Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I haven't been doing much on non-work days (monday + tuesday) and my internet connection was down for a long time (it's back up already), but I am super lazy to blog.

I'll be back soon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Though I am never a romantic person, I do have romantic dreams. :D Like many other girls, I often go into a daze, thinking about my wedding day, starting a family and raising my children. Will I be pretty on my wedding day?! Omg I am so excited about my wedding despite it being no where near, yet. Haha. Contrary to my very spontaneous character, the ideal wedding I have in my mind is a very classic and traditional white wedding - with pastel coloured roses, champagne, cakes and many other little treats (preferably w no balloons at all, and I don't like lilies too).

So, what is your ideal wedding?
Is it going to be a secret affair, or a extravagant event at a boutique hotel?
Share it with me! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advertorial: Amelie's Nail Journey

Finally an update after so long! I was really busy with Avalon and I just came back from a short getaway to Genting. I really did rested well after two hectic weeks at Avalon, but I kinda just fell sick. (Thanks to the haze created by the explosion of Shell's oil tanks) Anyway, back to the advertorial!! 

I am bringing you Amelie's Nail Journey today!

Amelie's Nail Journey (ANJ) is a home-based nail salon located at Sembawang area
(Near Sembawang Shopping Centre).

The salon is super neat, clean and nice with baby pink walls. *love* The above are some of the 'room' shots that I took. So anyway, I started my nail journey with a Classic Pedicure ($20), followed by my virgin experience of Soft Gel Extensions ($120).

This is the outcome of my nails after 3-4hours of hard work on Amelie's part. I absolutely love love love what she did with my nails. This is super chio! :) I have already raved about them on Facebook and Twitter, but yaa. I got so much positive responses from many people, love it!

The gel extensions that ANJ carries are Soft Gel Extensions. Though this is the first time I am doing fancy things to my nails, I've heard from many friends that gel extensions thin your nails. But it is not going to happen with soft gel extensions. Unlike those conventional hard gel extension, that require 100% filing to be removed, soft gel extension can be removed just by it soaking off. I.e. healthier for our nails!! . ANJ is by far the only salon providing soft gel extensions. So girls, you got to give this a try! 

Amelie is a true artist when it comes to nail art. 
These are some of the many designs that she has done.

The above are just some of my favorites. 
Do check Amelie's Nail Journey's website for pictures of more designs!

Can't wait to see her again for my next nail appointment! :))

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Cheers for pretty nails!