on your chin jaw area. Especially the area under the corners of your lips.

Add illuminating powder to enhance the huge chin/ jaw and long/ big face effect.
Glitters makes features stands out, thats the principle behind the illuminating powder yea.

5) Last step, conceal your eyebrow. Conceal it AS MUCH as possible! If you're really up for it, shave off your brows. Brow-less is about the ugliest possible. (Imagine how much concellor and foundation powder I used! My brow are damn dark lo!)

There you've got it, VERY UGLY! =]

Sure this is not EXTREMELY ugly, because our main aim is to, like other make up tutorials - look natural.

Hope this make up tutorial helps, enjoy looking Naturally Ugly! ^^

I think there's a resemblance with someone........*