Friday, May 30, 2008

Kindda random. =b

Hahas! Guess what? I am in my school's lab, blogging. Frankly speaking, I have nothing interesting to say. So let see how random I can get. ^^

Reason for blogging nothing? Ahha. Trying to type better with this kuku keyboard. -- Anw, gna have Excel Test in 30 minutes time! Wahas! Although I am not a computer idiot, but EXCEL is so N O T my kind of thing yea?!

Haish, speaking of computer lessons in school. Just imagine, if I were to continue my choice of Mass Communication and not switch to Accounting and Fianace, I will be acess on PHOTOSHOP! Like, I can TOTALLY do photoshop anytime anywhere!?!!! Widen the eyes, lighten the teeth, sharpen the nose, boobies, narrower waist, anything!!! ROAR!

And and and, they are learning Photograhy next sem! Ahh?!?!! I confirm can make it, as compared to doing Principle of / Financial Accounting/ Econs!

Speaking of the subjects, I will be having my exams next week. From tuesday to thursday! Wahahas! And off to holidays. =) Despite having exams next week, I am having a shoot on Sunday. Hahas! Lack of money yea.

Anw, something's really bothering me. I was offered a job 1 day ago. It's a bareback photoshoot for some poster thingie, and my back will be painted. And, the money is REAL REAL REAL REALLL good! Like real good. Hahs! And, the downside is that, I will have to bare my front in order to bare my back, no? but Nubra can be worn. So... will be kinda a bit naked yea.. Hahs. So, still contemplating. =b.

Alright alright. enough of typinf excercise. Gna start my Excel Test soon.

M A Y . T H E . P O W E R . B E . W I T H . M E ! ! ! !

Monday, May 26, 2008

Photographer - EugeneKan.

I still prefer my individual shots. =)
Cause, you can't really tell I am a 155cm shortie. =b
So far, I've only recieve 2 pictures. Shan't bug Eugene too much and let him complete them slowly. So meanwhile, enjoy my FACE. ^^

Do check back often for more more more pictures. I've finally transfer my phone pic into my lap, but lack the time to resize, edit etc. -- So, bear with me, check back EVERYHOUR to catch my latest post. ^^V


Photographer - EugeneKan.

Models : Jocelyn ^^

Enjoy the pictures bah. Don't flame me lo.. I understand my lack of height which standing beside those tall babes! Kuakua.. And I feel damn weird wearing that corset thingie. Hahas!

All right all right, 3 picture is enough.
I am looking forward to receive the individual shoots instead.
Cause, I look shor and stubby when standing beside these two lanky babes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

(updated) QUOTE OF THE WEEK :

- Mark (15May2008)

In case you people are wondering, that's Mark from our class.


(that's my smiley. "X" is the eyes. "B" is my bunny teeth! lols. Cute yea??)


Chickens do have sex. Like oh my god?! Guess I am really kuku with birds man. Hahas! I remembered googling if Flamingoes can fly. And just, I googled if chikens have sex. LOL? Apprently, they do. -- Read this(bottom), they have sex. Hahas!

First,I have chickens and have had between 2 and 36 for almost 25 years.Yes chickens have sex my rooster mounts his hens daily.There are no external sex organs on a chicken they are inside the vent.Chickens only have one opening for everything.egg pee poo same place.A hen makes a new egg every 18-26 hours using 4oz. feed 10oz.water and if left in nest another hen or rooster will eat it.I have to collect them every day. its not always a blood spot,yolk color is determined by diet (corn = yellow) I have amerucans that lay green eggs I also have rhode island reds that lay brown eggs. If I feed them odd things like table scrapes The yolks change color a little bit. Adding berries or ketchup gives them dark redish spots on the yolks.Basicly eggs come out everyday that a chicken is fed properly and will be eaten by someone or something no matter what you do or dont do, unless the rooster fertilized the egg and the hen sits on it and hatches it.I have only seen the later happen six times (six chicks) in 25 years.

BOY BOY is returning!!

Wahahahas. I can't wait! Yet I am too lazy to pull my lazy bum up to get ready. LOL! Reason being that I am toooooooo engross in, p l a y i n g D O T A & C O U N T E R S T R I K E ! ! !

Horrible yea? It's fun lo! Now I understand why so many of my guy friends love the lanshop SO MUCH. Hahas. Anw, I am contented with killing enemies from my computer in EASY MODE. Cus, I will definately win!! (err, almost)


Nana & Joijoi

After SO LONG. I finally found the time to blog up these pictures. Hahas!!
See, I am so kind to all of you. Modeling pictures getting boring ehs? So, I'm going to fill this entry with OUR FACES!

Erm. See the date at the left on the pictures? Lol. That's how long these pictures are left unattended in my computer. =)
AND, I have MORE pictures that I have yet to blog. Kuakua..
Blogging homework. --
Hate it.

if you people are going to NOT be lazy and leave some COMMENT. I will be more than happy to blog more often. (i.e. comment me looo!)

Anw, realise I shifted the "girl search" entry up again yea? *points to the bottom entry*
The "search" and offer is still on!! =) So girls who are interested, do send me mails with the FULL DETAILS yea?

Hope to see some gem in those mails yea. ^^

Happy weekend.
My Rayner boy is returning later today. (night) I can't wait!!!! I can imagine the influx of kisses and pressies. Wahahas.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Come come!! All models wannabe. =b

Hey people! Anyone of you interested to be a freelance model?
I have a great opportunity for you! =)
I, shall open a door for you, into this tiny modeling scope which I am in.

Now, I have this great lobang in hand.
For any open minded daring girls out there, do leave me your contact, or contact me! =)
I have a great photographer who is willing to fork out his time, to guide and shoot you girls out there!! You girls should not miss this!

Okay, a little information about these shoots.
It will be in a studio. (So, you girls don't have to worry about the MOSQUITOES, and the GLAR
You must be able to shoot bikini or lingerie and of course, casual fashion.

If you think that you are inexperience, fret not, this photographer is willing to guide you!!
Want to capture your beauty in a frame? Contact me at my comments column.
OR, email/msn me at,


In your email, or comment, please include the below information. =)

Name: *
Mobile Number: *
MSN: *
Cup size: *

Measurements(inches): *
Bikini, Lingerie or Both: *

Height: *
Weight: *
Available Dates:
(Attach 3 or more most recent pictures of yourself to me!) *

*MUST!! ^^
If you are unsure about the available dates, just leave them blank! =)

The photographer or I will get back to you once I receive the mails!
If you have any enquiries, feel free to ask me. ^^

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kids these days..

Sighh, kids these days are such a disgrace to society.
And when those problematic kids are from your own family, it's worst.

I am not implying that I am a great kid, or a great teen in any sort. But, it's easier to see something and critise then to see yourself and critise yea? Hmm, how should I put this entry across? Things are in a mess at home. My home. Er, my mum's home.

With a younger sister who has just entered secondary school, and at the same time, just entered "teen-hood" is never a pleasant thing. Just imagine all the bad influences that she might get from the "outside" world. To a certain extend, I feel that going to secondary school it's too over-exposing for kids. Yes, I still refer to my sister as kids cause she will always be younger than me. Hmm, but what to do? It's a phase all kids have to go through. And I went right through it, emerging safety, well, almost.

Anyway, the issue is about my little sister. I never ever agree for allowing her to enter that school. It's never a wise choice. Although I am pretty sure it isn't that bad as what outsiders hear about the school, but, I just can't help stereotyping students from that school lo. But, I know there are good students there, who score As for their O levels. However, self-disciple is never one of the positive traits she ever has.

I still remember the secondary school days I had. It was fun, fast, and exciting. But, everything comes with a price. Let see, I was playing a fool in school, breaking all the school rules, got into all sorts of trouble from, guys to girls, teachers to discipline masters, schoolmates to outside school peeps, running away from home, tried smoking, stealing, lying to parents.. etc. And I believe it's part of growing up. At least I am not morally wrong in any sense yea? NOD NOD. Laughs.

And I believe my little sister will break as many school rules and hook up with hooligans as me. But, I am not too sure if she has the common sense, brains, chacracter, personality, blahblah, to overcome the negative impact of those sorts of stuff. And, I so don't know how to help her. I know my limits, and I know how to protect myself most of the time. So, it wasn't a real big thing when I got into ahbeng businesses, but my lil sister is a guilible, naive pudding!
Anyway, I can say that my lil sister is almost beyond hope, and me, as her sister, hope to do some stuff to help. I know i know, I've been hollering at her since the day she's born, why am I so nice to want to help yea? Kinship, I can say. Hahas, I am like a angel, you may hold a halo over my head. O :B

No la, it's more of face yea. She is indirectly throwing my face. Although I am no longer in contact with those not 3 nor 4 people around here, but, I know there's a minority of people remembering me. Hoho, and some know that she is my lil sister. Which is extremely bad. No only in those aspect that I am losing face, what about my family as a whole leh? Bad bad.

I going to share some stuff my sister did which I think it's absurd here. And, I don't know my purpose of sharing. Maybe I'm in the hope that some kind soul will read those and come up with a decent and useful comment to help me out? =)

Er, alright, something recent yea?.. She stole my psp slim, with 4gb memory card and sold it for $200. How stupid yea? And she denied everything when we asked about it. So, I am psp-less now. =(

She stole $1000 cash from my mother's safe. $1000. Can you imagine yourself even holding $1000 worth of cash in your bare hands? That's her guts. And that's how stupid she is. Who in the right mind will ever think of stealing from home?

She stole $100 from my wallet yesterday night. I was so sad, and angry! And at the same time, betrayed? I don't know. I was damn sure that I had the money with me and then, it was gone. Just think about it, how costly it is to come back home. There's a chinese saying that it's even more trickier to fend against house theft. And there's one at home. Mummy got her ways, and the money was returned to me this morning.

The 3 above examples of the misbehaviour happened within 2 weeks? In other words, she never learns from her mistakes. Or in fact, she don't treat them as mistakes.

And this reflect badly on me. Like, I'm her sister and I can't even guide/teach her? The other time, she left home with the $1k that she stole from mum. And feels like she's learning from what I did half a year ago. Let's not go into details regarding this. Cause this is far most the most disgracing stuff I did in my life. Whichever, yea, she's picking up bad stuff from everywhere!

I had a little chat with mummy over dinner awhile ago, and I suggested to send her fr councelling. Hope that it helps. Seeing someone else getting into trouble is so different from experincing firsthand like few years back.

Hmm, I so want to help her, but I feel so helpless, and I don't know how. That must be how my mum felt that time when she thinks that I was beyond hope.

Hahas, anyway, I am proud of myself of what I become today. Character and personality wise. Not the fats wise. -- Anw, I am troubled by my fatty arms, as much as I am troubled about what might happen to my sister in the coming days.

Why can't she see our worries?
Likewise, I don't understand why can't I see my mother's worries then.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My darling boy is leaving me....

for another country..

for 4 days..

lol. This may sound rediculously lil as compared to those girls whose boyfriend left them for NS. But, to me, it's like parting for 4 days of my life. Ehh, when I type these words out, it doesn't sound that serious leh. BUT THEN HOR. It is can?! Can you imagine those LIFE DANGERS he might encounter??!

Let me give you some scenarios.
For example:
  1. His plane got hijaked and he is the hostage.
  2. His plane is faulty.
  3. He is robbed, and have no passport to return to singapore.
  4. He is raped by gays in thailand.
  5. He has sex with thai girls at sunny pattaya.
  6. He falls in love with thai girls and decided to leave me/ singapore for good.
  7. He contracted some weird diseases and fear to return home.
  8. He get himself into some fight and got disfigured.
  9. He has sex with his female friends in the hotel.
  10. He turns gay.

SEEE???! There's like so much for me to worry about, and these are just the few that I have listed! R O A R .

My darling boy, you have to have to have to be safe.

Anddd, I am freaking jealous that I can't go with you. And I am freaking sad that I cannot take your first time.. gg overseas.

=) Nevertheless, enjoy your vacation darling ^^. And never never never allow the stuff I listed to happen. Love love love you. Be safe. =B

Heart wrenching..

to see tears flow out from kids when they feel deserted.

Despite me disliking kids, I have a sympathetic heart for them okay? I always fear that my parents, mostly my mum will not want me when I was young. And I always have this nightmare where I was left at the top of a flight of stairs and my mum leaving hastily in a blue cab at the bottom. I will cry and run damn fast to catch up with her.

As most of you know, I have this problem with stairs, and im extra cautious when climbing up/down stairs. It applies in my dream too. So.. yah, I never ever manage to catch up.. Anw, I stop having the dream ler. But something happened today brought back those sad feelings I once had in my dream.

Anw, it's about my lil cousin boy, Eric.
His family background is like, damn messy. Although not as complicated as mine, but his is worst. Cause his mama don't really act up to e full responsibility of being a mother. Yes yes, I am in no where to judge but, I just feel that way. I shan't elaborate much about how bad she is, cause it might not reflect well upon myself as her neice. LOL? No la, idk. Better not reveal too much.

My lil cousion is staying over at my mum's place, cause my very generous mum let out Angela's room and sacrifice my privacy for em. To cut the story short, I was at my dinning table fiddling with my laptop when she brought lil Eric and his sister back here. Eric was crying when his mama left. It's like, so heart wrenching! Eric wasn't crying out loud like what kids would usually do, he was sobbing and tearing la! Woahseh, at that moment, I almost shed a tear for him.

Pityful little boy boy. =.(

I wonder will this cause him any permanant emotional damage that will stick with him for life? Ya'know? Like those tv drama,.. when his an adult, he will have this mental phobia and stuff.. Nah, I am thinking too much. Hahas. Let's hope not.

Although it's pityful yea? But, I don't really love kids (now), so, I won't delibrately shower love and care, but I will try not to scream so much when they laugh and run about. =)

Huge step to show my compassionate heart yea.

Rayner's wise words.

I was msn-ing my dearie earlier today and he went oh-so-philosopy, and start preaching about life. o.O Ehh, which is something rather rare. Cause, I never ever thought that he was that kind. Hahas. Anw, I am going to copy-paste his part of the msn conversation here, just for sharing and recapping if i need to in future. =)

Do you know why when others fail some will laugh, and why people like to see others suffer? Those who laugh at people who fail are becuz they saw the mistakes and are learning from them so that they do not get laughed at...
Those that have failed before would not laugh, they have been there. Those who laugh at people who fail are becuz they saw the mistakes and are learning from them so that they do not get laughed at. However if you see others fail and fail together with them, you are a LOSER!..
So humble ones are people who have failed great leaders are those who have never failed much in their lives.
Why am i spouting philosophies lol
What im just trying to say is that i would rather be a failure then be one who laughs at others.. Just feel that people should not be so mean. One day when things go wrong for them, no one will pity them. Although im not saying anyone should be pitied. But its just sad not having anyone to back u up..

That's about it. Although it's poorly structured cause it was initialy a msn conversation. O well, I post this up despite him warning me not to. =) Darling, I am your lil naugthy girl. *winks*

MikeElliot's photography.

Enjoy. ^^


Do check back for more from other photographers yea?
AND, will be posting up personal cam-whore pictures.

Ah_K a.k.a MichaelChan a.k.a SuperMario

Hahas. I've received all the photos from Michael ler. So, sharing with y'all here. Enjoy.


Mothers' Day

Hello! It's the second Sunday of May, and it's Mothers' Day. =)

I feel that this year's Mothers' Day come rather abruptly. No time to prepare, no time to even think and plan for anything. Hahas. But, at least I left today free and empty to chit chat with my mum. ^^

Anyway, I bought a white hand bag for her. Not expensive branded kind, but, yea.. i overspent all my earnings. Rayner calculated for me, and it points down to me spending 1k + on "wants" in the past month. HORRIBLE!

SO, I am saving up. Seriously. I can't wait to get my first DSLR.


It's kindda hard for me to blog now, cause my thoughts are in a mess, thanks to angela's audition music. R O A R.

So, I shall end this entry here. For those naughty kiddos out there who have yet to wish their mums a happy mothers' day. Better do so now. ^^

Shall blog more later. So, do check back. =)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ah K's photography.

Ooops? AhK? Hmm, I don't know your name. So sorry. I picked out this name from the username. Hahas. Anw, I believe this great photographer will send me more photos yea? Meanwhile, enjoy this two. ^^

Comment alright. ^^

David's photography.

This batch of pictures is also from the 4thMarch shoot.
Enjoy bah.

C & C people.
Is there something wrong with my haloscan?
How come there's so little comments?!?!
Hahas! ^^

No school today~

and there's nothing to be happy about..
cause, I ' V E G O T R A S H E S ! ! ! ! ! !

Everyway from the tip of my nose to my legs is infested with RASHES. So, decided to seek doctors attentions rather then letting my bod fight with the whatever thing that is causing the reaction.

SO, i guess it will be lecture online~
VBUS here I come. ^^

Monday, May 5, 2008

Phiyornah's photography.

Jocelyn's edition.


After :

Photographer : Phiyornah
Editing : Jocelyn
Camera : Sony Erricson K660i
Model : Jocelyn
Model : Rayner
Location : HajiLane

NANAjiejie, see? Say I spoil your picture by editing. The background was ugly can. -- Where got embience. Lol. So me darkening that area is right de.

Monthly resolution. Part 5 of 12.

Hahas! Did anyone of you realise that I did not put up any monthly resolution for April? =D I was busy alright? Anyway, I doubt most of you realise, so, it isn't that important.

April is a very busy month for me. Cause, the last day of march is the start of my dream of becoming the America Next Top Model. Crap. -- Hahas! I just done watching the latest episode from youtube. Hoho. Adding on the start of my model fame, it's the start of school! School is busy lo! There's so many new things to absorb, so many new changes to be made, and so much of socialising is needed to be done. Argh. Why can't I just stay on bed lovey dovey with my boy and not worry about other stuff. Nah, it will be too boring ler. =X

Tp's VC has yet to confirm my start of CCA, and I can't wait to learn those shutter thingie, lighting, ISO yadah yadah, and equip myself with the shooting gadgets and go out to shoot some hunks! ooOps.

Hahas. Back to resolution.

Month of May.

1. Stay in school's library everyday to study for at least 2hr before heading hme.
2. Spent money that I earned wisely.
3. Buy coloured dresses for shoots.
4. Complete all tutorials before the tutorial day itself.
5. Learn photography from VC.
6. Start scouting for hunks.
That's about it for my month of May! =)
Hope that I can fufil all of them.
Cheers to Jocelyn for the thought of even studying and saving money. =B


Had lunch and chit chat with fellow models after yesterday's shoot at The Central. There's this really nice place at the basement with big big paintings, and big big comfy sofa/cushion thing. ^^ So, we chilled there and talked lo. =)

Thanks Stevie for snapping a few shots of us before we left the place.

From left to right.

Mandy, Jocelyn, Josceline, Dawn