Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Like a same same.

The girl who appear in both pictures is my beloved sister,

And she just happen to 
always (somewhat) 
wear the same (somewhat) 
as someone.


Will be seeing her in office tomorrow!
Melvyn hired her!

The short lunch I had with her earlier today wasn't enough.
Miss her.
*Insert shy face*

Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Friday. =]

[21st May]

I was invited to the launch of Create2011
and the movie premier of Shrek Forever After in 3D
by Nuffnang!

It was held at The Grand Cathay.

I did my makeup in the cab.
Heh. Ultra light coverage.
I hate hate hate hate the sallow under my eyes.
Haven't been putting my eyecream religiously.

Those are the bloggers for this launch!
Guy in blue is Randy. =)
I can't believe he is 19.
I mean, don't you think he look younger than me?

Went toy catching with Derek after the event.
Scrump! ($3)

We started with Scrump,
and ended up with....


Yes, I walked around with that string of toys!
I was telling them this,..

"If I were to walk into a coffee shop, people are gg to shoo me away saying, wo bu yao!"
I looked like I was selling those $5 toys for charity right?!

Anyway, had Chinese cuisine with the usual boys...
(Thanks Baey for the treat! ^^)
before Audrey and Celeste came to look for us.

As much as I refused to,
this darling of mine (Audrey), managed to psycho me into going clubbing with them.
Went Rebel/Zirca, and met up with Apple!

That day was the very first time I wore a blank n white striped top.
Look at my background.
How coincidental.

3 black n white stripe girls in Rebel's toilet.

And oddly, many more blank and white stripes in the club.
Since when did black and white stripe tops became the "IN THING"?
It's like, it went viral that night!

Audrey and I.
People ask if we are sisters/twins almost e v e r y night when we're out together.
Do we really look that alike?
Maybe when I put on eyelashes, and circle lens?

Stick around to see my advert!
It's being vetted now.

To see the rest of the pictures from this day, click -
052110. After Nuffnang event. Scrump + Party!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girls needed for roadshow! =)

Girls needed for roadshow. 

3 weekends, starting 29th May. (Sat & Sun). 
11am - 8pm. 12/hr. 

For those who are interested, 
email your pictures (3max) and stats to by TONIGHT. 
Client’s pressing for time.


I'm turning 19 this yr. =)


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am selling $50 Urbanhair cash voucher!

Selling Urbanhair cash voucher!
$20 w postage.
[There's no expiry date. And it was issued March of this year.]

Email me at 
if you are interested!


Monday, May 17, 2010

KL Trip. [Part2]

If you have yet to read part 1,
click here.

Anyway, as continued from the previous entry,
we managed to get into our hostel.
Hmm, basically, we just sticked around the hall of the hostel, 
watching cableTV, and surfing the internet before we can check in at 9am.

Well, other than lazying around,
we did do a bit of research, as to where to go, places of interest and stuff.
Heh, this is a wrong demonstrating alright?
People, we should first research about the city BEFORE going there,
not AFTER.

So, being afraid to get lost,
I look many pictures of the map around our hostel.
Btw, the hostel is right beisde Petaling Street, the China Town of KL.

This is our room.
A really tiny double decker bed, 
with lamp at the bottom, and a simple dressing at the other side of the wall.
$18per pax/night.

And yes, we were greeted by a mozzie.
Both Nana and I spent a good 15mins chasing that mozzie.

Think Nana was the one who slapped it.
 (Was it?? Nana, please verify.)

After the "action" in our room,
we decided to explore the places near our hostel.

This is PenJaja Gallery Jalan Sultan.
It's a foodie wet market kinda place.

I made a new friend from the market.
Look, they sell HUGE CHICKENS in the market.
If only they have such stuff in Singapore.
All our chickens are fat and flabby,
just like me. =$

Then we stroll into Petaling Street,
and spent close to an hour in a shop selling nail polishes and all the what-nots that girls need.
Bought a pair of shades, 12 nail polishes and 12 packets of double eyelid stickers.

As mentioned from the previous entry,
both Nana and I were heaty and having somesorta flu.
So we entered this herbal stall and ordered this 


We went back to Penjaja Gallery for Asam Laksa,
before going back to the Hostel for an afternoon nap.

The weather was a killer,
so we concluded that it's best to stay indoors till the evening.

Till the next entry..=)
Stick around.

Advertorial - Bella joy

 Today, I am bringing you an advert of this awesome blogshop.

If you all have yet to know about this blogshop,...
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The style ranges from the sweet girl next door, fun and casual to more formal looks too 
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

KL Trip. [Part1]

For those who do not follow my twitter,
I went to KL during the last week of my school holiday.
It was really impromptu, last minute, and haha, haphazard.

We left Singapore on the 13th of April, which was a Tuesday.
And this trip was decided over Facebook, the previous Thursday!
Young, steadfast and adventurous yea!?

These are some "Essentials" that I put together for,
a long coach ride.

I know that the amulet is a little funny.
Despite not being a strong believer of my religion,
I always wear my amulet when going overseas.
You'll never know right?
"Just in case.. "

I was in such a rush to pack till I missed out quite a couple of important items.
Shades + Earphones.

So much about transferring all the songs into my iPhone.

(p.s. The tidbits that Nana chose, (squarish chicken biscult), taste FREAKING BAD!)

Guess what's THAT!?
It was damn hilarious.
Both Nana and I was about to have flu.
So we were damn desperate to take in Vitamin C.

You know about those Redox tablet thingie that bubbles when in water?
We dared each other to let it bubble in the mouth.

the bottle was filled to the brim,
we can't let it bubble.

NOT because we are childish.

The bus came to a pitstop at this place (idk where).
All the fishes in the pond/pool thing are asleep.
MOTIONLESS, damn cool.

Nana and I was so KUKU that we didn't get to change any ringgit for the trip.
And so, we had just 3RM to spend in this eating place.
SAD. =(
So I seek comfort from my Oreo.

We reached our destination at 6am!
I was sooo in love with WiFi@McD!
I twittered/Facebooked much.

After having McDonald's breakfast,
we hike our way to our hostel.

Both Nana and I agree that the best person to ask directions from is,
McDonald's delivery man.
Reason being,
they will definitely know the location,
and since they are at work, there's lesser chance that they will follow us.
^^ Smarty-pie!

And soo,
Reggae House 2!

We are soooo proud of ourselves.
Both of us are super bad with directions.
All friends should know. -.-;;

Stick around for the subsequent entries!


Advertorial - Salon VIM

Welcome Great Singapore Sale!

Just in case you haven't read.
Click HERE to read about my experience with Salon VIM!

Monday, May 10, 2010

FAQ - Why Honeyhoneybakedham?

I am going to start this FAQ series on my blog.

Why Honeyhoneybakedham?

Heh. What does Honeyhoneybakedham got to do with Jocelyn Kau eh?
Well, actually, it's pretty straightforward.

I love eating ham.
And I like my ham sweet. =]
Apple cider ham taste fake, picnic and breakfast ham taste salty.
And I don't know about any other ham.
So, TADAH, honeybakedham. =)

When I first started this blog few years back,
I was thinking that having my blog address with my name sounds damn lame.

And having "love", "luv", "girl", "gal", "hearts" sounds tooooo girly to be me.
But I was rather girly then, as compared to now.
So, HONEY was good!

If you gna ask what's with the extra honey eh?
Simply because "honeybakedham" was taken in blogspot already. SOB.

Ahwells, the extra sweetness is good for a boyish me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Step by step guide : Hair.

This is a simple guide about how I manage my hair.
Might not be 100% "right", but this is how I do my hair.
Feel free to share how you manage your hair,
or ask any questions on the commenting box below.

Select the right type of shampoo for your hair.
Since my hair is "extremely coloured",
I use hair products that target on coloured hair.

I am using LO'real Professionnel's Vitamino Colour range.

Hair treatment mask.
If you feel that your hair needs the extra moisture/protection,
my tip is that you can substitute conditioner with mask.

Wrap your hair with a small towel,
and allow your hair to absorb the nutrients from the mask.
The idea of wrapping your hair with a towel as to leaving it in the open is,
to trap the heat within.
 The heat will aid in the absorption of the nutrients into the hair cuticle.

Leave it on for a minimum of 15mins.
You can do your nails/epilate your underarms/trim your brows..
as you do your hair mask.
(15-30mins beauty fix!)

Wash the mask off using cold water,
to "lock in" whatever nutrients that was absorbed.
Then, towel dry your hair.

After towel-drying your hair,
apply serum/leave on conditioner/smoothing cream to your hair.
I am using the serum/smoothing cream from LO'real Professionnel.
 2-3 pumps would be enough (IMO).

What I do is that,
I section my hair into two sides, left and right.
1 pump of product on each side.
And 1 extra pump to be spread evenly across the top.

Do note to not apply to much product on the top,
as to avoid greasy looking or limp hair.
Furthermore, the newer grown hair shouldn't be as damaged as the ends.

Blow dry your hair with a hairdryer.
It'll be best to use a hairdryer with a narrow nozzle thingie.
The pressed air, together with the downward motion of hair drying,
will give your hair a healthy shine.

Never leave home with limp fringe!
Having the top section of my hair rebonded,
my fringe is damn straight.
A slight curl/wave on the fringe can be achieve by
positioning the straightener like how I am doing the above picture.

(Your hair that is after the straightener should look like "/" from the side.
I.e. It should look like a square root w/o the tail.
Note to not rest the straightener at one position for too long!
Drag forward at a constant speed.)
If you don't have naturally tame fringe,
you can first straighten it the usual way.
Then, use the method mentioned above.

And the last step is to accessorize accordingly.

Tip: You can use the "bending straightener" method (from step7),
to lightly curl the top sides, and ends of the hair 
to create a natural texture/movement to your hair.

Feel free to share how you manage your hair,
or ask any questions
on the commenting box below.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Advertorial - Salon VIM

Hey people!
Today, I am introducing Salon VIM to you.
I've been frequenting Salon VIM lately.
And I must say, 
their services are two thumbs up.

As y'all know,
this hair of mine went through several transformations in the past 3 month.
(5 sessions of hairdyes for work as well as vanity)

And so, I was called up by Salon VIM for a sponsorship. ^^
Haircut + Signature hair treatment. 

4 steps to b e a u t i f u l h a i r. =)

The above is Step 2 of the Signature Hair Treatment.
This "ALIENIC" thingie is actually for better absorption of the product.

Oh, did I not mention,
Salon VIM holds a huge range of L'Oreal Professionnel products.

Other than the sponsored cut+treatment,
the people from VIM gave me hair care products for home use!!
A w e s o m e.

I am going to show y'all my basic hair care tutorial in the next entry,
using these wonderful products.

The end results from that day. =)


Anyway, I went back to VIM again,
to get my hair straightened + dyed.


I look damn Jap yea? Highlights, updo and all.
really got to share this with y'all.

I had a very bad haircut previously, over at some chapalang salon.
And my hair was ultra unmanagable.
Soo, my stylist, Titus over at VIM came up with an awesome solution.

He decided to straighten/reborn, only the top, short part of my hair.
This was suchhh a smart idea I swear.
It looks neat, tame, but not dead flat.

Matte brown hair. ♥
Thanks to LO'real Professionnels.

some goody for you peeps!

Just be reminded that 
you got to mention about this privilege to the stylist
before consultation!

Tel: 6884 7757 / 6884 7767
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09, 
Singapore 238895

And no, you don't have to print and cut out the above coupon look alike thingie.

So, do you love my latest hair?