Monday, June 30, 2008

Class room madness..

Heyhey! I mentioned to wait for more pictures from Nic's macbook yea?
Now here's a portion of it.
Pictures are not edited cos kindda lazy, and my mouse spoiled.
SSOOOOO, pardon any one of us if we look "cui". =D

A little introduction for y'all yea?..
Okay from left to right..

JiaHan, ZhiHui, Almighty me, Michelle, Nicolette.

and that funny guy witht the smeared hair(inside joke) from the first 2 pics, is called, Francis. ^^

Ahhhh! Damn this connection.. Zz.. I upload these picture from my comp instead from flockphotobucket... And the thingie dont allow me the upload after the first 5.!! Guess you people have to wait somemore to see the cute faces of my classmates!

Friday, June 27, 2008

INCEST!! Oh god, I am so excited!!

Know why, know why???

Because PAPA is going to mate the noisy bird at home!! Eh, sounds like a bad thing cause of the noise and stuff, BBUUUTTT, just imagine!

Two birds humping each other while the other watch!!!! Cool yea? That will be so incest!!
(Papa bought 2 birdies back. And their mother and daughter.. So, if either one were to sex the man bird, another will be watching! Hahas! This is getting me all excited.)

Erm, okay okay, put aside sexual thoughts.. Isn't it interesting to see them lay eggs in the basket and soon the eggies will hatch into many many many many noiiiiisssyyyyyy lil birdiesss?! This is even more exciting that the reason why I was elated few entries ago! Hah!

I will so update y'all about the mating etc yea?!

Anw, the species of the bird is called, "BO-LO-BOK", or "Kutut". Wahaha! So, sooon, I will be having dozens of boloboks at home!!
And they will be yakking, "kuuuuuuu-ku-ku-ku-kuu" x 7418107401 per day. AHHHH!

lols. Anw, skipped school today. >.< Without MC somemore.
Going sentosa with Rayner tmr, and that is if we can wake up in the morning, lol. And, having a shoot this weekend! Japanese school girl, here I come. Hahas! Kinky..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nicolette =D

Taken using nic's macbook.
Nice yea?
More to come, more to come..
Check back yea!

Anw, 4 person in class wore hoodie today...
And the pictures are somewhere inside her mac.
So, shall wait, shall wait.

Now, I am still contemplating if I should do my CSA overdue homework, and I think that I should not. =S. Cause it's like, 2.21AM now. hah?!

Click on the link and take my quiz.

Hello everyone. Click on the link and do my quiz yea? And if you want me to complete your quiz, you can comment me the link to yours. ^^

Due to the start of school, kindda busy and stuff to blog.. So, shall leave this quiz as the top entry for say few days yea?

Click click and complete my quiz. ^^ Do not be afraid to choose any options. Hahas, I will not be offended. Thanks peepps


I will tell you that I love you, personally if you are the top scorer. =D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I a m a b s o l u t e l y E L A T E D ! =B

Joy should know the reason why..
yea girl? R O A R RR RR RR R
There's so much stored energy in me and I am alone so I can't really express it out.!

Wahhhahaas! So h a p p y y y y y . . . .

Raynerboy, i still love you! ooOPs. Hahas! xD
Alright, guess I am too random. Ending here.

Ohyah, sidetracking.
Do click click on my portfolio link on the left panel, on top of all the links yea? Cause I am really really busy. =S Till I never post some of the pictures up. So. click click. =D

Oh yah.. The sudden richness that I had made me slurge in SA SA. And I even sign on the PINK LIST so they will email me when theere's any promotion etc. Wah!

Dort. This entry is getting no where. I am in school and it's 30 mins till my tutorial.. Yawn.s.


Hey, I got to drill something into your dense brain. Anw, you should be really grateful when I allow you into my life. Since you are misusing this new relationship that we have, I urge you to fuck off and stay that way. Thanks.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

MichaelChan =) Remember her . In A Forgotten World

I've received all of the pictures from the 3 photographers. =D
I thank you all sooo soooooo sooooooooo much. ^^

Sharing Michael's pictures first. ^^
Enjoy, comment, critiques, and give me constructive pointers.
(Fat tummy is noted*)

Among the last 3, which is e best?
Comment me alright.

And and and, tell me which is nice, which is not.

Friday, June 20, 2008

R O A R R R R R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Obviously extremel freaking irritatedddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stupid TP website cannot sign in! SO FREAKING irritated. I am obviously late for work? And the client is there today? Wth rightt?! AHH!! And I obviously need to cab down! Wth!!!! Stupid TP webby.!

And, reason no. 2, I will have no choice but to choice some lousy pok CDS cause the popular ones which I will most probably choose willl be taken!!? And it will be like, 8pm when I return?? I bet the entire school will have submitted their choice! ROARRRRRRRRRRR!

Damn, cabbing down now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Something light hearted..

before showing you peeps more of my old house shoot. =)

Wide Angle Craze~!!

And we saw this at the old Jap school.


Actually, I am waiting for photobucket's maintenance to be over.

2 inches away !!!

I cut my hair!!
Actually, I somewhat promised myself to not cut my hair till next year and seee!!!? I cut it again.

I went to test drive the new salon/stylist house (they look like a stylist house, but other than that, everything is v salon-y), with mummy. Mummy permed her hair, while I did treatment and cut.

Apparently, my hair is super damage after swimming, cause I can't steam my hair cause Nana spoilt their sauna(just my guess)! Allowing the chlorine to linger on my hair for so v long. zzZ. Hair is obviously better, healthier, and shorter now! I said trim, he cut. =S

Ahhh, fine, it will grow. =)

Anw, I feel, the service there is not professional enough. I remembered when I go to X'pects Studio, they will wash the comb and sterilise it when it drops on the floor. The new salon don't! That Malaysian auntie just picked it up and continue. zZ. But mummy don't find it bothering... oh well.. Generation gap. We just want to be treated like god, whereas they can make do with stuffs.

However, got to give the salon some credit yea? The guy who did my hair is kindda hot(sry Rayner, you are hot too!). Hahas, the good side is, he is 20. Bad side, he is a Malaysian. zZ. Hahas! Not that I will do anything funny la, Rayner, you can put down ur guard. (lol!) Just that it's enjoyable to see macho guys do your hair yea? ^^

Shall end it here, having menstrual cramps with no menses. How sick.

And gg off to school later, and, I have a whole CSA project yet to be done, and the due date is on Monday 9am!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MichaelChan =)

I went old changi hospital and an old old school for shoot yesterday morning.
Fortunately, or unfortunately, there wasn't any ghost sightings.

Sian. o.O
Rayner said that there's nothing de, cause he's been there for quite some time. Chey.

Anw, the below pictures are ripped from Michael's blog.
And I totally love his title for this. =)

Remember Her . In A Forgotten World

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I know I am not the world's prettiest girl,
but I know I am no where near ugly.

To this ah lian,

So you think that you are damn chio to say that I am that ugly. I think you should think twice. Tsktsk, why would someone who look like that, even dare to give a fart? Oh, unless she don't even understand where she stand.

Stop asking me to put a time and place when you act as if you miss the line and never read it. I shall once again plan a time and place for you. don't be so humji and act as though you didn't see this, or the email. Ass.

Friday 20 June 07, 6pm.
Ang Mo Kio Mrt Station (ctrl st. )

Don't say that I don't dare to call you even if you leave me with your phone number. -- I am obviously not as hum as u --

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rayner is so adorable!

Few days back, we went Chomp Chomp..

J : -looking at the bbq stall menu-
J : Eh, you dare to eat cockles not?

R : Err, don't really like it..

J : I know la, hahas. You said you don't eat "ham" before mah..

R : -frown-
R : Yah, I don't eat "ham", but this is not "ham". "ham" no shell.

J : -laughing-
J : Oh, so you saying that cockles are the ones with the shell, and "ham" the ones without yea?

R : -obviously paranoid-
R : Yah??!!?!!

J : They are the same la! Haha!

R : -totally pissed-
R : NOOOOOO?! Different lo.

J : -threaten to post in my blog-

Hhahas! Love my H-IMBO boyfriend! =)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vee ^^. I edited it out of fun. =b

Note! : This is not the final version of Vee's work.

I edited this picture since I can't fall asleep now.
You people can comment on it yea?
I really don't know what kind of B & W is considered nice..
So, all is set through my viewpoint. Hahas!!!

Vee was also guiding and teaching me in the shoot.
And I realised I have so many flaws to be corrected. =)
Hopefully photographers who are shooting me in the future are game for such shoots. ^^
Enough of smiley xmm pictures.
Lets try fierce, wild, sexy, with lots of curves!


To: Vee

Thank you sooooo much for your guidance and patience. Although you are hard on me, I know it's all for my own good. Hahas! Really learn alot. And I practiced on the straight head thingie yea!! Hahas! Shall show you in our future shoots! ^^

To: Myself

Oh my, you are such a perfectionist when come to things you can control, and it's within reach. Sometimes to the extend when it's scary. Relax darling girl, it takes time to learn. Don't rush things too fast. Come to think of it, you are just 2 months into this. Like someone once said, you have all the way till your mid-twenties. ^^
(solely for self motivation purposes)


Hahas. Sometimes when I see girls thinking that they are cut enough for this modeling stuff, it sets me thinking..

(Usually I feel that they are thinking too highly, and of course, I am just referring to those new ones. I feel that they are not up to the mark, & that doesn't excludes me.)

What does it take to be considered a good model, or a good talent? And here's what I deduce.

65% - Appearance
15% - Connections
10% - Brains
5% - Hardwork
5% - Luck

What do you people think?
Oh god, really need to sleep, it's 6.50am already. =)

(p/s Please do not think that becoming a model is what I want in life. Just to inform you peeps, it's not! Hahas! I want to become a broker, an auditor, an accountant. And, it's just me to do stuff, or try to do stuff to the max(almost) of my capability when I am doing it. -- argh, kinda messy, whatever, got to got to sleeppp )

Kennz PhotoWorks.

I received quite an amount of pictures already.

And I've been procrastinating since birth till I finally feel like posting some up.

2 more picture from Kennz. =)

Er. Yes. I've noticed the folds behind my back.
But no one told me. =/
And, I am too lazy to edit it away.

This composition was deliberate by the photographer.
I didn't changed much,
I just added about +17 contrast.
I think it helps me to stand out more.

weehhh` That's all.

(Oh god, I am bored till I commented on my pictures. Lols. Constructive criticism is always beneficial. =))

Speaking about criticism. An ass commented saying that my thigh is fat.
Com'on, you should say that I am too skinny like chopsticks or something. Which I totally disagree. I feel that mine is of proportionate size. Hah!

Ahh, I can't sleep,
and time check, it's 6.21am, and I have to get ready for work at 11.20am!!?
Oh god, please not let my body clock get screwed up! Holiday is too short for it! Otherwise, I will be going to school like a living zombie. How sad, 9 more days till first day of school. And my classmates, and team members are having a hard time to get me to discuss for project. LOL!

R O A R R R R R ! ! ! !
And got to go to a pub to check for the availability for a photo shoot.
And got to go back to school to check for the availability for another shoot.
Can die can die. TOO STRESS AT now, 6.24am.

Rayner boy is freaking sleeping while I am awake.
Thanks pig.

=S. Too bored yet too lazy to blog some more.
Shall play rewujie! Wahahas. Madness.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flash version of AUDITION!

Guess what?!

I was online gaming with my mum.
She's real hip yea?!! Hahas!

Anw, this game was introduce by my younger sister to my mum, and then to me. Hahas! For those of you who hate to download games and stuffs into your computer, you can try playing at this site to kick off that boredom!

Anw, I will most likely be at channel4 if I happen to be playing. And, my name there is;


Search me, and invite me to your room! =)
And to NanaJiejie. If you want to play with mummy, her name there is; CHILLI

Wahhaas! --
Anw, I don't really like Audition yea. And I prefer o2jam anytime. And I played o2jam more then audition. So I have this habit to out my fingers on the keyboard at the o2jam arrangement for games. AND, I kept doing it while I "rewujie" just now. -- Fingers malfunction.

Personality Test.

This personality test is a complusory thingie for our school's APEL.
After 1 sem of procrastinating, here it is..

Can someone tell me the difference between primary and secondary character?
AND, what is Key Complimenting Values to be Nurtured?

Does it means that I lack of those values stated there?! LOL!
Kinda seems like it. HAHAS!

Anw, the key characteristics for both are very true for me! Wahahas!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Phiyornah's photography.

Here's some pictures after so many wordy entries.
These pictures were taken at Haji Lane, photographed and edited by my sister.



Schedule of my two weeks short/long holiday..

Monday - Casting & talent training/studio shoot with V^^

Tuesday - Meeting HongLing at my place to improve on her makeup, going bukitbatok to survey/observe a shoot, then to talent training/studio shoot with V

Wednesday - Joy Joy Joy

Thursday -

Friday - Work

Saturday - Work

Sunday - Work

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday - Excel project

Friday - Work

Saturday - Work

Sunday - Work

OOOk. Few days are left empty for Eugene's shoot yea?! My school never pick up the phone!! Cries! How how how how how?!!!?!! Ahhhhhh! Need rayner's school ler lo! Hopefully can! =)

Busy busy yesterday..

Heyyya! Enough of the previous issue!
Now, update you guys about yesterday..

The casting yea?
I got in! So will be working on fridays and weekends! In other words, a very packed holiday! Hahas! Bad thing is that, the salary will only be in the next month! E x c l a i m ! !

I went to a shoot with Vee and learnt alot!! Great experince lo! =) I posed till my SHOULDERS DEVELOPED MUSCLES! Hehe! Got to give him some more time to slowly filter out the gems in the mass of mud. -- Hahas!

I have alot of pictures to post! And I don't have the time.! I remembered saying in one of my previous entry that this holiday must be a fruitful one yea? Now it's really packed! Hahs!
Nevertheless, I will make time to post those personal and modeling photos up!
SSOOOO, check back often yea!?

Update on the scandal..!

I said I will make things clear before the casting and the shoot yea? And I did. There's a miscommunication between the photographer and the female person --.

And it wasted so much of my time.
And the photographer had called the female and clarified. So i believe that the other friend that came booming here knows about it.

Com'on, you people be the judge, shouldn't she apologies for booming here after the photographer had told her friend about it??! I think she should. And, guess what's her reply?? I shall show you~

TO: baObaO

What the hell is wrong with you?! Now, your first message had wronged me. And asking for an apology is too much for you?!! It's 12 in the noon, majority of the Singaporeans are up! Why can't I complain when it's in my blog? And you people wronged me?! Can't I call and clarify? I still gave you a benefit of doubt at first, thinking that some people might be imposing you. Why are you so fucked up till you need to reply in such a manner?! Complain in your blog? Do you think I am afraid of it?!! Go on! And if your motive is to up your viewers from my page, dream on.


Monday, June 9, 2008

What the hell!!?!! Got to make things clear.

This is a reply to a comment that make my blood boils this morning. --

It's supposedly a great day for me with casting and a shoot. Thanks so some idiot that spread some rumors causing blame on me?!!! What the fuck?!!

Okok, here it goes. --
Frankly, I have no time for this. But it shouldn't be bothering me for the rest of the day.
Which explains this entry.

Here is the comment I see this morning.
Which was in yesterday at 2.59pm.

I am freaking pissed! Till I can kill both the person involve and the idiot who cause this rumor to arise.! If I ever find out, your reputation will definitely go down the drain.

TO: baObaO

It's been such a long time since I step into her page, or even yours. Why, and what made you say that, I say that Amy is under me?! I wouldn't want her to be under me either. Frankly speaking, putting her under me won't make much of a change anyway. But, I think you should seriously check things out clearly or ask me on msn in private before booming here. Cause it isn't very nice. Amy isn't in this modeling thing for long I believe? Why is she under me then? Girl, you should seriously learn some respect and be smart about stuff before being impolite here. I urge you to investigate properly, and I need an apology comment from you. Your attempt to disgrace me in my blog is too much for me to handle. Hope to see your reply comment soon!

TO: The fucker that caused this

Eh, aren't you a bit too bored?! Come to my shoot and help my photographers hold the reflector la! What's so fun of causing disputes around? And the thing is that, they aren't even close friends loser. So, get some brains. If you are really against me. At least be more professional. And you better stop this, or show yourself to settle this shit.

TO: The person who comment and if it's not baObaO

I think you can seriously take up a job of cleaning a toilet bowl. Cause it might help you clean your filthy self better. Likewise, you better stop this, or show yourself to settle this shit.

Shall stop shall stop..

Hahas. Thought of blogging all but... nahh.. Too much for me to handle. Sitting up on my bed is causing my waist to give way.. LOL!. Shall stop here.

Later will be a busy day for me... Casting and photo shoot.

and the worst thing is that, I left my heels at nana's place. ROAR! Now I have all the more reason to buy more high high heels. Anw, I read from someone, i forgot who's, blog, and she has a 5inches high highheels. I want! Hahas!

And, I am most likely going to do a theme shoot, high school stereotype.
So, I need a classroom setting. Hopefully, very hopefully. My secondary school's DM will allow me. I shall beg and cry for it. -- No la.. I am exaggerating. It's the time of the night. Going sot sot teng~

Other then the class, I need the standard white top blue plated bottom uniform. If any one of u readers happen to have, do lend me! ^^

More pictures.

Before and after a private shoot.

I dont care if this looks lian-ish!
I like this picture cause my eyes looks extremely big!
Thanks to the eyelashes,
and my makeup skills!

Interesting yea?

My gay boyfriend!
Look at the extensions, with the waist belt!

Anw, he suits this more than me.

Behind the scenes..

Some behind the scene picture. ^^

Eugene's camera

I wonder how Rayner take de.
Capture me in this awkward shape.

I personally think this is sexy.

Mfss class gathering..

24May. 4J class gathering at Marcelo's place.
I was full of makeup cos I had a shoot in the morning. Hahas!

Rayner came with me, which was really nice. Lols. Most of you know my inability to socialise and start a convo with everyone yea? Hahas! It's getting better already, trust me. ^^

2 pictures. Joy and I.

As always.
Joy never fails to DI SIAO!

Coffee Bean boredom..

This is dated 02Jun08.
It was a Monday and I was preparing for my Financial Accounting test for the next day. And obviously, I doubt I will be doing well thanks to a big distraction. --

Yeapps. It's Rayner. Anw. He started drawing tattoo-like words on his arm, hand, and then, my leg. Here are some of the pictures.