Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old parties pictures!!

As said, better late than never! =)
The "rate" of attending parties have decreased since school starts, and I am almost, alllmooostt done with uploading/blogging mooossttt of my party pictures. cheers! ^^

Well, not much to talk about,..
Enjoy the pictures!

[3 Oct]

MC Monkey King aka Yama

The see the rest of the album, click : 100309. Fresh at SocialHouse.


I was lobster red that night! %$^%$@!!!!?

The see the rest of the album, click : 100709. Butter Cookies!


[10 Oct]

Vibe Party Girls Debut! =D

This dress is sponsored my American Apparel!
Anyway, look at the guy on the left. Wtf right? The girl on him is like wasted.
And his face is like that. =.=

Cherre is too tall! I'm NOT too short. Lalalla!

Cherre, Joanna, Jocelyn, Apple, Serene.
Our dresses are sponsored by Kai.

Before heading to SocialHouse that night,
all of us went up to the office of Vibe.

And, we kept hawking onto the toilet. Lol!

The view from the office is sooooo nicee~!!!

It's the SOHO building, which is on top of The Central.
ClarkeQuay looks so beautiful from up there. All the lights and all..~
Almost romantic.

The see the rest of the album, click : 101009. Vibe Party Girls Debut!


Alrighty, =)
I shall end here today! ^^ It's Halloween celebration tonight. Please, don't coop at home and sulk/sleep/study the night away. Come out to partaayyeeee~!! I will be at SocialHouse! And you'll see EVERYONE dressed up for Halloween! Gna be a sight.

(Free entry through my guestlist! Queue at the normal queue and quote my name yea! ^^ Mua~ Seeya tonight!)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Come party with me this Halloween!

Though I don't look the part, but I do go by the rules. So, I'm finally legal (turned 18 during July), which means, this year, is my very first ENTRY to the Halloween Parties! Yays! =) Mind you, I am EXTREMELY excited! ^^

So, where will my beautiful babes and I be this Halloween??
Like duh??! SocialHouse of course! =D

FRESH pays tribute to Social House as part of our Halloween Blowout. After three months of providing you with the most talked about parties in Singapore at Social House, FRESH will be moving on to a larger venue in November because it's simply not big enough to handle us
(stay tuned for details!!).

In the meantime, come by and catch FRESH at Social House for the LAST TIME; It's Halloween so we'll be expecting a full house just like the past few weeks. Jam away in your sexiest or most pimp costume you have, hit the beer bong, and let's show some love to all of those dope memories we all shared at SocialHouse!!

Everyone will enjoy Free Entry all night with costume! =)

GUYS Cover Charge: SGD28 (Comes with 2 drinks)
LADIES Cover Charge: SGD15 per entry (Comes with freeflow 11pm - 2am)

And as per the previous weeks, I have unlimited guestlist for EVERYONE! There are little changes. Please queue by the USUAL queue (not VIP), but quote my name when you reach the bouncer/door bitch.

Now, the exciting part!
What will I be wearing tomorrow?!??! Hohohoho! SECRET! Buahahahas. But I have some pictures to share. I went out with my girlfriends, and got all the Halloween stuffs ready! Awesome!

Lots and lots of pictures in Facebook!

So, to see the rest of the pictures, click : 102909. Halloween Shopping!

Seeya tomorrow!! =)
I'm so excited to wear my outfit! Haha ^^.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Webcam with "Taiwan Boys"! *squeal*

Yea.. I wish.
They are normal born n breed Singaporean guys! =)

Few really awesome friends of mine went Taiwan (and are still there) since last Thursday! Miss them loads! So nice that there's something called a webcam yea? Haha! Been really actively using webcam nowadays. Which explains the total lack of updates here!

Pictures/Screenshots to share! (Well, I didn't upload all to the internet. Some are for personal keepsake! Awwww!! Muahhas! No la,.. I'm just not so mean! Hoho!)

Group shot!

Say cheeze! That's Derek.

Xavier's sleeping..

This really cute!
Hamburger Baey!

And then, we were introduced to this awesome programme called OOVOO!
It enables multiple participants in a webcam conference thingie!

Celeste!! ^^

To see the rest of the pictures from the same album, click : 102309. Webcam Taiwan Boys!

Monday, October 26, 2009

A lil fame for you.

Click for full view!

Read the last line of the conversation! =)

Fucking disgusting blog reader.
I bet he wank at my photos!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Is this FRIGGIN old school or what...?!

I was browsing through my previous blog, and decided to do this face thingie..
It was like the "coolest" online stuff to do 2 years ago. Haha! Old school man! =)

Oh my god, I'm hooked.

Used a different picture. Beyonce again? Guess I must have really look like her! Lalalalllala.

How come they use my sister's picture as Sammi Cheng! Think it's 100% luhh! But maybe not on this photo.

Something funny.. lol

Who says we don't look like sisters eh?
Both of us look like Sammi Cheng lo!

This is Jeremy! 66% Paris Hilton!

Stephen Chow!!!
My sister and I was already guessing him even before the webby scans his face!

Derek look like Wang Lee Hong?! Eyyer! REDO!


Alright alright,.. this is going crazy.
To see the rest of the face recognition thingie, click : Face recognition results!

Hello, this is Ang Mo Kio Police HQ..

An officer called me an hour ago, and that was her first sentence. Honestly, I thought I was fucked. Haha! But no I'm not. Wipe that grin off you evil people!

Anyway, that officer called to ask if I want to pursue a case, dated 2 years back. (Some fat shit mother of some softie from school slapped me.) Full story somewhere at my previous blog, I shall go dig it out later.

(I just "got back" from my previous blog hunting.)

Click to read.
[It's a pretty good read I would say. ]
(p.s. don't judge me. People do change. ^^)

Yea, pursuing the case would be a choice if I want to, "show some colours" to them. But honestly, it's time consuming, and I am at a total different phase of life as compared to then. I've been asking around, some people say that I should forget about it, well others say to continue with this shit.

I don't know, what do you think? (I have got till Friday to decide.)
Comment alright?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hurhur.. If you people are following my twitter, you'll probably know that I've been complaining about my runny nose in multiple of ways since 6hrs back. Sulk. Not a fantastic way to complete my holidays.

I realised that people need extra attention, tender loving care and concern especially when they are sick. Bad immune system, feeling down, emotional and probably indulge in a significant amount of self pity - directly proportionate to the sickness.

And this applies to me too. =/ (Insert very pitiful face shot. p/s look below)
Adding on, I don't have a boyfriend to xio xio me. Hurr.. TT.TT

But thank goodness Mummy called just now, and asked me home for dinner. Which gave me a chance to sound really sad about my nose. Making her feel soooooo sorry for me. Heh. Thank goodness she played along and commented that, I fell sick because there's no one to tuck in the blanket for me. Awwww.. Love. =D

Totally brought a smile on my sick, yellow and sallow face. (Yes, in case you are wondering, I am trying to get your attention, show some love please) You see, it's always easier (well, not sure about everyone, but at least for me) to act cute and stuff to boyfriends, and slightly more difficult to do it to parents.


Dinner's on me this Friday. <3
Meanwhile, please click on my ads, comment on my entries, and follow me on twitter.



Fuck you, just get lost.