Monday, June 30, 2008

Class room madness..

Heyhey! I mentioned to wait for more pictures from Nic's macbook yea?
Now here's a portion of it.
Pictures are not edited cos kindda lazy, and my mouse spoiled.
SSOOOOO, pardon any one of us if we look "cui". =D

A little introduction for y'all yea?..
Okay from left to right..

JiaHan, ZhiHui, Almighty me, Michelle, Nicolette.

and that funny guy witht the smeared hair(inside joke) from the first 2 pics, is called, Francis. ^^

Ahhhh! Damn this connection.. Zz.. I upload these picture from my comp instead from flockphotobucket... And the thingie dont allow me the upload after the first 5.!! Guess you people have to wait somemore to see the cute faces of my classmates!

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