Sunday, August 23, 2009

I love..

Socialhouse's dancefloor!!!

Enjoyed myself last night. =)

Pictures soon..

(P.s. Click the picture to see the lovely swarovski crystal that Joy bought for me!!!)

Correct answer?

Alright.. Read most of your comments!
And, no one got full marks! Boooooo!

Personally, I was rather dumb too. I don't the know first's answer. Lol!
Okay okay, now everyone can say that the quiz is lame!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

friendly profile picture and a really nice smile...

Since I'm in the streak of being an angry person, the following guy is very unlucky.

You know, girls who are good looking, better than average looking, or in fact, slightly better than average looking, will have guys trying to hit on them in the net. Especially social networking sites. The trick is to do the "can intro please thingie" tastefully.

Most guys would say

Hi, would like to make some new friends. You are so (insert flattery).

To be honest, I never ever reply to those. Well, maybe once or twice. When I am in a very anal mood. I'll reply just a word; No. And yes, I do feel better after doing it. Hah!

Anyway, as I was saying,
just as I logged onto Facebook awhile ago, I saw new inbox messages.

I clicked on the latest, and this was what I saw,

Note that he said, friendly profile picture and a really nice smile.

Can someone tell me, does...

look friendly with a nice smile?

(P.s. I thought that this is too lame to be left unblogged. Lol! Please do not "di siao" that guy. I don't even know where he come from. )

Eh, I angry.

I'm LAGI pissed off sial!

Ryan (Charlotte's boyfriend), texted Rayner few days back,
asking him what happened to me, as

I kept getting wasted recently.

And texted me the day after, asking what happened between Rayner and I.
Refusing the reason of us being not together,
insisting that there's more to it, and I am in a better position to tell him than Rayner.

Fuck. All so gossipy and stuff.
Utterly disgusted.

No wonder Rayner texted me saying, not to get too drunk.
And I thought he texted the wrong person.

And just in case you people really think I kept getting wasted.
  • 08Aug - Rayner's birthday celebration
  • 25Jul - Alicia's birthday celebration
  • 11Jul - My birthday celebration
  • 13Jun - Clubbing with Alicia

Oi, this is kept getting wasted meh?! Wasn't even drunk on ALL occasions.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Life is surreal
Take my hand while I unveil my mystery

A little test won't hurt.

So much about tests and exams right?
Let me propose this test to you.

All you smarty asses out there should try, while I continue mugging.

(Click for a clearer image)

Will post the answers soon.. ^^
Meanwhile, comment to tell me your answer!

Monday, August 17, 2009

One studying night...

My horoscope reading

from seventeen mag, for the month of Aug.

When you catch your BF
talking to another girl on
1Aug, you'll have a hard time
keeping your cool. Don't jump
to any conclusion thought:
Love planet Venus and spiteful
Pluto will be stirring up crazy
(and unfounded!) jealousy in
August, so his convo could
be totally innocent.

After a bumpy July,
Leos will say goodbye
to the blahs this month!
With the sun in your sign,
you'll feel energised and
ready to party, so when
your BFF asks you to
co-host a huge bash on Aug 13,
you'll go for it (It
will be one of the most
memorable nights!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little pondering..

Far away in a distance
Beautiful images wilt
For sight evanish with horizon

But only then a story surface
Perfect, all but in a distance..

(p.s. Wonders of pushups! Heh~)

Alicia's birthday! =)

(All pictures are grabbed from Alicia's page)

I was invited to her Birthday Celebration.
Finally Cheryl, Alicia and myself are 18! Hoho!

Alicia's so funny,.. I shall quote her description for this picture..
"2nd picture v funny... cos Audrey, Jocelyn & me are around the same height. But Audrey wore heels, I tiptoe-ed a little, & Jocelyn did nothing so she look shortest! "

And this is my gift for her!
Don't you dare think it's small and insignificant alright? Apparently, she loves it!

"Hiakhiakhiak... Jocelyn's gift for me. I soooooooo super love it please!
Oh baby I wish I could kiss you
I love my parents gift best...
... and Jocelyn's gift next best!"

Then, we got ready to hit the club.
Alicia tried my high high high heels.
And, I was really nice to sacrifice myself to stand beside her.

Off to party~

Darling girl, really happy you like my gift for you. =)
Please do not abuse hor!



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Went to PinkPalour at LiangCourt for a full Brazillian wax last Thursday. ^^
When the coordinator Hazel mailed me, asking for a sponsor, I jumped at it! Like most girls, I thought about the whole waxing thing for so long, I just never really get the chance to do it. Procrastination, and being chicken at the same time.

And note that I always have the habit to remove those hair down under. (I have the SHARP shaver for bikini area) But that is really tedious, as hair will grow after few days. So, waxing is really really good. As most of you know, and for those who don't, I am a very hairy person. =/

But, waxing always costs a bomb at other beauty parlours. And, the safety, cleanliness, pain, and aftercare have always been bothering issues. Since I read quite a bit about PinkPalour, I went for it!

PinkPalour Hall Of Fame (Just to list a few)
  • "Best Brazilians" rated 8.5 by Simply Her
  • "Painless Brazilians" by Urban Wire
  • Best Bikini Wax (Woman Weekly 08 winner)
  • Best Specialty Designer Brazilian (Woman Weekly 08 winner)

As you can tell by the banner of PinkParlour, it is a face.body.nail.waxing palour. So, the top are some pictures of the palour. Very nicely furnished, I would say. And I totally adore their colour scheme. Pink and Black.

(Note that I was wearing their colour scheme, with a cat necklace. I so did not planned it. Just wore what was available at Mummy's place. Cute huh?)

The good thing about PinkPalour is that they have a nice shower room with heater for us to properly wash ourselves before waxing. I think this is very important, and not to say hygienic. So, I took a quick shower, and change into the white robe.

No undies, no pants. Was feeling a little bit shy at first. But I kept my cool. (Don't wanna appear so noob you see.)

So, what EXACTLY happened behind the doors of the waxing room eh?
Well, Wendi, had a soothing music playing, and got my lying on my back.

You know, the starting it's always the most awkward part. Because, it's not like you have other woman looking at your vajayjay area every other day right? But thankfully, Wendi is very experienced in what she's doing, so she managed to minimize the awkward-ness to the minimal.

So, Wendi flipped open my robe, and applied powder on my down under. It is to absorb any oil and moisture for the wax to easily adhere to the skin. And, she proceed with shifting my leg into a "child-birth" position. Then applied the wax onto the hairy parts.

(Note that your hair can't be too short, otherwise, it would be difficult to wax. Thank goodness I read enough of fashion/beauty magazines to know that. So, I refrained myself from shaving them. Lol! )

Anyway, the wax PinkPalour use for Brazilian waxing are Hardwax. Unlike some other waxing parlours, which use a combination of both Hard and Strip wax. Hard wax is the wax that is good. As your down under is a very sensitive place, it's bad if Stripwax was to be used. Stripwax needs to be used with a sticking a piece of paper on top of the wax and then, stripped off. Whereas hardwax harden upon cooling down. So, no paper is needed.

And how do I know that Hardwax is better? Well, after getting my Brazillian wax. Wendi decide to wax my stomach too. (I am VERY hairy, that's why). So, she used the regular Stripwax for me to try. Having very thin and sensitive skin, after few hours after waxing, I realised my belly have red dots. Shocking yea? I asked about it, and it's explained that the skin have yet to get used to waxing. But, my Brazillian waxing area is totally fine. I.e. it'll be real bad if Stripwax is used on your precious area!!

Good after wax product are used on those waxed area. So, no worries of inflammation down there! And, if you don't want a full Brazillian wax, or you want to be kinky, you can choose to wax into different Betty shapes, and dyes. A pink heart shape for a special surprise?

And PinkPalour practices no Re-dips! Talk about hygiene. At least you feel safe knowing that no one else with not so clean "there" have their germs in the same wax as the one you're using.

PinkPalour do carry some products where we can purchase. Like the shimmer wax, where you can DIY by popping it into the microwave oven. (Of course not DIY Brazillian waxing! Just maybe the legs, or the underarms) And, one product that I want to buy, is the Bump Eraiser (middle left). It is the remove ingrowns and bumps. Perfect for the underarms yea?

Oh, the important part of waxing, which I've yet to mention.
It is the PAIN FACTOR.

Well, as y'all know, my tolerance is sick! So, haha, can't really trust my words. I would say, no, it's not really painful. Only some parts with denser hair growth, and the underneath sensitive area. The pain it's just like a little pinch.

But, good thing is that, there's NUMBING SPRAY. Just an additional of $5, and you get to have the numbing spray. =)

(Anyway, it's beem 5days already, and NO HAIR grow out yet. GREAT! Heh! I'll keep a lookout for the hairgrowth thing, and update y'all yea?)

here's a little something for y'all.

(Click for a larger view, and to print it)

A brazillian costs $49.
Now it's $49 for 2!
Great deals, so all my darlings out there, don't miss it!

Oh, did I forgot to mention? They do Boyfriend's Brazillian too!
And, that they have a couple room for couples!
How erotic to see each other get waxed! Heh!

Other than the 1 for 1 coupon,
there's a little competition held by PinkParlour too.
Simply join us on our Facebook page and follow the instructions below.

(Click to read!)

Join us on Facebook
Visit us at :

61007465 (Pink)
Liang Court Shopping Centre

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ahhh. Hectic!

Oh my god! I am so busy. It is crazy. Just as I thought the uber hectic last week is finally over, I still have things to do this week. What..?!!?! And you know what? I have a strong urge to complain about how my lack of laptop is disrupting my life again. Guess I shall not. Lol! Anw, I had a fun night of Friday, fun day on Saturday and fun morning on Sunday. Great! Anyway, will blog about my virgin waxing experience tomorrow, and expose the good deals to all of you. =) Also, will try to blog up those photoshoot pictures, and funny videos taken during Rayner's BD celebration. Meanwhile, I shall relax a little, and sing some K! =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photoshop magic!

Bet most of you have witnessed Xiaxue's amazing photoshop skills. [See this] Well, though I hardly photoshop my own pictures, but I do know a skill or two.

She once asked her readers to try photoshop one of her teenage picture.
Since I am in photoshop mode when I read her latest entry about Adobe, I decided to attempt it!

Xiaxue's version

Check out my version.

When you are 16, you can't put makeup to school.

And when you put, it should look youthful!

Heh, not bad eh?
Alright, back to powerpoint slides for Public Speaking..


Sunday, August 2, 2009

General update

Hey! How's everyone?! Hope that y'all are following my Twitter yea? Been updating my tweets quite alot!

Anyway, feel so unsatisfying that my laptop and my cybershot phone is spoiled. Rah! And these days are so hectic! There's so many things on my TO-DO and I-MUST-DO list. And the absence of my previous phone and my laptop is seriously making me disorientated.

Honestly, do y'all feel frustrated/annoyed to see me blog about my sad laptop ALWAYS? Eh, well, I DO! So ANGRY LOR! *hyperventilate*.

Anyway, motive of this entry is just to let y'all know that I'm still alive and kicking! =)

Some CAMWHORE pictures I took last last Tuesday before a photoshoot.
(Note: I HARDLY camwhore alright? I know most blog readers will go, "Ughh!.." when bloggers post millions of camwhore pictures of themself. So, it's just few pictures. Bear with it!)

Alright alright.
Shall end!


More pictures to come.